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MuggleCast EP22 Transcript


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[Show begins with “Auld Lang Syne” performed by Bruce Springsteen]

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast – Episode 22 for January 01st, 2006.

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the show. This is the place where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I am Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Eric: Happy New Year! I’m Eric Scull.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: And before we go anywhere else, first let’s have Micah update us on the past week’s top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Thanks, Andrew. A lot of end of the year awards here for the boy wizard.

Harry Potter came in at #9 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the Top Entertainers of 2005 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince grabbed the #7 spot on the list of the Top 10 Fiction Books over the past year.

The book also grabbed number eight on USA Today’s list of the Top 10 books of 2005 and came in first in a USA Today poll voted on by the fans to choose their favorite book of the year.

BlogPulse has released their end-of-year lists for 2005 and Harry Potter topped the charts in the category of Most Blogged Person, placing ahead of Britney Spears and President Bush. The book cover for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was named Top Image and the Goblet of Fire trailer came in fourth for Top Video.

Through January 1st, works of US Potter book illustrator Mary GrandPre will be exhibited in the ArtInsights Gallery in Leesburg, Virginia. The gallery will donate some of the money from sales of GrandPre’s artwork to the First Star charity.

Wrapping it up, just in time for the holidays, J.K. Rowling has updated her official site and it seems she’s been extremely busy. The Harry Potter author has made changes to the Rumour Section and Rubbish Bin, as well as added a brand-new F.A.Q. Poll. Be sure to read her new diary on the main page as well as she has promised to update it almost daily as she begins writing the final book over the course of the upcoming year.

That’s all the news for this January 01, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Andrew: So, welcome everyone to our New Year’s Special and…

Ben: We’re the first podcast of 2006. Wooo!

[Somebody Owwws!]

Andrew: I hope so. I hope we are. That’s what we aim for. So, welcome.

Kevin: Yeah, but when are we aiming for it? Eastern time? GMT?

Andrew: I’m going to release this 12:01 AM EST.

Kevin: See, we should do…

Andrew: We’re going to be the first American-released podcast of 2006.

Kevin: Oh, okay. I was going to say we should do it for the first time zone that hits 12:01.

Eric: Which is New Zealand.

Andrew: That would be kind of hard. So…

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Eric: That’s sixteen hours. So, we’d have to do it…

Andrew: I can’t think that far ahead.

But anyway…So this is our New Year’s show. We had planned on having Jamie here, but he has something to do. Yeah, he was supposed to be on up until an hour-and-a-half ago. But, that’s okay because we have another full house of people. This week, Micah taking his place. So, we’re going to…we have a lot of New Year’s stuff to talk about. Ummm…

Kevin: Lost the train of thought. [laughs]

Andrew: First off… [laughs] Well, I was just trying to think what we were going to do first.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben’s Weekly Top 10

Andrew: First off, it’s a New Year’s Special of Ben’s Top 10 List.

Ben: [In deep voice] Thanks, Andrew. This week’s list is Snape’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.

No. 10 – Get over his childhood grudges.

No. 9 – Find a girlfriend.

No. 8 – Wash his hair.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: No. 7 – Decide on his true affiliation.

No. 6 – Get a nose job.

Andrew: Oooh!

Ben: No. 5 – Use Clearasil for his greasy face.

No. 4 – Kiss and make up with Harry.

No. 3 – Eric.

Andrew: What?

Eric: What?

[All laugh]

No. 2 – Put a flower on Dumbledore’s grave.

And Snape’s No. 1 New Year’s Resolution is to get a tan.

Andrew: Da da da da da.

Ben: And some of you may think, “Well, these don’t sound very realistic.” But we all know most New Year’s resolutions don’t come true.

Andrew: We can all hope.

Ben: So…Eric?

New Year’s Resolutions

Andrew: Yeah. And speaking of New Year’s resolutions, should we go over ours now?

This is a time to celebrate. This is a time to back off of the regular MuggleCast for a minute. What are our New Year’s resolutions?

[Somebody mocks Andrew saying “New Year’s resolutions”]

Ben: MuggleCast resolutions or ours?

Andrew: Well, I have a MuggleCast News… New Year’s Revo… [laughs] Resolution.

Kevin: How many times can you say it? Come on.

[Kevin and Eric laugh]

Andrew: I can’t. That’s the problem.

Eric: News Year. News Year.

Ben: What is it Andrew?

Andrew: Well, let’s go around the table. I’ll start. My New Year’s resolution is to have by the end of 2006, 100,000 MuggleCast subscribers. Is that so hard to ask?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I don’t think so.

Ben: I don’t know about that one.

Eric: No. There’s 6.5 billion people in the world. So…

Andrew: Well, we’re almost there.

Eric: We’re almost there. We’re at what? 7?

Ben: Okay, my New Year’s resolution…

Andrew: Something like that.

Ben: …well, first of all, is to stop eating so much Sonic.

[All laugh]

Laura: Awww.

Andrew: Why, Ben?

Eric: Ben, trying to cut back. Trying to cut back.

Ben: Because, it’s not good for my heart.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: My second New Year’s resolution is to meet Emma Watson. Okay. Go. You, Kevin. It’s you.

Kevin: My New Year’s resolution is: get rich and take over the world. Yeah.

Andrew: Hmmm.

Ben: We all know that’s not going to happen.

Eric: Yeah, my New Year’s resolution is to get…

Ben: To stop talking.

[All laugh]

Eric: But, my New Year’s resolution is to get rich and take over the world first.

Micah: Booo!

Kevin: That was lame.

Andrew: Laura?

Laura: All right. My only New Year’s resolution would be to write more.

Kevin: Write more?

Laura: Yeah. Write more. I don’t write as much as I should.

Kevin: So, you’re going to write a book?

Laura: I’ve been writing since I was a kid, so…yeah.

Ben: So have I, actually.

Kevin: So, she wants to publish. You heard it first on MuggleCast.

Laura: Oh yeah. I want to be a published author. Definitely. I do.

Andrew: That’s inspiring. Micah Tan?

Ben: She’s the next JK Rowling.

Laura: [laughs] I wish.

Micah: I would say to sweep out the Transcript Dungeon. There’s a lot of stuff piled up down there.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh, you’re such a jokester, Micah Tan.

Main Topic – Looking Back on Harry Potter in 2005

Andrew: Now, now let’s take a moment to take a look back at the top Harry Potter stories of 2005. Obviously the first two things that come to mind are The Half-Blood Prince being released, and the…

Kevin: Movie.

Andrew: …the Goblet of Fire movie being released.

Kevin: Yep.

Andrew: But, the stories that surrounded it though; there were quite a few.

Kevin: Mhm. Yeah.

Andrew: Of course, with Half-Blood Prince

Kevin: Half-Blood Prince was fun.

Andrew: There… Leading up to it, and… Yeah, it was fun. Working on the site. Providing everyone with this information. But there were a lot of scams too, that happened.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Kevin Steck tried to steal a copy from his local Wal-Mart.

Kevin: I did. I did.

Andrew: Oh Kevin, that was terrible. He got arrested.

Ben: He was unsuccessful.

Eric: Then he realized he could get the book online anyway, on the computer.

Kevin: I was successful. I typed three of the chapters and put them online…

[Andrew, Eric, and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: Of course the biggest story that occurred was when the man… There was a guy in Britain who stole a copy and he put…he had a gun and there was a whole shooting thing involved. And it was really serious. And then from there on we kept getting reports of lots of book stores putting out their books early.

Ben: I can’t believe Jamie did though. Can you believe that?

[All laugh]

Eric: Yeah, he has, his court date is today.

Andrew: Oh my god! That was so funny.

Laura: Yeah. For those of you who are really wondering why Jamie hasn’t been on lately, that would be why. [laughs]

Eric: He’s in court.

Andrew: [laughs] He’s been on probation.

Ben: He’s been charged.

Eric: Yeah, college is just what he paid us to tell you.

Andrew: So, Ben. So, we want to share a story with everyone right now, Ben and I.

Ben: Okay. [Starts to talk]

Andrew: Hold on. Wait. Let me set this up.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: We’re going to be speaking for this first time since this tragic incident.

Ben: Well…

Andrew: And it’s just really hard to speak about it because…

Ben: It was very difficult for all of us.

Andrew: We… We were duped. It’s not fun to get an early sneak-peek at Half-Blood Prince and then have to turn it into Scholastic.

[Ben and Kevin laugh]

Ben: We can’t say that.

Andrew: So Ben, you talk. I can’t. Go on.

Ben: Well, it all started one bright June day. It was just a few weeks prior to the release of Book 6 – early July maybe. And well, one day we got an e-mail and you’ll never believe what was attached to this e-mail – three scans of the opening pages of the Sixth Harry Potter Book. Well, after reading these pages – it was the first chapter about the other Minister – we were flipping out pretty hardcore. We were like, “Oh, I want more right now and stuff.” Well, I called up Scholastic and I talked to a representative from there and I said, “I work on the fan site and we just got sent scans from the opening pages and I thought you guys might want to know about it.” And the representative basically flipped out and started calling all these lawyers. And they were calling me every five minutes. And it was pretty cool, actually.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: It wasn’t cool for them because they had a big mess on their hands, but it was kind of cool. You know? It was really exciting for a second there. Yeah, and over the next few days Andrew and I pretty much became Scholastic cops and we…

Kevin: [Laughs] Scholastic cops?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Every time there was a… Every time someone broke the embargo, and we heard about it, we were calling up Scholastic and being like, “Hey…

Kevin: You may not want to tell them this. Because this is going to be like the last time you ever receive advanced…

Eric: Any kind of advanced copy.

Kevin: Exactly. Any advanced information.

Eric: That’s okay. Then I’ll start getting them.

Andrew: We never did receive any advanced information.

Kevin: Except for the first three pages of the book.

Eric: Yeah, nothing big. You know?

Andrew: Well, that wasn’t from Scholastic. [laughs]

Kevin: I know. But I’m saying the fans are never going to want to send…

Andrew: Oh. Oh please.

Ben: That’s true.

Andrew: That’s another two years from now.

Eric: If we’re going to stick Scholastic on them.

Kevin: Essentially, what they’re trying to say is that Andrew and Ben ratted you guys out.

[All laugh]

Kevin: And they were trying…

Andrew: Listen…

Kevin: And they were trying to get you arrested.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: We were protecting the books for the good of the people.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: Me and Ben spent a lot of time figuring out where those three pages came from.

Kevin: But see…

Andrew: And in the end… Shhh! Listen, Kevin. I’m making a breakthrough here. We did find out where these came from because there was a sticker on the book, and we looked it up, and we did all this Google searching and all that.

Kevin: I think the worst thing that happened was receiving – what was it? A new picture from the movie or a magazine scan, and you opened it, and highlighted and circled in big letters was, “Dumbledore dies” on the scanned page of Half-Blood Prince.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Right, and…

Laura: Oh no! You’re kidding me.

Ben: No, what happened was, was I was.

Laura: Oh, that sucks.

Ben: When I found out that…

Kevin: I was a little upset. I won’t lie.

Ben: When I found out it was Dumbledore that died, I was at Spellbound – the release party that MuggleNet sponsored.

Kevin: Oh were you? I knew well before then.

Ben: I was at… Well, what happened was I was sitting behind Damon Brangers, one of…our Senior Systems Manager, at his hotel room. And he opens up the window and he moves aside. And he points at it and it says, “Snape kills Dumbledore.” And I looked at Damon and I said – I probably used a few swear words. I said, “Dude, what is your problem? Why would you show me that?”

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Ben: He said, [imitating Damon] “You’re going to find out anyway.”

[All laugh]

Ben: It was really depressing. And then what was really fun though, was that during Spellbound, during the party, we were down in the basement running the media stuff and Matt Vines from was down there, and I told him I knew who died in the book. And he was like, “Do not tell me. Do not tell me.” And he was basically being a big spaz about it. And I’d be like, “Well, guess who dies?” And then he’d run around the room screaming like a little girl.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: And then I told Mike from who dies, and he started flipping out. And then Matt was so scared that I was going to tell him that he ran away. And then yeah, it was pretty funny.

Kevin: I was actually pretty upset that I found out. It was like a week or two before the book’s release. It really…

Eric: Yeah, Kevin. Kevin, hadn’t I talked to you? Or somebody on the… It was a few hours before the release and I called one of you guys and you were…I asked for hints and stuff. Was that any of you?

Kevin: I’m not sure if it was me.

Eric: Because…

Kevin: I remember before the release of the book, Andrew and Emerson were calling me about Warner Bros. because [laughs] Warner Bros. was…

Ben: It was actually Emerson’s dad who was calling you.

Kevin: Yeah, because they had an exclusive or something and they decided…

Andrew: Oh, that whole debacle.

Kevin: Yeah, and they decided to give it to us the night of the release.

Ben: Yeah, that was pretty funny.

Andrew: We ended up not getting…or did we? I can’t remember.

Kevin: No, I think we did. We got it in the e-mail and no one had access to the e-mail and it was a big mess.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Well, if anything, Andrew and Ben, to ease your troubles, I think you’re pretty good for a walk-on role on CSI.

Ben: I think so too.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, they owe us.

Eric: You know? All this sticker-looking.

Andrew: What other stories were big?

Eric: Ummm.

Andrew: Goblet of Fire getting the PG-13 rating in the United States.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: That was pretty big.

Ben: We talked about that in the First Episode.

Eric: Yeah

Andrew: Or was it the Second Episode, I think?

Ben: Actually, what happened… No, what happened was we talked about in the First Episode because, in the First Episode we said, “What’s this movie going to be rated?”

Andrew: We considered it.

Ben: Yeah, we considered it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: And I said it was going to be rated PG-13 and you two…you two doubted me. And then you said…Kevin said, “There’s no way. They would be shooting themselves in the foot.”

Laura: I remember that.

Ben: Later that week, later that week they said it was rated PG-13 and the next episode I couldn’t be on and rub it in Kevin’s face, so I’m doing it now Kevin Steck.

[All laugh]

Ben: It was rated PG-13! In your face!

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: But, but from what I remember of that episode I said, “If they did make it PG-13, it would be because of the last scene.”

Ben: No, no, no. What you said in that episode was that they weren’t going to rate it PG-13.

Kevin: Ask Eric. Eric just listened to the whole episode.

Ben: No. You said that they were not going to make it PG-13 because… I don’t believe you, Kevin Steck.

Kevin: What did I say, Eric?

Eric: You said it was right, but what I want to say… Yeah Kevin, you’re right. Ben’s right. You’re both right and that’s the solution to everything.

[Kevin and Eric laugh]

Eric: But what I want to say is…

Kevin: Okay. Solution to everything. We’re both right.

Eric: Yeah. I want to say that I’m going instant message Kelly when we’re done with this. Kelly Egan, our resident artist, and have her actually draw a picture of PG-13 being thrown in Andrew’s face. Like the giant letters PG-13.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: No. Have her having me throw it in Kevin’s face.

[Micah laughs]

Kevin: Oh, thanks a lot.

Andrew: Yes. And that will just happen?

Eric: We’ll get that out to you people.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I think that will be a fun thing for the new year.

Andrew: But Emerson had spoken to David Heyman, the producer of all the movies so far. Right? All the movies?

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Which reminds us…the interview with JKR.

Andrew: And David Heyman had said that they were aiming for a PG-13 rating.

Ben: No, no, no, no, no, no, you’re wrong about this.

Eric: PG. He said that they were going to keep it PG.

Ben: I told Emerson, I said, “I think the movie is going to be rated PG-13.” And he said, “No, I spoke to David Heyman and David Heyman said that they were going to have all the movies be rated PG.” And so, Emerson doubted me too.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: And guys, honestly, I’m just tired of being right. It gets…

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: But my point…

Eric: You know what, Ben? [laughs]

Andrew: Eh, what?

Eric: You have our mail from the PO Box, so just mail us PG-13 letters.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: Just mail us stuff. Mail it in our face.

Andrew: But my point with that was that it was sort of unexpected. Warner Bros. didn’t even expect it. At least it seemed that way. Or when Emerson had spoke to David Heyman about it. Because think about it, why would they want to make it PG-13?

Ben: But guys…

Andrew: In a way…

Ben: Andrew?

Andrew: What?

Ben: What you must realize is that it’s not that big of a deal because it didn’t hurt the movie at all. Because it’s the second largest grossing movie. Because the audience has grown with the series and most of the Harry Potter fans, a large majority of them are over the age of 13 right now. And so…

Andrew: And if anything, it did help it because more older kids said, “Hey, this is rated PG-13. This isn’t a kid’s movie.”

Eric: Which… Right. Which was speculated in Episode Two. You even said that it might actually help it.

Andrew: But, we’re not going to go back on that topic again. So, that was definitely a big story of 2005. What else?

Eric: The JKR interview and the delusional Harry/Hermione ‘shippers.

Kevin: Oh yeah.

Laura: Oh my god!

Kevin: Yeah. That was.

Eric: That was significant for MuggleNet.

Andrew: That was an online big story for the MuggleNet community fan base.

Eric: For MuggleNet, that was…

Laura: Oh, that was terrible.

Eric: That was a rift.

Ben: Well, Emerson did visit JK Rowling on the night of the release, was a big story – Emerson and Melissa doing that. That wasn’t just online, that was all over the news.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: I mean I was with Emerson when he did an interview with Soledad O’Brien from CNN’s “American Morning,” I think it’s called.

Andrew: Yep.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: That was pretty cool.

Andrew: Mhm.

Eric: The LIVE podcast.

Ben: I actually made it to Emerson’s local newspaper. That was the best.

Andrew: You did?

Ben: Yeah. Because I was with him when they did an interview, and the interviewer said, “Who’s this kid right here?” And he said, “Oh, he works on the website with me.” Yeah, I made it in there. It was pretty cool. But Emerson was all over the news because of that. He was on TV left and right.

Laura: Yeah, I remember that.

Ben: There were videos up online.

Eric: And he gave her a key to the city.

Ben: So actually this summer is when Emerson Spartz became famous.

[Ben and Micah laugh]

Andrew: No, he got his five minutes of fame…maybe ten minutes.

Eric: Well, he was already… He had…

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: There were articles or there used to be on MN, and with him…him and the paper. So…

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Dating back to like 2000. So…yeah.

Andrew: So…

Ben: But also Emerson, they transcribed the interview, which is up online now too. If you want to go back and review your JK Rowling information because they did that just right after they read the book. So, that would be a good thing to look at.

Kevin: It’s too bad we couldn’t hear the audio.

Eric: I know.

Laura: Oh yeah.

Eric: They have it, but they can’t release it.

Kevin: No, they’re not allowed to release it.

Eric: They’re not allowed.

Kevin: It was one of the, it was one of the… [thinking of word]

Micah: Stipulations.

Kevin: …stipulations.

Eric: So, we could hear the tone of voice and stuff, but I think we’ve been clued in from Melissa about JKR’s tone. And…no…you actually brought that up in Episode Two or so.

Kevin: Yeah, with R.A.B.

Eric: Yeah, with R.A.B.

Kevin: Yep. Because it’s very hard to figure out what the tone was through the transcripts. So…

Eric: Yeah. Our LIVE podcast.

Ben: That is a good story to talk about though.

Eric: That was brilliant.

Ben: When R.A.B. was leaked online.

Andrew: Yeah. That was another big one.

Eric: Yeah. The “Arcturus Black.” Do we ever know what happened with that? Why Lexicon

Andrew: What do you mean “leaked,” Ben?

Eric: Lexicon.

Ben: Well, because HP-Lexicon

Andrew: The HP-Lexicon thing? Yeah.

Ben: …posted that his name was “Regulus Alphord Black.”

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Arcturus.

Ben: And then like magic it disappeared.

Eric: No Arcturus, Ben.

Ben: Arcturus, whatever it was.

Main Topic – Looking Back on Harry Potter in 2005

Andrew: I remember – someone sent us an email the other day pointing out that in one of the translations, the middle initial was changed to a different word that still meant Arcturus. Or something like that.

Eric: That’s really cool.

Andrew: Yeah, which pretty much sums up that theory. Everyone knows that it’s Sirius…

Ben: R.A.B. is Regulus.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: Because he was killed by Voldemort and all.

Andrew: There is no question at this point, so…

Eric: I think he was personally killed by Voldemort but that’s my own thing. I think Sirius underestimated his brother because Voldemort can’t tell his followers – well he can but then he can’t be descriptive. If they ask why, not that they do, but if they did, he’d have to tell them about the Horcruxes. I don’t know. Our Live Podcast guys, talk about that.

Ben: Well but first, but first…

Eric: No, cause I want the video. I want the video of it.

Ben: The pre-show. We know the pre-show was a lot.

Eric: Well something major.

Ben: But something major is just the release of our podcast. That was new. [laughs]

Eric: Oh well, MuggleCast in general.

Ben: Before this year, there wasn’t any Harry Potter Podcasts, not as specifically.

Andrew: Or just Podcasts in general, pretty much for 2005.

Eric: Yeah, Podcasts have gotten popular.

Andrew: They really started actually making a scene in late 2004 and then Twit came along and all that. But MuggleNet has changed a lot too.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, it really has.

Andrew: We got out HP Encyclopedia.

Eric: And about 500 layouts.

Andrew: Yeah, 500 new layouts. [laughs]

Ben: Yep, I put all of them up.

Andrew: 500 new staff members.

[All laugh]

Eric: Ah, man. That page is massive now. The eBay scam, which I wouldn’t bring up except I was just ripped off on eBay, twice. So, I’m doing that. [laughs]

Andrew: The eBay scams. It’s…

Ben: It’s JKR and Eric versus eBay. That’s what it is.

[All laugh]

Eric: Hey, Andrew, if I can have her lawyer, I’ll do that. If I can have…

Andrew: It’s such a big problem that I don’t even really think eBay could have stopped it effectively.

Eric: No.

Andrew: First of all, you really have no way in telling if the signature is authentic. If I took my signed copy, not saying that I do have a signed copy. [laughs]

Kevin: Oh yeah right.

Andrew: That’s unheard of. If I did have one and stuck it on eBay, would eBay automatically assume it’s fake? How do they know it’s real?

Ben: Yeah, there is one way to make sure it authentic.

Kevin: In order to get it truly authenticized, I guess you would call it.

Ben: Authenticated?

Kevin: Authenticated, thank you. You’re cutting that out.

[All laugh]

Eric: Authenticized.

Laura: No, no, no, no, no.

Kevin: What you have to do is, you have to go to an actual auction house like Sotheby’s or something, where they have an appraiser and they look at the signature and they make sure it’s authentic. You have to collaborate your story and stuff like that.

Eric: Yeah, the thing is, yeah eBay is not bad. People are bad, and people who use eBay are bad. So…

Kevin: Exactly, so in order to…

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: If you are going to spend 2000 dollars on a signed copy of Harry Potter, you should be going to an auction house…

Eric: Right.

Kevin: You shouldn’t be going to eBay.

Eric: And they might not have many…

Micah: Or toast.

Eric: Or toast.

Laura: Oh my gosh.

[All laugh]

Eric: Or toast, Micah. But yeah, Sotheby’s might not do auctions with signatures as often as people would like or as many as people would want, but that’s the only safe way.

Kevin: But you can also go to certain appraisers that will say, “This has been authenticated by me,” and the appraiser has a, you know, history and a reputation.

Eric: Oh really?

Kevin: Yeah, you can do that.

Eric: That would probably cost a lot of money though.

Kevin: Oh I’m sure, but…

Eric: Oh well.

Kevin: You are making 2000 dollars on the book.

Eric: Right.

Kevin: It’s worth spending 200 to get it properly appraised.

Eric: That’s a good point.

Kevin: Not to mention you should have it insured anyway since it’s worth 1,000 dollars, so…

Ben: Well, guys. Let’s talk about New York City. What did you think, Eric, what did you think of the Live Podcast?

Eric: I thought the Live Podcast went incredibly well, Ben. I think we did an excellent job of keeping the fans entertained while you guys sat around in the movie theater. Micah and I and Dylan were the only ones who didn’t get in to see the movie, but – so we went running around doing all the grunt work. Keeping the fans entertained, pre-show will never be seen again, but no, the Podcast…

[All laugh]

Eric: Honestly, guys, the Podcast went fabulous.

Andrew: Oh jeez.

Eric: Everyone loved it. Okay, I loved it. I sat in the audience most of the time and it was the best thing. You know, in my heart, I’m a fan, which it was just great seeing you guys and I got a voicemail in, and it was fun. I was very pleased with it. The fans loved it. We’re doing more and we’ve really got our own, that was the first time, the real culmination, where people from MuggleNet that listened to our Cast actually got together and congregated. I know people at Spellbound were like that to an extent, but I think this is the first time solely listeners of MuggleCast said, “Hey Mom, can I go to New York?” and they actually went there.

Ben: Tell me what it was like to be stuck on 50th and one way wearing your…

[All laugh]

Ben: …wearing your Gryffindor House robes.

Eric: Well, okay, Ben, that’s an excellent question and I’ll enjoy answering it. First of all, 50th and one way that is, I have to credit this, I’ve been saying it so often and I never ever credited it. I have to credit Zach from, Zach and Andy rather. They were staying with Catherine from MuggleNet and I, and they actually came up with a system and New York has so many one way streets and signs, that whenever you look up to find what street you’re on it usually says one way. So whenever you’re giving cross streets in New York, it’s always funny to say “Well I’m on so and so and one way.” 50th Broadway and one way, you know, stuff like that. Walking along the street was fine. Nobody said anything. People, it’s the interesting thing about New York, is you can blend in no matter how weirdly you’re dressed.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: People have seen ten times more weird things in one day walking along the streets, so me and my Harry Potter robes, the kids liked it. There were little kids that were like “Mommy, Harry Potter!” and stuff like that, but basically…

Andrew: [laughs] And you were like “Yay, hi! Want my autograph?”

[All laugh]

Eric: Well no…

Andrew: And you signed it Harry Potter.

Eric: But I can’t say I didn’t fake a British accent once or twice but, yeah. No, so I was just concentrating, went to the Disney Store and got the Mickey. Went to Burger King, the only Burger King in New York. [laughs] There is like three of them, three of them, one hundred McDonalds, anyway. But yeah, nobody jumped me or anything, it was just the cab driver.

Andrew: [laughs] Wait, are you sure that nobody jumped you?

Eric: I don’t remember anything.

Andrew: That person who came up to you with a knife, that’s called jumping.

Eric: Yeah, but that was Jamie. I greeted him like a friend, and you know…

Micah: Wait, where were you? Did you say 50th?

Ben: Micah’s all [in a deep voice] “I know pretty much everything in New York City.”

Micah: [Laughs] Well, I don’t think you get jumped on 50th street. Weren’t you on like 11th or something?

Eric: No, no. The Disney Store was on 50th. I actually went to I think, 5th Avenue, yeah, it was 5th Avenue., and the cab driver didn’t understand what I said. So, I was looking for the Disney Store and the thing is with information they give you, I asked for the address or something, but you have to ask for the cross streets or else you get lost. So, I was looking for, it’s a long story.

Ben: What do you guys think about 2006? What are we going to see in 2006?

Kevin: I hope to see a lot about Book 7.

Laura: Yeah, me too. Definitely, I want to.

Ben: Well JK Rowling, of course, because JK Rowling said in a little blog entry on her diary or whatever she calls it on her website, she said that 2006 will be the year I write the last Harry Potter book. So, I’m expecting sort of how we saw the title for Book 6 at the end of 2004, it’ll probably be the same with 2006. We’ll see the title of…

Andrew: The end.

Ben: Book 7.

Andrew: Which is great because we’ll have something to look forward to next year. Also, Order of the Phoenix filming, or should I say this year because, Order of the Phoenix filming. We’re going to be getting tons of information on that. Especially casting information.

Eric: Even Luna.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s a big thing, the casting.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Filming starts in February.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: So we’re going to know Luna Lovegood in about a week or so, wouldn’t you say? They said they were going to release that early January.

Andrew: Yeah, and I’m going to be honest with you guys. I love filming season cause we always get tons of news.

Laura: Yeah, tons of news.

Ben: Yeah, that’s always fun.

Eric: And Emerson gets invited to the set, you know.

Andrew: So yeah, I look forward to that.

Kevin: Maybe we’ll be invited to the set.

Eric: Yeah, I hope so.

Kevin: That would be exciting. [Andrew laughs]

Laura: Podcast from the set.

Kevin: Yeah, seeing as…

Ben: By the way, didn’t Emerson and Melissa visit the set…

Eric: In Glencoe.

Kevin: Yeah, there was.

Ben: Don’t recall.

Eric: Yeah, now that we do stuff…

Kevin: What about her site? She said, JK Rowling said she was going to make updates on her site, didn’t she? Or changes?

Ben: Yeah, because for example: The “Fan Site of the Year,” I mean “of the Month” [Andrew laughing] is supposed to be updated.

Andrew: “The Fan Site of the Year.” [laughs]

Ben: This year it’s Leaky Cauldron.

Andrew: It’s been Leaky all year.

Ben: That definitely needs to be updated. Actually I heard MuggleNet’s getting it again, is what I heard. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I heard MuggleCast is picking up a, oh I want to talk to Jo for a second. Hi Jo, it’s Andrew. I just really wanted to say that I hope you recognized the Podcasts. MuggleCast and PotterCast, because we’ve really put a lot of work into it, and…

Ben: Email us.

Andrew: I just think it would be cool if…

Ben: Love you, Jo.

Andrew: You could call me. You know my number. I sent you a Christmas card, I hope you got it. Um, and we’re on for next Friday? Ok, see you then.

Ben: Ok, 620-708-4753. Call me, Jo.

Andrew: Ok now on to the voicemails. This is the part of the show where we get you, the listeners, involved. Kevin, why don’t you play us the first one?

Voicemails – Harry’s Other Opponents

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast, this is Tyler from Massachusetts. In Book 7, Harry is probably going to be facing enemies before Voldemort. Do you think he is going to be able to finish off the enemies before facing Voldemort or would he not be able to kill them before he would get there? I don’t know if Harry would have the will to kill people before he would kill Voldemort. So, I was just wondering what you think. Thanks. I love your show. Bye.

Andrew: Have the will power, like he won’t be afraid to?

Laura: I think it’s a definite possibility.

Micah: Well, who’s he going to come in contact with? Who would be the people that he…

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Snape and Bellatrix…

Laura: Death Eaters.

Eric: And all the Death Eaters.

Laura: I’d like to see Neville finish Bellatrix off.

Eric: Yeah, I do too.

Kevin: Yeah, me too. I think she’s been building that up though.

Laura: Yeah, me too.

Ben: Well, ok, if he doesn’t finish off these other enemies, then how’s he going to get to Voldemort in the first place?

Kevin: Exactly.

Laura: Yeah, I think he’s going to have to finish off various Death Eaters.

Kevin: Do you think he’s going to kill them or he’s just going to defeat them?

Ben: Actually I think he’s going to tie them up and deliver them to Azkaban gift-tied.

[Eric laughs]

Eric: For Christmas maybe.

Laura: Will he, though?

Eric: No, I think that it could be the case where Harry, if Harry starts accepting help in the books and he goes in with all the Aurors and things like that, then maybe they’ll do the killing for him. You know, and they’ll take care of them. Death Eaters won’t take, I think it takes death to get rid of a Death Eater, which sounds kind of funny, but they’re not going to keel over, they’re not going to be defeated by a Stunning Spell. Even though they were by the Shrinking Head and things like that in Book 5, but mostly, I think they will have to be killed to be taken care of. But Harry doesn’t have to do that. I don’t think.

Kevin: Yeah, and it’s a valid point to make that there really isn’t much of an Azkaban left, you know.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: The dementors have changed sides so where are you going to put these guys if you don’t kill them?

Laura: That’s exactly what I was going to say. As long as you have Death Eaters alive, there is always a risk that they are going to cause harm.

Eric: Right.

Ben: And I don’t see Harry actually, I don’t know how the Death Eaters actually are going to fight until the final battle. Because I think a lot of the books might just be planning. We’ll hear about the war going on outside of Harry but he’s probably not going to put himself in jeopardy, basically going out and try to…

Kevin: And I truly…

Ben: …search for Voldemort initially, until he’s ready for the final battle.

Kevin: And I truly hope he becomes a little more active in fighting wizards, you know. It seems that up until now he’s been sort of laid back.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: He’s always been, yeah he really has.

Andrew: A little too nice.

Kevin: Exactly and it seems like he doesn‘t have any power. He’s suppose to be one of the most powerful wizards in the world. He seems like he has no power.

Eric: Not only that…

Laura: There are points where he just stood and not done anything.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: And just been attacked.

Andrew: And although, if you think about it, all this weakness could be building up to the final Voldemort killing.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: You know what I mean? Like he’s playing up being weak.

Eric: But even when Harry…

Andrew: Not weak but…

Eric: But even when Harry has attacked, it’s been things like Expelliarmus. And that’s fine because he proved that one snotty kid right that Expelliarmus helped him in the past, but that’s not the point. When, in Movie 4 and Book 4 when Voldemort asked him if he’s been trained properly to duel, he hadn’t.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: The only dueling training was from Gilderoy Lockhart, the biggest stupid head in the world. So…

Andrew: Well…

Ben: When Voldemort – no. What Voldemort was talking about was just like the initial how you start off.

Eric: With the bowing, yeah.

Laura: Yes he was. He was using it as a mockery, but it still brings forth the fact that Harry doesn’t know how to duel properly.

Eric: Harry is inept.

Ben: Well, okay, okay. I don’t buy that for one minute because I don’t think you have to learn how to duel properly – he’s fought all kinds of people.

Eric: Yes, but it’s…

Laura: Yes, but in certain ways…

Kevin: Look at how he fought them.

Eric: Yeah, by the skin of his neck.

Laura: Yeah, a lot of the times he’s gotten out, out of luck.

Kevin: Exactly.

Ben: Yeah, but you need a little bit of luck with anything. No one is just that good.

Laura: Yeah, but luck runs out. Luck isn’t going to help Harry defeat Voldemort.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Yes, it is.

Laura: No, it’s not.

Ben: Yes, it is.

Laura: No.

Ben: 100 percent.

Eric: Not primarily, not primarily.

Laura: No.

Andrew: 100 percent luck. [laughs]

Kevin: I…

Ben: No, 100 percent chance that it will happen. Not that he’s defeating Voldemort because he’s lucky. It’s 100 percent chance that luck is going to play a role in him defeating Voldemort. Of course it is. Luck is how…

Laura: No, but that would totally undermine his character development.

Ben: No, not true. Luck is how he survived every time.

Laura: Yes but it’s got to come through that Harry can defend himself and not depend on luck. That’s the point.

Eric: Otherwise…

Ben: No, you need a little luck with anything. I don’t care how good you are…

Laura: A little bit of luck but it’s not going to be 100 percent luck that defeats Voldemort.

Ben: I didn’t say it was going to be 100 percent luck. You are taking what I said right out of context. I meant that luck will be involved. There will be 100 percent chance luck will be involved, that’s what I’m saying. I’m not saying that if he gets lucky, Voldemort’s going to perish.

Laura: I think if it is, it’s going to be very minimal.

Eric: Yeah, basically…

Ben: I’m just saying it will play some role.

Eric: Yah, of course it will, but he still needs more brawn than he’s got right now.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: Or that we’ve seen. Or that we’ve seen him get. And he needs to start, we’ve said this before, he’s screwed. He’s inept and incompetent as far as we’ve know. At least organized battle. Every time he’s gotten grazes on his neck and things like that, he can’t keep doing that or he’s going to die. Maybe that’s the moral of the books.

Ben: No.

Eric: Maybe that’s the moral of the books. Maybe if Harry dies, maybe if he takes Voldemort with him, but maybe if he dies that he truly is a wonderful person and he could love but at the same time he didn’t study enough. Or something like that.

Kevin: No.

Ben: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I think the reason that he has come out of his battles not unscathed and he’s had all these scars and stuff is because he has never been the one to force the battle. He’s always got suckered into it. That’s why I think with Book 7 he has to stage it.

Laura: Definitely.

Ben: It has to be on his own time rather than being the will of Voldemort. Like I said a few episodes back, the reason he ended up in the graveyard is because of imposter Moody, who was a “good guy,” showed up with a Portkey and basically tricked everyone and sucked him into the graveyard. He was not prepared for that. Then we saw in Book 5 when Lord Voldemort put the scene into his head, he wasn’t prepared for that either. So that’s what keeps happening. He keeps falling into Voldemort’s traps. What he has to do is create a trap of his own.

Eric: I agree.

Ben: Because if, I guarantee that if Book 7 happens on Voldemort’s terms, that if the final battle is basically in Voldemort’s backyard, then Harry’s going to die.

Eric: I agree.

Ben: Harry has to make sure that it is planned out enough to where it is on his terms. Where he can surprise the enemy rather than being surprised by the enemy likes he‘s been in the entire book.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, it’s got to be on his turf.

Eric: Exactly. That’s what we’re saying. He needs to show that he can start doing that and start controlling that situation.

Kevin: But Ben, I think what they were trying to say was that they – no one wants to see him win by any amount of luck.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: They want to see him win consciously and fair. They want to see Harry win by himself without tripping over a rock and firing a curse that’s going to nail Voldemort in the chest.

[All laugh]

Ben: I know, I know. But the point I’m trying to make is that, we’ve kind of gone around in circles here, is that I think that there’s going to be some degree of luck involved because just like with anything, basketball even. You may have five of the best athletes in the world but if you have one night where everyone’s off, then you’re going to lose.

Andrew: I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Take the time when me and you versed. You won by luck.

[All laugh]

Ben: Oh whatever. I beat him by 15 points. I beat him in pool.

Andrew: All of it was luck.

Eric: I think all of you watch too many sports movies where it all comes down to the last shot with the buzzer, and the shot is…next voicemail. Please. For the love of God MuggleCast.

[All laugh]

Voicemails – Marauders Death Pattern?

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCasters! This is Kathleen from Michigan. The other day I was discussing the Marauders with some of the other listeners and we noticed they put the Marauders Map names Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Prongs being the first to die, then Padfoot, backwards on the map. Do you think that this is significant of who is going to die in the seventh book? Thanks!

Ben: Absolutely not.

Eric: No, Ben, this is the voicemail I’ve been waiting for.

Micah: It’s backwards though.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: It’s backwards compatible.

[All laugh]

Laura: I just think it’s a coincidence.

Kevin: I do, too.

Ben: I think so, too. I don’t think, because okay. Anything in the Harry Potter book, every time someone finds something that maybe a coincidence, just like on…

Laura: Mark Evans.

Ben: JK Rowling announced the title last year around Christmas. People tried to find some way to add up how many Christmas presents under the tree, amount of ornaments on the tree, divided by seven because that’s a magical number, add four to that just because there is four branches on top of the tree, divided by five because there is a five point star at the top and that gives you 7/16/05.

[All laugh]

Andrew: And MuggleCast staffer, MuggleNet staffer K’lyssa did that. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah, and I though that was absolutely absurd. You are just going to twist and get what you want. That’s ridiculous.

[All laugh]

Kevin: No, but this isn’t such a large…

Ben: Okay, actually…

Kevin: This isn’t such a large twist. It’s…

Eric: This is actually pretty good. This is…

Ben: Okay, this reminds me of English class where the teacher tries to make everything symbolize something else.

Eric: That’s because…

Ben: The word ‘the’ doesn’t have to symbolize something. The numbers of times my router light blinks in the next minute doesn’t have to symbolize something. It being backwards does not have to symbolize anything. It does not have to be a coincidence. That’s it. It’s just a coincidence. There is no…uhhh.

Eric: But, but Ben…

Micah: The names themselves…

Andrew: Ben, you need to slow down.

Laura: Ben.

Kevin: You need to calm down.

Laura: Chill. [laughs]

Kevin: You’re becoming Eric. You’re becoming your worst enemy.

Eric: Yes, exactly. Anyway…

Ben: Sorry.

Eric: I think, maybe your rant would be a little more appropriate on another voicemail. I think this is pretty cool. I think it’s an actual book-centered thing. They’re listed, why couldn’t it be Wormtail, Moony, Prongs, and Padfoot? That sounds cool. Or Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs, and Moony. Why is it that way when maybe just cause it sounds right. I think that’s the right answer, but, two of them have died. Two of them are left. What’s to say if Wormtail doesn’t die first?

Ben: You know what? Then I’m going to write a letter to JK Rowling and say, “Jo. You know what? I am proud you put them in reverse order because that was a big plot spoiler.”

[All laugh]

Ben: That was a big plot spoiler. Eric, you spoiled the book for everyone, okay?

Eric: No, it wasn’t me. It was Kathleen! It was Kathleen.

Ben: Call me Mr. Negative but, I see people making that connection, and it’d just be a weird coincidence. But it’s not like I think there’s the key to the series in that. No, dream on.

Eric: She’s not saying that, though.

Andrew: Well there could be if it‘s true…

Eric: She’s not saying that.

Andrew: You just got to take it into consideration, if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Laura: Exactly.

Kevin: I remember, Ben, when she wrote in one of the earlier books that Voldemort’s soul was fragmented, I can’t remember her wording, and everyone took it as like a symbolic meaning. And it turned out to be literal.

Eric: Exactly.

Ben: I know, but what symbolism can you draw from being in reverse order?

Micah: I’m with Ben on this.

Eric: It’s not supposed to be…

Ben: Thank you, Micah. Thank you.

Laura: Yeah, if it turns out to be true, I will be the first person to step up and say I was wrong. I just think it’s a coincidence.

Micah: But if it does come true, did she even intend it that way?

Eric: No, maybe not.

Laura: Yeah, it could be a complete coincidence. It really could.

Eric: Look guys, I’m not saying this is a major plotline. Oh my god, you know, oh my god, what the F Horseybird, okay on this. I’m not doing that.

[All laugh]

Eric: I’m saying that if it happens, it’ll be cool. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing since Voldemort soul is fragmented, it doesn’t. All this person is asking, and I think I’m right in asking this too, is: Wouldn’t that be cool if that happened and do you think, exactly what she said, do you think this is significant? And I don’t think it’s the key to the books is Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs backwards.

Ben: Whatever Eric. Eric, you do too. You do too, I know you do.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: All right.

Andrew: Well, we’ll just have to see. Next voicemail, please.

Eric: Okay.

Kevin: Wow.

Voicemails – Impact of Cruciatus Curse

[Audio]: Hi, my name is Valleri from Virginia, and I have a, I love your show first of all. It’s awesome. I just have a question about the Imperius Curse. Why is it that Harry can fight it off so easily when Mad-Eye Moody, the real one, can’t, when he’s so much more of a powerful wizard than Harry? And as my alternate question, if there is different levels of powerful Imperius Curse. Thank you so much for the show. I love it. Thank you, bye.

Eric: I think this is a brilliant voicemail because indeed an Auror, and especially Mad-Eye Moody, he’s supposed to be very powerful and very accomplished. He can’t fight the Imperius Curse from Crouch Jr. but when Crouch Jr. puts it on Harry, he says, “You know what, maybe I don’t want to jump on the table. It seems like a silly stupid thing to do.” So basically I think it’s brilliant because clearly Mad-Eye Moody, who’s an Auror, is much more powerful than Harry which is what we were just talking about, and why can Harry fight the Imperius Curse? I think it has to with his independence and the importance of his independence as a wizard and as how different he is from everybody else. I think it’s just…Yeah.

Ben: And also, yeah, I agree what you’re saying, and also I think it has something to do with Jo trying to show that he’s really gifted because, earlier we were talking about how some people think, “Well, he just escaped with luck. He’s going to amount to nothing.” But in reality he really is a powerful wizard and maybe this is one of the gifts he got from Voldemort.

Eric: Maybe.

Laura: Mhm, yeah.

Ben: I sure Voldemort’s able to do the same thing and when he transferred over the scar, he transferred over basically gave him Parseltongue. Why couldn’t he have the ability to resist curses that the mind just thinks are ridiculous?

Eric: Exactly. I think that’s a brilliant interpretation Ben. And also if…

Laura: I agree completely.

Eric: Yeah, Harry has been given things as well, like Parseltongue and maybe like this, and also like the good Patronus. And remember, they were shocked in Book 5 to figure out that he could produce a fully, whatever, a fully formed…

Ben: A corporeal.

Eric: Yeah, corporeal Patronus. They were like, “What? What the heck?” And that’s another one of those things that he was just always good at. Always good at Quidditch like his father, you know. Some things just carry on.

Kevin: I think, I also think…

Ben: Do you think Voldemort was good at Quidditch?

Kevin: I doubt it. [laughs]

Eric: That’s why it came from his father, you see, so it could have come from several places. That’s like asking if Voldemort can produce a great corporeal Patronus at age thirteen because Harry could. It doesn’t mean it came from Voldemort, could it have come from his father, like Quidditch.

Kevin: I also think it’s one of those subtle reminders that Harry is a powerful wizard but he’s not showing his full potential yet.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, I think it’s just a reminder that he has the potential.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: I mean, we’ve seen Harry scream his lungs off at Ron and Hermione and stuff, he’s taken them down. He’s P W Ned them. He needs to P W N Voldemort and some of the bad guys now.

Voicemails – Employment Line

[Audio]: Good morning, this is Chad from Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of the main things that I’m curious about is what was the occupation of James and Lily Potter? They seem to have accumulated enough wealth yet I don’t imagine the Order of the Phoenix paid for your services. Any thoughts? Also on a side note, for wizarding duels, how about Fred versus George? Have a nice night.

Andrew: So I was actually intrigued by this question cause I thought it was interesting, and as it turns out JK Rowling does mention, has mentioned, whether it’s on her official site or in an interview, that James actually did inherit a large sum of his fortune. So that pretty much answers that question, which would answer why he wouldn’t need a well-paying job. And one of the many things…

Kevin: But…

Laura: I’m sure that they had jobs, but…

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Andrew: But however…yeah, but Jo’s never mentioned what they have done and… I was actually reading a couple articles because I’m so intrigued by this [laughs] and one theory was that James could have been a professor at Hogwarts.

Eric: I don’t think that’s true.

Andrew: Defense Against the…

Kevin: I don’t think so either.

Eric: If he was…

Andrew: Defense against the – well okay…

Laura: I think we would know, wouldn’t we?

Eric: Yeah, it would have been mentioned.

Ben: We would have known.

Kevin: Shot down there, Andrew.

Andrew: Well…

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Why? How? What would have been the point?

Kevin: Because that is a huge legacy, and…

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: JK Rowling would have mentioned that if…

Eric: Especially if Harry…

Kevin: …Harry’s father was a teacher.

Eric: If Harry’s…yeah.

Ben: Especially, no, no, Andrew, listen. Especially in Book 6 when we found out that Voldemort basically cursed the position when Dumbledore denied him of it. Dumbledore probably would have said, “Well Harry, your father took up that job and…”

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: “That year he was killed.”

Eric: I think he definitely would have known.

Andrew: That’s true. But if you think about it. Harry’s so good at Defense Against the Dark Arts and he ends up teaching people in Hogwarts about Defense Against the Dark Arts. So don’t you think it’s completely possible that was little hint at that James did?

Eric: No, it’s just…

Laura: No, wasn’t James gifted at Transfiguration?

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: I’m pretty sure that he…

Andrew: Was he?

Laura: Yeah. He was Transfiguration and Lily was Charms and Potions.

Andrew: Yeah but that doesn’t mean he had to teach it.

Eric: His wand.

Andrew: Yeah, Lily was Potions. We’ve already talked about that.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, well those are all my notes. [laughs]

Eric: The most obscure thing that we found out about James at Hogwarts was that he was a Seeker, or whatever, for the house team.

Laura: I thought he was a Chaser?

Eric: They changed it in the movie. They changed it in the movie, which is why. But in Book 5 wasn’t he playing with the Snitch? So…

Laura: Yeah, but I think she also answered that somewhere.

Eric: She did. She said that whatever it is…

Laura: Just because he was playing with, yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Just because he was playing with the Snitch doesn’t mean he’s the Seeker.

Eric: Right, but he was on the Quidditch team and everybody that tells Harry says, you know “Oh your father was great at Quidditch.” Um…

Andrew: You know what I was just thinking about? They died pretty young, didn’t they? So…

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: They wouldn’t have really had time to get a job.

Micah: Are we assuming though that just because James had money, that Lily didn’t work either?

Eric: No, maybe we’re assuming that since…

Laura: I don’t know. The kind of character that I’ve gotten the idea of what James and Lily are, I don’t think that they would not have jobs. I think that they would do it just because it was something they felt was a necessity to do.

Eric: You know what, guys?

Ben: Kind of like JK Rowling’s husband. How he…

Laura: It’s just part of being an adult. Having a job.

Ben: Right. Like JK Rowling’s husband. JK Rowling has billions of dollars. He wouldn’t have to work but he does because…

Laura: Exactly.

Eric: Guys, guys, guys I got it.

Kevin: Otherwise, you’d go crazy.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I got it.

Andrew: But…

Ben: And it wouldn’t look good in the media eye either. It would look like he was mooching off his wife.

[Micah laughs]

Kevin: Not to mention if you notice, everyone in the Order currently has a job except, of course, Sirius before he died, you know. He was the only one who was unemployed.

Andrew: Yeah, but…

Kevin: Lupin was unemployed for those people who are going to bash me.

Laura: Yeah, so is Molly and Mundungus Fletcher. [laughs]

Kevin: He wasn’t…That’s true.

Ben: Actually, you know what I think? I think that Aunt Marge was right all along. James is a drunken bum.

[All laugh]

Ben: I’m just kidding. I’m going to get massacred for saying that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, um…

Kevin: Next voicemail.

Andrew: But hold on. Wait a second. What was the huge…we still haven’t really touched on this very much. What was the huge thing that was supposed to be revealed about Lily? Because…

Eric: I know it.

Andrew: I have gone back to work…what is it, Eric?

Eric: I know what it is.

Andrew: What is it?

Eric: Lily’s good at Potions, right?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: And James is good at Transfiguration.

Andrew: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: All right, everybody sit down. Take a deep breath [takes a deep breath along with Kevin]. I know what it is. I found the key, I found what Lily’s secret is.

Andrew: You better be serious about this. What is it?

Eric: I’m dead serious. I know what they did.

Andrew: What is it?

Eric: It was drugs.

Andrew: Okay, it was not drugs.

Eric: No, no, it was drugs. Lily made them and James disguised them so they didn’t get caught. That explains the fortune. That explains the fortune.

Laura: Maybe she explained it and we just didn’t see it.

Andrew: I know, exactly.

Laura: And we’re not going to realize it until Book 7.

Micah: From what I understand.

Andrew: What?

Micah: Is that Harry’s been looking in the book all year long, don’t you think he’d know Snape’s handwriting by now?

Eric: He should, because it says…

Laura: It depends.

Eric: It says that handwriting…

Laura: Because how much does he focus in Potions? [laughs] You know.

Ben: And also, what does Snape do? He probably, he could do it magically or…

Micah: That’s true.

Ben: When he hands a paper back with a grade on it, it might just say, F, A, B – whatever the English grading system is in. You can’t really tell what their handwriting is because…

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: It’s not…when you write a big A at the top of a paper, it isn’t your style when you’re writing a letter.

Micah: That’s true.

Laura: Not to mention the possibility that Snape’s handwriting could have matured, I mean…

Kevin: Yeah, it was quite a while.

Eric: Cause he sure hasn’t.

Kevin: He’d been a teacher for how many years after he wrote that book, so we all…

Eric: But that’s the thing. If he wrote it, he took it with him. He must have continued to update it or at least kept it close to him because it was in his Potions cabinet, so he must have had it with him when he became a teacher, don’t you think? Cause he left it in his room. I mean obviously I don’t think he was, he didn’t use it recently because he would have remembered to take it with him, but it was in the cabinet…

Kevin: Yeah, that’s true.

Eric: And he, you know. So, where would it have gone have gone from his school bag to his cabinet in the past? That he would have been opening it or looking through it or using it last.

Voicemails – ‘Ships

[Audio]: Hey, this is Michelle from LA, California, and I just was wondering what you guys ‘shipped? Like, what you thought was going to happen between two people before JK Rowling crushed your dreams in life, sadly. I just thought, I am one of the sad people who wanted Harry and Hermione, and Ron and Luna, and Neville and Ginny, but you know what that’s just me. So Merry Christmas and have a nice life. Bye.

[Eric laughing]

Micah: Ooo, this is a dangerous area.

Eric: I loved that.

Laura: No one say the D word.

Eric: Okay…

Micah: I killed everything last week or two weeks ago, with the otter and the weasel.

Kevin: This is a…

[Laura laughs]

Eric: This is dangerous but you know what? I loved the way she said JKR crashed her dreams. I love that. It makes her so criminated. Like JK goes around and takes pleasure in crashing, it’s great. I love it.

Ben: Well actually, okay I knew what was going to happen within canon because it’s all about what you define as a shipper. Some people think a shipper is someone who actually firmly believes that’s going to happen in the series or you just like having those two people together. For example, I’ve read many fan fictions where I like the Harry/Hermione relationship, it goes very well together and it adds a certain dynamic to the story. However, if you get down to the actual, like I said, I’m a realist here. I think in the books, it’s quite obvious it’s Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and there is no debate about it. That’s just my two cents.

Laura: Yeah, I agree. Now, while I always pretty much figured that it was going to be Harry/Ginny, I always kind of liked the idea of Harry/Luna just because I thought it would be unusual.

Eric: Oh god, Harry/Luna.

Laura: And something that people would see coming.

Kevin: I thought so too, yeah.

Eric: Yeah. He thinks she’s crazy but if he can get past that, you know.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: I think Harry/Luna shippers have the veil, that they share that hearing the whispers. They at least have that down in canon.

Laura: But I think that there’s a point to them sharing too much with the death thing.

Eric: The Thestrals.

Laura: To understand being with each other.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. It would be a pretty depressing couple.

Eric: I think we’re going to find…

[All laugh]

Laura: Yeah, exactly.

Eric: No, no, no. Cho and Harry are a depressing couple because that’s just, yeah. No but…

Laura: Apart from that, I don’t have any problems with it.

Eric: Harry/Luna both see Thestrals.

Ben: Actually guys, I was a Harry/Andrew Sims shipper.

Laura: Oh me too, no way.

Kevin: Yeah. That was a popular one.

Ben: Yeah, it really was.

Eric: Cause that’s all over the canon.

Andrew: Yeah, I just walked away too. Good thing I came back in time.

[All laugh]

Eric: Anyway…

Laura: No wonder Harry was so ticked off in Order of the Phoenix.

Andrew: I [laughs] I have no comment on that.

Ben: They are some pretty good ships for the MuggleCast people.

Laura: Oh god no.

Ben: Me and Hermione. Eric and Barty Crouch Jr.

[All laugh]

Eric: You know what, I’m going to clarify this. No, Ben, Ben. I’m going to clarify this once and for all.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: Barty Crouch Jr. was evil when he left Azkaban. It’s that simple.

Kevin: Ok, let’s not…

Eric: He was a bad guy when he left Azkaban.

Andrew: Alright, so I’m really excited about our next two voicemails because they are going to kick off our brand new, hopefully [laughs] hopefully weekly segment.

Kevin: Don’t say we’re going to do it every week.

Andrew: Well…

Kevin: Just say…

Eric: New Segment.

Andrew: I think we are, we’re going to have plenty.

Eric: Advice with us.

Andrew: We’re start a new segment–wait Eric! Come on, seriously. We’re starting a new segment this week called: Advice with MuggleCast. This is going to be the part of the show where we give you, the listeners, advice on your Harry Potter dilemmas. Say for example, you’re in a dilemma where none of your friends, all of your friends, think you are crazy for liking Harry Potter. We’re here to help you. We’re here to help you. So, we have two prerecorded, well one pre-recorded one and another one that relates to the show. Um, but each week at a specific time that I’m going to put in the show notes, you get to call in, 1-218-20MAGIC, and ask for our help with your Harry Potter dilemma. We’re going to record it for you and we’re going to put it on the show. Yeah, you guys like this, huh?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Hi this is MuggleCast. We’re all ears.

[All laugh]

Andrew: We’re all ears. I think it’s going to be pretty fun, so ummm…

Laura: You sound like a little pedophile, [Used with a hard “e” like Jamie] Ben.

Micah: Oh geez.

Andrew: Let’s listen to the first one now. This one’s going to be prerecorded but the rest of them we’re going to actually talk to the people.

Kevin: Okay.

Andrew: Let’s listen first.

Advice – Getting Your Friend To Read The Series

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast boys, it’s Laura, and Lindsey, and we’re cousins from Maine. We love the show and we were wondering if you could help us out. Our friend Molly doesn’t like the HP series at all, and we obviously love it. Do you have any tips for getting her to read the books? Thanks a bunch and lots of love to Andrew. [Andrew impersonation] Yeah! Yeah! Bye.

Ben: Okay, dear Laura and Lindsey. Who cares about your friend? I’m just kidding.

[Everyone laughing]

Andrew: Ditch her.

Ben: Dear Laura and Lindsey: What you should do about Molly, is I think you should get her to see the first two movies. Because I don’t think you really explained to us what she’s seen right now, why she doesn’t like it, but you have to remove that barrier somehow. If it’s just because she’s been overexposed to the media and she’s sick and tired of hearing about Harry Potter, she needs to figure out what the craze is about because I kind of felt the same way at first. I heard about all the books and stuff and then my friends started reading it and I said, “What are you doing? What? No, no.” And I made fun of them for it, and then one day I needed a book for SSR and I just said give me, I just read a book and then I went “Wow, now I see why these millions of people love it.” You tell them, you tell them that Ben Schoen can’t be wrong. You say, the millions of people reading this book right now can’t be wrong, and I think that’s the truth.

Kevin: Okay, what I would say, is give her money to read the first book. Okay, tell her “I’ll give you ten dollars…” [Andrew groans in the background] No just listen. Ten dollars to read the first book because once she’s read the first book, she’s going to be hooked. So you say, “After you complete the first book, I’ll give you ten dollars. If you don’t like it from then on, you don’t have to read the rest of them.”

Ben: Molly’s going to like that book so much, she’s going to tell you to keep your money. She’ll pay you…

[All laugh]

Laura: Well I have a couple of things. First of all, don’t force it because the more you force it, the more obstinate Molly’s going to be and not read it. The next thing is, one of my best friends on the planet used to hate Harry Potter. I would wear my Gryffindor shirt to school and she would point at it and be like “Burn it.” and I was like, ok. And one day I was like, “Okay, how about this. You give me a book that you love and I’ll give you the first Harry Potter, and we’ll both read them by the end of the week.” She was hooked and I was hooked on the series she got me into, so…

Kevin: What series was it?

Andrew: Make a compromise.

Ben: Series of Unfortunate Events…

Laura: It was the Redwall series.

Ben: [laughs] No, I don’t know. Well we got to close this up. I’m sure that will help you, Laura and Lindsey. Sincerely, the MuggleCasters. [laughs]

Voicemails – Playing MuggleCast On Your MP3 Player

[Audio]: Hi, this is Haley again from San Antonio, Texas, and I was calling probably on behalf of many people. Because I have an MP3 player, I don’t have an iPod. It’s hard to find time to listen to your program on the computer when I have such a busy schedule as many people do. How do I either convert or find a way to put it on my MP3 player. It’s, MP3 players can’t use iTunes and that’s what everybody knows you’re available through. It says on your page that you can listen to it on any CD player, computer, or MP3 player. It’s just a question, you can…I don’t know. If you can find some way to tell me, I’d appreciate it. Thank you. I love your show! Bye.

Andrew: Well, this is a good question because everyone assumes that podcasts can only go onto your iPod, and that is not true. Obviously if you’re listening to this, you know how.

Kevin: I would hope. [Laugh]

Andrew: But for those of you who are wondering, it can go on any MP3 player. Just treat it like a normal song. Pretend like…

Ben: Well, I think the problem that she’s having is that she uses iTunes to catch it, because they can’t use iTunes. If you direct download it…

Andrew: Oooh.

Ben: If you direct download it from the site…

Andrew: Right.

Ben: You can just add it to your MP3 player like normal. It has the MP3 file, it’s just…

Andrew: We have a solution for you if you want to continue using iTunes which we do appreciate. All you have to do is got to Start and then My Music or if you are using Mac, you just open up a new finder window and hit Music on the left, click on the folder that says iTunes. Then click on the folder that says iTunes Music, then click on the folder that says podcasts, and each podcast show you subscribe to will have its own folder in there. So, click on MuggleCast, then each Episode you‘ve downloaded is in that folder. So all you have to do is click and drag these into your MP3 playing program. Or you can do the same thing if you’re burning a CD. So right here, they are just like normal songs. They’re MP3s, so all you got to do is drag and drop. Simple. That wraps it up so don’t forget, check in the show notes for the time to call us and we will answer your questions about your HP dilemmas. Anything, but it has to be about HP and we will hang up on you if it‘s not.

[All laugh]


Andrew: Don’t waste our time.

Ben: We don’t need to know about your relationship problems.

[All laugh]

Ben: Andrew Sims, don’t be calling in.

[Everyone laughing]


Andrew: Okay, okay just a couple quick announcements. As it is just past the holiday season, a lot of new people have gotten iPods. Lot of people got iTunes.

Laura: Myself included.

Andrew: See what I’m saying? Yes, so welcome all new listeners thanks to the holiday season. I just wanted to say welcome, to you, the new holiday listener. And then also, what else? Just a reminder, P.O. Box…

Ben: P.O. Box 223, no

P.O. Box 223
Moundridge, Kansas, 60107.

We had quite a lot of stuff over the holidays. Quite a few Christmas cards, someone even sent in candy canes. Thank you, Lisa, for sending those candy canes, they are very delicious. I might send them to the other people.

Andrew: You ate them all, admit it.

Ben: I didn’t eat all of them. But someone, let me get a name real quick because this is very remarkable and she definitely deserves a major thank you for sending this to us. Uno memento. Ok, a very big thanks goes to a Katie from Ellicott City, Maryland. And she did her report on Harry Potter versus Christianity, comparing and contrasting it, and how God fits in with Harry Potter and all that stuff. And she sent us all of her old books. Nineteen of them and the box was so heavy I about passed out carrying it to my parents’ car.

[All laugh]

Ben: That’s not the only reason I almost passed out but we can’t go into that.

[Continuing laughter]

Andrew: Oh my god.

Ben: Yeah so. it was a very big box so thank you for sending those to us. Thanks, so continue to send stuff in.

Andrew: We appreciate that.

Ben: I still want a Chipotle gift card.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: And, also thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone. We’ve gotten a lot of extra emails lately I’ve noticed. A lot of like “I love the show,” blah blah blah.

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: We thank everyone and a reminder. We are reading every single one of your emails, we just don’t have time to reply to them all. So please…

Laura: We try. We really do.

Andrew: I feel bad cause, yeah, sometimes people send in really long emails and I read them, sometimes a few of us read them, we just don’t have time to reply to them all. So, keep them coming and we really do appreciate all of your support, of course. 2006, guys.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: It’s going to be a…

Ben: Great Year.

Andrew: Fun year for…

Dueling Club – McGonagall vs. Umbridge

Eric: So Andrew, why don’t we do a Dueling Club for 2006?

Andrew: Yeah, let’s finish it off with a Dueling Club. Micah, you had an idea.

Micah: Yep. I guess I’m going to start with, how about, Umbridge and McGonagall?

Laura: McGonagall.

Andrew: Oooo.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: I wouldn’t even call this a duel, I’d call it a cat fight.

[Laughing and oooing]

Laura: I say McGonagall all the way.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Cat fight?

Ben: Yeah because I think Umbridge is very…

Laura: I don’t think that she exhibited much talent. [laughs]

Ben: She doesn’t have much power. For example, if it was, basically she got overtaken by the centaurs. I think McGonagall is in the same situation. First of all she wouldn’t be in that situation, second of all, if somehow she got caught in it, she would be able to fight them off I think, or find a way to escape.

Eric: Well centaurs are very powerful. You know…

Andrew: I’m pretty sure…go ahead.

Eric: Ok. Well, centaurs are very powerful people. I just wanted to say that Umbridge would lose because she’s the kind of person who sits in her chair and gets very angry to herself and fumes, and if there is anything she can do in her power she will do another stupid Educational Decree 21, saying that she has P W Ned McGonagall. You know, that’s how she’d deal with it. But McGonagall said…

Ben: It’s PWN.

Eric: [laughs] McGonagall said to Umbridge that “I’ll train this boy up if it’s the last thing I do, to make sure he’s ready,” and all that crap. McGonagall is dedicated. McGonagall P W N’s Umbridge.

Laura: Not to mention, how many times have we seen Umbridge do anything for herself? She’s always finding minions.

Andrew: I was just going to say. I don’t think she really has experience.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: No, she doesn’t. She’s incompetent.

Eric: She’d get Goyle.

Andrew: Yeah, so…

Ben: Apparently McGonagall is a pretty powerful witch.

Laura: Oh she is.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Because don’t you remember in Book 5 when she got sucker-punched by all the Stunning Spells from the Ministry. Who was it? Madame Pomfrey said, “No one can take Minerva McGonagall if she…” basically aware of what was happening. Like a real duel, she wasn’t basically sideswiped like in Order of the Phoenix.

Laura: Not to mention she not exactly a spring chicken. And the fact that she was able to take all those and come out of them fine is pretty remarkable.

Hagrid And The Killing Curse

Ben: And about that. About taking spells, I’m not trying to spark a whole new discussion, but we all know that it would take more than one Stupefy to stun Hagrid. Would it take more than one Avada Kedavra to kill Hagrid, do you think?

Eric: No.

Kevin: I don’t think so.

Eric: No.

Andrew: I don’t think so. A Killing Curse is a Killing Curse, he’d be dead.

Eric: Hagrid in many ways, even though he’s loving, Hagrid in many ways is incompetent in certain ways. Because he’s only been through what? Two years of school, or so, so there is some things that even students would have over him and that‘s just based on whatever. Avada Kedavra killed probably many good Aurors. Avada Kedavra is good enough to kill the best of people so I think…

Ben: Right, but I’m just talking about the sheer size of Hagrid.

Laura: Well, it’s also been mentioned that giant’s skin is also sort of a repellent. It bounces spells off of it.

Kevin: Yeah, but do you think it gets rid of all spells?

Laura: I don’t know. It depends on if the spells are at a higher level than what a Stupefy spell would be. I think it’s possible that they are because it requires so much hate to cast one.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: And I think if you have enough hate to cast Avada Kedavra

Ben: Yeah, but…

Laura: Then it’s very possible that that could do Hagrid in.

Eric: You know…

Ben: Yeah, but Hagrid still is, what we have to realize here is that Hagrid is half a magical creature and…

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: That, that may play a part too because…

Laura: Yeah, definitely.

Ben: Do you think that if they try to Avada Kedavra a dragon, it wouldn’t work? I guarantee you one couldn’t take down a dragon. I don’t care if it’s Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard…

Eric: No, Ben you’re wrong, you know why?

Ben: The most powerful wizard of the age. They couldn’t take down a dragon with one spell?

Eric: Ben. I disagree with you for two reasons. If there were a magical creature whose skin was thick enough or size was big enough to repel Avada Kedavra, they would start selling Hagrid skin coats.

Kevin: Yeah that’s true.

Eric: Or Hagrid skin vests.

Kevin: And everyone would have dragon scale armor or something like that.

Laura: That’s true.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, if it could.

Micah: Good point.

Eric: If Hagrid, even though Hagrid’s big, he’s a big guy, he’s a big physical creature, he is still only one life. One person, one soul, kind of like that so…

Ben: I think it would be kind of ridiculous to think that if you shoot an Avada Kedavra spell at a dragon that it’s going to drop dead.

Laura: Yeah, but we don’t exactly know how dragons take spells anyhow. The only thing we’ve ever heard is that their weakness is their eyes.

Ben: And we don’t know how…

Laura: That was from Goblet of Fire, that’s the only thing we know.

Eric: Yeah, but if Hagrid could be killed…

Ben: But we don’t know how exactly how if you buy a dragon skin vest or something that…

Kevin: Or the creature itself, yeah.

Ben: The skin is what’s repelling the spell. I think it’s the creature itself and the size. Just the sheer size of the body of the person because, for example, if I was to take a baseball bat and whack Kevin Steck upside the head…

[All laugh]

Ben: It would be a lot more like, a steel bat, it would be more likely to kill him than…

Kevin: A bear.

Ben: If it was a big…

Kevin: A bear [laughs].

Ben: A big dragon or something.

Eric: Ben, forgive my French, but where the hell do you get this stuff?

Ben: It’s the amount of force…

Laura: I think everyone’s bringing up valid points here and that would be a good question to ask Jo.

Kevin: Let’s ask Jo.

Andrew: Dear, Jo. Hi, it’s Andrew.

Kevin: We have a problem.

Laura: Let’s call her up right now.

Andrew: I was wondering if…

Laura: Let’s Skype out Jo.

Andrew: No, Jo listens to this show so I’m sure she’ll answer it for us.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Thanks, girlfriend.

[Laura laughing]

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Ummm…

Micah: Did we want to do anyone else?

Ben: Who else?

Andrew: 46 minutes.

Ben: Fred versus George. Is that a good one?

Andrew: Yeah sure.

Laura: Do we even know enough about their individual magical abilities?

Ben: No, we don’t. I don’t think we have because…

Micah: The two…

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: They’ve always been referred to as one.

Kevin: Basically a square match.

Laura: Yeah. They’re both pretty clever.

Dueling Club – The Two Ministers

Micah: What about the two Ministers? Do we have enough to go on with those two?

Eric: Yeah, because Scrimgeour can kick ass.

Andrew: Not Scrimgeour.

Eric: Fudge doesn’t do anything. Fudge hides everything from the public and he’s incompetent and he runs out to Dumbledore everyday because he doesn’t know what to do.

Ben: Right.

Laura: He sucks, just to be frank.

Ben: Actually Scrimgeour would win because didn’t he use to be the Head of…

Laura: I would say Scrimgeour would win just because he…

Eric: Scrimgeour would totally kick his butt.

Laura: Scrimgeour, like Fudge, is very focused on the all is well facade, but I think he still has more experience and more talent than Fudge.

Eric: Fudge is an all is well person because he sees that as reality. Scrimgeour has been through too much crap to not realize life isn’t like that and he can handle himself. You know, Fudge is like “Oh Voldemort can’t be back, that’s just not happening because it’s happy times.”

Laura: Yeah but Scrimgeour was trying to get Harry to come and tell everyone that everything’s okay. That’s what he was trying to do the whole book and that’s not what needs to happen. People need to understand the reality.

Ben: Right, but that doesn’t have anything to do with dueling.

Laura: Yeah, I’m just saying, like Fudge, he’s kind of a liar, but I think he’s far more competent than Fudge is.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Well he’s self-absorbed with the Ministry and basically his self interest, what’s going to make him look good.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Because Harry Potter basically went against Cornelius Fudge and said, “Publish the stories in the Quibbler,” and all that said Fudge is an idiot. And look how good it would be for Scrimgeour’s PR, Harry Potter saying how good he was…

Laura: Oh, exactly.

Ben: On his own side.

Eric: Scrimgeour is a politician and that’s what you have to remember about him.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Which is why he’s self-absorbed and like that. And maybe not all politicians are like this but you got to realize that’s who he is. But in a fight, he’s definitely more competent.

Laura: Oh I agree. 100 percent.

Kevin: I think quite a few people are more competent than Fudge.

Show Close

Andrew: So on that note, I think this does wrap up the first, aw sure why not, call it the first Podcast of 2006. Ever.

Ben: The first Harry Potter Podcast for sure.

Andrew: Well, that’s for sure. [laughs] Well, we just insulted our friends over at PotterCast.

Laura: Do you think they are going to try and do it too? I think they will.

Ben: No, they couldn’t touch this.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, no way.

Ben: We’re MuggleNet, no one can touch us.

Andrew: [laughs] And last but not least, Goblet of Fire Soundtrack winners. These are the people that entered our contest that we announced on Episode 19 and they guessed the songs we played quick samples of in the correct order. The correct order was The Black Lake, This is the Night, The Quidditch World Cup, Rita Skeeter, and Neville’s Waltz. And the winners were, I’m doing it just by first name: Chris, Lynn, Missy, David, Shay, Nicholas, Darcy, Amanda, Fay, Donovan, Perak, John, Raffia, Jennifer, and Violent Midget. That’s a weird one. You’ve all been notified by email so congratulations. And sorry if I pronounced your name wrong. For right now, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: We will see you next week for Episode 23.

Laura: Happy New Year!

Andrew: Yeah, Happy New Year!

Micah: Happy New Year!

Andrew: And welcome all you iPod listeners again. I love you guys.

[Show ends with “Auld Lang Syne” performed by Bruce Springsteen]


[Soothing music begins playing]

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast, this is Katie calling from Maine and I love your Podcast. I listen to it every Monday. When I come home, I always update it onto my iPod and I listen to it before I go to bed. And I’d just like to say, Jamie I’m so glad you’re back. I love your British Jokes. And for Andrew I am obsessed with your “yeahs” and “all rights.” I think they are hilarious so keep up the good work you guys. Bye.

[Audio]: Hi this is Matthew, I want to give a shout out to Andrew Sims and I love Harry Potter! I can’t wait until the next movie.

[Audio]: This is J.W. from…and I just wanted to say that I was listening to you show on my CD player and I stopped and still heard it, and I looked next to me and there is someone else listening to MuggleCast. And I hear this cell phone number and I call it, and it is MuggleCast. I’m like whatever you know? It’s crazy. I’m listening to 19 and just about 20 so whatever. You guys have a great show. Bye.

[Audio]: Hello, this is Haley from Texas. I was just calling to say that I am very upset that Bemma was cancelled. I love listening to Ben go on and on about Emma and if you could give him 60 seconds to say whatever he wants, I think many fans would greatly appreciate it. And I love your show. And I love all of you. And um yeah, thanks. Bye!

[Audio]: Hey. Really good idea. Excellent! Can you put me on? I’m Andrew’s Dad. That would be awesome.

[Audio]: Beeeeen. I love Ben. Ben is my favorite. [makes girly squeaky noises] I love Ben. Out of them Ben is my favorite. Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben. Do not date Emma. Emma’s nothing compared to me, she’s nothing! Okay? Emma is nothing! She’s a skinny little brat! I am your queen. Buh-bye!

[Audio]: Hi. Oh this is so loud. Hello MuggleNet, this is Kate and Lauren from Tennessee and we would like [someone talking in the background] Hi again. Hi MuggleCast, this is Kate from Tennessee and I just wanted to say that Micah looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. Especially in his picture on the About Us page and – okay, bye!

[Soothing music stops playing]

Andrew And Ben Sing, U2 Style

[Sung to the tune of U2’s “City of Blinding Lights”]

Andrew: The more we read the more we know. The more we find out as we go. I know so much more now than I did then.

Ben: MuggleCast is the best thing. Each episode makes me want to sing. They’re analyzing everything for people like us.

Ben and Andrew: And I wish you’d stick around.

Ben: There are so many theories to be found.

Andrew: Ooooo. Ooooo. Oh it’s fun to analyze [laughs] all night.

Ben and Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: Potter jokes make us laugh. We want Harry’s autograph. Finding clues and brand new theories. Make us want to squee.

Andrew: Book 7 makes us afraid. What will happen to the world we’ve made? Can you see the beauty in HP? Nothing could change the beauty of HP.

Ben: And I wish you could stick around. There are so many more theories to be found.

Andrew: Oooooo. Oooooo. Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Ben and Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: Time. Time. Time. We’re stuck here waiting again. Time. When will it be time for HP 7?

Andrew: Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Ben: Oh you don’t need sleep right. Oh it’s fun to analyze all night.

Andrew: In a world of Potterites.

Ben: The more we read the more we schpiel. Wishing Hogwarts was real. Harry Potter isn’t just for nerds. We should know. [laughing]

[Singing ends]

Andrew: That’s pretty long.

Ben: It was six minutes.

Andrew: Haha, yeah. Okay.


Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Well guys I’m proud of us. I’m really seriously proud of us.

Laura: Yeah. This was good.

Ben: Yep, that was really good.

Eric: Wait…

Andrew: I just said to myself…

[All laugh]

Ben: Audacity just froze. I am not kidding. I am not kidding.

Eric: Yes he is.

Laura: If you’re screwing with me, I’m going to kill you.

Ben: Okay. [laughs]

Laura: My heart just froze.

Andrew: Yeah, I changed my mind about taking a break next week. How could we give up this for a week?

Kevin: I know.

Andrew: How could we possibly stop this for a week? Apparently I’m the only one. [laughs]

Laura: No, I couldn’t either. It’s become part of my life…that’s really sad. [laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

Laura: My parents would like it if we took a week off.

Andrew: Well, Laura, we’re going to build you a studio, we just don’t know when.

[All laugh]

Laura: Ah, that’d be great.

Andrew: Once we start making some money.


Andrew: Ben, how are we going to do this?

Ben: Here, let’s talk it out and we’ll record it later.

Andrew: Why?

Ben: It’ll take like ten minutes.

Andrew: Why can’t we do it right now?

Ben: I don’t want to do it right now.

Andrew: Why not?

Ben: Because I need to get a drink and…

Andrew: Come on.

Ben: Relax my voice.

Andrew: I need an audience. Let’s just practice right now, please? Come on, come on.

Ben: No, stop the audio. Stop the audio.

Andrew: I really want to sing.

Ben: No, we’ll do it in a little bit. Yeah, stop recording.

Andrew: Yeah. Fine, I’ll stop.


Written by: Micah and Ally

Episode 22

On our January 01st, 2006 edition of MuggleCast…

Note: If interested in being one of the first to be a part of “Advice from MuggleCast,” call us (1-218-20-MAGIC) on Monday, January 2nd anytime between 1-3 PM EST with your HP dilemma!

While the crew debates whether Harry can finish the job in the final book, just what were James and Lily’s occupations? How is it that Harry can fight the Imperius Curse so easily – does it depend on the power of the wizard? And look out! We got a real cat fight on our hands as McGonagall takes on Umbridge, and a battle of Ministers as Fudge battles Scrimgeour in the Dueling Club. Plus, are the Marauders dying in reverse order? Advice is even offered for those in need.

From a look back on the year that was to New Year’s resolutions and anticipation of things to come…all that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast. Happy New Year!

  • The Boss was gracious enough to open and close our show this week
  • We reminisce about 2005 and revisit all of the year’s top stories
  • New Year’s resolutions: 100,000 listeners, a clean Transcript Dungeon, and a desire to take over the world
  • The crew looks ahead and offers what they expect to see in 2006
  • Andrew welcomes all the new iPod listeners
  • Snape’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions
  • Will Harry be able to finish off the enemies that stand in his way of Voldemort?
  • Is there a pattern to the Marauders’ deaths?
  • Harry and Mad-Eye: why is one able to fight off the Imperius Curse more easily?
  • Just what did James and Lily do for a living?
  • What ‘ships did we support earlier in the series?
  • Our new segment – Advice from MuggleCast: where we answer your HP problems
  • How to get a friend into reading Harry Potter
  • How to get our show to play on your MP3 player
  • Dueling Club: McGonagall vs. Umbridge and Fudge vs. Scrimgeour
  • Goblet of Fire Soundtrack Winners
  • Andrew and Ben do their own rendition of U2’s “City of Blinding Lights”
  • Next week’s topic: Albus Dumbledore
  • Listener Comments and Bloopers
  • Happy New Year!

Download Now
Running time: 1:23:12, 28.6 MB

LeakyMug #6

On our December 31st, 2005 edition of The Leaky Mug…

  • Sue joins the crew
  • Ben chickens out, while Melissa swears revenge
  • Jamie’s 90% official for Vegas
  • MuggleCast fan chat converted; they even send Melissa a Happy Birthday message
  • A look back at the last four months of joint podcasts
  • Kevin loves being stalked
  • The boys try to start rumors about Jo! (Sue immediately quashes them.)
  • PotterCast makes a big announcement: an interview with Arthur Levine, editor of the U.S. editions of Potter
  • We read our favorite hate mail on the show
  • The Andrew “yeahs” start the most annoying trend since the macarena
  • The LeakyMug Tour, coming to a city near you
  • Our memories of July 16, 2005
  • Papa Spartz says “lose the tone”
  • John calls Emerson, who insists an appearance was not in his contract (but will give us all free iPods, so it’s Okay)
  • Emerson’s going to propose to Melissa in Vegas; Melissa outlaws leprechauns at the wedding
  • Sue outsings Emerson with the Ohio State fight song
  • The MuggleBoys are soon to be on PotterCast
  • John pays someone to write his jokes!
  • John’s family hijacks the show from the background
  • The Vegas hotel room – whose name should it be under?
  • Our resolutions!
  • Kevin and Melissa go to the backwards compatible room
  • The Jo Rowling podcast?
  • No more waiting for Emerson to talk Edinburgh. No more!

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Running time: 53:19, 24.4 MB

Transcript 021

MuggleCast EP21 Transcript


Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast – Episode 21 for December 25, 2005. Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of MuggleCast. I am Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I am Kevin Steck.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Laura: I am Laura Thompson

Jamie: And I’m Jamie Lawrence.

Andrew: We have a filled room this week. Six people! That is a new record for this show, but only…

Ben: [in deep voice] And I’m Santa Claus.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: And I’m Harry…no, forget it! This is…

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: We have a filled room this week…

Kevin: You’re on a roll.

Andrew: …because it is a special occasion. This is our Holiday edition. So…before we get started…let’s go over to Micah for the past week’s top news stories.


Micah: Thanks, Andrew. The strike almost made it impossible for me to get to the studios, but…anyway…

The location of where JK Rowling wrote chapters of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets is where a granite plaque will be placed to recognize the author. The idea was organized by Robert Watt, a retired teacher. Watt worked with JKR to provide a picture for the plaque as well. The Edinburgh Evening News reported:

Mr. Watt has never actually read one of her books, but said that he could still see the importance of recognizing where it all started.

Even though she fell short in the voting for Time’s Person of the Year, JK Rowling did win the 2005 TIME For Kids Person of the Year Award, beating out Lance Armstrong and the Chicago White Sox.

In movie news, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire became the UK’s most successful film of 2005 as it has made $75 million in just under five weeks. It has beaten out other movies such as Revenge of the Sith, the final installment of the Star Wars series and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Film critic Roger Ebert recently released a list of his Top 10 movies of 2005. Goblet of Fire didn’t make the initial list, but Ebert listed it as one of the films receiving a “Jury Award,” meaning that some critics (at film festivals) could easily vote it their favorite.

In two of Entertainment Weekly’s end-of-year polls, Harry Potter has emerged victorious. It was voted “Best Novel” for Half-Blood Prince and “Best Movie” for Goblet of Fire. These results will be published in the magazine’s final issue of 2005.

Furthermore, the fourth film was dubbed “Best Fantasy” and runner-up “Best Trailer” by IGN.

Ralph Fiennes will be back in Order of the Phoenix. The Lord Voldemort actor recently did an with USA Today where he said he will reprise the role of Harry’s foe in the fifth film. Ralph also discussed what it was like to dress up as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

In other news, the Hebrew edition of Half-Blood Prince was released Thursday evening in Israel. reports an initial print run of 120,000.

And each year, the world’s most popular search engine reveals lots of interesting tidbits from search data they collect. This year, “Harry Potter” came in 10th under top Google News searches.

Finally, for all the latest video clips, screen grabs, and interviews including Emma Watson’s interview with the Chicago Tribune log on to MuggleNet’s Main Page. Also, be sure to look into the England/Scotland tour that has been designed just for MuggleNet fans.

That’s all the news for this December 25, 2005 – Christmas edition of MuggleCast. Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll see you in ’06!

Andrew: Okay. Thank you, Micah. We did promise that Micah would be on this week, but he wanted to tell everyone that it was because of the transit strike that kept him out. Because, as you know, there’s a big one going on up in New York City. Actually, it was resolved just a few hours ago, but… Yes, breaking news. First on MuggleCast.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: You heard it here.

Andrew: I was…I found out an exclusive story. But anyway…

Ben’s Weekly Top 10

Andrew: So, this is our Christmas edition. So, we’re going to bring to you lots and lots of Christmas-themed things. First off, Ben’s Top 10 List that isn’t exactly a Top 10 List. Ben?

Ben: Okay, this one is a doozy folks. This one is the Best Top 10 List we’ve ever heard on MuggleCast and…

Andrew: Holiday Edition. [laughs]

Ben: …Holiday Edition. I came up with it. Well, I came up with…it’s the collective creativity of everyone on MuggleCast. So…number… Okay, better tell you what the list is first: “The Top 10 Things Not To Get Harry For Christmas.”

No. 10 – A pair of Uncle Vernon’s socks.

No. 9 – A Christmas card from Azkaban.

No. 8 – A yearly subscription to Witch Weekly.

No. 7 – A dragon.

No. 6 – A gift card to Borgin and Burkes.

No. 5 – A date with Umbridge (that’s a good one).

[All laugh]

Andrew: Whoever thought that one up was pure genius.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: No. 4 – A box of chocolates from Fred and George.

No. 3 – (This has to be my favorite) Eric.

[Andrew laughs]

No. 2 – A CD of me singing. (Oooh, who thought that up? Actually, that might have been me.)

Andrew: You.

Ben: And the No. 1 reason, the No. 1 thing not to give Harry Potter for Christmas – this is my favorite one of all time: A CD of PotterCast. Oooh!

Andrew: [singing]Da da da da da.

[Kevin hisses]

Eric: Okay.

Ben: I thought that was great.

Andrew: I’d just like to say it first right now. John, that wasn’t my decision.

Laura: Yeah, we tried to talk him out of it, but…

Eric: And we’ve just reached the 700th…

Kevin: We did.

Eric: Guys, we’ve reached the 700th tally for how many times we’ve bashed PotterCast on this show. I’ve been tallying it off.

Andrew: No, but all joking aside, PotterCast is a good show.

Ben: Yeah, we’re just messing.

Jamie: Very good, yes.

Andrew: And we do love the Leaky people.

Eric: We all…

Ben: And by the way people, if you like my Top 10 List send me an e-mail saying, “keep it going.”

Eric: Hate mail.

Ben: If you don’t like it, send me an e-mail saying, “I hate it Ben. Please stop. It ruins my week.” So…

Laura: [laughs] Okay, I’ve got to e-mail Ben now.

Eric: That’s a little harsh, Ben. That’s a little harsh.

Ben: If I get enough of those e-mails, I’ll just quit doing it.

Kevin: Yeah, let’s e-mail him right now.

[Laura and Eric laugh]


Andrew: Ah, just one quick announcement. We are the winners of the 2005 Weblog Awards for “Best Podcast,” so thanks everyone who voted for us. A special thanks to Jeanie, who actually nominated us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been in it at all. So, thanks to her.

And, a quick reminder – PO Box and phone number – we just started. It’s an easy, the phone number is an easy way for you to call us and leave a voicemail, comment, question, suggestion; whatever you want to be aired on the show. That number is 1-218-20-MAGIC. Local calling rates will apply.

Ben: And also, we got our first letter today folks.

Kevin: Really?

Ben: I’d like to make shout-out to…let me get your name here real quick… I’d like to give a personal shout-out to Tracey Dye from Oklahoma. She sent us a letter about how much she likes the show, and about how much she likes us individually. She even sent in a Top 10 List. It didn’t make it on this week’s show, but we’ll see about in the future. So, keep sending in your letters to:

PO Box 223
Moundridge, Kansas 67107

Andrew: [fake crying] Our first letter. I’m so happy.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: So, thank you Ben.

Eric: Ben, post it on your refrigerator.

Christmas At Hogwarts And Throughout the Wizarding World

Andrew: Now, moving along, moving along, moving along. Like I said, it is our Holiday Edition, so… We’re going… Our main discussion for this week will be mainly Christmas at Hogwarts. Laura?

Laura: Andrew. [laughs]

Andrew: Laura, you brought up several ideas for us this week.

Laura: Yes.

Andrew: So, why don’t you start us off.

Laura: Well, I was thinking that, like in the Halloween episode how we discussed Halloween’s significance at Hogwarts, we should discuss Christmas’ significance. So, we’ll start off doing a little bit of a recap of what has happened in the books at Christmas in Sorcerer’s or Philosopher’s Stone, depending on which edition you own. Harry got his Invisibility Cloak from Dumbledore and found the Mirror of Erised, which turned out being instrumental in the climax of the book.

In Chamber of Secrets Harry, Ron, and Hermione use the Polyjuice Potion to turn into various Slytherins to try and spy on Draco Malfoy, which resulted in Hermione becoming a cat (sort of).

In Prisoner of Azkaban Harry got the Firebolt from Sirius Black, which Hermione ratted him out on and got it taken away.

In Goblet of Fire there was the Yule Ball, which wasn’t terribly significant plot-wise unless you count the romance and such.

In Order of the Phoenix, this is what I think is the most significant thing that has happened in the series thus far at Christmas – Mr. Weasley was attacked by Voldemort’s snake. Mr. Weasley was attacked by Nagini while doing his job for Order of the Phoenix at the Department of Mysteries.

And in Half-Blood Prince there wasn’t anything terribly significant apart from Harry’s little spiff with Scrimgeour.

Eric: Oh hey, that reminds me. In Book 6, no, we got the… No, Book 6 was very significant because we found out… Wasn’t that when Mr. Weasley called Mrs. Weasley, “Mollywobbles”?

Laura: No, that was at the beginning of the book.

Eric: Ohhh.

Jamie: Why is that significant?

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: Because that’s so cute.

Jamie: Oh, right. Yeah, it is, but I wouldn’t call it pivotal in the series as a whole.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: That was at the beginning of the book.

Kevin: Yeah. That’s a major plot element right there. You know?

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: You’re so right. It reveals so much about everything.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Although on Christmas in Half-Blood Prince, that is when Percy showed up with…

Laura: Scrimgeour.

Eric: Scrimgeour. For the first time in a book-and-a-half.

Laura: That is when it all began with “Dumbledore’s man through-and-through.”

Jamie: Right. Yeah.

Andrew: So, you know…

Eric: For a book-and-a-half.

Andrew: And that chapter was called “A Very Frosty Christmas.”

Jamie: I’ve got a theory. Well, it’s actually not a theory at all.

Eric: Oh okay, Jamie. Go.

Jamie: Okay, well, I was going to say that I don’t think that Christmas actually has that much significance. It really isn’t a wizarding holiday, you know? It’s like, I mean, Halloween is, and it just seems like it’s just one more day and things can happen. And I mean important things do happen on Christmas Day, but it just sounds like these things were going to happen whether it was Christmas Day or not. And also, I mean, things seem to get worse as we get further in the books. So, in Philosopher’s Stone, I can’t remember what you said happened on Christmas Day… What happened on Christmas Day?

Laura: He got his Invisibility Cloak.

Jamie: Okay, yeah. He got his Invisibility Cloak, which is good, which is good. He got that. Whereas, you know, in Order of the Phoenix Mr. Weasley got attacked. So, things are just going downhill. And also I think it’s to show that even though Christmas is supposed to be a good time and everyone is supposed to be happy, it’s really, really dark times in the wizarding world. And even when it is Christmas, bad things can still happen. So, it just emphasized that they are in a war and all that.

Laura: Exactly.

Kevin: The end.

Laura: I think that’s just part of Jo just being so realistic with her work and the fact that just because it’s a wonderful, joyous time of year, a war doesn’t stop.

Jamie: Yeah. Exactly.

Eric: I like what you said about it not being that big of a wizarding holiday, and I agree with that because presents come for them out of nowhere almost daily at Hogwarts. You know?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Gifts and parcels and things like that. So the elves, which they know exist, delivering presents by the fire on Christmas is practically expected.

Jamie: Yeah. Exactly.

Eric: And it’s not that new.

Laura: It also depends on your background. If you’re Muggleborn it might be more prominent.

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: And really, we don’t know. Without bringing any type of religious discussion into this, we don’t know if wizards have a specific religion that they take part in, or if it’s just… You know what I mean?

Jamie: Yeah, but…

Eric: You know, “Wizard of the Month” on JK Rowling should be St. Nicholas, should be Nicholas Claus or whatever his name is. Should be “Wizard of the Month” just to play with us.

[Laura and Jamie laugh]

Eric: I think that would be funny.

Jamie: Nick Claus.

Eric: Could he make a presence. I think that would be really cute. If the series didn’t have to be as dark as it is…

Jamie: Is Christmas even celebrated in the wizarding world or is it just at Hogwarts because the children go there and…?

Kevin: Well, I mean they put trees up and stuff. No?

Jamie: Yeah, but is that because it’s a school? If you walk past…

Laura: Yeah, but we’ve seen it celebrated at the Weasleys.

Kevin: That’s true.

Jamie: Yeah, I suppose that’s true.

Eric: Yeah, it’s a time for family. Actually, it reminded me of…

Kevin: Well, that’s why I’m saying.

Eric: Family dinner with the Weasleys reminded me of A Christmas Carol with the Cratchits and the whole, and the underprivileged family, and they still, they value love.

Laura: Mhm. Definitely.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true.

Kevin: But, do you think there is going to be any significance to Christmas in Book 7?

Laura: Eh.

Jamie: I do.

Kevin: And when I say significance, I mean do you think she is even going to mention it? Because…

Laura: I think it is going to be mentioned. It’s a marking point so we kind of know where we are – corresponding the seasons to the story. Usually Christmas is the half-way point in the books.

Jamie: Yeah, but couldn’t you say that Christmas has sort of become much less important.

Laura: Oh, definitely.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: I think it will be rushed. It will be kind of a hurried thing.

Jamie: Yeah. But…

Laura: It won’t be heavily emphasized.

Jamie: But, in Book 6 it was like… In Book 6, as you said, Christmas was hardly mentioned at all and Scrimgeour came around and Percy came around, but then it just kind of shows they don’t have time for Christmas anymore since everything is so hectic and the war is going on. So, there’s a chance in Book 7 she’s going to totally exclude it, just to sort of remind everyone how serious everything is.

Laura: I definitely don’t think Harry is going to have time to pop around at the Weasley’s for Christmas Eve.

Jamie: No.

Eric: Scrimgeour…

Andrew: Well, on the other hand you could look at it as what they call “comic relief.” Where it is a good opportunity to lighten the mood of the story. So…

Kevin: Yeah.

Jamie: She can’t do that though because that…

Andrew: Well…

Jamie: It isn’t supposed to be lightened.

Laura: I’m not sure how much comic relief we’re going to have in Book 7.

Andrew: Well…

Jamie: No. You can’t just say, you can just say, “Oh, Harry’s just been killed, let’s go and celebrate Christmas.” That wouldn’t be nice.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Well who said he was going to die before Christmas?

Laura: Jamie says.

[Andrew and Laura laughs]

Jamie: Well even if he dies after Christmas… Yeah. Even if he dies after Christmas they’ll be celebrating it and they’ll find out he dies. It would be awful.

Andrew: I guess you’re right.

Jamie: So just don’t… I don’t know. I don’t know.

Why Do the Dursleys Send Presents?

Eric: Christmas has become a kind of…well, it always was…just another excuse for the Dursleys torture Harry. I mean, you know, with all their crappy gifts and you know, he’s kind of…I mean that’s not even important to him anymore. He sees, you know, they send him dirty socks and he gives them to Dobby. I mean he just doesn’t really care. He puts his Sneakoscope in them. It’s really not… I mean, I don’t even know why they send him Christmas presents just to be nasty. I mean…

Jamie: No, no actually that’s interesting. Because, they can’t do it just to be nasty.

Eric: You know what?

Jamie: They need to send them. Perhaps…perhaps when Dumbledore said they had to take him into the house, there are like certain things that they have to do.

Eric: [laughs] You must send him a Christmas present or you will grow five heads!

Jamie: No, no, no, no, but… It’s all about feeling welcome. Didn’t, I don’t know if this is true, but didn’t he say that Dumbledore…sorry, Harry always has to feel welcome at the Dursleys? And perhaps, and perhaps it would be the case that if they didn’t send him a Christmas present that would finally tip him over the edge, and he wouldn’t feel welcome at the house.

Eric: You know what Jamie? I think that’s really intelligent.

Ben: No, no, here’s what I’m thinking.

Jamie: No?

Ben: I don’t think that’s true. What I think is that it’s a situation like, you know, you go to eat at a restaurant and you sit there, and afterwards you’re supposed to leave a tip, and they say it’s more insulting if you leave a penny then if you leave nothing at all.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true.

Ben: And the way that’s analogous is that well Harry can’t say, “Well, they probably just forgot.” It’s more of thing where, “We sent you a dime.” And it makes you feel shafted. It makes you feel bad about yourself.

Kevin: I think so too.

Ben: That’s what I think at least.

Laura: Not to mention, it might look kind of suspicious if Harry isn’t getting any Christmas presents, and that might make some people wonder. So, they might be doing it to avoid any suspicion.

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: As well.

Jamie: I think that’s right. That could be right.

Kevin: I don’t think they would care, whether or not, you know, people wondered about his family or not.

Laura: Yeah, but then it draws attention to Harry’s abnormality, as they would call it. And they don’t want to draw attention to that.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s true.

Ben: No, no, how would anyone know? How would anyone they care about know? How would their…

Laura: I don’t know. If Dumbledore showed up on their doorstep in the middle of the night, I think people would notice that.

Ben: Right, but is he going to show up at the doorstep and say, “You didn’t send Harry a coat hanger this year!”?

Laura: [laughs] No, what I’m saying…

Ben: [in weird voice] Avada Kedavra!

Laura: What I’m saying Ben, is that Dumbledore cannot constantly monitor Harry’s treatment at the Dursleys, therefore he probably doesn’t know half the things that happen to Harry. And if he sees Harry not getting Christmas presents that could tip him off. And we know the Dursleys aren’t exactly brave towards Dumbledore.

Ben: Oh, who are you kidding? You know that Dumbledore realizes that Harry gets treated like crap.

Laura: Well…

Kevin: He does. Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, he does. No…

Laura: Oh, I’m sure he realizes that, but I don’t think he knows half of the things exactly as they happened.

Jamie: Do you think he really cares though? Obviously he cares about Harry, so he doesn’t want him to get hurt. But his main concern while Harry is at the Dursleys is that he’s protected from Voldemort. So, I don’t think he’s going to go out of his way to make sure that they are getting him proper Christmas presents, and that they are treating him right when if they just turn around and say, “No we’re not going to keep him here,” he’s like 10,000 times more vulnerable.

Eric: Well guys, you just have to realize, even by mailing Harry anything, you know whether it be gifts or crappy gifts or whatever…just by mailing him something, they’re giving in to, as Laura said, “his abnormality.” I mean, they’re giving in… They have to find an owl and get it to send Harry a gift. For the Dursleys, who hate everything that’s unDursleyish and wizarding-kind, they have to give in every Christmas just to give him stuff. Maybe that’s why they send him crap, because they hate doing it. But I like what Jamie was saying – maybe they have to.

Ben: No, they wouldn’t have to. Maybe they are sending him crap because they don’t like him. I think that makes a lot more sense than.

Eric: But they still have to give in.

Jamie: Why would they send to him? Why would they bother then? Why do they bother?

Eric: They have to give in to the fact that they’re…I mean why would they acknowledge it?

Ben: Okay, I think there has only been once reference to it in the entire series, hasn’t there? Maybe one or two.

Laura: No, there have been more than one.

Eric: No, Harry…

Laura: Harry has gotten socks and tissues…

Eric: And hangers.

Laura: And coat hangers.

Jamie: A toothpick.

Eric: A used toothpick.

Laura: Yeah, he got a toothpick.

Ben: Okay. Big whoop! I don’t think it has to do with any hidden…

Laura: Well, it could also be like Snape feeling like he had that obligation to help Harry during Sorcerer’s Stone because of the debt he owed Harry’s father. It could be even though Petunia is not overly fond of Harry, she feels that obligation because at the end of it she is his aunt.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: Right, but what’s he going to use a toothpick for?

Laura: Well, at least…

Ben: To poke Voldemort’s eyes out?

[Laura laughs]

Laura: Of course not, Ben.

Jamie: Ben, Ben…

Laura: You’re missing the point.

Jamie: The thought…

Ben: No, no, I think you guys are missing the point. I don’t see the point in talking about this when it’s just a side note that JK Rowling threw in there.

Jamie: It’s not a side note.

Ben: It’s not like it’s a big deal that I’m sure Aunt Petunia and Dumbledore didn’t sit there fore 364 days…

Jamie: You can say this about the entire thing though.

Ben: …thinking, “Oh my gosh! What am I going to send Harry this year.”

Laura: We never said they thought that.

Jamie: Ben’s being really, really negative in this episode everyone.

Kevin: Yeah, he is. He’s a scrooge.

Ben: Okay, but why does it matter what he gets sent over Christmas?

Kevin: Because it matters whether they are trying to do it maliciously or trying to do it out of necessity?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Because that determines whether or not they’re nice people, which determines…

Andrew: Exactly.

Laura: Because it could have a lot to do with the ancient magic that protects Harry from Voldemort.

Ben: I disagree.

Laura: It’s seemingly minor, but it could have a connection. She likes to do stuff like that.

Ben: No, I think it has something to do… I think it’s just, I think it’s just… JK Rowling trying to remind Harry what he has outside the magical world, how much better he has it at Hogwarts. Because at Hogwarts he’s sitting there alone and then he gets a package from the Dursleys. Maybe it’s sort of, “Oh well. Better than being with them.” That’s what I think, because I don’t think it has much to do with: [in weird voice] “If they don’t send him a toothpick each year, he’s going to lose the enchantment of Privet Drive.” I think that’s ridiculous.

Jamie: No, but we aren’t saying that. We’re just saying that he has to feel welcome. Every single summer he has to feel welcome, however badly they treat him. He has to still think that they want him there.

Ben: I know, but do you think that them sending him a tissue and a toothpick is going to make him feel welcome? That would make me feel unwelcome.

Jamie: No, but that isn’t the point, what they send them on Christmas. I think it was what Kevin said, they are using what they hate the most. They’re finding an owl, they’re sending him something. Would you really go to all that trouble just to spite him. You know, if you hated somebody so much that you actually acquiesced to it, and find an owl and sent it to him just to annoy him… I think, I think there’s more to it than that.

Ben: I think that’s a good question to ask JK Rowling – how do they send it to him? Or do they…

Jamie: Owl, it has to be an owl. Doesn’t it?

Ben: Okay, but how do they get an owl? Is there a way for Muggle parents to send their kids something without…

Eric: Without acknowledging the…

Ben: …requesting an owl to come to their house. Could they send it some Ministry of Magic and they send an owl to a school or something like that?

Laura: Hey, here’s a thought. Maybe Hedwig goes. And we know Hedwig has pecked the crap out of people before.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah. [laughs] Maybe she pecks them until they…

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: That would be cool.

Jamie: Maybe, maybe. I like that.

Ben: Yeah. That’s a good point.

Eric: PS…The bird bites!

Voicemail – Neville’s Role

Kevin: [laughs] Well, I actually have a voicemail relating to this. From Emma from California.

[Audio]: Hi! This is Emma from California and I was wondering what you guys thought about how Harry got his glasses? I mean the Dursleys don’t care about Harry, so I don’t think they would have taken him to the eye doctor and spent money to buy him glasses. So how did Harry get his glasses? I love MuggleCast and I support Bemma.

Ben: Rock on! Rock on!

Jamie: I think it has to do with school, you know? If you go to school…

Laura: Yeah.

Jamie: If you go to school and you can’t see anything and you’re sort of squinting at the board in the front, the school will make inquiries about it. And here on the NHS, you know, if you don’t have any money, you can basically get glasses free in the end. So, I don’t think it is a case of money or the Dursleys not making him do it. I mean I can imagine it being the school.

Kevin: I think it was out of necessity to prevent them from attracting attention to themselves.

Jamie: That could be it as well. Yeah.

Andrew: Okay, I think that pretty much wraps it up for that part of the discussion. But the Christmas theme doesn’t end here. We’re going to cover a lot of voicemails right now because we’re in a voicemail-answering mood. So Kevin, why don’t you role the first one.

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast! This is Jade from London, England, and I was wondering, what do you think Neville’s role will be in Book 7? I think that he will help Harry out in some way to get him moving forward to defeating Voldemort or helping him defeating Voldemort or saving him or something. So, you’re thoughts on this idea? Thanks, and Happy Christmas!

Ben: Well, I think Neville is turning into a stud y’all. I think he’s starting to come into his own, so to speak.

Eric: Ben thinks that Neville is a stud.

Ben: Neville’s a stud.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: I think that he’s come into his own and that he’s becoming a real wizard instead of this pseudo-Squib we’ve seen in the first few books…

Jamie: Yeah, definitely.

Ben: …because of his… He didn’t even have his own wand. He had the wand of his Dad. And even though he felt bad about losing it, it’s probably good that he has his own wand now, and he could probably perform magic better. And see, we talked about this last week I think, and we said that there’s a reason Neville is in Gryffindor, and we haven’t really seen that yet. Well, we saw the courage he displayed in the Ministry of Magic, but I think there’s going to be something bigger for Neville that we’ll see in the future.

Eric: Hey guys, is it possible we won’t see anything. Is it possible that maybe the fact that Neville is in Gryffindor is just to emphasize the similarity he has to Harry.

Jamie: That’s interesting actually.

Eric: I mean he stood up for his friends or stood up to his friends in Book 1 and stuff. And I really think that he will play a bigger role, but do you think it could also kind of foreshadow the closeness and the similarity? You know, both Harry and Neville have parents who defied Voldemort three times. All that other crap. All the similarities. Like Neville could have been “The Chosen One,” so it makes sense that they are in the same house even though Harry chose to be in Gryffindor.

Jamie: Can I just check something? Does he know about the prophecy yet? I can’t remember.

Kevin: No.

Laura: Uh-uh.

Jamie: Do you think if he finds out, it’s going to change what he’s going to do in Book 7?

Eric: No.

Kevin: I think it would give him more confidence.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Kevin: I think that…

Jamie: Well, it would scare him.

Kevin: Because I think that Neville is actually a more powerful wizard than JK Rowling makes him out to be.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Kevin: And that he just needs the confidence to push him.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: Confidence is everything.

Kevin: Exactly.

Jamie: It is.

Kevin: So, I think that it is possible that he will find out about his…

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: …his involvement with the prophecy and that will give him the confidence to show what he’s really made of.

Eric: And…

Jamie: I think he will play a big part though. Yeah.

Laura: I think he will too. I like what Eric said and I think that, that is probably 100% true, but I also think we are going to see something big out of Neville in Book 7.

Eric: Well, I agree.

Laura: Just because we haven’t seen him with his new wand yet. What he can do.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Eric: We haven’t seen his new wand.

Jamie: We haven’t seen his new wand.

[Still laughing]

Laura: Okay…

Eric: Neville! Back with a vengeance and a new wand!

Jamie: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: Okay…Okay…let’s go on to the next voicemail.

Voicemail – Sinistra, Wormtail, and Voldemort

[Audio]: Hi, this is Katie from Maryland, and I have two questions. One, why have we seen everyone of Harry’s Hogwarts classes except for Astronomy with Professor Sinistra? Why does her name sound so much like the word “sinister”? And did Voldemort go to Wormtail forcing him to tell the whereabouts of James and Lily Potter, or did Wormtail decide to go to Voldie himself and offer the info? And Eric, don’t try and convince me that either of them are really a good guy. In your thoughts, and Happy Holidays!

Eric: Oh, come on. Neither of them is Barty Crouch Jr. Okay…

Laura: [laughs] Oh my god!

Eric: Anyway, anyway, the first part of the thing – Sinistra – I think that, that was a complete JKR moment where she chose to not tell us anything about Astronomy until something important happened, such as…

Jamie: The Lightening-Struck Tower.

Eric: …such as Dumbledore getting blown off of it. I mean, you know, the whole JK Rowling process is to tell us nothing and then have something big happen there.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: You know? Kind of like the Department of Mysteries. It was kind of like this mysterious thing and then all of a sudden we got all of it revealed to us. Now, as I did mention before in another episode, important stuff did happen on the Astronomy Tower.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: That’s where they got rid of Norbert and you know, things like that. But as for the actual class of Astronomy, I thin it’s just a red herring. I think we were supposed to wonder, “Well gee, what’s up with Astronomy.” And then Dumbledore gets blown off the tower. And then we’re like, “Oh, that’s what’s up with Astronomy.”

Jamie: Yeah.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: And the other thing, they had their… What I was interesting was that the first Astronomy class we did see was the O.W.L.

Jamie: It was.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: The O.W.L. for Astronomy when they were using the telescopes to spy on Hagrid’s hut or whatever.

Ben: And then McGonagall got nailed by the stunning spells.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah. So that was strange. What was the second part of the question?

Kevin: Oh…what…do you think that Wormtail went to Voldemort or Voldemort went to Wormtail? I think Voldemort…or Wormtail went to Voldemort.

Jamie: I agree. Yeah.

Laura: Me too.

Kevin: Because he’s a front-runner.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: He’s goes to the person who in his opinion is leading the race. So…

Jamie: Yeah, Voldemort couldn’t have known that he was the Secret-Keeper.

Kevin: Exactly.

Eric: Voldemort certainly wouldn’t have suspected Wormtail.

Ben: Because that’s the reason they chose Wormtail for Secret-Keeper.

Kevin: Right.

Laura: Yep.

Eric: Exactly.

Ben: And the reason Wormtail is so adamant about…is he loves to be with people in power.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: He’s kind of like Slughorn in the way that he likes to be around those who are famous and since he can’t basically build an empire of his own, he has to mooch off of others.

Eric: I agree with that Ben.

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: I agree with you too.

Eric: In fact I think that’s brilliant.

Kevin: So, next voicemail.

Jamie: On that…

Laura: We agree on something. Oh my god!

Kevin: We do?

Eric: On Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Voicemail – Tom Felton as Draco

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast! This is Jackie from Chicago. After listening to your thoughts on how Hermione is portrayed in the movies versus the books, I was wondering if any other characters are the same way – such as Draco? In the books he seems a little more threatening and has a little more dignity, but in the movies he’s more of just comic relief. How do you think this will affect how he is portrayed, especially in Movie 5? Thanks, and Happy Holidays! Bye!

Jamie: I think up until sort of Book 4, you know beginning of Book 5, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I can’t see Tom Felton portraying Draco in The Half-Blood Prince. You know? I just, I don’t know. I can’t see him crying in the toilet and being so scared of Voldemort that he sort of turns white and stuff like that and attempting to kill Dumbledore. I don’t know. I mean, in terms of looks I think he’s a good Draco. And, you know, his hair is extremely Draco-esque.

Eric: I don’t know. You basically said that he can’t act.

Jamie: No, I didn’t say that. No, because, I mean…

Kevin: Well…

Jamie: There are some actors that can’t pull off certain things. Like let me think, let me think.

Kevin: Well the one thing that really annoyed me…

Eric: Well he hasn’t…

Kevin: The one thing that really annoyed me was Prisoner of Azkaban with Hermione and the wand, where he almost started crying from her holding the wand to him.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, that was…

Kevin: That was completely against his character.

Eric: Well, luckily that was Alfonso’s take on things and not everybody else’s.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: But at the same time, no. I think that kind of goes along with what I wanted to say, which was that the movies are how what the plot of the movies calls for. In other words, if they need Draco to be serious and picked on, they are going to show a lot more of that in the movie. But if they just need him for one or two scenes, the important parts of him being a jerk and insulting Buckbeak, then that’s all that’s really going to be in the movie so they have him to come off as more comical.

Jamie: But, Eric, he isn’t just a jerk though…

Eric: What I’m trying to say is…

Jamie: He isn’t just a jerk. You know, that’s just such a small word to call him in Book 6 when…

Kevin: Yeah, he was a more diverse character.

Jamie: When he kills Katie and…

Eric: Oh, I know. I’m saying just only the jerk part of him showed and that‘s really all the time they had to fit into the movie. I think they’re going to make more of an effort to fit more of it because they’re going to have to…

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: If they don’t, it’ll be disappointing.

Jamie: See…yeah.

Eric: It’s just a matter of showing the character a little bit more and where the people who write the script decide to do that with the movie.

Jamie: Can I just clear something up, then? I think he’s a good guy, seriously. I think what he does he’s a very good actor, but it takes somebody of a lot of, you know, you have to really put your heart into it and I don’t know if he has enough experience to do that yet. But, I’d rather, to be honest, seeing Draco in the films, I’d rather see him being quiet and moody throughout the first five at least first four.

Kevin: Yeah, me too.

Jamie: And also, then he’d just suddenly come out of his shell and be evil like he does in, I say evil but that’s a whole different story. But you know, acting evil. I don’t know. It’ll be very interesting to see.

Kevin: It seems like, so far it seems like they sort of missed the mark with Draco when it comes to his character in the movies. They tend to…

Jamie: Perhaps.

Andrew: Ehhh.

Eric: You know what?

Kevin: They get down his evil side pretty well, but I don’t think they fully develop him the way they should.

Jamie: He’s not evil, though. It looks to me like banter, boyish banter in the first three.

Eric: Yeah, I know.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah less evil.

Jamie: But they have to have a huge step up to killing, attempting and trying to kill people in Book 6.

Eric: And you know what, guys? They cut out the scene in Chamber of Secrets, it was Chris Columbus who cut out the deleted scene with Lucius and Draco in Borgin and Burkes, you know, the extended scene anyway. And in that you see a little bit more of how Draco acts with his father around him. You didn’t really see that in Goblet of Fire either.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: They’re just cutting it out and delaying it, and it’s interesting.

Kevin: I think they’re waiting for 6 to actually show him a lot. I mean, if you’ve noticed, he really doesn’t play that large of a role in any of the movies so far.

Eric: They’re keeping…they are keeping the story though.

Kevin: Yeah, his character, his appearance keeps being reduced and reduced as movies go on.

Eric: But they still…

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Because he’s not very significant, you know…

Eric: The two things that they emphasize…

Andrew: To the final plot of the movie, well yeah.

Eric: The two things they emphasize on are the connection that Draco is a jerk and that he has a father who’s very powerful. That’s in all the movies, sequentially.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: He’s a jerk in all the movies and ever since Chamber of Secrets, they mention his father. Like when Hagrid mentions about Buckbeak, and in Goblet of Fire with “We have a bet that you won’t last ten minutes or five” or whatever. So, we were reminded that. I think Movie 5, when they show Lucius giving money to Fudge, or something like that, I think they’re going to start building the Draco character.

Jamie: Yeah, they’re going to have to. Because also, if you compare Prisoner of Azkaban to Half-Blood Prince. In Prisoner of Azkaban, you’ve got Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. I think it was those three, pretending to scare Harry at the Quidditch match by dressing up as dementors and that’s just a child’s game, you know?

Kevin: Yep.

Jamie: How can he make a massive jump from doing that, to sending poisoned drinks and…

Eric: Well, he can’t. That’s the whole thing. He can’t, though. He has…

Jamie: He’s going to have to.

Eric: Yeah, but it’s all been talk and that‘s the problem with Draco. It has all been talk. He’s been raised but can he really go through with it? And he can’t.

Laura: I think part of the problem with this is starting the movies before the books are finished.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Because there are always going to be little inconsistencies. We don’t know how far Jo went when she was telling Steve Kloves about the plot of the story. I mean, if I were her…

Ben: Well, she had to tell them…

Andrew: I don’t think she ever goes very far.

Laura: If I were her…

Ben: She had to tell him enough so he didn’t leave anything out in the movies.

Eric: Well, she tells the actors the important things. You got to keep in mind, she does tell the actors the important things. Like, if they absolutely need to know it, she usually tells them. Like Hagrid.

Laura: But you have to keep in mind that there’s certain things that if I were her, I would be afraid of leaking out – for instance: Draco being the one trying to kill Dumbledore in Half-blood Prince. Do you think she would actually tell them that was going to happen?

Eric: Not on the first day.

Ben: Right.

Eric: Not like, “You’re playing Draco. Well, one day you grow up and kill…”

Laura: Not necessarily, not Tom Felton. I’m talking Steve Kloves and the director.

Kevin: Yeah, but I think they take that pretty seriously.

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: They would never say a word about that.

Ben: Steve Kloves and…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: I’m pretty sure they’re on a contract too.

Laura: I’m sure, I’m sure. But there seems that there would always be a limit that you would want to take with how far you went telling people involved with the movie where the books were going.

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: Does this show though, that since Draco does have to make the jump up to killing people and seeing him crying in the bathroom with Moaning Myrtle, does this show that he can’t do things like this? He can’t kill so he isn’t really evil. So, you know, going from childhood games to being made to kill somebody, he just can’t do it.

Eric: And you know what’s interesting, Moaning Myrtle feels for him.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: I mean she feels for him. She was defending him against Harry.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: She was defending him with Harry, and here’s a girl who was picked on her entire life…

Jamie: By people like him.

Eric: …by people like Draco, precisely. And Draco, all he does is pick on Harry up until Book 6.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: So, for Moaning Myrtle to like him has got to be a testament to something, because she was picked on and he’s a bully.

Andrew: Do you think that if Book 6 had came out prior to even Goblet of Fire, or even say Prisoner of Azkaban being adapted into a movie, do you think there would be any difference in Draco? Draco’s role on screen?

Laura: I think there would be a huge difference if all the books were published prior to the movies even starting.

Jamie: Yeah, they’d have to.

Andrew: Yeah, in the first place, yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Honestly, I’ve never thought it was a good idea to start filming movies half way through a series. I always thought that was kind of not the most swift move you could make.

Andrew: Then with that said, could we be seeing remakes of all the movies down the road?

Kevin: No, oh jeez.

Jamie: No, no.

Andrew: That seems a little far-fetched but I mean…

Jamie: No, no way.

Kevin: Although, you say no, Jamie, and then you were telling me about Narnia, where Narnia has been done how many times?

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: So…

Laura: Look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka.

Jamie: Charlie and the…yeah but there…

Andrew: It’s not like the plot changed with that movie.

Jamie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Andrew: And plus there’s seven of them.

Jamie: Exactly, the thing about…

Andrew: That was a good movie.

Laura: It was.

Andrew: I love those Oompa Loompas.

Jamie: The thing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the first one’s a musical. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the first film was a musical where the second film was an actual film. So it really isn’t a remake.

Andrew: Well, the second one has music too. It’s got a lot of songs in it.

Eric: Well, the second one focused a lot more on Willy as a character, as an abused child, you know?

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: And…

Jamie: It is completely different.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: The thing that I find interesting is that Roald Dahl was incredibly disappointed with Gene Wilder’s movie, the Willy Wonka version.

Laura: I didn’t like it. [laughs]

Eric: I thought it was weird how he flipped out at the end and they never explained why he flipped out on Charlie. But apparently, Gene Wilder…

Andrew: Yeah, we could go on about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because we all love that movie.

Laura: But this is Harry Potter. [laughs]

Andrew: Let’s start a Wonka Podcast.


Ben: Go to WonkaCast if you want to talk about Wonka.

Jamie: WonkaCast.

Andrew: Seriously though. Everything about those books and movies rocked, but moving on.

Eric: Ok but…

Jamie: Moving on.

Kevin: The thing is, they can’t be remade.

Andrew: I dunno, I can see the movies…

Laura: I don’t know.

Andrew: If Book 7 gives…

Jamie: Why?

Andrew: What? Okay, maybe not all 7.

Jamie: The alienation risk…

Laura: But then again, think about the money potential.

Jamie: You could alienate so many people.

Laura: But think about the money potential.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: But there are so many problems with it as well. If you make the first three, you can’t go back and say, “This has been a failure.” You can’t make three and be like we aren’t going to make the further four.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: You’d have to finish them all then, yeah.

Jamie: And you’d risk alienating so many people.

Kevin: Yeah, you’d have to finish them all then.

Jamie: You have to pick three new characters, you’d have to pick new characters for everyone. And things couldn’t be exactly the same, you’d have to change them.

Ben: What about making it a mini-series?

Jamie: No way, uh. That’s sickening.

Andrew: If you make it a mini-series, then you’d have to get all these rights and…

Jamie: That’s a sickening thought.

Eric: That goes with…

Andrew: I don’t know, I could see…Go.

Laura: But what might happen is more of a compilation type movie of all the different plots.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s what I was just going to say. What if they try and combine but then I thought…

Laura: I mean…

Andrew: That’s a really long movie.

Laura: As a movie it might be good because there would be certain things cut but as being faithful to the book, it’d be…

Jamie: It would be a twenty-hour long movie.

Laura: No, no, no. I’m saying they take main plot points from each of the books and…

Jamie: Oh, ok cool.

Laura: Put them together in one movie, and where they might make a really great action film, it wouldn’t be faithful to the books at all, and you’d have Harry Potter fans all over the world screaming.

Kevin: But do you think, seventy, eighty years down the road, it’s possible they would remake the movies?

Jamie: I don’t think so.

Laura: I think it’s possible.

Andrew: It’s completely possible.

Kevin: When all of us are old and close to death.

Laura: I think seventy to eighty years down the road we’re going to be dead.

Eric: [In an old man voice] Welcome to MuggleCast. Episode…ughhh. [Laura laughing]

Andrew: [Also in an old man voice] Welcome to MuggleCast. Let me get my dentures and we will begin.

[All laugh and Eric making noises as if he had no teeth]

Andrew: [Still in old man voice] This is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter dentures and wheelchairs and…

Eric: [Old man voice] Viagra treatment.

Jamie: Uhhh.

Laura: This is MuggleCast for December 1st, 2057.

Kevin: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: Andrew, can you see yourself editing the show every week from now until you‘re seventy?

[All laugh]

Ben: That would be funny.

Eric: I can see Andrew doing that.

Andrew: That’s a painful thought.

Voicemail – Missing Links

[Audio]: Hey guys, my name is Courtney. I’m twenty and from Omaha, Nebraska. I was wondering what all you guys thought about the things JK mentioned in Book 5 but didn’t mention in Book 6. Like the mirror Sirius gave Harry and the veil in the Department of Mysteries. Do you think that she didn’t mention them in Book 6 for a reason to keep us hanging? What’s the deal with that? Thank you.

Eric: Yes.

Laura: Yes. [laughs]

Eric: She totally didn’t mention the Department of Mysteries at all which I thought was incredibly uncharacteristic of Harry. I mean, he goes around school depressed about Tonks, who he thinks is depressed about Sirius, but he doesn’t at all mention how unfair it was that he went through the veil and he doesn’t look at the mirror again. We don’t see him catching a glimpse at the mirror to see if it still works or Reparo-ing it. It just doesn’t happen and I really think we’ll be back at the Department of Mysteries for Book 7.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: Oh, I don’t have a doubt.

Jamie: Definitely.

Laura: Yea.

Kevin: Especially that door. That one door.

Eric: Yeah, that door, the love door.

Kevin: It has to…

[All laugh]

Laura: The love door. [laughs]

Kevin: It has to open.

Eric: You know that was brought up in Book 6. That was the only part of the Department of Mysteries that was brought up in Book 6. When Dumbledore tells Harry that it’s love behind the door. [sings] The love door is really cool place where…

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: The veil though, the veil is such an interesting thing…

Eric: Oh it is.

Jamie: There has to be something beyond it.

Kevin: Yeah, but do you ever think she’ll explain it?

Jamie: Yeah, she’s…

Laura: She has to.

Jamie: She can’t leave like that hanging.

Kevin: I think she might in one of those, you know charity books, but I don’t think it’s going to go in the…

Eric: But she killed off a main character with that thing.

Laura: I think it’s…

Eric: She killed off Sirius with that.

Laura: It’s got to. We have to find out if that’s where people go, if that’s …

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: What happens to them, I mean.

Jamie: This is reaching very, very dangerous territory to come to a discussion about “Is Sirius dead?”

Kevin: Yeah, that’s…

Jamie: We should stop before we start killing each other.

Laura: Not to mention what Luna said at the end of the Order of the Phoenix. You know…

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: “Didn’t you hear them?” And all that other stuff. You can’t just leave that hanging.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: You know what, guys? Didn’t JK Rowling say that she was really going to elaborate on the ghosts and what it takes to become a ghost and all that stuff?

Jamie: Yeah, she did.

Laura: Yes.

Eric: And she hasn’t yet. So, if death is going to be explored you’d think they’d touch the veil a little bit.

Andrew: Next v-mail.

Voicemail – Do Patronus And Animagi Take The Same Form?

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast guys, this is Jeffrey calling from California. I am a huge fan of your show, I listen to it religiously every week. My question is about Patronuses. What do you guys think about my theory that Patronuses and Animaguses form the same animal? For example, Hermione’s Patronus is an otter so if she were to become an Animagi, would she become an otter? Um, I ask this because never really gotten a clear distinction in the books and I thought it would be, more or less, the same thing. So, I just wanted to know your thoughts on that. Thanks! Keep the shows coming. Buh bye.

Jamie: No, that can’t be right because Rita’s Patronus would be a beetle.

Laura: That would be a good question for her though. What’s the difference between your personality assuming your Animagus form and your Patronus form?

Kevin: That’s true, yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, that would be really interesting. What would Harry turn into, you think? If he became an Animagus.

Kevin: Lion?

Jamie: Yeah, because of Gryffindor.

Eric: He’d turn into Liam Neeson.

[All laugh]

Eric: He’d turn into Liam Neeson.

Kevin: I would think a lion.

Jamie: Yeah. I think a lion would be very cool.

Kevin: Yeah. So, next voicemail.

Voicemail – Triwizard Contract

[Audio]: Hi, this one is from California. I was wondering about the bonding contract that is involved in the Triwizard Tournament. Is it similar to the Unbreakable Vow, or does something else happen if one of the champions bails on the tournament?

Andrew: Ohh.

Jamie: Yeah. This is very interesting. They say that…

Ben: You don’t die.

Jamie: …you can’t really sue somebody in the wizarding world.

Kevin: And I think they really emphasize that in the movie.

Jamie: They have to be a death thing. It has to be a death thing. The thing is, when you bring in magic, everything changes because it could be a binding thing so that it’s impossible for…

Kevin: To turn it down.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s impossible. You’re just really excited whenever you think about it and you have to do it. Or even though you have doubts, you always end up doing it. It could be a magic binding contract rather than a…

Laura: Yeah, I agree with that.

Eric: What was Dumbledore thinking? And that’s a serious question. What was Dumbledore thinking? Now you have this Triwizard Tournament which is clearly deadly and they say that it was so deadly they had to tone it down a bit. But if you are legally bound to be in it, and Harry almost died so many times, and the rest of the competitors died so many times, if they can’t get out of it, it’s like a death sentence. Which is why we said that the whole Cedric thing being announced on Halloween…

Kevin: No, because you can be disqualified from it.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Can you be disqualified from the tournament or just a particular task?

Kevin: I believe from the tournament. I mean, if…

Eric: Because they could have disqualified Harry if they didn’t want him…

Jamie: No…

Kevin: You have to be able to be disqualified because, didn’t they mention if you got caught cheating that you’d be disqualified or something like that?

Jamie: The thing is though, how far do you have to compete to fulfill the contract? Like in the third task, could you just walk in two feet and send up red sparks and say, “I can‘t go take it”?

Kevin: “I give up,” yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, and in Task Two could you just jump in and say “I’m finished.”

Kevin: “I’m too afraid.”

Eric: You know, that’s another thing. But that’s what I’m talking about. They would have left them to drown, don’t you think? I mean that’s the impression I got from the movie at least. That they actually would have let Fleur’s sister…

Laura: No, no, no, no. In the book, in the book, Ron said, “What, did you think really think he was going to let us drown?”

Jamie: Yeah, there is no way they would have …

Eric: In the movies the merpeople really seemed like they wanted to.

Kevin: In the movie. But that’s a movie.

Eric: You know. I know the books definitely take prevalence but my only thing is it’s not really an honor to be chosen if you’re just going to get these trials and suffering and get almost killed. All for this cup you have to get anyway because you’re contracted into it.

Kevin: See, the way I always…

Laura: Yeah, but here’s something too. We know Crouch Sr. was under the Cruciatus Curse and he could have been saying that just to…

Eric: What?

Ben: You mean Imperius.

Laura: Imperius, whatever. Yeah, you know what I meant.

Eric: When was he under the Imperius Curse? When he said that?

Laura: I think he was, wasn’t he? He was under it the whole book. At least that’s the impression I got or I could be totally wrong and Andrew might have to edit this out.

Eric: Wait, Senior?

Kevin: This is the impression I got. The impression I got was that goblet would not spit out your name if it knew that you would not participate. It’s sort of…

Jamie: That could be it as well, yeah.

Laura: Ahhh, that’s good too.

Kevin: You know, the goblet chose, and it chose…

Jamie: If you had the will to participate.

Kevin: Exactly.

Eric: That’s weird. That’s like, what it reminds me of is searching for profiles. Like, it’s a background check…

Kevin: Exactly.

Eric: On everybody, just by their name. You write it and your name has magical significance in the world for the goblet to look at your character and see if you’d be able to compete. And to pick on the best one based on the name, obviously, there is more magic to it than that.

Jamie: Yeah, of course, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, I thought that was cool.

Voicemail – The Scar

[Audio]: Hey, MuggleCasters. This is Stewart from California. I was just wondering whether you think that Harry Potter’s scar will vanish or will it stay when Voldemort dies? Because that’s the bond between the two of them. Thanks. Love you guys. Bye.

Jamie: But isn’t the point of a scar is that it’s permanent?

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Mm-hmm. I don’t think it will.

Kevin: I don’t think so either.

Eric: Well, Dumbledore said he’d have that mark forever or something like that.

Kevin: No, Dumbledore said, I think it was the very beginning of Book 1, that – what was his quote? “Even if I could remove it, I wouldn’t because scars are there for a reason.” Yeah, they come in handy.

Ben: They come in handy.

Eric: It also says that he’ll have it as long as he lives or something.

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: Depends on if his scar is a Horcrux anyway because…

Jamie: They come in handy though because it tells him that Voldemort’s moving about and gets closer to him.

Kevin: Not to mention, it brings so much attention to him though.

Eric: I know. He would paint it on just to get recognized. He’ll be 80 and all lonely and stuff and just paint his scar on and they’ll be able to find him.

Laura: No, Harry wouldn’t do that.

Eric: Yeah, Harry, that’s atypical of Harry. Harry is not like that at all.

Laura: I think it’s going to stay because it is a part of Harry. That’s who he is.

Eric: It’s Harry.

Laura: And getting rid of it would be like saying, “I’m not Harry Potter anymore.”

Eric: That’s correct.

Jamie: Yeah. Like when…

Eric: I’m siding with Laura.

Andrew: But he might appreciate it…

Jamie: No he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t.

Laura: Oh, I’m sure he would appreciate it. But again, Harry’s got to learn. This is who he is.

Eric: But at the same time, people will respect him. They are actually witnessing his life in the tabloids and everything, and as the end of Voldemort draws nearer, they are kind of seeing that it isn’t an easy task for him and I think. It’s not necessarily like before where they said hi to him and they recognized him and it wasn’t to taunt him. But I think now they’ll respect him more and not be like “Oh my God, it’s Harry Potter! The guy I read about years ago.”

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: You said that he’d appreciate losing his scar, but do you think if someone asked him now, “I can take away your scar from you, and all the things it gives you, and all the things it helps you with.” Do you really think he’d say yes?

Kevin: I don’t…I don’t think so.

Laura: Not right now, he wouldn’t.

Kevin: No without a doubt.

Laura: Not right now he wouldn’t.

Andrew: I think that’s good a question, what would he do if he were given the choice to keep his scar or get rid of it? You know, because on one hand, his scar is what makes him so famous but…

Kevin: Yeah…

Andrew: On the other hand, he hates all that.

Kevin: The thing is he hates the attention but he understands the responsibility.

Jamie: Yeah, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the fame though.

Andrew: No, but I mean once everything is said and done.

Laura: He’s learning to except it.

Andrew: I’m saying like in the long run.

Kevin: Oh, in the long run?

Andrew: Does he really want it fifty years from now? You know what I mean?

Jamie: In Book 1, it says he actually likes the lighting-bolt scar.

Andrew: That was Book 1.

Kevin: I can see how after everything is said and done, he’d want to pull himself back from the public, you know.

Eric: I think he’s proud of his scar. In the beginning of Book 1, it said he really didn’t like his appearance except for the scar.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Because, obviously that was foreshadowing because that linked him to the wonderful magic world or whatever. But at the end of 7, I think he might be proud of who he is. You know, he’s Harry Potter. He is the Chosen One. He has the responsibility and he completed his task.

Laura: One big thing that I’ve seen in the books is Harry having to accept who he is. We’ve seen points in like, Goblet of Fire where Harry’s wondering what it would be like if he were one of the students not participating in the Triwizard Tournament. What he’s got to come to realize is that wouldn’t be because that’s not who he is. That’s not what he’s destined to be and getting rid of the scar, it would just not be him.

Kevin: Yep.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s true.

Jamie: Oh yeah, I was going to say that… if you can’t bluff the Killing Curse, can you like get rid of all the stuff it causes? So you can say instead of killing Harry, it’s caused that mark, it‘s caused the scar. It can’t really take away what’s already been caused by that.

Kevin: Oh yeah, the power behind the spell.

Eric: You know what, yeah. And Harry’s scar was created with the death of his mother or the absolute almost death of him. You cannot undo death so how can you undo the scar?

Jamie: Yeah. I think it’s going to stay forever.

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: Me too.

Kevin: That’s if he lives.

Jamie: Right, if he lives, yeah.

Eric: It’s not going to disappear the second he dies. Yeah, he’ll die with his scar.

Andrew: Yeah, well that wraps up the voicemails. We were on a roll this time I think…

Kevin: Yeah they were…

Andrew: People.

Kevin: I think it was the voicemail number. We get more submissions, it’s good.

Andrew: Yeah, it’s the holiday spirit.

Kevin: Everybody, keep sending them in.

Jamie’s British Joke Of The Day

Andrew: To keep things rolling. Jamie, you’ve got a “British Joke of the Day” for us. Holiday edition.

Jamie: Yeah, it is kind of holiday related. It has a Christmas and Star Wars theme.

Andrew: Ohhh.

Eric: Christmas and Star Wars? I have been waiting for this for like, ten episodes. Take it away, Jamie.

Jamie: Can I have a say? Okay, then. How does Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker’s getting for Christmas?

Kevin: How?

Laura: How?

Jamie: He felt his presents.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Ah, that’s funny on three different levels.

Eric: I give it a good three and a half actually.

Laura: For all you Star Wars nerds out there.

Jamie: Yeah.

Book Review Update

Andrew: Kevin, you want to do a quick update on book reviews?

Kevin: For book reviews, we’re exploring different ways to bring it to you because it’s too long to fit into MuggleCast. So, we’re coming up with some ideas and hopefully will be done in a little while.

Laura: But we are still doing the Golden Compass and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Kevin: Yeah, we are still those books. We just have to find a format that will work for you guys.

Laura: Hopefully sometime soon after Christmas.

T’was The Night Before MuggleCast

Andrew: Because a lot of people had shown interest in it. Now as a special holiday treat to you, we’re going to tell you a little story. It was, is there a specific title for this?

Jamie: T’was The Night Before Christmas?

[All laugh]

Jamie: That’s one popular name.

Andrew: T’was the Night Before Christmas MuggleCast Edition. This was written by Kelly Egan who has done some excellent artwork for us that we have, that we are going to put up this week to show you some Christmas-themed stuff. Pictures, drawing of us. It’s pretty cool. So, let us begin. Everyone sit by the fire, and enjoy.

[With Christmas music playing background]

Andrew: T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the web
Not a creature was stirring, not even on MuggleNet.
iTunes was open and refreshing with care,
In hopes that a new MuggleCast would soon be there.

Ben: The fangirls were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Emerson danced in their heads.
And I in my dress robes and matching posh hat,
Had just settled down for a quick cat nap.

Kevin: When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a bludger,
Tore back the curtains and threw out the shutters.

Eric: The moon on the crest of the new-fallen snow
Gave the illusion of several objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should I spy,
But Laura Thompson and all 6 MuggleCast guys!

Laura: With a echo of laughter, “yeah! yeah!” and “hem-hem”,
I knew right away it was most certainly them.
More rapid than Hippogriff herders they came,
Laura whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

Jamie: “Now Andrew! now, Micah! now, Kevin, Ben PLEASE!
Come on, Jamie! and Eric! Before you all freeze!
To the top of that porch! At the top of this lane!
Surely there’s someone here aware of our names!”

Andrew: They took to my porch and promptly rang the doorbell,
I respectably answered and in they propelled.
Up into the house hold each Caster debuted,
With American welcomes, and a British one too.

Ben: “Thank you, dear stranger, we’re awfully pleased,
If left out in that storm any longer we’d freeze.”
“What Andrew means,” said the one with fluffed hair,
“Is we’d rather cast inside instead of out there.”

Kevin: Then from Kevin’s pocket they dispensed a PC,
And all gathered round under my Chirstmas tree.
“Tonight we’re discussing,” inquired Ben Schoen,
“All great importance that Emma Watson sustains.”

Eric: “I agree,” cheered Laura and nods went around,
“They were better than Ben’s, and far more profound.”

Laura: And so the Podcast continued late into the night,
Ready on time tomorrow to the fans delight.
As I sat to the side observing the lot,
My stomach twisted into tight gillyweed knots.

Jamie: “We should do something nice since this fan let us stay,
I think we should show her Chirstmas our way.”
Andrew added, “Eric, I don’t think our ambition,
Settles merely with singing our carol renditions”

Andrew: “Hey guys,” said Micah, “I got a better plan,
We could make her drive the MuggleCast van.
“Excellent thought,” said the cast all a thrive,
“That saves us for asking Melissa to drive!”

Ben: “No, Micah you’ll drive, this fan is surely devote,”
She’ll see us real soon in Las Vegas no doubt.”
So with Laura guiding them off to the door,
I shook each hand of the guys I adore.

Kevin: They sprang to their car, the engine churned and roared,
And away they sped singing merrily off chord.
But I heard Ben exclaim, as they drove out of sight,

All:“Merry MuggleCast to all, and to all a good-night!”

Show Close

Andrew: So on that note, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I’m Ben Schoen…dot com.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Eric: Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzakah. Wait.

Jamie: Chanukah.

Eric: Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! This is Eric Scull.

Laura: Happy Holidays, I’m Laura Thompson.

Eric: Say Happy Christmas, Jamie. You have to say Happy Christmas.

Kevin: You do.

Jamie: What, just Happy Christmas?

Eric: Happy Christmas.

Jamie: And to everyone, Happy Christmas. Happy Holidays. And a Happy New Year. And have a great time. And I’m Jamie Lawrence.

Ben: Trust the Brit. Trust the Brit.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Eric: Trust him.

Jamie: Whatever I say goes.

Andrew: Next week on Episode 22 will be our New Year’s special, taking a look back at the top stories of 2005. And we will attempt to be the first PodCast of 2006. So on that note. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Chanukah. Happy Festivus. Happy…

Laura: Winter Solstice.

Andrew: Happy Winter Solstice. [laughs] Happy Sunday. Happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…

Jamie: Happy Day.

Andrew: Whatever it is, have a Happy Day!

Ben: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Kevin: And stay safe!

Eric: Stay safe.

Laura: Have a safe Holiday.

Eric: Don’t trust store Santas.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: And could we make this sign-off any longer?

Kevin: Goodbye.

Ben: Goodnight everybody.

Laura: Bye

Andrew: Goodnight.

Song Parodies

Andrew: Now, a few song parodies from our listeners. Thanks to everyone who sent these in. Enjoy!

  • “Voldemort’s Outside”
  • Ben Schoen – Emma’s Man (sung to the tune of “Frosty The Snowman”)
  • Ben Schoen and Emma Watson (sung to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”)
  • Benny Baby (sung to the tune of “Santa Baby”)
  • MuggleCast is the Best, PotterCast is Lame (sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)
  • Song to the tune of “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”


    Jamie: Now Andrew, now Micah, now Kevin, Ben please. Come one Jamie and Eric before you all freeze. To the top of that porch, at the top of this lane. Lane [bleeped out] sorry!

    [All laugh]

    Jamie: Let me go again. Sorry, sorry.

    Eric: And you did that so good.

    Jamie: You can use that as an outtake if you want, Andrew.


    Kevin: Is Andrew still here?

    Ben: Yeah he is.

    Andrew: Yeah, I’m still here. Me and Ben are singing Original of the Species over AIM.

    Ben: Yeah, because someone talked about confidence and it reminded me of U2.

    [Ben and Andrew singing]: I’ll give you everything you want. Except the thing that you want.

    Eric: Kevin, why‘d you have to ask? Kevin, why‘d you have to ask?

    Kevin: Yeah, I should have just stayed silent.

    [Ben and Andrew singing]: You are the first one of your kind.

    Kevin: This is where people stop listening.

    Ben: And you feel…

    Laura: Oh my God, shut up!

    Ben: Oh, come on.

    Kevin: Ok. Kitty, from Maryland.


    [Jamie singing]: On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, five negative Bens.


    Written by: Micah and Ally

  • Episode 21

    On our December 25th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

    If there is so much to talk about concerning Christmas in the Harry Potter series, just why do we know so little about Professor Sinistra and her Astronomy class? Are a person’s Patronus and Animagus form the same? Is Tom Felton too different from Draco’s character to be a success in later films? And while the crew debates the disappearance of Harry’s scar upon the fall of the Dark Lord, will the veil and Sirius’ mirror reappear in the Final Book? Plus, who initiated contact first: Wormtail or Voldemort?

    From MuggleCast Christmas stories to song parodies…all that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Jamie, and Laura on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

    • Our biggest group ever with six co-hosts
    • GOF Soundtrack winners to be announced next week
    • 10 Things NOT to get Harry for Christmas
    • Does Christmas matter in the Harry Potter series?
    • We hit the voicemail box and go in-depth
    • Why did the Dursleys get Harry glasses?
    • What role will Neville play in the series?
    • What’s up with Sinistra?
    • Who initiated contact first, Voldemort or Wormtail?
    • Is Draco’s portrayal in the movies adequate enough for the future of the series?
    • Did JKR exclude the veil and Sirius’s mirror purposely? Will we hear of them again?
    • Are a person’s Animagus form and Patronus the same?
    • How binding is the contract made by the Triwizard cup?
    • Will Harry’s scar disappear upon Voldemort’s demise?
    • Jamie tells his Christmas-themed British Joke of the Day
    • We recite “The Night Before MuggleCast,” courtesy of Kelly Egan
    • Listen to the singing/writing talent of your fellow fans through Song Parodies.

    Download Now
    Running time: 1:11:29, 24.7 MB

    Transcript 020

    MuggleCast EP20 Transcript


    Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast – Episode 20 for December 18, 2005.

    Ben: Hey everyone! Welcome to MuggleCast! I’m Ben Schoen.

    Andrew: I’m Andrew Sims.

    Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

    Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

    Jamie: And still, after ten weeks, I’m Jamie Lawrence.

    Andrew: The Brit is back.

    Ben: Hey, hold on a second.

    Jamie: Ehhh.

    Laura: You’re kidding me.

    Ben: That’s fine. But Micah, Micah, why did you go…hold on! Micah, why did you go ahead of Laura?

    Micah: Because Andrew told me to.

    Andrew: Because that’s what I told him to do. [laughs]

    Ben: Okay Micah, go to the Dungeon. Get out of here. Get out of my sight.

    [Laura laughs]

    Micah: You know what? You go to the Dungeon…Bain! [laughs]

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: Bain?

    Ben: Bain?

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Okay.

    Micah: Ben!

    Andrew: Sounds like Ben’s Mom.

    Ben: How dare you! [laughs]

    Andrew: Bain!

    Ben: Oh geez. Micah, okay…

    Micah: We’ll see how long you last down there.

    Ben: Micah, you don’t have to go to the Dungeon, but at least update us on this week’s News.


    Micah:Thanks, Ben.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been short-listed for a Special Effects Oscar. Six other films are also in the running, including King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia. Fifteen-minute clip reels from each film will be screened for the Visual Effects Award Nominating Committee on January 25. At this screening, members will vote to nominate three of the seven films for Oscar consideration.

    Speaking of nominations, my personal favorite song from the Goblet of Fire soundtrack, “Do the Hippogriff” is currently one of 42 tracks long listed for an Oscar in the “Best Original Song from a Motion Picture” category. The final nominees will be announced on January 31st.

    Additionally, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been nominated for Best Family Film at the 2005 Critics’ Choice Awards. Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe have been nominated in the areas of Best Young Actress and Best Young Actor. The winners will be announced on January 9th on the WB Network.

    For all the latest Goblet of Fire screen shots, videos, and interviews (including ones with Dan Radcliffe on Dateline and Ralph Fiennes’ appearance on The Tonight Show and in the New York Times) head over to MuggleNet’s Main Page.

    Moving to Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter Fan Zone has heard from Enchantment Casting, a British casting agency which represents young actors, that the role of Nymphadora Tonks has been filled. Apparently the role was filled right after casting began. Also, casting for the younger versions of Lily, Snape, Lupin, James, and Sirius is now in its final stages.

    Although Enchantment Casting is usually informed about all parts in the movie, they have not yet heard any news regarding Marietta Edgecombe and Lavender Brown. As to whether they’ve been cut, we’ll let you know when we receive more information.

    In November, CBBC Newsround reported that five girls had made it through to the final stage of Warner Bros.’ casting of Luna Lovegood. The children’s news show now expects a decision to be made on who will play the everyone’s favorite Ravenclaw early next month.

    Finally, on Wednesday the official site of author JK Rowling expanded to offer French, German, Italian, and Spanish visitors with text-only versions. Now, if she would just update her site.

    That’s all the news for this December 18th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. On with the show. And Ben, I think I’m just going to hang around – no Dungeon just yet.

    Ben: Thanks, Micah. I think that News does redeem yourself. Okay, so Andrew, don’t we have some announcements before we get into our main topic?


    Andrew: Of course we do, Ben. As of the release of this episode… [coughs]

    Ben: Poor Andrew. He’s sick.

    Jamie: He’s very sick.

    Andrew: Sorry.

    Ben: Send him some Sudafed.

    Andrew: As…yeah…well we will get to that in a minute, about sending us stuff. As of the time of the release of this podcast, the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack Contest is now closed. So, we got a little over 500 entries. And once again, the winners will be picked randomly. Fifteen winners will win a free copy of the Goblet of Fire soundtrack. Free! Yours free for a fifteen-dollar value.

    Ben: Oooh! We can “Do the Hippogriff” together. Right, Andrew?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    [Ben laughs]

    Jamie: As opposed to having to enter a contest and then pay for the prize. I should hope they’re free entry, you know?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: Unlike the contests we’ve done in the past, this one is free.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: Now…

    Jamie: Normally we charge a grand – $1,000 entry fee, but we thought we’d waive that this time.

    Ben: Well, another thing we have is…I saw this got all set up today, is that some of you have e-mailed requesting to send things to us. You say you want to send us a letter. You say you want to send us a Chipotle gift card or anything. Well, we have a Post Office Box now. So, if you want to send us something – a letter, just anything you want to send us, you can send it to:

    P.O. Box 223
    Moundridge, Kansas 67107

    Ben: That’s MuggleCast…

    Jamie: Maybe you should write that down.

    Ben: P.O. Box 223, Moundridge…that’s M-O-U-N-D-R-I-D-G-E, Kansas, 67107. I’ll check that quite often, so…

    Andrew: We’ll have it on so you don’t have to remember.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: And it will also be in the “Show Notes.” So…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: If you want to send us something, go ahead and do it.

    Micah: And it will also be in the transcript.

    Ben: [laughs] Good job, Micah.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: And also, in addition to having this new way to contact us, Andrew has something else of interest.

    Andrew: Yeah, I just want to say about the P.O. Box, it’s good that it is in Kansas because it is in a central location. You know what I mean?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: I guess not.

    Laura: Sure.

    Ben: You jerk. Kansas rules! Kansas rules!

    Andrew: No, I’m not even insulting. I’m just saying it saves on shipping rates, so…nevermind… [coughs] I can’t even talk. So…

    Ben: He can’t even talk.

    Andrew: And then also we’ve been working very hard this week. Non-stop! We just love MuggleCast.

    [Ben laughs]

    Andrew: We put a lot of effort into all of this. We also now have a phone number. A phone number to call us and leave voicemails. Because one of the biggest complaints that we’ve gotten is that, “Oh my god! I don’t have a microphone. How do I do it?” Well, you all have a phone…I hope.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: So…and the number for that is…it’s a US number: 218-20- [whispers] MAGIC.

    Ben: That’s MAGIC with a “C,” not a lame rip-off with MAGIK with a “K.”

    Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely not.

    Ben: It’s MAGIC with a “C.”

    Andrew: We put some work into this.

    Ben: Yeah. We actually, we searched through it and we found MAGIC with a “C,” so it is legit this time. And yeah, so…MAGIC with a “C.”

    Andrew: 218-20-MAGIC. Call us. Give us a call. Now, your normal, you know, rates will bah, bah, bah, will apply.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: But that’s it. And leave us a message. Don’t expect us to answer unless we’re bored.

    Jamie: Oooh! And also, you’ve forgotten one thing.

    Andrew: What?

    Jamie: Please seek the bill payer’s permission before you call up.

    Andrew: Ha ha ha. Yeah. [in deep voice] Please ask your parent’s permission before calling.

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: You don’t, you don’t really have to.

    Main Topic – Hermione Granger

    Ben: Well, folks. Laura, isn’t our topic this week Emma Watson? Isn’t that right?

    Laura: Eh, no! [laughs]

    Ben: Oh come on. Come on.

    Laura: This is not Bemma. This is not Bemma. Our topic is Hermione.

    Ben: Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Bemma, Ben + Emma. Ben and Emma.

    Laura: No!

    Ben: See Jamie, you’re so in the dark here.

    Laura: No, no, no.

    Jamie: Oh no, I clearly am. I’ve missed all this.

    Laura: Andrew even said last week that we are canceling Bemma and for that I am glad.

    [Ben sighs]

    Ben: Okay, yeah. So I think…recently Emma just did an interview with the Kansas City Star. What did you guys think about that?

    Andrew: Did she really?

    Laura: I didn’t actually hear it, but I figured you were excited.

    Ben: Oh geez. You guys.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Okay, I guess we’ll discuss Hermione since you guys are being jerks. Okay.

    Andrew: Well, it is the one we promised this week.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: But Emma is so much more exciting. Okay.

    Jamie: To be honest, Ben, they’re pretty much the same.

    Micah: That’s your Christmas present.

    Ben: They’re basically the same, are they? Okay.

    Jamie: Well, you know, Emma plays Hermione. It’s close to examine Hermione in relation to Emma then examine Malfoy or something. Unless you swing that way Ben.

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: Well, we should talk about how Emma, how Hermione is portrayed in the films.

    Laura: Mm-hmm.

    Andrew: Because…

    Ben: Very, very…

    Andrew: …some people take it the wrong way. See it badly, poorly.

    Laura: Mm-hmm.

    Ben: Okay.

    Jamie: Ben thinks, Ben thinks she’s portrayed very, very, very, very well.

    Andrew: We’ll get to that in a minute.

    Jamie: Don’t you, Ben?

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Oh yeah.

    Jamie: He has dreams at night. He has dreams at night of running through a cornfield and they’re chasing each other and their arms are open…

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Oh, come on.

    Jamie: …and you can hear like “Chariots of Fire” going…[hums the tune]

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Okay, enough of embarrassing me. Okay, about Hermione. This information is from the Her birth name is Hermione Jane Granger. The middle name came from the “World Book Day Chat” that JK Rowling did back in 2004. Hermione’s is a name from Shakespeare’s play…

    Andrew: A Winter Tale.

    Jamie: His only play.

    Ben: Oh yeah, a little…yeah…[laughs]

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Sorry about that. Shakespeare’s play A Winter Tale. JK Rowling has had to basically to teach everyone how to say her name. In Book 4, Her-my-o-nee with Krum. Her birth date is September 19th. She is Muggle-born. She’s a “Mudblood.” I don’t really think she’s a Mudblood.

    Jamie: [gasps] Ben! Ben, how could you?

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Oh, you guys. She has a cat named Crookshanks. Her hair is brown. And her eyes are brown, and her hair is really bushy.

    Andrew: Oh, thanks for that.

    Ben: Yeah, in case you haven’t noticed.

    Jamie: Cheers, Ben.

    Micah: Are we talking about Hermione or the cat?

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: Ohhh!

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Hermioneee. Oooh. Okay.

    Micah: I was being serious.

    Jamie: Is this “Crimestoppers”?

    [Micah laughs]

    Jamie: If you’ve seen this girl, call us.

    Andrew: Brown and bushy hair.

    Ben: So…

    Jamie: Brown and bushy hair.

    Laura: Speaking of mispronouncing Hermione’s name, I’m curious, how did everyone here pronounce it before the movie came out?

    Jamie: I pronounced it “Hermione.” Normal.

    Andrew: I pronounced it “Her-mee-own.”

    Jamie: Oh my god!

    Micah: “Her-mee-own”?

    Andrew: I really think that’s how most people did it.

    Laura: I said, I said “Hermone” like hormone except with an “e.”

    Jamie: Oh my…

    [Laura and Ben laugh]

    Ben: I…for me it was different because I got into the books after seeing the movies. So, it was…

    Jamie: Emma.

    Ben: …I heard “Hermione,” so when I read the book, I thought “Hermione.” What about you, Micah?

    Laura: Oh, you’re just smarter than us.

    Jamie: Clearly he is.

    Micah: Yeah, same here. Yeah. I got in with the movies too. So…

    [All laugh]

    Hermione’s Role in Book 7

    Ben: Okay, so what role do you think Hermione is going to play in Book 7? That’s the question everyone’s dying to know.

    Jamie: Oh yeah.

    Laura: Well, I think it’s fairly obvious that she, as well as Ron, are going to accompany Harry to the end as far as they can.

    Andrew: Yeah, well no. She’s going to be how she always has been in the past books. The brains, the one who actually spends the time researching the stuff that they do.

    Laura: Of course.

    Jamie: Although, although, we still haven’t found out why she is in Gryffindor and why she isn’t in Ravenclaw. Because if you remember, when she did the Protean Charm in Order of the Phoenix, and I think it was Ernie Macmillan that asked her why she wasn’t put in Ravenclaw and why she was put in Gryffindor, she couldn’t answer it. So, I think we’re going to have to find out in Book 7 why she is. So, she’s obviously going to do something brave and she has a very special relationship with Harry because there is absolutely no romance there, so she’s going to there with him to the end, and she’s going to fight with him to the end, and she’s going to have to do something really brave. So I hope, I hope… Sorry, go on…

    Ben: I was going to say, Jamie, do you think she will live to the end of Book 7 or is she going kick the bucket? Could that be the courage she displays?

    Jamie: Oh, I hope not. I’m a really big believer in the really small hints that Jo puts in. So, I think in Prisoner of Azkaban where Ron was joking about how he was going to die, I hate to say it, but I think Ron is going to go and Hermione is going to live. Ohhh.

    Laura: Yeah, me too, me too. It’s so sad.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: In saving Ron? In trying to save Ron?

    Ben: That could be.

    Jamie: Perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps saving Ron. I don’t know.

    Andrew: Or perhaps, or perhaps Ron tries to save Hermione. Eh? Eh?

    Jamie: And dies in the process.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Ohhh!

    Ben: The “PRO-cess.” Listen to this Brit. Oh, we missed him.

    Andrew: I missed him. I really did.

    Jamie: Well, what would you call it? Ben, what would you call it? What would you call it? The procedure, mannn.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: No, the process.

    Andrew: The process.

    Jamie: Oh the process. How the hell could you call it the process?

    Ben: It’s not the “PRO-cess.”

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Okay, but we’re venturing off topic. I don’t know. I could see Hermione dying because…

    Laura: Ehhh.

    Ben: …like Jamie said, she has to display some sort of courage in the books. And what I thought was really interesting was that in Book 1, Hermione basically went against all of her morals about, “Oh, school. I have to have straight A’s. I can’t break the rules.”

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: And then she sort of ventured out on a limb when she went down into the Dungeon and all that stuff. And I thought that could have been a displayment of courage.

    Laura: That’s exactly what I think.

    Ben: It doesn’t have to be something bigger.

    Laura: I think Hermione displayed so much…

    Jamie: Well, I think it has to be bigger, but…

    Laura: …courage, but I think we’re definitely going to see something that we wouldn’t ordinarily expect.

    Jamie: Yeah, definitely. I mean she has kind of half-showed it through the mini-ones like in the first book and in Order of the Phoenix when she was fighting in the Ministry of Magic, but I think it is going to have to culminate into one big act of bravery where she could save Ron or something.

    Ben: And I’ve read…I’ve continually cited this fan fiction story that I’ve been reading, throughout the last show too, because it brought up a lot of good theories. And one is that towards the end of Half-Blood Prince, Harry is sort of starting to shun the people around him so to speak. “Ginny, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. You’re going to get killed. Ron, you’re going to get killed. Hermione, you’re going to get killed.” You know?

    Jamie: That’s not shunning though. He’s not shunning them.

    Ben: Not shunning them, but he’s sort of turning them away, in a way. Do you agree with that?

    Jamie: But he has to do it. No, but he has to do it. I don’t think he has a choice.

    Ben: No, no, no. He can’t do it though. Jamie, he can’t do it because the reason he has thrived throughout the series so far is because of the friends he has had. And by turning them away, he starts to lose the power he has of love.

    Jamie: No…

    Laura: The thing is he’s trying to make the choice for his friends as opposed to allowing them to make the choice for themselves whether they went to see him through to the end.

    Jamie: Whether you believe in the prophecy then whether his friends are there or not, he, well depending on how you interpret the prophecy, if his friends are there or not, he would of still survived, since if people think that Voldemort is the only one that can kill him, then it wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t have a wand because he would have had to survive some confrontations together.

    Ben: No, no, Dumbledore pointed out at the end of Book 5 that the reason the prophecy comes true is because people involved in the prophecy want it to come true. Because some people have asked: Why couldn’t Voldemort and Harry just say, “I don’t want anything of it.”

    Jamie: Exactly. Yeah.

    Ben: It’s because, it’s because, it’s because the way that Voldemort is driven just by the part of the prophecy that he’s heard.

    Jamie: Yes. Exactly.

    Ben: He’s very selfish. He’s very self-absorbed. And he has to have a way to…well, someone says this Potter boy is going to be my downfall. Well, that certainly isn’t going to happen. And he keeps pursuing Harry. And Harry just can’t keep running.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: So, he’s going to have to have a way to step up to the challenge, so to speak.

    Jamie: Harry though… Harry… Sorry, go on.

    Ben: No, go on Jamie.

    Jamie: I was going to say Harry could pull out a gun, shoot himself in the head. No force would stop himself doing that. But he’s not since he has to go over Voldemort. So, it’s his choices that are causing him to pursue the prophecy.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Jamie: It’s such a complicated area. It’s just like time-travel. It’s so hard to analyze.

    Ben: Visit MuggleNet Section – Level Nine for more information.

    Jamie: Yes, do you think I could plug Level Nine? It now includes Horcruxes as well. Like trying to delve into the mysteries of Harry Potter and analyze the really tough stuff.

    Ben: That’s But before we move on, I want to hear what Micah Tannenbaum has to think about this. What do you think, Micah? What is Hermione’s role at the end of the series?

    Micah: Well, I think she’s going to be instrumental in locating the Horcruxes. I think she has an important role to play there, like you guys were saying before. Because of her intelligence that once Harry sort of divulges all that information to her that she’s going to be a big help in that respect.

    Ben: Yeah, she’s definitely the most clever of the three. And the reason I was saying that Harry needs people around him is basically for two reasons. First of all, because of love, because he has to love around him because that’s the power he has the Dark Lord knows not. And second of all, the reason Harry needs all the others around him is because they all offer something to an extent, especially Hermione. Not Ron so much, but Hermione has done more reading than Harry has. She knows more about the magical world than Harry. And so, having Hermione around is very crucial because Hermione will be able to basically feed him information – say, well, “I know about this spell, this curse, this part about history, magical history.” Don’t you guys agree?

    Laura: In a way, she is like a teacher to Harry, in a certain respect. So yes, that is quite important.

    Importance: Hermione vs. Ron

    Ben: Jamie, do you have something to add?

    Jamie: Well, I was going to say I don’t think, I think Ron is more instrumental really. I can’t remember which book and this is terrible, but…no, no, it was Goblet of Fire about he was saying how Harry was so pleased to be on speaking terms with Ron, that it really didn’t matter what was happening with Hermione at that time. Ron has always been there with him, regardless of how many arguments they have had. If I had to choose one which would be there to the very end, it would be Ron, not Hermione. I think Hermione is going to be instrumental, but I think Ron is always going to be there by his side.

    Ben: I think Hermione is more important than Ron. Sorry to all the Ron fans.

    Laura: Mmmm.

    Jamie: Not to Harry.

    Ben: It’s not because I’m in love with Emma Watson.

    Jamie: I think it could be, Ben. I think it could be.

    Ben: I think Hermione is more important because she has more tact and is more witty and…

    Laura: No, but you can’t, you can’t compare Ron and Hermione.

    Ben: She’s smarter than Ron. She’s wittier than Ron.

    Jamie: Brains are not that important, no.

    Laura: They’re not comparable. They’re really not.

    Jamie: Exactly. And Ben…

    Ben: Why not? Why not? Why not?

    Laura: They’re complete opposites. You can’t compare two things that are completely different.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Laura: You can’t sit there and say that this is better than that when they have close to nothing in common. I mean really.

    Jamie: And Ben, do you remember in the first film and in the books when Harry said how clever Hermione was when they’re on the giant chessboard and she said, “Books, it doesn’t really count. Friendship is all important.”

    Ben: Mm-hmm.

    Jamie: So, I don’t really think it matters how many books Hermione has read.

    Ben: Well, yes it does. Yes it does. Hear me out here. What I am trying to say is that the reason that the books matter is because – what’s going to help him defeat Voldemort more? Having his friends? Or they both will. Well, I’m sort of back-tracking here. [laughs] Okay, I think that Ron and Hermione each serve their own purpose.

    Jamie: They do. Yeah.

    Ben: That Ron is there for the friend part and Hermione is there for the intellectual part. “Well, here’s how we have to defeat Voldemort.” Ron is there for, “I’m here for you buddy. Here’s how I am going to help you with whatever Hermione comes up with.”

    Laura: But the thing is… Ben, the thing is we do see Hermione as a teacher-role type thing, and she does educate Harry to a certain extent, but seeing that the power that Harry has that Voldemort knows not is love, no one can teach Harry love. Harry has to learn it himself.

    Micah: Yeah, I think that Hermione is more important in the lead-up to whatever is going to happen in the finale of Book 7. I don’t really see her under pressure as the one who is going to make those split-second decisions.

    Jamie: I agree.

    Micah: The whole research and finding the Horcruxes and all that kind of stuff. She’s important to that aspect of it, but once you get to having to make those quick decisions, I don’t know if she can, how she really performs under pressure.

    Laura: She’ll see Harry through as far as she can…

    Jamie: Definitely.

    Laura: …but when it comes down to it, it’s Harry. He’s alone when it comes to defeating Voldemort.

    Ben: I don’t know, I don’t know if we can look at it that way. I don’t know if Harry looks at it, “Well, I’m alone when I do this.” Then I don’t he’ll be able to do it.

    Laura: No, no, no. I’m talking about the initial…

    Ben: At the very end.

    Laura: Yes, the initial defeat. No one…

    Ben: Well, he has to kill him. He has to kill Voldemort. But…

    Laura: Yes, exactly. No one else can do that for him.

    Jamie: Oh, I don’t know about that.

    Laura: He has to do it himself.

    Jamie: I don’t know about that. I don’t really buy the whole “they have to kill each other” thing. I’m sure there is something in the prophecy. I haven’t studied it enough but, I just don’t think it’s as clear cut as that. Jo says you have to read it very, very closely. Obviously, I think it will come down to Harry and Voldemort killing each other because it’s such a big build-up and it’s been on the cards since Book 1, but I’m sure there are other forces at play here. But going back to the thing, about you know, whether Hermione is going to be there. Isn’t it like what Harry said in Order of the Phoenix? It isn’t about memorizing spells and standing there, firing them at Voldemort. He’s the only one that’s faced him so he’s the only one who really knows how to defeat him, and in the end he knows what he has to do to defeat him. I don’t think that Hermione realizes, all wrong, realizes what it’s like to stand in front of him. Because, you know, people have feared him so long and only Harry knows what it’s like to face with the prospect of death and duel with him. So, in the end I think it has to be Harry but obviously, as Laura said, they’re all going to be right there until the very end.

    Ben: I think that’s a good closing on that initial discussion. Is there any other points you guys want to raise about Hermione?

    Hermione’s Patronus

    Laura: Why do you guys think, why do you think her Patronus is an otter? I’ve always been curious about that. What personality traits do you think that she exhibits that would make her Patronus an otter?

    Jamie: Can I go?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Jamie: I think she’s, I’m going to be really, really boring and just say that Jo thought that Hermione should have an otter. It sounded nice and it just sort of – I can just picture Hermione waving her wand and this otter just sort of flapping about on the ground, walking along. Well she like turns her head talking seriously to Harry. Just picture it.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: I don’t know. Jamie, I think I might have to agree with you there. Like we’ve said in the past, we overanalyze things – well, you guys know what I mean.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: But I don’t if the whole otter thing, if there is really a hidden meaning behind it. Maybe it’s an otter for just for the sake of being an otter.

    Jamie: I don’t know.

    Laura: No, no, no. I’m talking personality traits and such.

    Jamie: I don’t really know how an otter behaves though. Are otters angry or…?

    Laura: We don’t know terribly much about Hermione’s background.

    Andrew: Didn’t, okay, you guys are going to think I’m crazy, but didn’t JK Rowling… I’m going to look this up right now. Didn’t JK Rowling say she…

    Laura: I know she said something…

    Andrew: She liked otters as one of her favorite animals?

    Laura: Yeah. It seems like that and she always talks about how Hermione was like her.

    Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

    Jamie: Yeah, that could be it.

    Andrew: So, yeah.

    Micah: I know I’m not a scientist or anything but isn’t there a relation between an otter and a weasel, somewhere along the line?

    Jamie: Is there? Oh my god.

    Laura: That makes sense.

    Jamie: Oh my god, that’s amazing! Oh my god.

    Ben: Oh my god.

    Jamie: Oh my god, Micah, that’s absolutely awesome.

    Ben: Oh my god. Micah Tannenbaum has discovered the key to the Harry Potter shipping series. Do you guys see this?

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Fans, send a letter to the P.O. Box.

    Andrew: Give us a call.

    [All still laughing]

    Ben: Send him fanmail. Give us a call. Oh my gosh, Micah.

    Andrew: 218-20-MAGIC. Seriously though, he makes a good point.

    Jamie: That’s an awesome point.

    Ben: That is true, that is true.

    Micah: Now I’m going to have to look that up.

    Andrew: I’m going to do Google image searches and compare.

    Jamie: Can we have ten seconds of silence to appreciate that amazing revelation by Micah?

    Andrew: [digusted noise] Nobody Google image search weasel. I’m sorry I mentioned that.

    [All laugh]

    Jamie: Really? I’m doing it right now of course.

    Ben: So Micah, yeah, Micah, that’s a very ingenious theory, I’m impressed. Do you have something else to add about it? You’re on to something here. I think you are.

    Andrew: You have pioneered this new shipping theory.

    Micah: Yeah, here. Ok, wait this is…

    Laura: Ah, the shippers are going to be…

    Micah: This is on the [laughs].

    Andrew: We’re going to hear this on the Harmony PodCast.

    Micah: Yeah. Sea otters may be similar to seals on the outside, but they are not closely related. Sea otters are related to the weasel family…

    Jamie: Yay.

    Micah: But they share the sea with the seals.

    Jamie: Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay.

    Ben: Micah, Micah. Are you JK Rowling?

    Micah: I am.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Yeah, I swear. Listen to this kid.

    Jamie: Didn’t you know that, Ben? Didn’t you know that? Of course he is.

    Ben: Yeah, I was just on Skype with Jo the other day.

    Jamie: Did he catch you in the dark?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Micah: You mean me?

    Andrew: Don’t steal John’s jokes. They are bad enough as they are.

    Micah: Who’s John?

    Ben: Do you guys think there is any question that Hermione is going to end up with Ron?

    Jamie: Uhh, no. Although, although…

    Andrew: At this point…

    Laura: Any question that Hermione will end up with Ron? No.

    Jamie: I have this horrible feeling that, no I don’t think it is, but I can see it happening, being some kind of tragedy. Like they’ll admit their undying love to each other just as Ron dies. I hope it isn’t going to end like that and I don’t think Jo would do that to us actually. But, you never know.

    Andrew: I don’t know.

    Jamie: Romeo and Juliet.

    Ben: The problem I see occurring is that Ron is too big of a – what’s the word I am looking for…he’s a chicken.

    Laura: No he’s not.

    Andrew: Yes he is, he always has been.

    Ben: Yes he is. He’s scared of spiders, he’s afraid of talking to girls…

    Laura: He is not.

    Ben: The only time he’s asked a girl out is Fleur when he was hypnotized by Fleur’s Veela… viva jazz…whatever it’s called.

    Laura: You know what. If Ron were a coward, he would not have done half of the things he’s done with Harry. He would not.

    Ben: No, he’s a coward when it comes to girls. That’s what I’m saying. When it comes to girls…

    Laura: Well, yeah, so is Harry.

    Ben: I know, but I’m saying that, how is Ron suppose to reveal his undying love for Hermione when he can’t even ask her to the Yule Ball?

    Laura: Okay, half the guys on the planet are terrified of girls – they get over it.

    Ben: Not true, not true.

    Laura: Yeah, true.

    Ben: I’m not. You guys hear me talking about Emma. I’m not terrified of anyone. I’m Ben Schoen.

    Laura: Right, well we’ll get you face-to-face with Emma and see what happens.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Oh, nothing will happen. But the point I’m trying to make is, the only reason I don’t see the relationship happening right away is because the whole…

    Laura: Well of course it hasn’t happened right away, it’s been six years.

    Ben: I’m talking about Book 7, when we get into Book 7.

    Laura: No, it’s not going to be straight off and I don’t even think we’re going to see that much of it.

    Ben: They have other things to worry about. [laughs]

    Laura: Yeah, exactly. I think if both of them live, which I think it’s very possible that Ron’s going to die, but if they both live, that they’re going to get together at the very end. And then she said she was going to write an epilogue letting us know what happened to everyone. So if they grow up and get married and have loads of kids, then we’ll find out. But it’s not going to be a huge part of the storyline.

    Ben: Definitely true.

    Jamie: I have something to talk about. Can we talk about something?

    Ben: Yes.

    Harry’s Life Post-Voldemort

    Jamie: Ok, I think we should discuss whether Harry, if he kills Voldemort, whether he can have a quiet life after Book 7 or whether he will always be living in the shadow of being Harry Potter and defeating Voldemort. He can like get married, settle down, and have children and live a normal life, or can’t he? Take the floor, somebody.

    Laura: I think he could get married and he could have kids and stuff, but I don’t think his life will ever be normal.

    Jamie: No, I agree. Yeah.

    Laura: I think it’s always going to be there.

    Ben: It’s kind of like, what’s the word I am looking for when actors are always known, like Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Ben: He’s always like, whenever you see a movie, you’re like “Hey, that’s Luke Skywalker” and some people think the same things going to happen to Daniel Radcliffe. People will say, “Oh, what is Harry Potter doing in the movie?”

    Laura: It’s entirely possible.

    Andrew: Well I mean like, when you say living a normal life, do you mean not being recognized on the streets and stuff like that? Cause if he kills Voldemort…

    Ben: No, no, no.

    Andrew: He won’t have to worry about that anymore. So in that sense, he won’t be constantly having this on his mind and his scar won’t burn and all that. But I think he’ll lead a normal life if it’ll just be, “Oh, you’re Harry Potter. You’re that guy, cool.”

    Ben: No, look at it after, before, look at it before Voldemort came back. When Harry, whenever he got on the train, everyone was trying to look at his scar. Whatever battle scars he has from Voldemort, if he survives the final battle, then it’s going to end up the same way. They are going to say, “Well, does he have a new scar? Does he have this, or does he have…?”

    Andrew: Yeah. Well, it’s just getting recognized.

    Laura: Not to mention, there is always going to be a little bit fear there, I think. People are always going to have that little bit of fear about Harry being powerful enough to…

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Laura: …defeat Voldemort. I mean, there is a possibility he could possibly rise up and be the same thing.

    Jamie: The thing is though, he’s like more than famous. It isn’t just fame, he isn’t like a celebrity. He’s like, you know, I can’t think of a word for it but, I think it extends beyond, “Oh hey, you’re somebody, can I have your autograph,” it’s just…

    Ben: He’s a phenom. Is that a real word, a phenom?

    Jamie: Don’t know.

    Ben: Phenom?

    Andrew: Phenomenon?

    Ben: Not a phenomenon, a phenom. Is that a word, phenom?

    Andrew: Female? Are you calling Harry a girl?

    Jamie: [laughs] Sounds like a type of water.

    Micah: I think it’s short for phenomenon. I think you’re good. Don’t worry about it.

    Ben: It’s a phenomenon: Especially remarkable or an outstanding person. Yeah, Harry Potter’s a phenom…

    Micah: There you go.

    Ben: …in the wizarding world. I found a word for it. Okay, guys, is there anything more to add about Hermione?

    Andrew: Yes, there’s plenty to add.

    Ben: Well then, tell me something. Tell me something good about her.

    Andrew: I just can’t think of it, I don’t know. See…

    Hermione and Draco

    Ben: [whispers] She’s a Mudblood.

    Andrew: Yeah, why was she so hurt when Draco said that to her?

    Laura: She wasn’t in the book. In the book…

    Ben: Yes, she was in the book.

    Laura: No, she didn’t know what it was.

    Ben: Yeah, she didn’t know what it was. She was like, “What’s a Mudblood?”

    Jamie: Oh yeah, she just didn’t know what it was.

    Ben: It’s because Ron reacted. In the movie, she’s like [makes crying noises], “It means dirty blood.”

    Jamie: Why is Draco so obsessed with Hermione being a Mudblood as well? Think how many…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Jamie: Oh, I shouldn’t say that word so rudely, but think how many of them there are at Hogwarts. Although the dialogue centers around Harry and his group of friends, still you’d expect him to concentrate on all of them, not just Hermione specifically. Oh, perhaps he has a thing for her.

    Ben: Ooooh.

    Andrew: I just…

    Ben: A love/hate thing.

    Laura: I think he’s threatened by her. I think he feels very threatened by her. Like as we saw in Chamber of Secrets

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: When Lucius was getting on to him about having lower exam results than her.

    Andrew: Exactly.

    Ben: Yep.

    Laura: And on top of that, she’s Harry’s best friend. I think he’s extremely threatened by her.

    Andrew: I think it’s Lucius that’s drilling it into Draco’s mind.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: “That you cannot, you have to hate this girl. She’s not wizard-born. Are you kidding me?” Stuff like that. It’s all how they’re raised.

    Ben: I agree with you, dude.

    Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

    Andrew: How about we talk about Emma for a little bit because Emma in the… Okay, Hermione in the movies is portrayed differently than she really is in the books. Mostly her looks. That rhymed.

    Ben: Oh yeah.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: Ben likes these looks.

    Ben: Well, obviously you do, too. You were confusing her. You were calling Hermione Emma and Emma Hermione.

    Andrew: I’m just trying to be mature, Ben. I’m going to hold my personalized thoughts to myself.

    Ben: That’s alright, I love you. Emma, if you’re listening to this, I love you.

    Andrew: Okay.

    Laura: Ben, shut-up!

    Andrew: She – just – in the movies, she looks like a beauty queen, which is completely wrong.

    Laura: She does. I think…

    Andrew: Laura, elaborate.

    Laura: It is, it really is. The Yule Ball scene was supposed to be a complete transformation.

    Jamie: Yeah, that’s a good point.

    Laura: And I don’t know about you guys, but as I was looking at the screen, I didn’t see any difference except for the fact that she was wearing a dress. And she had on earrings.

    Jamie: And her hair was up, yeah.

    Laura: Yeah, her hair was up. And there was just no…it wasn’t stunning. It really wasn’t because we see her as this more than average-looking girl. She’s prettier than most of the girls that she’s on screen with and not that Emma isn’t pretty, because she is very pretty, but…

    Ben: Got that right.

    Laura: I think they could do a better job of dressing her down.

    Andrew: Well, they don’t even try because they want to make Emma look good so that all the guys are interested in seeing the films.

    Laura: It’s sex appeal.

    Andrew: Yeah. I just, I can’t even mention the things my friends said in school the other day.


    Jamie: I’ve heard this story.

    Ben: I’d probably agree with many of those things.

    Laura: We can’t mention some of the things that Ben has said…

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: …when we’re not recording.


    Jamie: Don’t you think this comes down to, do you think the books – sorry – do you think the films should mirror the books? Because, you know, there are so many things…

    Andrew: That’s the important that that people are upset by.

    Jamie: But…

    Andrew: Most – a good portion of the fan base consists of girls, and they have this Emma in the movie looking very nice.

    Ben: Mighty fine.

    Andrew: [laughs] I was waiting for that.

    Laura: The reason that it bothers so many girls is because girls look to Hermione as a type of role model.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: They see her as someone who has a great amount of power in the series, but she’s not any, what’s the best way to put this…

    Andrew: A slut.

    Laura: She’s average. Yeah exactly, she’s someone you can identify with, on several levels, and when you see her as someone who is just physically perfect. It’s just…It kind of kills the image.

    Ben: And it’s weird that how in the movie when Emma, or Hermione, said the line, [in a horrible British accent] “It’s taken you this long, maybe you should notice I’m a girl” and all this stuff then…

    Jamie: Was that suppose to be a British accent, Ben? That was absolutely atrocious…

    Ben: It was a poor attempt.

    Jamie: Pitiful.

    Ben: But when Emma said the line about “Well, Ron, maybe you should notice I’m a girl next time,” then I kind of think, well how can he not notice? Look how good she looks.

    Laura: Exactly.

    Ben: Because in the books, I think the attraction is more of a – more of a, you know – they’re attracted to personalities as opposed to…

    Laura: Yeah, not to mention Ron doesn’t know it. He’s clueless.

    Ben: Definitely true, but I think Emma does a really good job portraying the personality I think.

    Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

    Ben: I think it’s just the problem – they prettied her up so much.

    Laura: She’s a good actress. She’s a great actress. I think she’s doing a good job, really.

    Ben: And another thing that I noticed is that, ever since the first, movie they started making her better and better. I don’t know if it has to do anything with her maturing…

    Andrew: It’s just her age. She was eleven when she started.

    Jamie: It’s maturity.

    Ben: But seriously though, look at the first movie. Look at her hair, though. It’s all frizzy and puffied out.

    Laura: Yeah, it was perfect in the first one.

    Ben: And then second movie, it was just kind of long and curly. Third movie, it was just sort of there; it wasn’t even trademark Hermione hair anymore. Then in the fourth movie, it was somewhat straight half the time.

    Andrew: But we know why they do this. It’s for marketing. A lot of this…

    Jamie: No, it’s…

    Andrew: Yes, it is.

    Jamie: No, it’s not. It’s because people change and the description that Jo gave at the beginning of the first book – she‘s not going to describe the characters in every subsequent book. People in this world change their hairstyles, they change their clothes, they change everything. You can’t expect Hermione to look exactly the same. Obviously, you know it is true that she is pretty different from the books, but she‘s changed and she’s matured just as Hermione in the books has.

    Micah: But, I mean, are we going to see like a Luna Lovegood supermodel in the next movie?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Jamie: Uhhh…

    Laura: That’s what I’m afraid of.

    Andrew: Well, we’ll find out in January.

    Laura: The thing is I agree with Jamie to a certain extent, but the thing is, Hermione has never put a great deal of time into her appearance…

    Ben: Until the Yule Ball.

    Laura: The only time we see that is for the Yule Ball, and even after that, she never – there is no description of her ever. She even said so herself, trying to make her hair straight, she just wasn’t going to do it again. It was too much of a hassle.

    Andrew: Yeah, and I’m sure, I’m sure, that JK Rowling has intended it that way, to not look all fancy.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: She’s smart, she’s doesn’t care about looks.

    Jamie: But she does though, obviously. That…

    Andrew: Well, she might now.

    Jamie: No, no, no, but she does. The Yule Ball just proves everything, all of that. It all came together and she clearly does, and everyone thought before then that she just was obsessed with doing well in school and everything. But it turns out that she was a normal girl. Which means that, to be honest you know, the film producers can show that she cares about her looks because after you’ve read Book 4, you realize that.

    Laura: I think she does and I think she is a normal girl to a certain extent, but I think she also realizes there are more important things that she has to do…

    Jamie: Definitely, yeah.

    Laura: …other than put on lipstick.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: But Jamie, you have to think that it has to do somewhat with marketing.

    Jamie: Oh yeah, no, no. I do, of course, you can’t – I think the Trio has to…

    Andrew: It has to sell.

    Jamie: Yeah, Warner Bros. has to sell the Trio not only in the film, but outside the film. And, you know, you can’t always stay true to the book. But yeah, I think it’s partly to do with marketing, I wouldn’t say it’s completely to do with it. They do have to pick people who fit the roles in the real world as well as in the films. I mean, even if there was the most perfect Hermione who hated fame and hated all the publicity and PR stuff, you couldn’t pick her because she would suit the franchise. I think you have to pick actors who suit the franchise as well as the interior of the film.

    Ben: [In a British accent] Very good point, mate.

    Jamie: [In an American accent] Cheers, man.

    Jamie’s British Joke Of The Day

    Ben: Well, now that our main discussion is over, I think we should do some of our regular segments. Jamie, he’s back this week. Everybody, [In silly announcer voice] it’s time for Jamie’s British Joke of the Day. Sorry. [laughs]

    Jamie: [In an American accent] Thanks, man.

    [Ben laughs]

    Jamie: I haven’t really had time to get a good one, think about a good one. But I came up, well somebody told me this once so I thought I’d save it, okay. There is this trial going on and a skunk enters the room. What does the judge say? [Long silence] Well, right…

    Ben: P. U.

    Jamie: Odor in the court.

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: I love how Jamie says the punch lines.

    Jamie: You what?

    Andrew: He always has the most serious tones. I love how you always say the punch lines.

    Jamie: What, seriously? Well, it’s a serious matter you know, these jokes.

    Andrew: Odor in the court. [laughs]

    Jamie: I hope they bring a smile to a great many faces and I promise you that next week’s one will be better.

    [Ben laughs]

    Andrew: I thought it was good.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Spy on Spartz, Ben’s Weekly Top 10, and Andrew’s Listener Challenge

    Ben: Speaking of stuff this week, time for Spy on Spartz. Some people think this segments getting pretty lame and – I don’t know… This week isn’t very much better. Emerson loves college. Okay, now let’s go to Ben’s Weekly Top Ten List. The problem here is that I’m having trouble finding a Top 10 List that actually fits to the show well and that isn’t a chore for me to read, and that every point is actually funny. So, that is your challenge this week. There was a bunch of Top 10 Lists sent in; none of them really caught my fancy. They were good; they just weren’t quite what I was looking for. So this next week, send me a Top 10 List that is the best thing you’ve ever heard and maybe if I like it enough, maybe I’ll even Skype you or something.

    Andrew: Are you going to read the Andrew one soon?

    Ben: We might do the Andrew one soon.

    Andrew: No, we have to do the Andrew one.

    Laura: Yeah, you guys need to send in some good Top 10’s or else Ben’s Top 10 is going to go the way of Bemma.

    Jamie: Hey.

    [Gradual “ahhh-ing”]

    Andrew: Yeah, and we’re going to kick it off.

    Laura: And we wouldn’t want that.

    Dueling Club – Fenrir vs. Lupin

    Ben: It’s time for the second week of the Dueling Club. Micah came up with some pretty good people this week. Some of you sent in the same exact pair. This is Fenrir Greyback and Remus J. Lupin.

    Jamie: Can I say something? Can I say something?

    Ben: Yes.

    Jamie: Ok, this sort of just popped into my head. I was going to say that Fenrir Greyback is the most vicious werewolf alive and all that, and I think if it was just, you know, a one-on-one cage match with Lupin against Greyback, I think Greyback would tear him apart. But, I think that it comes down to the same principles of Harry and Voldemort – love, you know – I think Greyback is a kind of less powerful, less superior Voldemort character, and obviously Lupin can love and Greyback can‘t. So, I don’t know, perhaps Lupin can find something to beat Greyback, but I’m probably being too optimistic and Greyback would tear him to shreds.

    Ben: No, I completely, completely, completely disagree. I think that if it came down to Lupin versus Greyback in a wizarding duel, I think that Lupin would win. Due to the fact that Lupin is a Marauder, he’s had all this training. He’s been the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; he’s proven himself to be competent in the past. So, I think he would win in a duel against Greyback.

    Jamie: Are we talking about transformed state, or what?

    Ben: Well, there’s definitely two differentiations there.

    Jamie: Well, Greyback isn’t scared about killing. He’s just…

    Ben: Isn’t a werewolf a werewolf, though, Jamie? Is there a more vicious werewolf or…

    Jamie: Put it like this. Could a really skinny five-foot tall guy turn into a eight-foot werewolf? And would a 6’8 body builder turn into the same werewolf? Or when they transform, do their transformations mirror their normal state, yeah?

    Ben: Their real…I don‘t know. That’s – Jo, if you hear this, send me a letter to the P.O. Box. [laughs]

    Laura: I think they would have to because along the same line as Animagus.

    Jamie: Yeah, definitely.

    Laura: You always transform into something that mirrors you.

    Ben: No, no, because Animagus is different because they’re transforming. They have to train to be an Animagus. When you’re a werewolf, you get bitten and it’s sort of out of your control.

    Laura: I realize that but you’re not going to all of a sudden grow power overnight, you know. You’re going to turn into something and you’re going to have your existing talents and power…

    Jamie: Depends on your personality traits.

    Laura: I don’t see how it could increase.

    Jamie: But, wouldn’t you say personality traits for Animagus’s – sorry, Animagi – as the Scholastic pronunciation guy tells you. Wouldn’t you say their personality traits – like when Rita Skeeter turns into a beetle because she’s like, she spies on people and she does stealth. Whereas James turns into Prongs, you know, a stag, because it mirrors his personality and everything. Whereas a werewolf is a werewolf. I can’t, you know, I just can’t see Greyback, you know, he’s been called the Marshall of the Werewolves. Just like in Lord of the Rings, you know, you’ve got the eight Nazgul and then you’ve got the ninth Lord of the Nazgul, you know, who’s superior in power. So I don’t know, I just think that Greyback would win. I hate to say it, but I think he would in either state. Especially in the non-transformed state because he kills even when he isn’t transformed. I don’t think Lupin would stand a chance.

    Laura: Hmmm, I think with…

    Ben: Micah…

    Laura: I think with wands, I think concerning wands, Lupin would kill him.

    Jamie: Yeah, with wands.

    Micah: In the transformed version, I think he doesn’t stand a chance just because he didn’t have much luck against Sirius when Sirius was transformed.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Micah: And that was a pretty serious fight, no pun intended there. But he does have a little bit of, I guess, a quest for revenge against Greyback since Greyback…

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Micah: …was responsible for making him a werewolf. So that might play into it a little bit as well.

    Jamie: Sirius was fighting like a dog.

    Ben: Yeah, well I think that covers that. What was the other one you came up with, Micah? What was the other two to duel?

    Dueling Club – Snape vs. Moody

    Micah: Snape and Moody.

    Ben: Snape and Moody. Well, I’m going to say Mad-Eye Moody.

    Jamie: I will as well.

    Ben: Mad-Eye Moody is the living legend. No one can beat Mad-Eye Moody. They’ve tried and tried and tried.

    Jamie: Dumbledore, Voldemort and almost Evan Rosier.

    Ben: Dumbledore probably could.

    Micah: Do you think he’d be a good wrestler, Mad-Eye Moody?

    [Laura laughs]

    Jamie: No, because of his leg. [laughs] His leg would fall off and he’d go down.

    Laura: I don’t know because Moody is aged.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Laura: And his reaction time is probably not quite what it used to be. And we know that Snape is good at what he does, so I’m on the fence there.

    Jamie: But aren’t Aurors suppose to be, like, the pinnacle of ability and magic? So like, Aurors should really be able to defeat all other wizards or they shouldn’t be Aurors. Because, I don’t know…

    Laura: But here’s the thing. Do you think Snape is powerful enough to be an Auror?

    Jamie: I think he is. I honestly think, I don’t know, I really think he’s a very, very powerful wizard because being kind of almost on both sides, as it were. He’s learned from Voldemort and he’s learned from Dumbledore, and whatever people say the Dark Arts being dark and evil, they are tremendously powerful. So, I think that…

    Laura: I think that Snape is very powerful.

    Jamie: I think he is as well.

    Laura: I really do.

    Ben: I don’t think we’ve ever really seen him in action that much, have we? Besides when he killed Dumbledore, isn’t that really pretty much it?

    Laura: Yeah, and that’s scary because think about the potential he has.

    Jamie: Yeah, do you think it takes a stronger Avada Kedavra curse to kill a more powerful wizard though? Because it’s already shown that you have to train a lot.

    Ben: I don’t know, a curse is a curse.

    Jamie: Yeah, but there has to be a difference between killing a small child and killing Dumbledore.

    Ben: Oh, that’s definitely true because- Well, I don’t know because I think it has to deal with the other person’s magical ability too, because of their ability to deflect. Well, you can’t deflect that curse but to, well of course it’s going to be harder to kill Dumbledore because he can Apparate around and he can move around a lot more – he’s a lot more agile than a newborn baby would be.

    Jamie: Apart from Harry, of course.

    Ben: Apart from Harry.

    [Ben and Jamie laugh]

    Ben: Harry didn’t need any curses.

    Jamie: Yeah, he didn’t. I agree with you, Laura. I think that Snape is ridiculously powerful and I’m really interested in seeing what he would do in the next book.

    Security at Gringotts and Hogwarts

    Ben: You know what I think is a good topic to discuss? The security at Gringotts coming in Book 7. Jamie, didn’t you have something to say about this?

    Jamie: Well, I think in general, Gringotts is a really interesting place. The goblins, I don’t know how the good side maintain their allegiance to them. Like, I can imagine goblins, you know – Hagrid said that they were very clever creatures but they weren’t very friendly, and that kind of just brings up an image of Voldemort and his followers. You know, Voldemort is intensely clever – obviously he is not that nice, to be fair. If I was Dumbledore, I’d realize that Hogwarts was the safest place on earth. I don’t know why I’d keep the Philospher’s Stone in Gringotts in the first place. Maybe it was transit and he had to keep it somewhere but…

    Ben: Why didn’t he keep it in his hip pocket?

    Jamie: Yeah, that’s a great idea, Ben, that is.

    Ben: Why didn’t he hide it in his toilet bowl, I mean no one’s going to look in there. [laughs]

    Jamie: Case he takes a [bleeped out] and flushes it accidentally.

    [All laugh]

    Laura: Okay.

    Jamie: Can you keep that in and just beep it out? Beep that word out.

    Ben: Yeah. [laughs] Oh geez. I don’t know if Gringotts is really any safer than Hogwarts, like you said, Jamie, because…

    Jamie: I think it’s less safe.

    Ben: Gringotts was broken into. And we saw…

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Laura: So was Hogwarts.

    Jamie: Hogwarts was as well, yeah.

    Ben: That’s true too but there isn’t an extremely powerful wizard – well there wasn’t one like Dumbledore watching over Gringotts. When he was watching over Hogwarts, it was pretty much the safest place there was.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Non-Verbal Spells

    Ben: Which is why I believe that a place as safe as Hogwarts couldn’t see one of the most powerful wizards of the age go down to Severus Snape. Why couldn’t he use wandless magic?

    Jamie: Yeah, true.

    Ben: There was a very large emphasis on that in Book 7.

    Jamie: 6.

    Ben: Excuse me, I mean Book 6. There was a very large emphasis on wandless magic in Book 6.

    Laura: It’s because I think it’s going to play an entire role in Book 7.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah, definitely. Look at what scenarios…

    Laura: Especially with Hermione.

    Andrew: Why’s that? Why with Hermione?

    Ben: Oh, excuse me, excuse me. There was not an emphasis on wandless magic in Book 6.

    Jamie: Non-verbal spells, yeah.

    Ben: It was non-verbal, excuse me. I don’t need people emailing me being upset.

    [Jamie laughs]

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: There was an emphasis on non-verbal spells.

    Andrew: Which they’re both just as important.

    Ben: They’re both, yeah.

    Laura: They are, but I think there is a specific reason concerning Hermione that we saw non-verbal magic in this book, because if you go back and look, she’s unusually good at it. She doesn’t have to work very hard at it.

    Jamie: But that’s the case with everything, no?

    Laura: Whereas everyone around her is struggling, and it’s not just like Alohamora, it’s something that’s very, very advanced. And I think it’s going to play a key role.

    Ben: Well, do you, Laura, do you think you could perform one of the Unforgivable Curses using…

    Jamie: No. Oh sorry.

    Ben: …using non-verbal spells?

    Laura: I don’t know.

    Jamie: I don’t think you can. There is no advantage to using a verbal over a non-verbal spell apart from its display and its impressiveness.

    Andrew: Well, you’re not knowing it’s coming.

    Ben: Well, that’s not true. Yeah, you’re not going to know it’s coming if you…

    Jamie: No, there’s no advantage of using a verbal spell, I said. So like in the…

    Andrew: No, you said non-verbal.

    Jamie: Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s 10 past 3, to everyone listening, I’m really sorry. [laughs] In the Unforgivable Curses chapter in the Book 4, Moody, if he could perform non-verbal spells, then there would be no point in performing a verbal spell to kill the spiders. It’s exactly the same in Book 6 when Snape kills Dumbledore, why would he need to say it if there was no need for it? Then in Book 5 in the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort was about to kill Harry after saying, “You’ve irked me too long for too far,” or whatever he said, there was no reason to do it.

    Ben: Why couldn’t he do it when Harry wasn’t expecting it?

    Jamie: Exactly. I agree. Those three, if Voldemort has to do it, has to say it, I think you’ve got to say it to do it. But hear me out on this topic. Do you think with Dumbledore gone, Gringotts is now safer than Hogwarts, and do you think Hogwarts can be infiltrated a lot more further and a lot deeper? Now that Dumbledore’s gone.

    Ben: I don’t think so, well…

    Laura: I think that’s part of the reason…

    Ben: I’m on the fence.

    Laura: …they’re contemplating closing it.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Micah: Well if Harry’s not there, who cares?

    Ben: Yeah that’s true too. If Harry’s not at Hogwarts, then why worry about it?

    Jamie: Because it’s a school. You know, all schools have security. It isn’t to protect Harry, it’s to protect all of the students.

    Andrew: But, yeah, but Hogwarts will most likely be closed in the first place.

    Jamie: Yeah, but that doesn’t have to do with only Harry. The reason it’s going to be closed, it’s for the safety of the students.

    Andrew: Right. So what’s your point?

    Ben: I think the point that he’s trying to make is that Dumbledore added the safe watch around Hogwarts.

    Andrew: Ohh.

    Ben: That’s probably the reason they didn’t close it initially in Book 6 and with Book 7 coming, they may have no choice but to close it because think about it. The person who has been deemed the most powerful wizard of the age was killed in his own backyard.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: It’s not going to do very well at all for the morale of the parents of the students who are trying to return to school.

    Laura: Yeah, not to mention all of the kids that won’t be coming back.

    Jamie: Yeah, which will be lots now that Dumbledore’s dead.

    Professor McGonagall

    Andrew: But you still have your regular powerhouses that could still keep the place relatively under control. Well, I mean…well, yeah Snape is sort of out of the loop now. But you got McGonagall.

    Jamie: I don’t think she’s not that powerful, though, compared to Dumbledore.

    Andrew: She’s a tough woman.

    Laura: She can manage the school but…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: I don’t think she wields the same amount of respect or power.

    Jamie: Not nearly.

    Andrew: Yeah, my point with her was that she was tough and she could handle managing the school.

    Jamie: I don’t think she could because, sorry.

    Andrew: They could put Ministry of Magic people in place.

    Jamie: They’d lose automatically. The whole point throughout the entire series is that the Ministry doesn’t interfere at Hogwarts and that has to continue for the school to return. But I was going to say, in Order of the Phoenix, if Dumbledore was in McGonagall’s place, he would have been hit squarely in the chest by those dolts from the Ministry of Magic people and taken off to the hospital.

    Laura: No, I don’t.

    Jamie: No, exactly, and also, I can’t remember what book it’s in oh no, but no it’s in Book 4. After Harry gets back from the graveyard and McGonagall sort of picks him up and she’s all shaky and she says he has to go down to the hospital wing but Dumbledore stands his ground and says he has to stay. Difference between both of them there is absolutely remarkable. Dumbledore still is standing solid and he’s tough, he’s firm, and he still has an air of authority. Whereas McGonagall breaks down. There is no way she could take that on.

    Ben: No she, no, no, no, no, no. She wasn’t breaking down.

    Jamie: Yes, she was.

    Ben: No, it was sort of the motherly instinct she had.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Jamie: She was shaky and everything. There is no way that she could run Hogwarts to the same degree as Dumbledore. Absolutely no way.

    Ben: I want to hear what Micah Tannenbaum has to say about this.

    Slughorn and School Unity

    Micah: Well this is my question. Actually Andrew kind of transitioned into it talking about McGonagall and the Head of the different houses. Would Slughorn, now being the Head of Slytherin, can the houses finally unite? Snape’s gone, Malfoy’s gone, Slughorn is in charge of Slytherin.

    Andrew: Yeah that’s true.

    Jamie: I would say no way.

    Ben: Yeah, because there is still too much animosity there. Because people believe that if you’re in Slytherin, you’re scum. [laughs]

    Laura: The point is, Draco isn’t the only obstinate Slytherin. I know in the movies, they kind of portrayed he, Crabbe, and Goyle as being the only crummy Slytherins. What, with the scene in the end of Chamber of Secrets where everyone but them stands up for Hagrid. I don’t think that’s an accurate portrayal at all.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: And I think a majority of the Slytherin students are like Draco.

    Andrew: But kids will bond – okay, I really don’t think that. Kids will bond together in times of crisis. Don’t you think?

    Jamie: But…

    Andrew: But imagine real life.

    Laura: Not at my school, they don’t. [laughs]

    Andrew: Well…

    Jamie: But Andrew, how important is it in the school for them to unite?

    Andrew: It’s not really important but…

    Jamie: No, no, the Sorting Hat talked about how everyone must unite or they will crumble from within, but is it talking exclusively about the school or is it talking about the magical world as a whole? Because in the end, Hogwarts is a school…

    Andrew: I think it’s talking about the school.

    Jamie: They’re all young. Everyone’s so young, though.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Well I’m thinking is that the Sorting Hat was trying to teach them a life lesson.

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Laura: It was trying to send them out into the world ready to unite.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Jamie: Maybe, I don’t know.

    Andrew: I just think like, I’ll give you an example. I forgot to bring this up about Movie 4. Have you guys noticed, after Cedric dies, they’re all in the Great Hall and they do a pan from the ceiling down to where everyone’s sitting. And the banners up top are usually Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, they’re all usually all there. But when Cedric died, it’s all Hogwarts across it and I don’t think a lot of people thought that through. Maybe even Newell didn’t think that through but when I saw that, I was…

    Laura: But that was in the book.

    Andrew: Was it? I don’t know.

    Laura: Yeah, it’s in the book.

    Andrew: But that’s the point, there you go. She’s demonstrating the unity. It wasn’t about…

    Jamie: Maybe she’s demonstrating…

    Laura: I don’t think all the students that…

    Jamie: Dumbledore put those banners up – it isn’t representative. They didn’t have a photo.

    Andrew: Well that’s why Dumbledore, well I know that. But that’s what Dumbeldore was trying to portray and wanting them to do.

    Jamie: Yeah, but there’s a lot of things that Dumbledore wants that Dumbledore doesn‘t get in the school. I don’t think, I mean he was trying to unite them but there’s no way that we know, and it’s part of school rivalry. You always have college rivalry, high school rivalry if…

    Andrew: Yeah, but in time of crisis, I don’t want to bring personal examples into this, but I don’t know – just from what I’ve experienced. I think kids tend to bond together after…

    Laura: I don’t think…

    Ben: Well anytime of crisis. Look to 9/11…

    Andrew: That was one of my examples.

    Ben: After 9/11, what happened was America sort of united together and sometimes we look past our neighbors’ flaws.

    Micah: Well, I’m going to take this back to Slughorn, [laughs] but I was just saying the potential is there. You know what I mean? The potential to unite is there. There’s no more barriers that sort of exist. Do you know what I’m getting at?

    Jamie: Apart from Slughorn…

    Ben: Micah Tannenbaum , Micah Tannenbaum. For like the second time tonight, you’ve hit the hammer on the head.

    Micah: Thank you.

    Andrew: Well…

    Ben: I think Micah is 100 percent right.

    Andrew: Like what Laura just said.

    Jamie: Slughorn though, could you get anyone more divisive than Slughorn? He like, recruits people into his lunches on how much money they’ve got, what type of backround they’re from. How can he be a source of inspiration of unity? How can he unite all of the purebloods and the Muggleborns and everything?

    Micah: But in a way, he already started to.

    Jamie: How?

    Micah: With how divisive as the Slug Club is, there are still people from all different houses.

    Jamie: Yeah, that’s just a tiny, tiny representation of it. Even then though, you think of the conflict between McLaggen and Harry after their first confrontation on the train. I think, if anything, Slughorn’s going to be…and Dumbledore kept a sort of raids on him when he was still alive. But I think Slughorn just wants power.

    Micah: I think…

    Laura: I think there’s an opportunity for a certain small amount of Slytherins to cross the bridge, I guess you could say, but as for the whole house, no. I don’t, it’s not going to happen.

    Micah: This may be stretching it a bit, but Dumbledore brought him to Hogwarts for a reason, and…

    Jamie: Yes, definitely.

    Micah: …if you go along the whole line of – Dumbledore knew what was going to happen to him and this whole Snape thing was planned out, and he knew Snape wasn’t going to be there at the end of the year. You know what I’m saying? It may be stretching quite a bit but if he knew that Slughorn was going to take over, maybe he saw the potential of something.

    Andrew: Yeah, good point. I don’t really have anything else to say on top of that. Why don’t we move on?

    British Joke #2

    Ben: Okay, since Jamie’s been gone, let’s have him do two British Jokes of the Day. Go, Jamie. Yeah.

    Jamie: One more though, one more, right. I made this joke up myself when I was very bored so it could be a bit rubbish, but anyway listen to it. Okay, there is this piece of butter, okay. And he thinks, “I’m not doing very well in life so I really want to start making ends meet and progressing.” So he jumps onto half a slice of bread and he thinks, “Oh yeah, this is quite good, this half a slice of bread. But I still think I could do better in life.” So he jumps onto a full slice of bread. “This is amazing,” he thinks. “I’m really living the high life.” But he thinks, “I could still go further.” So he jumps unto a slice of toast and, “This is a very, very comfortable slice of toast.” It’s just like absolute luxury. But he thinks, “I could still go further in life,” so he jumps onto the next thing. And by now he’s thinking, “Okay, I’ve lived a very good life, I think it’s about time I wrapped everything up,” and he starts to walk away, but his friend calls out, “Oh no, don’t stop now. You’re on a roll.”

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: Oh geez.

    Laura: That was good.

    Jamie: I just made that up.

    Laura: I liked that. I thought that was good.

    Jamie: Thank you very much. Don’t ask me how I made it up, I just did. It must have came to me in a revelation or something like that.

    The Las Vegas Minute

    Ben: Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed the show to this point. But before we wrap things up, it’s time for everyone’s favorite segment.

    Andrew: I love this thing.

    Ben: The Las Vegas Minute. Faster than a New York minute.

    Jamie: Much faster in fact.

    Ben: Okay, well…

    Andrew: Wait, we have to say ready, set, go.

    Ben: Ok, the Las Vegas minute begins, now.

    Andrew: Ok, Jamie, you have an announcement.

    Jamie: 60, 59, oh. I’m really, really hoping to come along to Vegas. It’s almost definite but I just need to find out about booking the flights and everything and see if there’s anyone here I can go with.

    Andrew: Sweet.

    Jamie: But, yeah I hope to see a load of you there, hopefully. And I hope you can come to the Podcast with us there.

    Andrew: We’ve already gotten a ton of emails saying that they’re going to be coming and we still have a while.

    Laura: We have a lot of staff coming. Yeah, and a lot of our staffers are coming.

    Andrew: Yeah, I heard it’s going to be a much bigger group this year. I’m not sure why. I thought a lot more of us lived out on the east coast.

    Laura: I don’t know. I’m not sure, but for some reason, I think everyone saw how fun New York City was and decided they wanted to come with us.

    Jamie: Yeah, that was it, yeah.

    Laura: I’m really excited.

    Ben: They wanted a piece of the action in Vegas.

    Laura: Yeah, we’re going to have sleepovers.

    Ben: Yeah, it’s going to be really fun. I’m going to be there. 3, 2, 1. That concludes Las Vegas Minute No. 3. Okay, well, I hope you guys enjoyed the Las Vegas Minute.

    Andrew: Excellent, yeah. Just one last thing. This is Episode 20.

    [Everyone “ooo”‘s]

    Andrew: But seriously, we’ve done this for 20 episodes.

    Jamie: The big two zero.

    Andrew: That’s an accomplishment. Something to be proud of. I just wanted to point that out.

    Laura: This is my ninth episode. Whoo, next week’s my tenth for me.

    Andrew: This week’s my twentieth. I haven’t missed an episode and I’m proud.

    Ben: He will eventually.

    Andrew: Come sickness and in health. It’s like a marriage.

    Micah: We ought to put up a stats page, Andrew. You know, like the sports teams have. The most consecutive…

    Show Close

    Ben: Well, I think that wraps up Episode 20 of MuggleCast. Like Andrew said, we’ve gone a long, long way. Well, let’s see here, what do I have to say? Oh, yeah. Remember, we have a new number. What’s the new number, Andrew?

    Andrew: 1-218-20-MAGIC. I love saying that.

    Ben: And we also have a post office box.

    P.O. Box 223
    Moundridge Kansas, 67107

    Also, you can email us, send in a voicemail to Email us at Subscribe to us through iTunes. Subscribe to us through Odeo, all that jazz. Direct download, do all of that.

    Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: And one thing about to P.O. Box. If you want it to go to a specific person, just put their name on it. You know, attention Andrew, attention Ben, whoever. And send us Christmas gifts, please. Come on.

    Laura: Aww, that’d be so cool.

    Ben: Andrew’s like Tiny Tim.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: I want a Chipotle gift card.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Andrew: I want…

    Laura: I want an iPod.

    Ben: Oh, guys.

    Andrew: I’ll buy you an iPod, Laura.

    Laura: Awww, thank you.

    Ben: Before we go everybody. I’m

    Andrew: I’m [laughs]

    Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum, not dot com.

    Ben: Dot org actually.

    Andrew: Dot org.

    [All laugh]

    Laura: I’m Laura Thompson dot net?

    Andrew: Edu.

    Laura: [laughs] Okay.

    Andrew: You’re definitely a dot edu.

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: We all know what Jamie is.

    Ben: Dot co dot uk.

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Exactly.

    Jamie: Oh yeah. And I’m Jamie Lawrence.m-a-n.

    Andrew: Dot m-a-n. [laughs]

    Jamie: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

    Andrew: Dot co dot uk works better for you.

    Ben: Goodnight, everyone.

    Jamie: Okay man.

    Jamie: Bye.

    Andrew: Bye.

    Laura: Bye.

    Micah: Bye.


    Jamie: That was nice. I like that, that was smooth. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: I should put that at the end.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: I’m putting that at the end. [Mocking Jamie‘s British accent] Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

    [Andrew and Laura laugh]

    Jamie: Yeah, you’re going to…

    Ben: [Mocking Jamie‘s British accent] Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

    Jamie: …have to get my first phrase as well or I’m going to sound like a pedophile.

    [All laugh]

    Micah: A what?

    Ben: A peed-ophile.

    Micah: You mean pedophile?

    Jamie: No, I don’t mean that, I mean that I mean pee-dophile. I’m not saying it like that.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Pedophile.

    Jamie: Pedophile sounds stupid.

    Laura: What you didn’t know about your favorite MuggleCaster.


    Written by: Micah and Ally

    Episode 20

    On our December 18th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

    The Brit is back! And he weighs in on everything from Miss Granger to Las Vegas. While Hermione’s role in the final book remains undecided, just how has Emma’s role in the movies skewed people’s perception of the character? And how much of a coincidence is it that Hermione’s Patronus has a connection to Ron’s family? Plus, the return of Jamie’s British Joke of the Day.

    From Gringotts to Slughorn… All that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Jamie, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

    • Jamie returns (with two British Jokes of the Day)
    • Goblet of Fire Soundtrack Contest is now closed, winners to be announced next week
    • You can now call us at 1-218-20-MAGIC
    • …and now send us your fan-mail:MuggleCast
      PO Box 223
      Moundridge, Kansas (“Central Location!” cries Andrew)
    • Character Discussion: Hermione Granger
    • What’s her role going to be in Book 7 – Powerful witch or Horcrux hunter?
    • Can she perform under pressure?
    • What is her Patronus’ significance, if any?
    • Micah becomes our resident zoologist and comes up with an excellent theory
    • Why does Draco seem so jealous of her?
    • Let the battle begin: Emma vs. Hermione
    • Dueling Club: Lupin vs. Greyback and Snape vs. Moody
    • Jamie discusses the importance of Gringotts
    • Will McGonagall make a good Headmistress?
    • Can Slughorn finally unite the houses having become the Head of Slytherin?
    • Andrew’s Listener Challenge and Ben’s Weekly Top 10 go on hiatus, Bemma cancelled
    • The usuals: Spy on Spartz and The Las Vegas Minute (with Jamie making an announcement)

    Send song parodies to

    Send voicemail questions and comments to, OR call us with your question: 1-218-20-MAGIC (standard calling rates apply)

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    Transcript 019

    MuggleCast EP19 Transcript


    Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast – Episode 19 for December 11, 2005. Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another fine edition of MuggleCast. This is the show where we bring you the latest in Harry Potter news, theories, discussions, wrapping paper, Grammy nominations, MP3 players. It’s all right here bundled into a little hour of your time. I’m Andrew Sims.

    Ben: I’m Ben Schoen.

    Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

    Eric: I’m Eric Scull.

    Laura: And I’m Laura Thompson.

    Andrew: We have a lot for you this week, but before we get started, first let’s go to Micah to fill us in on the past week’s top news stories.


    Micah: Thanks, Andrew.

    What’s with this News room being decorated in all Hufflepuff stuff? Anyway…

    The new JK Rowling and Stephen Fry interview, which aired at 9 AM Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4, is now available. There is also a transcript posted for those of you who are interested. In it the Harry Potter author discussed the end of the final novel, saying “Yes, I do know what’s going to happen in the end.” Well, I’m glad somebody does. “And occasionally I get cold shivers when someone guesses at something that’s very close, and then I panic and I think ‘Oh, is it very obvious?’ and then someone says something that’s so off the wall that I think, ‘No, it’s clearly not that obvious!'”

    Bloomsbury has announced the release date for the UK paperback version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: June 23rd, 2006. We’ll keep you posted on any news regarding the US version.

    Staying with releases, Blockbuster has become the second to report a release date of April 4th, 2006 for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD. We’ll keep you posted as April gets closer.

    For new interviews, pictures, and video clips, be sure to check out MuggleNet’s Main Page.

    Warner Bros. Pictures has launched their Official Awards Site. On it you will find information about the categories for each film WB is supporting in their campaigns. There are synopses, downloadable jpegs, and clips for our award hopefuls. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been nominated in several categories including Best Picture and Best Visual Effects.

    And as promised, our Goblet of Fire interviews that we filmed with The Leaky Cauldron are now available in iPod video format. It has been added to our MuggleCast feed and only available in iTunes.

    And speaking of MuggleCast, our weekly Harry Potter podcast has been nominated for “Best Podcast” at The Weblog Awards. If you want me to stay employed and you’re confident that we’re cooler than Adam Curry, then go and vote for us!

    Finally, Jim Dale, narrator of the US audio books, has been nominated for a Grammy award in the category of “Best Spoken Word Album for Children” for his work on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Dale previously won a Grammy in 2000 for the Goblet of Fire. The awards will take place in Los Angeles on February 8th and will be broadcast later that day.

    Jim got himself in a little bind last week, in a recent interview. He commented on JKR, saying “She’s lived with Harry Potter so long she really wants to kill him off.” Based on this, hordes of media sources, mainly tabloids, printed articles claiming JK does indeed want to kill off the boy wizard. This of course is untrue. Dale was merely expressing his opinion. [whispers] But, Jim…buddy…probably not the best choice of words.

    That’s all the news for this December 11, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

    Andrew: All right, thank you Micah. Now, before we get started here…well, we’ve already started, what am I saying? [laughs as he talks]

    [Kevin laughs]

    Ben’s Weekly Top 10

    Andrew: Ben’s got a Top 10 List for us, right Ben?

    Ben: Of course. This is everyone’s favorite part of the show.

    Laura: Uh-huh.

    Ben: By everyone’s favorite caster.

    Kevin: [fake cough] Right.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Okay. Ladies and gentlemen… the “The Top 10 Reasons For Why You Wonder If There Is Such A Thing As Over-speculation.”

    No. 10: Your favorite on MuggleNet besides MuggleCast is “The Little Things.”

    No. 9: You wonder…you wonder…whoopsie…you wonder from Book 3 about the prospect of being frightened to death because you kept seeing death omens and think about what would happen if you convinced yourself they weren’t real.

    No. 8: You hit your head on something whenever someone says, “Just speculation.”

    No. 7: You take everything on and further analyze it…if that’s even possible.

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: No.

    Ben: No. 6: You have written, made analysis of, and generally overspeculated on seemingly minor topics such as “How Dementors Are Created.”

    No. 5: That would be…You notice the smallest details in the book, yet completely failed to notice the Ron and Hermione ‘shipping until very late.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: No. 4: You try to uncover all the characteristics, all the character’s Patronuses and do conclude that Mr. Weasley’s is indeed a rubber duck and have a complete list why.

    No. 4: [Transcriber note: He says “No. 4,” but really means “No. 3.”] You try to find out the psychological issues Ben has that makes him able to perform a proper British accent. Oh, what’s up with that one?

    [All laugh]

    Ben: I can do a British accent fine. [in fake British accent] Right, Jamie?

    Eric: Keep going.

    Ben: Okay. No. 2: You developed a theory on why Andrew insists on saying, [imitating Andrew] “Yeah. Yeah. All right. All right.”

    Andrew: [Laughs] I have my own theory about that.

    Ben: [Laughs] And the No. 1 reason if there is such thing as overspeculation…You wonder if Micah had a troubled childhood because his last name means “fir tree” in German and is used in a Christmas Song.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: [Singing] O’Tannenbaum, O’Tannenbaum

    Andrew: Da da da da. [laughs]

    Laura: Ummm…okay.

    Ben: Okay.

    Kevin: Okay. Yeah, so…

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Yeah, so if you’re disappointed with this week’s Top 10 List, have no fear. Send your own Top 10 List to ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com or you can select my name from the “Contact Form.” Also, thanks to Sara for sending in this week’s list. So, keep them coming. We want some good ones next week. Something interesting. Get down. Come up with your own Top 10 List.

    Andrew: Thank you, Ben.

    Eric: Does this mean I overanalyze things? I mean I have a theory on why Andrew said “Yeah” so many times. I think it was because he was excited.

    Andrew: Ehhh…

    Ben: No, that’s a false theory.

    Eric: Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know. I think I better consult the books.

    Andrew: My theory, my theory is because I had always felt like, with the gaps where people were just cheering, I felt like…I thought it was weird that nobody was… I thought, you know…

    Laura: You had to rev them up, basically.

    Andrew: …that we should have filled it.

    Eric: Yeah.

    Andrew: Well, they were already revved up.

    Ben: [Imitating Andrew] Yeah!!! Yeah!!!

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: But anyway, moving on from that.

    Kevin: I don’t think you needed Andrew to rev them up. [laughs]

    Laura: Yeah, that’s true.

    Andrew: [Laughs] Yeah.

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: All you got to do is walk in the building and it’s like, “Wooo!!!”


    Andrew: No, but anyway, moving on to a couple of announcements. It’s a new month, which means it’s another vote for you guys to put in over at Podcast Alley. I didn’t really want to ask this week…

    Eric: Because we ask every week?

    Andrew: We’re not…we almost…let me…I’m checking right now. We’re No. 5 and that is without begging you guys to do it. So, I don’t want to beat “Dawn and Drew Show” because I’m a heavy-duty listener of their show and they’re all excited that they are No. 1.

    [Kevin and Ben laugh]

    Andrew: But I don’t want to take it away.

    Kevin: Well…just vote for us.

    Ben: Just beat them. Beat them out.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: We don’t care about them.

    Andrew: No, I really don’t. I like them too much.

    Kevin: Maybe…

    Eric: Let them have…

    Ben: Humble? Andrew…humble?

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: That’s an oxymoron.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Come on. Those two words do not belong together in the same sentence. You can’t be serious!

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Okay.

    [Laura and Andrew laugh]

    Andrew: Here’s the deal…

    Eric: Neither do Ben and Emma, but that doesn’t stop you, Ben.

    Ben and Kevin: Ohhhh!

    Eric: Everybody knows she loves me.

    Andrew: Once we get up to No. 2, that’s when you guys can stop voting for us. Everyone pretty much knows that we use Skype and especially lately, we’ve been getting a huge amount of friend requests. Not that we don’t like you guys, we…

    Laura: Please stop.

    Andrew: If you notice…

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Andrew: Yeah…

    Eric: We can’t do the show…

    Andrew: [Laughs] I tried to put it the nice way, but…

    Eric: So far, this show…

    Ben: Oh, you guys. Stop calling them. You can call me all you want.

    Laura: Okay…

    Eric: Oh, oh, okay.

    Ben: Just don’t make it between the times of midnight and 6:00 AM because I am sleeping.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: And if my speakers go off…

    Andrew: [Laughs] No you’re not.

    Ben: Yeah, well, sometimes I am. Occasionally.

    Eric: And people of the world, don’t call him on Skype, Sundays between like 3:00 and 8:00 PM because that’s when he edits the show.

    Andrew: When he does, yeah.

    Ben: If you call me…okay…you think a dementor is bad? You think Lord Voldemort is bad? [In deep voice] You haven’t felt the wrath of Ben Schoen.

    [All laugh]

    Eric: “The Wrath of Ben,” sounds like a strange Star Trek spin-off with Benjamin as Spock.

    Andrew: Yeah…

    Ben: I have an announcement here. So, this may be a minor steal from PotterCast, but I think it is a good idea too. I want you guys to write songs about MuggleCast. Make it a parody to any Christmas song, to any song there is out there.

    Eric: Except…

    Ben: No, absolutely any song as long as it is appropriate.

    Eric: And not, “O’Tannenbaum, O’Tannenbaum.”

    Ben: Yeah, because we already have that one covered, but what we’re saying here is you need to sing the song, record yourself singing it…you and your friends, whatever, and send it in to us, and then we’ll listen to it and play it on the show. And make it as funny as possible because then you have…you’re more likely to actually get it on the show. And for the Christmas Episode, Andrew and I will be singing the Harry Potter remix you guys come up with for U2’s “City of Blinding Lights.”

    [Kevin laughs]

    Andrew: [Starts singing] In the city

    Ben: So, you better…some of you at least write a version of this.

    Andrew:of blinding lights.

    Ben: Andrew will sing the regular version just so, you know, how…just to give a model for it. Yeah.

    Andrew: Don’t look before you laugh

    Ben: [Singing] Look ugly in a photograph. Flash bulbs

    Andrew: [Singing] Flash bulbs, purple irises the camera can’t see

    Kevin: I think you should skip this. Skip this section, people.

    Laura: Yeah, and you can send all of your doctor bills to ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com when your ears start bleeding.

    [Eric and Kevin laugh]

    Ben: Oh. Ouch!

    Kevin: Yeah. Okay, okay.

    Eric: Yeah, and additionally, you know the “Twelve Something of MuggleCast” would be cool.

    Ben: That’d be cool.

    Laura: Oh, that’d be cool.

    Andrew: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

    Eric: It’s like the “Twelve Pains of Hearing Ben Schoen’s Voice” or something.

    Ben: Oh! Oooo!

    Eric: No, no.

    Ben: Everybody, everybody send hate mail. Spam doesn’t count as hate mail. But someone seriously, seriously though, write a song about me and Emma. That would be my…the ultimate Christmas present.

    [All laugh]

    Eric: Wow. [singing] Deck the Halls with Ben and Emma

    Andrew: That will be just as successful as making you a fansite.

    Ben: Exactly.

    Eric: Deck the Halls with Ben and Emma, la la la la la…or…Clear the Halls

    Ben: Yeah.

    Kevin: Yeah, okay.

    Andrew: Okay, moving on.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Okay…

    Andrew: I promised people these announcements are going to be shorter. [laughs] This is like taking up the entire show.

    Eric: They can fast-forward, Andrew.

    Andrew: Any last thoughts, Ben?

    Ben: Send me your song parodies.

    [Kevin and Laura laugh]

    Andrew: Okay, thank you.

    Kevin: Wow. Inspirational.

    Andrew: Let’s see, what else? Oooo. Well, we announced this on our Fan Forums. Well, I mentioned it on our Fan Forums –, which is an excellent resource for the MuggleCast fan. But, we are working on a brand-new MuggleCast website that is going to expand on everything that we have right now at

    Ben: It’s going to revolutionize the world.

    Kevin: It is.

    Andrew: It is. Guys, it’s going to have its own poll, okay?

    [Kevin laughs]

    Andrew: What now? [laughs] But, we’re going to expand a lot. We’re going to have a lot of FAQ articles. We’re going to have a “How To Section” on “Making Your Own Podcast” because we get that e-mailed all the time. So, it’ll be great. So, look for that in, eh, one to two weeks. Then also some big news for all of the British listeners and all the British fans – Jamie is going to be coming back.

    Laura: Yaaay!

    Kevin: I don’t think it is only for the British fans.

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: [Singing] The Brit is back in town

    Eric: No, I was going to say, the American fangirls would probably appreciate him a lot of more.

    Laura: Jamie has a lot of fan following.

    Andrew: Yes, ummm…

    Laura: So, uh…

    Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

    Andrew: We get complaints every week when we hear that he’s not on. You know, we’re…We understand, people.

    Ben: We want him back on, too.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Eric: Yeah, on the Fan Listing like his…the people who say they like him the best are only like 20 behind me. I’m like, “What the hell, I’ve been on so many more shows.”

    Andrew: But…

    Eric: [Laughs] But…

    Andrew: Eric always tries to be the best.

    Eric: Yeah.

    Andrew: But anyway…

    Ben: Moving on.

    Andrew: Jamie, he’s been busy with college. He’ll be on his Winter Break in just a few days, and so he’ll be on. He’ll be on a few shows, including next week’s. Hopefully, hopefully, because there’s no guarantees.

    Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, don’t…

    Ben: No promises.

    Andrew: It’s like a 90% chance we’re booking him.

    Kevin: Don’t get their hopes up.

    Ben: Who was that? Didn’t someone say one time that Jamie and I were both going to return one week and we didn’t? Who was that?

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Oh yeah. That was me. That was me.

    Ben: I don’t remember. Who was that?

    Andrew: That was me.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: I don’t know. You guys said you would be on. [laughs]

    Ben: I was on actually, and then you guys re-recorded the show.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Ben: Without telling me.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Andrew: And then…

    Kevin: But, it was excellent without you, so…

    Ben: Oh, ouch! Yeah, so send your hate mail to iloveben at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

    Andrew: Yeah. No offense. Enough! [sighs]

    Goblet of Fire Contest Announcement

    Eric: Any more announcements, Andrew?

    Andrew: Yes, one final announcement. We are starting a new contest this week. A Goblet of Fire soundtrack contest, where 15 lucky people who listen to the show will be winning one Goblet of Fire soundtrack. All the great songs you heard in the movie are now in this one fine CD.

    Ben: Confettify!

    Andrew: Now, this contest…

    Ben: Wooo!

    Andrew: Yeah. This CD…this contest is a pretty fun one. We’re going to start it this week and it’s going to run through next week. It’s going to, it ends on the release of Episode 20. Now, here’s what you have to do. In one moment, I’m going to play five songs. Three-second clips of five songs. You have to e-mail us with each song’s title in the correct order of the order that they were played. Okay?

    Eric: We’ll give you a hint. They’ll all be U2 songs.

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Andrew: No, they’re not U2 songs. They’re all from the soundtrack. You have to name all five.

    [Ben starts singing U2]

    Andrew: And then e-mail your contest entries to mcsongs at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Now, here are the five songs.

    [Plays song No. 1]

    Andrew: No. 2.

    [Plays song No. 2]

    Andrew: No. 3.

    [Plays song No. 3]

    Andrew: No. 4.

    [Plays song No. 4]

    Andrew: And No. 5.

    [Plays song No. 5]

    Andrew: Okay, so there you have it once again. E-mail them to “mcsongs”…what did we say, “mcsongs”?

    Eric: “Mcsongs.”

    Andrew: Yeah. E-mail them to mcsongs at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And then the winners will be announced on our Christmas Special, which will be Episode 21. And the winners will be chosen randomly out of the people who e-mailed in with the correct answers. So, good luck, everyone!

    Main Topic – Severus Snape

    Andrew: So, with that, now it’s time to move on with our main discussion of the week. Continuing our continuing series… [laughs] Wow, great wording there. Whoever writes these scripts are really bad.

    Ben: Micah. Micah, are you getting this down, Micah?

    Eric: Don’t make fun of Micah.

    Ben: Micah is actually transcribing this as we go.

    Andrew: We are going to continue… [Laughs] Yeah. We are going to continue our regular discussion on a specific character in depth, and this week as promised, is Severus Snape. Oooooo.

    Ben: Can I read the information about him? Can I read about him?

    Andrew: Sure, Ben. Tell us all about Mr. Snape.

    Ben: Okay, Mr. Snape was born on January 9th, 1959. His mother is Eileen Prince, hence the name ’Half-Blood Prince’ and he is indeed half-blood. His father was Tobias Snape. We found out a lot of this information in Half-Blood Prince. We don’t know if he has any children. Let’s see, what else do we have here? He’s Harry’s least favorite professor. He’s a real…

    Kevin: Really?

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Sounds a lot like me, ha!

    Eric: I disagree with that, Ben.

    Ben: Let’s see, he has a hooked nose. He was a former Death Eater or is he a Death Eater now? That’s the question everyone is dying to know. Is Severus Snape good or bad? That’s probably what our discussion is going to be centered around today, but that’s pretty much all there is to know about Severus Snape. He’s… There is information, once again this is from, and you can go there and look at information about the etymology behind his name and stuff.

    Kevin: Of course Eric wants to start the conversation, so…

    Ben: All right.

    Eric: No Kevin, I…

    Ben: Eric, is Snape good or bad? I’m really dying to know, what do you think, Eric?

    Eric: Well…

    Ben: Just tell me.

    Eric: Benjamin, I just thought it would be nice to inform the public that we did do quite a lot of talking about Snape in the first, I’d say, eight or nine episodes of MuggleCast. It was predominately, we just came off Book 6 and I remember we had to ask the fans to stop sending us Snape questions and stuff like that. So, we actually did talk a lot about Dumbledore and whether Snape is good or evil in the first, I’d say seven or eight episodes of MuggleCast. So, if you wanted to review this…

    Ben: But now’s a good time to, I think to summarize all of the information.

    Eric: Sure, I mean we can do that. I’m comfortable with going back to that subject right now. I think we had a nice break there.

    Kevin: Okay, so now that that’s been established, is he good or bad?

    Eric: I think he’s good.

    Ben: Well, I don’t know. It’s just…

    Kevin: I feel the same way.

    Laura: I’m on the fence.

    Ben: I think, I think, I think, no, no, I have an idea. Everyone is talking about whether Snape is good or bad. Maybe have you ever thought that Snape is working for himself?

    Laura: I’ve thought about that before.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Snape’s concerned about Snape.

    Andrew: How would he benefit though?

    Ben: Okay, because he’s part of the good empire and the evil empire, so he basically gets the best of both worlds, you see what I’m saying?

    Kevin: Yeah, but at the same time, JK Rowling has made the distinction between Order of the Phoenix and Death Eaters. Do you really think she’d go mid-way?

    Ben: Well, that’s true, but is there a gray area with…

    Kevin: I don’t really think so.

    Ben: …the good side and the dark side? Is there sort of an area where it’s muddled?

    Eric: Ben, I think it’s a gray area for every individual person, but everybody still chooses a side, what side they’re closer to I think.

    Ben: And I’m sure, I’m sure, after we say, it’s a year after Book 7 is out, if we look back into the previous books, I’m sure there is some foreshadowing that we’re missing right now about the truth, about the real identity of Snape.

    Kevin: Oh, I’m sure. JK Rowling puts stuff in there all the time that she puts right in front of us just for the point of laughing when we find out it was right in front of us the whole time.

    Eric: And here’s a question guys. Did you know Chamber of Secrets was originally going to be called Half-Blood Prince, and it was going to be about Snape?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: That’s true.

    Eric: And then she realized she couldn’t fit that in, but then that really shocks me because how could we know all this about Snape upfront, and then she decides to say “No, I’m not going to them until the seventh book now.”

    Ben: So, do you guys think she was planning on killing Dumbledore too?

    Kevin: No. I think she was going to play it as a subplot.

    Ben: So another subplot? Yeah.

    Kevin: Yeah, where it was like a rolling plot and then come Book 6 or Book 7 she was going to kill Dumbledore using that subplot.

    Eric: One thing about his allegiance in the first book is simply, well his allegiance in the series. If he really turns out to be a bad guy, the whole point of suspecting him in Book 1 would be complete crap. I’d never read Book 1 again because here’s…

    Ben: Right, and but Eric, the first book, it’s sort of juvenile in a way that Snape is the Red-Herring and it feels like you’re watching Scooby Doo. There’s, what’s his name, there’s Fred who’s always saying “I know it’s Red-Herring, and I know it’s him” and Harry keeps saying “I know it’s Snape, I just know it is” and then it turns out not to be Snape, and then they keep suspecting Snape, suspecting Snape, and then finally it is, but at the same time isn’t really? You know?

    Eric: Ben, you watch Scooby Doo?

    Ben: I did. I used to.

    Kevin: Yeah, but I think that’s one of the points people have been making, that she has been playing it up as though he’s always the scapegoat. He’s always the person who does something bad and then it turns out that he doesn’t, and then the one time he does do something bad, you’re sitting there wondering was it truly him killing Dumbledore for the mere fact of killing him, or was it some agreement he made with Dumbledore in the past?

    Laura: Mhm.

    Ben: Well, Snape really had no choice but to kill Dumbledore…

    Laura: Right.

    Ben: …because he made the Unbreakable Vow, which in my mind it’s pretty sure that’s what it was about because Draco’s task was to kill Dumbledore, and when he couldn’t, Snape had the choice “Well, I do this or die” and…

    Eric: And I think, Ben, that’s a really important point to make. I’m sure we might have said it, but the fact that he had to do it could have been a good reason for him to be able to…people who think Snape is bad say “How could he?” I mean you really have to mean the death curse, so how could he possibly do that if he was good? But I think that it’s just a matter of having to do it.

    Kevin: Doing it out of necessity, yeah.

    Eric: Yeah, much like Harry and his Patronus, in Prisoner of Azkaban, he knew he could do it because he had to do it to save him in the past, who was also in the future.

    Snape and the Sphinx’s Riddle

    Laura: Well you guys, speaking of foreshadowing, Micah showed me a really cool editorial by Kirstie E. R. basically comparing Snape to the riddle that the sphinx gave Harry in Goblet of Fire.

    Eric: Huh.

    Laura: Yeah, it’s fairly interesting actually. Basically, if you read the first line, it talks about “the person who lives in secrets and tells but not lies.” She thinks that the sphinx was referring to Snape being this person, obviously not literally but as foreshadowing on Jo’s part. And that the “middle of middle and end of end” refers to mending relationships and that “middle” in that sentence literally means relationships that Snape has to mend in the middle of the series, which would be with Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and that “end” literally refers to the end of the series which could possibly be Harry assuming he is a good guy.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: In my mind that seems kind of a bit far out there.

    Eric: I don’t know, what I do want to say…

    Laura: Go ahead.

    Eric: Yeah. I’ll tell you one thing. That sphinx riddle didn’t seem to me, now whatever it was, and it was a lot of things, I don’t think it seemed like a spider to me. I actually think that whole riddle sounds more like a dementor then a spider.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Eric: Like, you wouldn’t want to kiss it and it’s so I knew at some point… I mean a spider?

    Laura: Exactly. Exactly. That’s a point

    Eric: I was ready for Harry to get tromped on. When I read it said spider I was like, “Okay, good, I’m going to read like a…” but she didn’t do anything. She was like “correct.” Like how was she supposed to…

    Laura: Yeah. And that’s actually a point that Kirstie made was at the end it talks about, “now tell me what is a creature you would not willing to be kiss,” “to kiss,” excuse me. If this is referring to Snape, what if he were to have his soul sucked out by a dementor, a dementor’s kiss?

    Eric: But I mean, yeah, I mean I don’t even know if that’s Snape, but I think that’s really clever. I’m going to read that editorial.

    Ben: That’s a good analogy I think.

    Eric: I don’t think it’s the spider. I was like, it has to be something besides that because that’s just…

    Laura: Well, she also made comparisons between Snape and spiders because we’ve seen several comparisons between Snape and bats which led people to believe he was a vampire.

    Eric: Yeah. What I want to know is what’s up with that? Like, if…

    Laura: Yeah, I sort of had…

    Eric: Is he…

    Laura: Sorry! We keep cutting into each other, but…

    Eric: No problem.

    Laura: [Laughs] She talks about Snape being referenced as a spider. For instance, he lives at Spinner’s End.

    Eric: Oooo.

    Laura: And in Order of the Phoenix during the Pensieve scene where Harry is…

    [Kevin laughs]

    Laura: Ooooh. I lost my train of thought. Anyway, where Harry is…[laughs]

    Eric: Yet you continued your sentence. How does that work?

    Laura: Yes, shut up. Okay, Harry is basically viewing his parents in “Snape’s Worst Memory” scene, and Snape is described as being twitchy like a spider. So, I sort of had a spin-off theory of…

    Eric: Spin-off, ha ha ha.

    Laura: Yeah. Ha ha ha ha.

    [Eric laughs]

    Laura: Of Kirstie’s theory. Right after Harry passes the Sphinx, he runs into an Acromantula. And I believe that the Triwizard Cup represents Harry’s goal in the maze, which was to defeat the maze, and I think if Snape or the Acromantula is representing Snape that it’s possible the Triwizard Cup could represent Voldemort being Harry’s goal to defeat him. Now, we know the Acromantula injured Harry, which made getting to the cup more difficult, which I can see as a comparison of Snape killing Dumbledore, which makes Harry’s quest to defeat Voldemort more difficult. However, we see that Harry does make it to the Cup and he does survive. So, it could be early foreshadowing to show us that Harry will defeat Voldemort and survive it. What do you guys think about that?

    Ben: Well, I like the connections you drew there.

    Eric: I like that.

    Ben: But, I don’t know if it’s really analogous to…I think I’ll probably end up eating my words with this. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, but I just don’t know.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: It seems that it’s a connection but I don’t know if it’s being stretched a bit.

    Kevin: It’s true. [laughs]

    Laura: Oh well it could be.

    Eric: Well, actually…

    Laura: But we as Harry Potter fans stretch so many things.

    [Eric and Laura laugh]

    Eric: Yeah, but Ben, do you remember in Prisoner of Azkaban, remember when Ron is, when they’re all writing, doing their homework or something about trials and suffering and being happy. All that stuff comes true in the book.

    Ben: Oh yeah, when Ron starts talking about all the fires and stuff like that and all the bad things that are going to happen. Then Harry gets burned, yeah.

    Eric: Yeah, and all that stuff comes true in the book. It seems like, yeah, it seems like because each of those followed a task. Oh then, that was in Goblet of Fire then, each of the tasks.

    Ben: Yeah didn’t, yeah didn’t Ron say something that, “I’m going to save a friend from drowning” or “I’m going to drown next week,” and then Harry saved him or whatever. That was pretty interesting.

    Eric: Yeah. Yeah. So, actually that wouldn’t be the first time something long-drawn out was put in. My question is, I think there might be something more about Snape in the end of the book to begin with, about how Voldemort is going on about his faithful servant at Hogwarts, the one who has left forever and all that stuff that I think the whole end of the book has a lot more Snape in it. I think it’s definitely possible than most people thought.

    Ben: Galadriel had a really good theory about this. She wrote the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter and all those books. In Galadriel’s books, she talks about how, how, who is the Chosen One, who is the faithful servant…not the Chosen One, but who was the faithful servant at Hogwarts and who was the coward that ran and – what’s the third one? I’m sorry, I’m a poor excuse for a Harry Potter fan.

    Is Snape Good, Bad Or Does He Have A Twin?

    Andrew: Just everyone’s dying to know: Is Snape good or is he bad? Or how about this, ooo, new theory popped into my mind? What if Snape has a twin?

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: One’s good, and one’s bad.

    Laura: The evil twin.

    Eric: And then…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    [Laura laughs]

    Eric: No, I think everyone should take responsibility for his or her own twin’s actions.

    Andrew: God, I’m so good.

    Eric: Or maybe a little Snape that he can detach and wreak havoc.

    Kevin: A little Snape [laughs]

    Eric: A little mini-me Snape.

    Andrew: It’s all figured out. I have it. Snape has a twin. That’s it.

    Eric: I think…

    Andrew: Just look at the fan-art pictures. Don’t they all look different from one another? I think he has like 40 brothers.

    [All laugh]

    Eric: Andrew!

    Laura: And twins look different from each other?

    Eric: It’s different artists’ interpretations.

    Andrew: Ohhh.

    Kevin: Ohhh, that explains it.

    Eric: Yeah, they are different artists so the artists aren’t like twins so they…going back to where Laura…

    Andrew: Okay, well…

    Eric: Eh, Andrew?

    Snape And The Dark Arts

    Andrew: Let’s do some comparing here. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? He’s into the Dark Arts.

    Eric: Okay great. Well, hang on here… Yeah.

    Andrew: Making him loyal to Voldemort, you would think.

    Eric: Well, making him…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: Good guys…no, good guys have to know the Dark Arts too. As Slughorn had said, the best wizards still kind of are interested in the Dark Arts.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Kevin: Of course, because how do you know your enemy if you don’t know they’re doing?

    Laura: Exactly.

    Eric: Exactly, exactly. So, just because he’s into the Dark Arts I think that gives him more of a reason to be more knowledgeable and be more mysterious and stuff.

    Kevin: I think his original motivations for going into the Dark Arts were those of being on Voldemort’s side. You know? Like his motivations now aren’t what they used to be. His intentions aren’t that way.

    Eric: I see what you mean. Yeah, Laura mentioned Spinner’s End and Snape being compared to a spider like that. I think that’s cool. Also, Spinner’s End, I think, has something to do with him creating a web of deceit. You know, a tangled web of, we don’t know what side he’s on and things like that. That could be the spider reference. You know?

    Laura: Mhm.

    Eric: Just that he’s this tangled web of people who think he’s good, who think he’s bad.

    Laura: Definitely.

    Ben: Okay, well the one reason – hear me out here – the one reason I think Snape is a good guy is because he absolutely has to be because he’s been around Harry for all these years. Why couldn’t he have zapped Harry once? What happened in Half-Blood Prince was at the end after Dumbledore gets killed by Snape, Harry’s unfrozen and he starts chasing after Snape, and he tries to do the Cruciatus Curse on him and is unsuccessful. And Snape’s yelling at him “You idiot, just go!” and all this stuff. At that moment, why couldn’t Snape have gone Petrificus Totalus and then went and grabbed Harry and taken him off to the Dark Lord…

    Kevin: And drag him along.

    Ben: And then zap zoom bammo.

    Laura: That’s one of the reasons that I’m on the fence.

    Eric: Guys, I have a great theory, I have a great, great theory. Okay, you guys. Ben, I think Snape kind of at least described himself well enough for Bellatrix on why he didn’t kill Harry yet, but at the end of Book 6, he said, “No, he’s the Dark Lord’s” when he’s chasing him across the grounds and he should have taken Harry away. Do you think, similarly to the Peter Pettigrew life debt that Pettigrew owes Harry, do you think Harry owes Snape now for saving his life like that? Because if you really…

    Ben: No, because I think with a life debt, it has to be something, you blatantly save a life. I think Snape would have to zap one of the Death Eaters after they said half of the death curse or something.

    Kevin: Yeah, exactly.

    Ben: Because he didn’t actually save his life; he just told him to turn and go.

    Kevin: He just chose not to kill him. [laughs]

    Eric: No, but still, that’s all it was with Wormtail. They were kind of pointing their wands at him and Harry said “No.”

    Laura: Yeah, but Wormtail was also the reason Harry’s parents died.

    Kevin: And Harry wasn’t the one who was going to be doing the killing.

    Ben: And also, they said they were going to kill him together and then Harry said, “Don’t kill him.” And in Half-Blood Prince, Snape really didn’t say – Snape said, “Turn and go ease the Dark Lord.” It wasn’t like he was saving his life, he was just delaying the moment that he was going to be killed by Voldemort.

    Eric: All right. Fine. I get it Ben. Fine, crush my theory. Whatever. I’m going to go and cry now. Okay, I get the point. You don’t like me, you don’t like me. It’s fine.

    Kevin: 3 on 1. [laughs]

    Ben: You know what, Barty Crouch Jr. is a good guy.

    Eric: He is.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Eric: No, actually, I’m going to talk about that for one second. If you look in the books, he’s actually really a good guy and it was a surprise because I had forgotten all the good stuff pointing to him in the books when I said that. But he doesn’t really seem evil in the trial before he gets put in Azkaban, and when he comes out, I think is when he’s really evil, but also the fact that he’s soul-sucked by a dementor just says we may never know stuff about him that could have come forward if he were still alive.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: As to his past and stuff. So, I think there is a good margin for him being good, but back to Snape. But thank you for bringing that up, Ben.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Eric: Made me feel better about you crushing my theory. So, okay. What else? What’s up?

    Ben: Do you think Snape’s a good guy, Eric? Do you think Snape’s a good guy?

    Eric: Ooh, ooh wait, I forget, guys…

    Kevin: I wouldn’t say he’s a good guy, though.

    Eric: Yeah.

    Kevin: Just because he’s good in the sense he’s on the right side doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.

    Eric: He’s still…

    Laura: Just like Sirius said, there’s no defining line between Death Eaters and good people, it’s the same way…

    Kevin: Exactly.

    Laura: …on the other side.

    Kevin: I mean if, if Bellatrix was on the Order of the Phoenix – doesn’t mean she’s a good person, she’s just supports them.

    Ben: Definitely.

    Eric: Oh, I have a great contribution. I’m sorry, Andrew, go ahead.

    Andrew: I was just reading through some quotes that JK Rowling has said about Snape, and in the majority of them, she’s always reiterating how horrible Snape is. One quote calling him “Deeply horrible.” Does…can he be on this good side while still being this “deeply horrible” quote un-quote?

    Ben: I have a reason for that. First of all it’s JK Rowling. And second of all, I think that absolutely… He can be…

    Eric: You know what? That’s a good point, Ben.

    Andrew: My point was that she kept reiterating it. She kept saying…

    Eric: Well, he is a bad guy.

    Andrew: Her point is that Snape…

    Ben: Just because he’s a bad person doesn’t mean…

    Eric: Yeah.

    Ben: Just because he has a nasty personality doesn’t mean he has to be on the side of Voldemort.

    Andrew: Nobody said it was personality.

    Eric: He was picked on by Harry’s father. He’s not going to let that slide. He has a grudge and the best of people can hold grudges…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Occam’s Razor

    Eric: And can be pretty mean, I guess. I’m not saying he’s a good guy, he’s not, but that’s…I see that as a flaw. I still think there might be good, and are you guys familiar with Occam’s Razor?

    Ben: No.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: Okay, Kevin is, he’s the college boy.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: Occam’s Razor is a postulation, if you will. It’s a postul-ette thingy that states that one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything. In short, it means, the shortest answer is the best answer.

    Ben: You shouldn’t give that advice.

    Andrew: See, Eric would learn from that.

    [All laugh]

    Eric: Okay, okay, guys, besides that, the point is, people are using this to say that Snape is bad. And they say that, “Okay, so, all right, now Snape is bad or he’s good but he tricked Dumbledore, but he tricked this, but you know, he’s tricking Voldemort and he’s going on both sides,” and they make it out to seem that Snape being a good guy is such a long, drawn-out thing, that it’s just Occam’s Razor says we should make it out like he’s bad and in reality, I just think there is just enough explanation required for him to truly be bad. Which includes the fact that he has been proven good all throughout Book 1, and all throughout the whole series in all these different events.

    Kevin: Yeah, but at the same time, we know JK Rowling and she tends to hide things in her books. So, typically – with her at least – things don’t go according to Occam’s Razor.

    Eric: Oh, well yeah. That’s just more proof that he’s good though.

    Ben: Well, for example look at this show. Look at all the things we talk about, look at all the analyzing we do. Occam’s Razor, whatever postulization it is, is ridiculous because we come up with long-drawn answers because the thing that’s not true about that is…Well, I think it means that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer, but at the same time we have to provide proof for what we’re saying. We can’t just make flawed assumptions based off nothing.

    Andrew: So let’s go around the table before we get to the voicemails. In one word, Eric [laughs]

    Ben: One word, Eric. One word.

    Final Answer: Good Or Bad?

    Andrew: Explain, [laughs] not explain, say if you think he is good or bad. Ben? Or both.

    Ben: Did you say Ben?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Oooh, good.

    Andrew: Laura?

    Laura: Don’t know.

    Andrew: Kevin?

    Kevin: Good.

    Andrew: Eric?

    Eric: Loyal. I’m not going to say loyal to Dumbledore or loyal to Voldemort, I’m just going to say loyal and let people figure it out.

    Andrew: I’ll take that as a both.

    Ben: And yourself?

    Andrew: I’d like to think good. I’ll say good because it’ll end up as not.

    Ben: You’re just going with Kevin and I.

    Andrew: No, no.

    Ben: You’re just going with what the group thinks.

    Andrew: No, I’m thinking about Book 7.

    Kevin: He’s a trend-follower, not a trendsetter.

    Andrew: No, obviously cool people say “good.” So…

    Laura: Aw, me and Eric aren’t cool.

    Eric: Guys… Hey guys, at the end of the book of Book 1, “The Man With Two Faces” when Harry is confronted by Quirrell and he says, “You?” and Quirrell smiled and says, “Me? I wondered whether I’d be meeting you here.” Harry says, “But I thought Snape…” and he goes “Severus. Oh yes, Severus seems the type, doesn’t he?” And then he goes on “So useful to have him swooping down like an overgrown bat. So, next to him who would expect p-p-oor stuttering Professor Quirrell?” But I think it really, that emphasizes too the fact that Snape really does seem like a bad guy, but really he’s just clouding the pool of potentials. I think that Quirrell really used that to emphasize how next to Snape, he could blend in with the good guys very easily. So, even though I think he’s distinguishing Snape as a good guy, what do you guys think?

    Ben: There’s a lot of deception going on in these books.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: [Yells] Constant Vigilance! Constant Vigilance!

    Eric: Thank you, Ben.

    Andrew: And like my solution is every week, we’ll just have Jo on the show and we won’t even have to have these podcasts anymore. [laughs]

    Eric: Not that she’d answer any of our questions, as said before.

    Andrew: Good thing Jo doesn’t update her site anymore because otherwise, we’d run out of stuff to talk about. [laughs]

    Kevin: I know.

    Laura: Yeah.

    [Eric and Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Well, well let’s get to the voicemails now.

    Voicemails – Why Didn’t Harry Kill Snape?

    [Audio]: Hi, I’m Catherina for Yano, Austria, and I really love your podcast. I have a question concerning Harry and Snape. In the sixth book when Harry was chasing Snape on the grounds of Hogwarts, why did he try the Cruciatus Curse and not the Avada Kedavra? For me, it would be clear that Harry would just kill him after all that he had done. Or is that Harry is not powerful enough to cast such a spell? Just tell me what you think. Thank you.

    Ben: The central theme of this book is the power Harry has that Voldemort knows not is love, and I don’t think, I think Harry has too much love in him be able to kill someone, as of right now. Eventually, he’s going to have to find a way to do it to Voldemort in Book 7 if he wants to defeat Voldemort. But the problem is right now, he doesn’t have, as Bellatrix told him in Book 5, “You have to really mean it, you have to really mean it to torture the person,” and right now he hasn’t developed enough hatred, he hasn’t practiced the spell really enough to actually torture the two people he’s tried it on. He tried it on Bellatrix in Book 5 and then Snape in Book 6. I think he would be capable of performing the death curse, but I don’t know if he really wanted to try it because he’s never really killed before and he’s a loving person.

    Kevin: You think he would use the death curse?

    Ben: Well, he’s going to have to.

    Kevin: Will he?

    Ben: Well, he’s going to have to find some way to kill Voldemort unless he uses one of the Top 100 Ways. I can see Jo borrowing one of them, borrowing from our contest winners.

    [Kevin and Eric laugh]

    Kevin: I just asked because it seemed as though Voldemort wasn’t hesitating to cast it at Dumbledore but Dumbledore was, you know what I mean?

    Eric: Yeah.

    Kevin: It seems as though there’s more to the death curse than we know, and there are better ways to do it as someone who’s…

    Ben: Yeah, maybe it’s similar to drinking unicorn blood because when you drink unicorn blood, you have that half-life, a cursed life, but then all the Aurors would be doomed too, so I don’t know. Dumbledore may have been hesitant to do it, but I think the reason he was hesitant was because the fact he knew that Harry had to be the one to do it and if he tried anything, that it wouldn’t work anyway. That Harry had to be the one to confront Voldemort in the end because of what the prophecy said.

    Eric: Yeah, I think Harry is a lover not a fighter. By that I also mean that…

    Ben: Ginny knows what you’re talking about.

    [All laugh]

    Eric: Yeah. He’s not a killer; he really, really isn’t. I think there are several other books series, including Narnia, which I just saw tonight, but I don’t want to talk about that because you guys are going to do that next week, but even in Narnia the hero is given a sword and he really doesn’t use it until he absolutely has to. He doesn’t just go wield it around and kill people for target practice, and I think Harry is definitely one of those people who doesn’t kill and it’s brought up.

    Ben: Right, but Harry has to make sure – to use the sword analogy – to keep his sword sharp, so to speak. So, he needs to practice the death curse, practice it on pixies or something so that he knows how to do it when it comes time for the final battle.

    Laura: Well, like you were saying, Bellatrix was telling him you really have to have enough hate in yourself to be able to cast an Unforgivable Curse, and I think Harry knows that. Also, I think part of the reason he didn’t use the Killing Curse is because in Book 5 when Sirius dies, Harry is described as wanting to track down Bellatrix and make her to feel the pain…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: Yeah.

    Laura: …that she has given Harry and I think Harry wanted Snape to feel the pain. I don’t think he wanted him to get a quick way out. He wanted him to suffer.

    Ben: That too.

    Eric: Like in court and trial. A lot of time. especially in Batman and X-Men, all the superheroes and stuff, they turn them over to the cops instead of killing them because that’s justice and they have this big emphasis on justice being done to them and death is the easy way out.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Eric: And I think one of the things bad guys definitely capitalize on is the term, the sentence, the phrase: “You should have killed me when you had the chance.” Because that’s just plain wrong. They shouldn’t have killed them. I believe Dumbledore says, Voldemort says that to Dumbledore, and the thing is that they’re drawing on… It’s love and they aren’t killing them, and then the bad guys make it seem like it’s the weak thing to do…

    Ben: When you think about it, Eric…

    Eric: …and it’s not.

    Ben: And this is sort of contradicting what I said a few minutes ago, but this just came to my mind is that when it comes down to it, we’re going to have to see some way to kill Voldemort other then using the Killing Curse because we saw in Book 4 what happens with Prior Incantatem.

    Kevin: Right.

    Ben: And it’d be a regurgitation of the previous spells that the wand committed. So, Harry’s going to have to find some other way.

    Kevin: Well, that’s only when you cast the spell at the same time.

    Ben: Right, but both of them have to be ready. I doubt… If you can block the spell, If you know you can block the spell by just throwing up Expelliarmus

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: …then that’s what Harry is going to do. To prevent himself from being killed.

    Kevin: That’s true.

    Eric: Yeah, I thought that was what pretty much what happens, it was emphasizing the connection between them and the fact that they had the same wand. So, and I think we answered this in a voicemail, like one of the earlier shows, about how Voldemort might want a new wand or something since theirs can’t work together. I think there will have to be another way for Harry to kill him.

    Ben: I don’t know. We’ll find out.

    Eric: I don’t know. What scares me, what scares me, even though this is SnapeCast, is how close Harry and Voldemort are even now.

    Kevin: Do you think so?

    Eric: But that’s for another show. I think they are incredibly alike. In every book they are alike.

    Kevin: Oh, okay, I thought you meant in strength. See, the whole problem I’ve been seeing is that – and it’s emphasized even by the point that Harry can’t really cast these high-level dark magic spells – is that he always seems to be a little too weak than the competition. And he always seems to just squeak by with his life, kind of thing.

    Eric: Oh, and we’ve said this on the earlier shows too. He’s pretty much screwed.

    Kevin: Yeah, exactly.

    Eric: We should really…

    Kevin: It seems like he has to do a lot of learning before he even attempts to face Voldemort because the last thing we want as fans is to see him kill Voldemort out of luck. [laughs] You know?

    Ben: I was actually reading a very interesting fan fiction story the other day in which Harry – he’s doing these studies about things and he gets some war guide, and he realizes it’s time for him to confront Voldemort, that he has to confront the enemy, because in the previous books, the confrontation has always been basically been set-up by Voldemort. Voldemort had the Portkey. Voldemort led Harry down into the little dungeon place with the Mirror of Erised. Voldemort led Harry to the Chamber of Secrets. Then we saw in Book 4… We saw in Book 5, Voldemort gave Harry the vision of Sirius being tortured and led him to the Department of Mysteries where there was a confrontation there.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: And…and Harry has to finally…he has to set it up this time around if he wants to have a shot at beating Voldemort. He has…it has to be on his terms.

    Kevin: He also has to hit the books. [laughs]

    Ben: Rather than…yeah. Rather than Voldemort actually, you know, setting it up again and then having the upper hand because he’s going to know the terrain, he’s going to know what’s going on and Harry will have to reverse the tides this time and…

    Eric: You know what guys? Unfortunately this wasn’t even really a high-emphasis Snape voicemail so we should talk about Snape. [laughs]

    Kevin: Okay. Well let’s move on to the next one.

    Voicemails – Snape’s Patronus: Spider or Bat?

    [Audio]: Hey guys, this is Mark from New York, great job with the show. You know, I honestly can’t think of a time when we have seen Professor Snape give a Patronus. So what do you think his Patronus would be? Also we’ve never seen that he’s an Animagus either. I mean – like everybody seems to be one, how come he isn’t? Or is he, and if he is, what animal do you think he’d transform into? Thanks guys.

    Eric: I think that if Snape had a Patronus, I think…well he does have a Patronus. I think if he did cast, it’d probably be a bat or a spider…same thing with Animagus. Um, focusing just on the tail end of this voicemail quick… I think that I like how they said that basically there is a lot of Animagi and everybody seems to be one. I really feel that it goes along, in hand with the Polyjuice Potion you know, everybody is using Polyjuice Potion and…and in Book 6 we saw you know, Crabbe and Goyle turning into girls with Polyjuice Potion, you know it just…and that’s how Barty Crouch’s mom bailed him out and you know it’s…things like these I guess have to be used more than once because it seems like…I don’t know. All I know is that yeah, I like that they really said pretty much everybody’s an Animagus and everybody’s using Polyjuice Potion, everybody’s doing it.

    Ben: Why couldn’t…?

    Eric: It’s…

    Ben: Why couldn’t Vold…?

    Eric: It’s a weak point but it’s also a…

    Ben: Why couldn’t Voldemort take the Polyjuice Potion and turn into Ron and then when Harry’s asleep, kill him? Or why couldn’t Voldemort, why couldn’t Harry use a Time-Turner and go back in time and kill Voldemort while he’s on the crapper?

    Eric: Yeah, certain plot…

    [Ben laughs]

    Eric: …points have been…certain plot points have been used again and again and again but I don’t know if I mind them. Snape’s Patronus I think, bat…bat or…or a spider.

    Kevin: I would say bat as well.

    Eric: Especially because…

    Laura: Yeah, I agree.

    Eric: What was happening with that whole vampire thing? She just stopped emphasizing that.

    Kevin: Well probably because she saw it was off-base. I mean, it doesn’t fit. He…the way he’s described, yes he could be taken as a vampire, but I don’t think she wanted the fans going in that direction with their theories about him. I mean, do you really think that he’s a vampire?

    Andrew: That would be just lame.

    Kevin: I think it would be, yeah.

    Eric: I think…

    Andrew: Do we know of any vampires?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Eric: She hasn’t really…

    Kevin: She’s never really emphasized them.

    Eric: No, what we know of…Yeah, what we know about vampires…

    Laura: It seems like she’s like mentioned them in passing before but no real details.

    Ben: For example, Quirrell met some in the Black Forest.

    Andrew: Oh yeah.

    Ben: That’s…those…

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: What book was that?

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Eric: Which was kind of like Snape and…

    Laura: So it almost, it almost sounds like the way she describes them there that they are kind of like centaurs in the fact that they would want to live…

    Ben: A beast. [Laughs]

    Laura: …in a specified, natural area.

    Andrew: Yeah, like the forest.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Laura: If that makes any sense.

    Andrew: For example.

    Eric: Yeah.

    Ben: It’s not the vampire like the Dracula type vampire, “I vant to suck your blood.”

    Andrew: You mean the one on the cereal box?

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: It’s not that type of…yeah.

    Eric: [Laughs] Count Chocula.

    Ben: Count Chocula.

    Eric: Andrew eats…

    Andrew: I love that guy.

    Eric: Andrew has Count Chocula…

    [Kevin laughs]

    Eric: …for breakfast. [laughs] I think, yeah, also the blood lollipops and things that were like catered to vampires, I think from what we know about…now Snape isn’t much of a human.

    Kevin: [Laughs] Isn’t much of a human!

    Eric: I don’t think he’s…

    Kevin: That’s a good way of saying it.

    Eric: He’s not much of a guy, but I think he’s more human than vampires.

    [Ben laughs]

    Eric: Yeah, he’s not a very humane man in the slightest, but I think he’s still a guy and still…still not a vampire. Guys, I have to go. Unfortunately.

    Andrew: So well I think…I think we wrapped up that voicemail anyway, right?

    Ben: Yeah.

    Eric: Yeah, so…so I’m going to… Can we announce that I’m going to go instead of cutting it out?

    Ben: I think we’ll just cut you out.

    Eric: And just not existing.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Kevin: We should just cut you out, yeah.

    Andrew: Eric, at 12:43 in the morning, has to go somewhere so… We’ll see you later, Eric.

    Kevin: Goodbye.

    Ben: Spielers unite.

    Eric: Goodbye.

    Laura: Adios.

    Spy on Spartz

    Andrew: Now moving along, it’s not another MuggleCast without Spy on Spartz. We’ve been doing this for every show since, what Episode 3?

    Ben: Something like that. However this one…

    Andrew: It’s been a while.

    Ben: …this one’s really goofy. I talked to Emerson, I talked to Emerson like yesterday night, last night and he told me that he went and had a massive snowball fight with everyone in the Notre Dame dorms.

    Andrew: No way.

    Ben: There was like a big snowball fight, a tackling snowball fight and they were running around and just knocking the, the snot out of each other and…and he said well, and his quad lost. Did you hear that? Emerson lost at something, guys!

    [Andrew and Kevin laugh]

    Laura: Oh my God!

    Ben: Can you believe it? And so…

    Laura: The Apocalypse has come.

    Ben: I know.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: It’s incredible, well someone…someone once told me that hell would freeze over the day Emerson lost at something and it looks like that day has come.

    [Andrew and Laura laugh]

    Ben: Okay. But, but back to how we’re spying on him. This week he is once again…he is at a snowball fight/football game on the North Quad. I don’t understand how it can be a snowball fight/football game at the same time. I don’t quite get how that works but…

    Andrew: I guess they’re throwing snowballs at each other while playing football.

    Ben: Yeah and then they…

    Andrew: Duh. Okay?

    Ben: They tackle each other, randomly tackle each other and…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah, enough said.

    Ben: So, let’s all be happy and…hopefully, hope they…I hope Emerson wins, wins this time.

    Andrew: Go North Quad. [Laughs]

    Ben: But also, the full and final thing about Notre Dame/Emerson. Notre Dame made it to BCS Bowl this year in college football. They rank No. 5 in the nation. They’re playing Ohio State in the Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl. So all of you, who plan on watching the game, go out and cheer on Ohio State.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Okay.

    The Las Vegas Minute

    Andrew: Thank you. Thank you, Ben. And now for our…one of our newest segments on the show. It actually is our newest segment on the show.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Andrew: The Las Vegas Minute where we spend exactly one minute talking about our trip to Las Vegas.

    Ben: Ready…go.

    Andrew: Okay, so…wow, Las Vegas. It’s still so far away.

    [Laura laughs]

    Kevin: Did you see how many people are signing up?

    Andrew: Yeah. A ton of people, thanks to us.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: Lumos owes us big time.

    Kevin: Yeah they do.

    Laura: We’re going to go gambling.

    Andrew: But you know what’s going to be interesting? How it’s going to be all these Harry Potter dorks in one single hotel.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Definitely.

    Andrew: In most part.

    Ben: No video cameras allowed.

    Laura: Is anyone afraid…

    Ben: No video cameras.

    Laura: …of anyone knowing what room they’re in?

    Andrew: What? Says who?

    Ben: I say no video cameras.

    [All laugh]

    Laura: I wonder why.

    Andrew: I don’t know why not. Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah, but…

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Yeah, that’s going to be really fun, I can’t wait for it.

    Andrew: So…

    Ben: Very sweet.

    Andrew: So Ben, me and you were talking this week. [Laughs]. It seems kind of stupid when you think about it, but you’re going to fly out to my house and then we’re going to hit the Jersey shore.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Ben: And then we’re going to be going…

    Andrew: Then we fly out to Vegas.

    Ben: Fly out to Vegas

    Andrew: How crazy is that?

    Ben: This concludes minute number two of the Las Vegas Minute…bye-bye. Okay, so that’s the Las Vegas Minute.

    Andrew: Ah, darn it.

    Ben: That was the…

    Andrew: I wanted to add something in.

    Ben: It’s getting quicker and quicker every week, guys.

    Andrew: But I can’t break the rules.

    Ben: We don’t…that’s not our fault.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: The minute…

    Andrew: I know.

    Ben: It’s a New York minute. It’s a Las Vegas minute, I don’t know. [laughs]

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Oh geez.

    Andrew: So on that note.

    Ben: No, we’re not leaving yet, we can’t leave yet.

    Andrew: Yeah, at least hang around for a little bit.


    Ben: Here’s, here’s, here’s my new segment.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Kevin: What, he’s…

    Ben: It’s called Bemma. Bemma Segment.

    [Kevin and Andrew laugh]

    Ben: Emma…if you hear this, Emma – if you’re Emma’s…

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: …if you’re Emma’s publicist, if you’re hearing this…please get her in touch with me.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Ben: Contact me. Ben at staff dot MuggleNet dot com.

    Andrew: Why? Why?

    Ben: [Sounds shocked] Why?

    Andrew: Why?

    Laura: And if you’re Emma’s publicist…

    Ben: [Still shocked] Why?

    Laura: Sink that ship as soon as you can. For Emma’s sake.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Awww, come on! It’s all right.

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: We know…

    Kevin: And a restraining order, I’m thinking restraining order.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Please don’t get a restraining order on me. Please.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Okay, so that concludes…

    Kevin: He doesn’t stalk you too much!

    Andrew: Ben would…

    Ben: That concludes Session Number One of Bemma, Bemma, Bemma, Bemma… [Fades out]

    Andrew: It’s going to be cancelled.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Oh, don’t cancel Bemma!

    Laura: Yeah.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: Maybe next week, we’ll see what, we’ll see how everything goes down.

    Andrew: Ahhh…

    Laura: It sounds like a really bad…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: …soap opera. [laughs]

    The Dueling Club: Harry vs. Draco

    Andrew: Now this week we’re going to premiere a new segment that we’re going to test out. I think it will be cool. It’ll…it’s a fun little game that…

    Ben: I came up with it, Ben came up with it.

    Andrew: You can also learn a lot from.

    Ben: Ben came up with it. [laughs]

    Andrew: Thanks, Ben. We’ll be calling this The Dueling Club.

    Ben: Woo!

    Andrew: Woo. The Dueling Club. The Dueling Club is where we gather to put two characters face-to-face and see who would win. This week we’re going to start off pretty basic. Harry Potter versus Draco Malfoy.

    Laura: Harry.

    Ben: And also send, go ahead and send in your two characters that you’d like to see duke it out.

    Andrew: To…

    Ben: To…select Ben from the contact form and enter the subject line: ‘Dueling Club.’ Okay, sounds good. Okay Laura, why do you…Laura, why do you say Harry?

    Laura: There is a direct example in Order of the Phoenix at the end, whenever Harry is basically taunting Draco about his father being in prison, and Draco goes to grab his wand long before Harry does, yet Harry still manages to get his wand out of his robes and pointing at Draco first. He’s faster than Draco, he’s smarter than Draco, and he’s had far more defense experience. Therefore, Harry would win a duel against Draco.

    Kevin: Yeah, I think so too.

    Ben: I don’t know. The thing is, is that Draco’s a pretty, a pretty salty guy, if you know what I’m saying. I think that…that if he, if it came down to it, he could put up quite a fight. But then again, what you’re saying, Harry…Harry survived quite a few incidents in his…in his lifetime.

    Laura: I think Draco’s better with planning. I don’t think Draco’s good with spontaneous activities.

    Kevin: Right.

    Laura: He’s more of a plotter.

    Ben: Right for, yeah for example if Harry was thrown into the situation with Draco, Harry probably could think on his feet better than Draco does so he’d probably win then. But if it came down to it where say, you know in Book 1 where they said, “Let’s meet in the Trophy Room.” Say that happened again now, and…Draco could use sort of a guerrilla warfare tactic where he ambushes Harry and basically sends Harry for a loop and…

    Laura: Yeah, but Harry would think about that in advance.

    Andrew: Yeah but think about Book 6. He practically had him. I mean…

    Ben: He outsmarted Harry… He outsmarted everyone.

    Andrew: Yeah, he outsmarted him.

    Laura: Mm-hmm.

    Andrew: I think he can…he can think that way. He’s good at…[laughs] at outsmarting. It’s obviously proven in Book 6 but I mean…

    Laura: He’s cunning. He’s cunning but I…

    Ben: For example, for example…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Really don’t think he’s quick on his feet.

    Ben: No I think…

    Kevin: I don’t think he is either.

    Ben: No, but hold on a second. Look to Book 6 where they’re on the train and Draco realizes Harry’s in the cart and he freezes him and then he…That scene like made me cringe because he stomps on his nose and the blood runs down his face.

    Laura: Yeah but again…

    Andrew: Yes.

    Laura: He had time to think on that.

    Kevin: It’s true.

    Laura: Because he saw Harry’s shoe whenever Harry was climbing up into the rack. So he had all that time that Harry was up there to think about what he was going to do to plan out how he was going to get back at him.

    Ben: Right, but that all, that all happened in a…in a matter of seconds and Draco was able to…

    Laura: No, no, no, no, no, Harry was laying up there for a long time while he listened in on their conversation.

    Kevin: Yeah, he was.

    Ben: That’s true, I guess. I don’t know. Andrew, do you have any thoughts?

    Kevin: Shot down.

    Andrew: Well I mean, if you want to be technical about it. [laughs] What are we defining as a duel? A planned out, already set…hey…

    Ben: Well how about we go about it like…

    Andrew: Hey, duel at 3 PM…flagpole.

    Ben: A western, a western-style you know, meet me outside at dawn.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Kevin: Okay, how about this-

    [Ben laughs]

    Kevin: Harry would win because only Voldemort can kill Harry. [Laughs]

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Oooh, good point, Kevin.

    Kevin: I know.

    Ben: Kevin wins on a technicality there.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: I don’t know. That…

    Andrew: That one’s up in the air for me.

    Ben: That one’s, that one’s…I agree. Okay.

    The Dueling Club: Harry and Hermione

    Andrew: Do you want to do another one real quick?

    Ben: Yeah let’s do another one, let’s do another one.

    Laura: That was fun.

    Ben: Hermione…Hermione and…

    Kevin: Emma Watson.

    Ben: No.

    Kevin: No, sorry.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: No, Hermione and Draco. Hermione and Draco.

    Andrew: I think it’s the same thing there.

    Kevin: I don’t think so.

    Laura: I don’t know.

    Kevin: I think to be honest I think Draco would, would win. Because Hermione doesn’t seem, well…she’s book smart but she doesn’t seem one to…

    Andrew: She’s not shrewd smart.

    Laura: Well the thing that holds me up there is…

    Ben: No, no but that’s…that’s completely untrue, look to the Department of Mysteries scene where Hermione was able to use a lot of wit and…

    Kevin: Yeah, think if she, if she were to win, it would be out of the knowledge, just out of knowledge of…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Yes.

    Andrew: But I mean – has she ever proven herself under Defense Against the Dark Arts? In a real situation?

    Ben: I don’t know but I think…

    Kevin: I don’t think she can handle one-on-one.

    Laura: The Department of Mysteries is a pretty real situation.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah, that’s definitely true.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Because…

    Laura: Well…

    Ben: She was able to fight pretty well for [laughs] being a teenage girl, you know.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Nothing against teenage girls.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: I love you all.

    Laura: Yeah, there’d better not be.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Laura: The reason that I’m leaning more towards Hermione on this one is a couple of years ago in an interview, someone asked J.K. Rowling if Harry and Hermione were to duel, who would win? And she said up until halfway through Book 3, it would have been Hermione. I think if at any point during Hermione’s life she’s strong enough to defeat Harry, then she’s probably strong enough to defeat Draco too.

    Ben: I don’t know about that because up until Book 3, who do you think would have won between Harry and Draco? See Harry, Harry sort of came into, came to the Hogwarts scene…

    Laura: I’ve obviously never seen Draco to be greatly talented. He’s not talentless. I just don’t see him as being an equal to Harry at all.

    Ben: That’s definitely true. But I don’t know, I think Draco, I think maybe we underestimate him a bit. Because for example, like we were saying, look to how he was able to handle…

    Laura: I don’t know – I think he could kick Ron’s butt.

    Ben: That’s true, he’d probably beat Ron. Ron’s sort of a…a sort of…he’s sort of a pushover, I think, I don’t know.

    Laura: I don’t think Ron’s a pushover.

    Ben: But look at the Department of Mysteries scene in Book 5 where [laughs] Ron basically…he turned into a blubbering idiot with that whole brain thing and I never would…

    Laura: Yeah but that was because he’d been hit with a curse earlier.

    Ben: Yeah, that’s true. Well people, send in your suggestions for this segment. Maybe we could evolve it into its own type of little game.

    Andrew: Yeah, I think what we should do is time it, like set it to like two minutes where we go back and forth about it.

    Ben: Yeah, for example it could be…

    Laura: Cross-fire.

    Ben: Yeah, like Cross-fire.

    Andrew: We can have some kind of space music in the background.

    Ben: Yeah, or like on ESPN there’s that show Pardon The Interruption where they spend like 30 seconds – I guess I’m the only one that’s ever watched ESPN, you Harry Potter dorks. But they spend 30 seconds…

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: …arguing about like a sport, a person…like Kobe Bryant or something. So…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: We can do that exact same thing. Oh and also guys, also…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: …one last thing to say, is we want a fresh new remix at the beginning of the show. Take some clips out of previous episodes, funny little sayings, maybe if you have Andrew’s “yeahs” and sync them together and make us, make us a new show intro. Right now we have the, what I like to say, the “cracked out Hedwig’s Theme.” Some of you, a lot of you like it. It’s sort of become our trademark. But…come up with something new and hopefully we can have it for Episode 20 and we can put it at the beginning and it can be…we’ll make sure…

    Andrew: Well Episode 20 is going to be Christmas, so…we’re going to do something Christmassy, I think.

    Ben: Well, then the next time we have a normal episode, we’ll, we’ll play it, so…

    Andrew: Okay.

    Ben: Come up…give us a new theme. Give us a new theme. That’s all I had to say.

    Show Close

    Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: Then Episode 1…oh I just had this great new idea. Not Episode 1! [Laughs] Episode 21. We should make our goal to be the first new Podcast of 2006.

    Ben: Let’s do it.

    Andrew: 12:01 AM.

    Laura: We should.

    Andrew: Bam! It’s up.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: Let’s do it. Because New Year’s Day is a…er…

    Ben: A Sunday?

    Andrew: A Sunday. Yeah, New Year’s Day is a Sunday. So it will be good timing.

    Ben: Let’s do it.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: It’ll be out an hour earlier.

    Laura: Mm-hmm.

    Ben: Oh and…

    Andrew: Okay.

    Ben: Yeah, so that’s pretty much it. When you guys are writing those song parodies again, write one about, and Emma and all that stuff, put one together.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Andrew: So on that note…I would be Andrew…er, oh…Andrew Sims.

    Kevin: What?

    Ben: And I am everyone’s favorite Kansan,

    Andrew: You know what?

    Ben: That’s what I’m going to start calling myself, I’m calling myself from now on.

    [Andrew and Laura laugh]

    Ben: Not even going to…let’s just say that’s my new name.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Kevin: And I’m Kevin…Steck. Like the hesitation?

    Andrew: Without dot coms?

    Laura: And with no special way of outro-ing myself, I’m Laura Thompson.

    Andrew: Awww.

    Kevin: Awww, you have to make…

    Andrew: Laura, you’re special because you’re the only girl on MuggleCast.

    Laura: Awww.

    Kevin: Except Ben.

    Andrew: I don’t know do you…do you want an extra girl on the show, Laura? Do you need a…do you need a…

    Laura: Do I seem like I’m having a hard time handling it with you?

    Ben: Get Emma Watson on here.

    Andrew: No.

    [Kevin and Laura laugh]

    Ben: No, no, no, I’ll do you one better. I’ll do you guys even one better. Get Andrew’s sister on the show. Come on!

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: She doesn’t…she doesn’t even finish…

    Laura: I feel so sorry for your sister.

    Andrew: She hasn’t even finished reading Book 6 yet so she’s not even…

    Ben: She’s coming on here.

    Andrew: Although…yeah, although…yeah my dad, my dad said it, he was like “You should put Becky on the show. I think she’d be really good. Blah blah blah blah blah.” I’m like “No.”

    Ben: Dude, me and your sister are going to have our first date on MuggleCast.

    Andrew: Okay.

    Kevin: Okay. [laughs]

    Laura: Oh my God.

    Andrew: I’m glad that I got this PowerBook.

    Laura: I feel so sorry for Andrew’s sister.

    Andrew: That wraps up Episode 19, Episode…wait a second. Have I been counting these wrong?

    Ben: This is Episode 19.

    Andrew: Episode 22 is the New Year’s.

    Kevin: This is 19.

    Andrew: No, but Episode 22 is New Year’s, I said Episode 21.

    Ben: Okay, sounds good.

    Andrew: But at any rate. Episode…we will see you next week for Episode 20 with a special Brit. Hopefully!


    [Soothing music begins playing]

    [Audio]: Well Jamie, since the MuggleNerds can be stupid and forgot to post your birthday, we decided that as fans, it was our duty to wish you one. [Lots of girls saying] Happy Birthday, Jamie!

    [Audio]: Hey MuggleCast! It’s Meredith again. And I’m her twin sister Courtney and we listen to y’all religiously from Kentucky. Just want to say we love the show and keep up the great work. And I have another message. It’s not to any MuggleCast guys, you know who you are. You rubbed it in my face that you got on MuggleCast after sending in just one voicemail. Well, I’d like to say this is my third time and if you combine this with Courtney’s first time we’ve been on a total of 4. [Andrew impersonation] “Yeah! Yeah!” No, I’m just kidding. So we’ll see y’all later. [together] See ya! Bye!

    [Audio]: Hello MuggleCast. Kelsey from Iowa here. I just wanted to send in a thank you because MuggleCast helped me out during a 13-hour car ride to Colorado with my family. I listened to MuggleCast for the majority of the ride. MuggleCast was my savior. Thank you!

    [Soothing music stops]


    Andrew: [laughs] Podcast contest? MC contest?

    Ben: How about we just make something?

    Eric: Let me rack my brain on this.

    Andrew: I’m trying to think. I want to…

    Eric: I thought of Spy on Spartz and that hit it off, so…

    Ben: No, you did not.

    Andrew: No, you didn’t.

    Ben: You’re just saying that. Don’t bull me.

    Eric: Oh no, you guys cannot…

    Andrew: No, you didn’t.

    Ben: You coined the phrase.

    Andrew: So anyway, we don’t need to worry about that right now.


    Andrew: How do you do that so often?

    Ben: [Laughs] Eric, it’s really funny. I have Eric’s name set as [bleeped out] on my Skype.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Ben: So it says “[bleeped out]. ”

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Sorry Eric, sorry Eric. You know I love you. It was just a joke and I left it there. Okay, ummm…

    Andrew: [Laughs] Oh, that’s going to be the Blooper.

    Ben: Yeah. [laughs]


    Written by: Micah, Jess, and Ally

    Episode 19

    On our December 11th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

    Snape: good or evil, bat or spider? Is JKR pulling a fast one on the fans by leaving clues INSIDE clues, or are we reading too much into it? The cast goes around the table with their opinions on Snape’s loyalty (or lack thereof) to both sides of the war. Kevin, Laura, and Eric look at His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass to premiere the book review segment, and we debate over which characters would win in a duel.

    All that and more with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, and Laura on this week’s exciting, nineteenth episode of MuggleCast!

    • Ben’s Top 10 List
    • Send us your MuggleCast Christmas Carols in order to win a copy of the GOF Soundtrack!
    • We are not responsible for any injuries that may result in our singing them.
    • Andrew is NOT humble.
    • This week’s character: Severus Snape
    • Possible foreshadowing in the Triwizard Tournament?
    • Andrew thinks Snape has an evil twin.
    • Snape’s Patronus: bat or spider?
    • Is he good, evil, or working for himself?
    • Why didn’t Harry use Avada Kedavra?
    • Is Snape a vampire?
    • Spy on Spartz
    • Las Vegas Minute
    • New segment: The Dueling Club!
    • Harry vs. Draco?
    • Hermione vs. Draco?
    • Next week’s character: Hermione Granger

    Send GOF soundtrack contest entries to

    Send song parodies to

    Send voicemail questions and comments to

    Download Now
    Running time: 1:07:23, 23.2 MB

    Transcript 018

    MuggleCast EP18 Transcript


    Ben [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast – Episode 18 for December 04th, 2005. This week’s show is sponsored in part by Get your own piece of the Internet and save money along the way. For a limited time, is offering a new domain name, transfers or renewals for just $1.99 with every new non-domain product you buy. Choose from hosting, website builders, email accounts and much more! Plus take an additional 10% off any order simply by entering “Muggle.” That’s M-U-G-G-L-E in your cart at check-out. So, visit and save big.

    Well, let’s get to this week’s show. Hey, everyone! We’re back this week again for another episode of MuggleCast. I’m Ben…

    Andrew: …Schoen. I’m Andrew…

    [Laura laughs]

    Kevin: …Sims. I’m Kevin…

    Laura: …Steck. I’m Laura…

    [Andrew and Laura laugh]

    Micah: …Thompson. I’m Micah… Somebody’s got to do it.

    Ben: …Tannenbaum.

    Micah: There we go.

    Ben: Wooo!

    Andrew: Wow!

    Kevin: Oh, that was interesting.

    Andrew: I had no idea we were capable of producing such as fine intro.

    Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah. Great job guys! Wow!

    Ben: That was just, that was unintentional.

    Kevin: It was.

    Ben: Okay.

    Kevin: Impromptu.

    Ben: Well, before we go any further, Micah, take it away.


    Sue: Hello, hello, hello from the House of Hufflepuff! Hello, Ben Schoen! Hello, Ben Schoen! Hello, Andrew Sims! Hello, everyone! Hi, Eric! Hi all!

    Okay, here we go. [clears throat] Hello, everyone! Sue Upton here with your Harry Potter news recap for you. Author JK Rowling has revealed in an upcoming radio interview that she intends to write another children’s novel when she finishes writing the Harry Potter series. This book would be aimed at younger children, and this is one of many things she is considering writing for in the future. You can hear this interview, which will be broadcast on Saturday, December 10th on BBC 4.

    Our favorite author has also written a foreword to a new book where she discusses her life in poverty and as a single mother in Edinburgh, as she struggled to make ends meet before she was discovered, as it were, and she found new fame and fortune with her Harry Potter novels. She writes very movingly about her life as a single mom, and how things were very difficult for her and her daughter in those early days.

    Turning to film news now, there are some high-resolution photos from the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot with the Trio of Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. You can also see a great video clip of Dan Radcliffe as he appears on Sunrise Program, where he talks about the “Bathroom Scene” and the filming in the movie. It’s very good. It’s very funny. So, be sure and check that out.

    Also, we learned that Lucius Malfoy has now made the Forbes Fictional 15 of the fifteen richest fictional characters. Draco’s dad comes in at No. 15 behind Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge. It’s a very funny article and you should be sure to read that one.

    Finally, in book news, we’ve learned the Japanese and Finnish Half-Blood Prince release dates for the books. The Japanese one will be out on May 16, 2006, and the Finnish edition of the book will be out on March 16, 2006. So, for all your news and information, please be sure to check out the website daily for all your Potter news and needs.

    Now…GO HUFFLEPUFF! No, just kidding. Now, on with the show. [laughs] Sorry, Ben. I couldn’t resist! [laughs]

    Okay, so for all your Potter news and needs be sure to check out the website, which is updated daily. And now, on with the show. How’s that for a proper end? But, GO HUFFLEPUFF! YAY! [laughs]

    Can’t resist. Okay, okay, okay. I’m done. Bye, bye, love you. [blows a kiss]

    Ben: Whoa, that didn’t sound quite like you, Micah.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Laura: Ummm.

    Ben: What’s going on here?

    Micah: Yeah, what was that?

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: I don’t know. So, let’s see…

    Ben: We were invaded by PotterCast.

    Andrew: But, probably, people have no idea what the joke is about that because nobody listens to PotterCast.

    Ben: Ohhh.

    Micah: Oooo.

    Ben: That was low.

    Kevin: Ohhh.

    Andrew: Slam!

    Kevin: That was a burn.

    [Kevin and Micah laugh]

    Andrew: So Micah, what happened there? You showed up on PotterCast last week for some reason, and then… It was funny because I was listening to PotterCast and I had no idea you’d done that with them. Melissa was on the show, Melissa was on the show and she was saying, “Oh no, oh no, oh no. The MuggleCast boys stole Sue.” And, I was like, “Eh, I didn’t know we stole Sue.” Then you showed up. Good job.

    Ben: Yeah. Well, actually…

    Andrew: That’s what? Your second appearance on there?

    Ben: Guys, I have a surprise…

    Micah: I appreciate it.

    Ben: I have a secret.

    Micah: I was in the holiday spirit and I figured they needed the ratings boost, so I figured what the heck?

    Andrew: Ohhh.

    Laura: Awww. That was so nice of you.

    Ben: Awww.

    Kevin: Yeah. That was nice of you, definitely.

    Ben: Micah, Micah, Micah. Guys, guys, guys, we have to be honest here. The truth is, I have to bail Micah- Micah out of jail last week…

    [Laura and Kevin laughs]

    Ben: …because he broke into the PotterCast studios, kidnapped Sue. Yeah, Micah’s in trouble. This is not looking good.

    [Micah laughs]

    Andrew: Well, thanks Sue for doing the News for us.

    Ben: Send your donations, send your donations to Micah Tannenbaum. Get him out of, get him off, get him off of such criminal charges.

    Okay. Well Andrew, do we have any announcements this week? I’m in the dark here.


    Andrew: Oh, Ben. It’s not a new episode of MuggleCast without a few announcements. We’re going to start keeping these announcement areas shorter because people are like, “Hey, it takes you forever to get to the actual Harry Potter content.” But, you know what? I don’t like Harry Potter. I like talking MuggleCast announcements. So…but, anyway… First of all, we’d like to make an announcement that we have been getting so many emails about birthday announcements because on one episode I wished two people a “Happy Birthday,” and we would love to announcement “Happy Birthdays” to people, but we literally got over 300 birthday wishes. And I actually started writing them down when we got the first 20 or 30 and then I said, “We can’t do this.” So, I’m sorry to everyone who has emailed. I wish all of you a “Happy Birthday!” That’s all I have to say. I’m sure we all do.

    Ben: Oh, sorry about that Andrew, but I am going to do a Birthday Announcement right now.

    [Andrew makes disgruntled noise]

    Ben: Happy Birthday to Marlese, who turns 17. She was one of the first people at the LIVE podcast. She showed up there at 8:30 in the morning. She was there before we were. So, this is probably the last Birthday Announcement you’ll hear on this show in a long time, but I just really had to say this because she’s one of our devoted fans who showed up that early in the morning, and she was the first one to greet us.

    Andrew: Yeah, she deserves it.

    Ben: So, Happy Birthday!!!

    Andrew: So, then, moving along, yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about catching up on the challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com stuff. We’ve been so busy with this podcasting, you know, in between having a life, it’s really hard to keep up with all your challenge entries. We appreciate them all. And, I have been looking at them all, and I will turn all the Halloween ones into a gallery. I still haven’t gotten that done. [laughing]

    Ben: Yeah, I’m telling you guys. Every week it just seems like the show is getting closer and closer. We just…I finish editing and then the next day we’re recording another one.

    Andrew: Yeah, practically.

    Ben: And it’s great fun, but these weeks just keep speeding up.

    Kevin: It’s true. Yeah.

    Andrew: I know.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: And then finally as promised, we finally have our demographic information. We actually got some cool stats. I am really happy how these turned out. Let’s just run through a couple real quick. These are the people who filled out the “Listener Survey” and told them a little bit about ourselves.

    Ben: Thank you. You can still do that by the way.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: You can still fill out the Listener Survey.

    Andrew: Yep.

    Ben: If you wish.

    Andrew: Yep. So, okay guys. Get this. Gender: 74% female, 26% male. A huge female majority.

    Laura: Wow, I am totally shocked.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Absolutely astounded by that.

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Andrew: Oh, I sense sarcasm there.

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: I don’t know. It’s pretty interesting. I sort of pictured that too. I mean that was basically the same percentile at the LIVE in New York City Podcast.

    Ben: Oh, and also, some of you who took the survey did “Listener Satisfaction” and you gave…

    Andrew: Oooh! And you gave us some great grades!

    Ben: …overall, overall our podcast was rated 8.87 out of 10, which is pretty remarkable. So, we’re pretty close to 9 out 10. Our highest rating was for, I believe it was for the hosts, we got 9.0…oh excuse me, “Overall Quality” was 9.12, but for the hosts we got a 9.09 rating. So, good job, guys!

    Kevin: Woohoo!

    Andrew: And the lowest, the lowest, ironically was website design. An 8.85. Hey guys, it’s cool.

    Ben: We’re working on that.

    Andrew: We’re working on something that’s going to fix that.

    Kevin: Ironically.

    Andrew: I’ll leave it at that. Wooo. Okay, and then another thing we found interesting, number of times listening to each podcast, 73% of you listen to it one time, but 20% of you listen to it two times, 3% of you listen to it three times, and 4% of you listen to it more than three times.

    Laura: That’s devotion!

    Ben: That’s pretty remarkable!

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Oh, and also…

    Kevin: That’s pretty crazy.

    Ben: And also most of you listen to the entire episode of the show. 88% listen to the entire episode, 10% listen to 75%, and 1% listen to at least half of it. So, this is really remarkable considering that it is an hour long and most of you are able to sit through what some people would consider a borefest.

    Andrew: Yeah, we love getting these stats. So, if you guys could continue filling out the survey, that would be great. A total of 4,060 people filled it out, which is a good response! I’m feeling it.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Ben: So, I’m hoping that you guys feel the same way about, “Well, who else is listening to the show,” and that type of stuff.

    Andrew: Yeah. I think so. Oh, and then the age range. 55% of you were under 18, 31% of you were in between the ages of 18-24, 13% of you were in the ages between 25-34, 4% of you were in the ages between 35-44, and 1% of you were in the ages between 45-54, which makes me wonder – what about the people older than 54? Because I know we have a couple of listeners older than 54.

    Ben: I guess they just didn’t fill it out.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Pretty cool.

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: Well, that was fun.

    Ben: Well, is there any other announcements that we have?

    Andrew: Yeah Kevin, you have a little announcement?

    Kevin: Ummm yes, it’s actually regarding the book reviews we promised to be doing.

    Andrew: Woo-hoo!

    Kevin: Laura and I will be reading a book by next episode, yes.

    Laura: Mm-hmm.

    Kevin: By popular demand, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass.

    Laura: Yay, I’m really excited.

    Kevin: And…

    Laura: Phillip Pullman.

    Kevin: Who is that by, Laura? Phillip Pullman. So, if you want to pick it up and…

    Laura: Brilliant, brilliant author.

    Kevin: Get a head start on us. Well we shall see, I haven’t read any of his work so. [laughs]

    Andrew: I’ve heard of that.

    Laura: Yep.

    Kevin: So yeah, next episode we will have the review.

    Ben: Oh and also Micah, are you here? Micah?

    Micah: I’m here. I’m still here.

    Ben: Okay. Micah don’t you have an update about the transcription position too, before we move on?

    Micah: Yeah, it has been filled.

    Andrew: Has it?

    Micah: I’d say about a hundred and…it has!

    [Andrew laughs]

    Micah: A hundred and fifty people or so sent in applications, so thanks to everyone who sent in. But Ally Pfohl is our new Transcription Assistant, I guess is the best way to put it.

    Andrew: Excellent.

    Laura: Okay.

    Micah: And she’s going to be working on…she actually worked on Episode 17 and did a good portion of it, so…

    Andrew: Great. Maybe we’ll get her on the show, too.

    Micah: She’s already doing a good job.

    Kevin: Awesome.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Micah: Actually, I have some very interesting things here. I’m just going to share real quick. There were two things that were really funny that came out when I got some emails for this position. And you know, because in the post thing, I said that you should be able to distinguish between people’s voices. That’s obviously something that’s important.

    Andrew: Mhm.

    Micah: And a lot of people emailed me back and they said, “Yeah you know, I’m really good at distinguishing between people’s voices.” And they were being very serious when they said this. “Particularly Laura and Jamie’s.”

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: Laura and Jamie’s, hmmm!

    Micah: I wonder why that is.

    Andrew: Girl American versus…

    Laura: I have no clue.

    Andrew: Boy British.

    [Micah laughs]

    The Return of Jamie Lawrence

    Ben: Oh speaking of Jamie by the way, people, everyone is wondering where Jamie is, and he will be back from December.

    Kevin: He dropped off the face of the earth.

    Ben: December 14th through about mid-January.

    Andrew: Well he…

    Ben: So, we’ll be able to have Jamie back on the show.

    Andrew: He…yeah, we’re not giving…

    Kevin: He said not to promise though.

    Andrew: Any guarantees.

    Kevin: He’s trying his best.

    Andrew: But, we know you all want him on, we keep getting emails. Frankly I’m a bit annoyed by them, of all the emails that we get asking for him back.

    [Micah laughs]

    Andrew: Ummm…so…

    Kevin: You should be asking for more Kevin, you know?

    [Andrew, Laura, Micah laugh]

    Ben: Actually we get emails asking for you to go away.

    [Andrew and Laura laugh]

    Kevin: Oh thanks a lot Ben.

    Andrew: Yeah. No but…

    Ben: I’ll cut that.

    Andrew: Yeah, but Jamie will be back. He misses doing the show, he really does.

    Micah: And…

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: College keeps him busy.

    Character Discussion: Molly Weasley

    Ben: Okay, well I think it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, about Ole Molly Weasley, right guys?

    Laura: Right.

    Ben: Oh I like your reaction.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Show me some real enthusiasm, geez!

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Okay, so…

    Andrew: Lay it on us.

    Ben: What do we know about Molly? Okay, go ahead.

    Andrew: A couple of facts we know about Molly Weasley. She is a pureblood. She has several children – Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and of course….Ginny. [said with hard “g” sound]

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: You mean Ginny.

    Andrew: As we like to call her around the…

    Laura: Ginny Whizzey.

    Andrew: …group here. Yeah, Ginny [hard “g” sound] Whizzey, Ginny whatever.

    Kevin: Ginny [with hard “g”].

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Andrew: The Weasley Family has the pet owl. Or the family owl, Errol.

    [Kevin laughs]

    Andrew: She did attend Hogwarts. Her first year was in 1961 and her House was Gryffindor.

    Ben: No surprise there.

    Andrew: Of course. The boggart…her…how do you pronounce it? Bogart?

    Laura: Bogart I think. Boggart?

    Ben: Boggart, boggart.

    Andrew: Her…

    Kevin: Boggart, is how I pronounce it.

    Andrew: Her boggart is her family all dead. We always hear about how she fears that the most. Her skills…

    Ben: Well actually, what’s…what’s really ironic about, about when you see her boggart, the one person who isn’t there is Ginny. Isn’t that weird?

    Andrew: Oh yeah….

    Laura: Hmmm.

    Ben: Ginny doesn’t show up in her boggart.

    Laura: Yeah, it was still…

    Kevin: Wasn’t it still…

    Laura: Yeah, it was still changing.

    Kevin: Wasn’t it still switching?

    Ben: I know but Harry was dead before Ginny, and…I don’t know! Hmmm, let’s see.

    Kevin: We’ll get to that in a few moments.

    Andrew: So, of course, those facts are brought to you by the [laughs]

    Ben: I assume that’s HP hyphen Lexicon dot org.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: And also Molly Weasley was particularly impressed by Gilderoy Rock…Gilderoy Lockhart. Bleurghlalala.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Say that five times fast. Yeah and she was a big Gilderoy…Gilderoy fan.

    Laura: Quite smitten with him.

    Ben: I’ll never say that word again. But…is she…

    Kevin: Well, I don’t think she is anymore.

    Laura: Eh, yeah.

    Ben: Oh yeah, but…

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Ben: And Molly is also a member of the Order Of The Phoenix. And I think that’s basically all the information that we, that’s pertinent about Molly. She has red hair, in case you didn’t know.

    Kevin: Really? [laughs]

    Ben: Oh and her birthday is October 30th.

    Andrew: So, here’s the typical riddle question. What would her “Paytronus” be?

    Ben: Her Patronus [pronounces it correctly].

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: [laughs] So here’s the typical question, what would her Patronus be?

    Laura: Hmmm.

    Ben: I really don’t know. That is a really good question though.

    Kevin: That’s a good question. I don’t think we have enough information about her to really formulate, you know…

    Laura: It would be something motherly.

    Kevin: …what it would be.

    Laura: Something motherly, definitely.

    Kevin: It would be, yeah.

    Ben: Yeah, it would be a koala bear or a kangaroo.

    Laura: A koala bear?

    Kevin: A koala bear [laughs]

    Laura: Koala bears are mean!

    Ben: Yeah, a koala bear.

    Kevin: Why did you…

    Ben: What about a kangaroo though? A kangaroo carries around…

    [Laura laughs]

    Kevin: [laughs] A kangaroo!

    Ben: …babies in the pouch and stuff.

    Micah: How about just a bear?

    [Laura laughs]

    Kevin: A bear?

    Ben: Bears are mean, Micah.

    Kevin: Oh that could…

    Laura: Mmmm.

    Kevin: Possibly a bear, that’s not bad.

    Andrew: How about a fluffy pink bunny?

    Laura: [laughs] No, that’s Mr Weasley.

    Kevin: I don’t think…

    Andrew: Ha!

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Okay. Well…

    Andrew: No, Mr. Weasley’s definitely a rubber duck.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Yeah. Okay.

    Kevin: A rubber duck!

    Ben: Do you guys want to go to the voicemails now?

    [All laugh]

    Andrew: No, we’ve got to have some discussion.

    Laura: I think we have more questions. There’s more questions.

    Kevin: Yes.

    Ben: Well what is there, what is there to talk about Molly Weasley?

    Laura: No, there are more questions that we had sent in, weren’t there? Yeah, there are more.

    Kevin: There are.

    Ben: Oh, they were sent to us.

    Andrew: Oh here, Laura posted these ones, I’m sorry.

    Kevin: Yes, yes.

    Ben: Which side are the Weasleys on? That’s staring you right in the face. It’s pretty obvious that Molly Weasley is a member of The Order of the Phoenix. She’s Dumbledore’s Woman through and through. That’s what I think.

    Andrew: For sure.

    Laura: Uh…

    Molly’s Role in the Order

    Kevin: What? Now, now this is a good question. What is her specific job within the Order?

    Laura: Hmmm.

    Ben: That is a really good question.

    Andrew: Keeping the house clean. Seriously. Definitely. I mean…

    Ben: I don’t know, maybe we underestimate her real…her position. Maybe we think, “Well, she couldn’t help out that much,” but…I don’t know, she could be sort of a powerful wizard…

    Laura: Well, I think she does a lot of manning the Headquarters and such.

    Ben: Witch…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Kevin: Yeah, I think she’s like a protector.

    Laura: Yeah, basically.

    Kevin: Especially for…I know that a lot of people comment on her as a protector of Harry.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: Because she, she is always there for Harry and she’s the one who actually allows him to stay at the house, you know?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Kevin: It seems like it’s her authority to let him stay and not Arthur’s, you know?

    Ben: Right.

    Kevin: I’m sure they discuss it but it seems like she’s the runner of the house, isn’t it?

    Laura: Yeah, definitely.

    Ben: Yeah, and what she says goes.

    Andrew: Yeah, I look forward to seeing her reaction to finding out the truth about Snape.

    Laura: Yeah, me too.

    Andrew: And hearing her talk to Harry for the first time. Hopefully, she’ll make a good appearance in HP 7.

    Kevin: But…do you think she’s going to play a major role?

    Andrew: No, just a side role, like…

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: One of the bystander roles.

    Micah: Wait, wasn’t she there? Wasn’t she there?

    Andrew: Where?

    Micah: After it all happened?

    Andrew: Oh at the funeral?

    Micah: In the hospital wing…

    Andrew: Oh, I’m not…

    Laura: Yes she was, she was there in the hospital, but we didn’t really…yeah, I mean she was…

    Kevin: Get a reaction.

    Laura: You know, she was…

    Micah: Okay.

    Laura: …upset, but no one’s really…we haven’t really seen too many of the characters’ reactions to it, really. There’s been no discussion between Harry and a lot of the other characters concerning Snape’s betrayal. Or you know, that is a topic of much debate, but…

    Ben: Oh yeah! We should do a show about that by the way.

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Have you guys done Snape yet?

    Laura: No.

    Micah: No.

    Kevin: No, we haven’t. We’ve discussed him a lot in…

    Ben: Next week’s Snape.

    Kevin: Okay.

    Ben: I’m saying that now.

    Kevin: Snape it is.

    Ben: Well, now that we’ve sort of hashed out who Molly Weasley is, what her role is in the series, let’s hear what questions you guys had.

    Voicemails – Molly’s Job Status and Financial Situation

    [Audio]: Yo dudes, this is Izzie from Oz and I would like to know in the book, Sorcerer’s Stone, there was a woman in Diagon Alley who Harry hears outside the Apothecary. She’s all like, “Seventeen Sickles an ounce, they’re mad!” raving about something on sale there. Now, not only is this strange because seventeen Sickles are a Galleon, but I believe this person is described like Molly Weasley, only Harry doesn’t know her yet. I think that the reason whoever said this “Seventeen Sickles” was because it sounds like a lot more money than a Galleon. And if you can’t afford a Galleon then that’s pretty bad. Also, how do you think the Weasleys can afford all their stuff? Do they, I mean they have things like the Flying Car and their house really isn’t that bad. How much do you think Arthur’s job pays, and is Molly Weasley really unemployed? Thanks!

    Laura: I really don’t think it was her, just because it didn’t sound like her talking, from what I remember of the quote.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Laura: It just didn’t sound like Molly. I think she said something like “Seventeen Sickles” for however much of whatever it is she was buying and she was like, “They’re mad!” or something like that, and it just didn’t sound like…

    Ben: Right, but the thing is, is that, the context that we’ve seen Mrs Weasley in, in the books, has been when she’s around Harry, when she’s trying to act like a mother.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: That’s true.

    Ben: And even though she may be acting, she may have seemed like the real Molly Weasley come out. I mean, not the non-motherly type, the one who’s just personally frustrated because, you know, she says, “‘That’s insane’ because they don’t have that much money.” So, it could be…

    Laura: Yeah, but again, they’ve always been kind of…I wouldn’t say secret, but they don’t discuss their financial situation in public.

    Micah: Yeah, but they do always say, you know, I don’t know if it’s just the movies or if it’s in the books too, but she always seems like she will always get by, no matter what the financial situation is.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Micah: Like when they have to go to Diagon Alley to get all their supplies.

    Laura: Really the only person that I’ve heard, that I remember talking about the Weasleys’ financial situation is Ron and it’s always when he’s complaining, like “I hate being poor.”

    Kevin: Yep.

    Laura: I don’t really…

    Ben: Well, no actually, actually, if you look to what Mrs. Weasley has said before how, “We had to get your robes hand-me-down.”

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Like in Goblet of Fire

    Laura: But that’s…

    Ben: When he got the…

    Kevin: She mentions…

    Ben: His dress robes.

    Kevin: Yeah, she mentions it in passing but she never really you know, comes out and says, “We’re poor.”

    Laura: Yeah. I just couldn’t really see her…

    Ben: I think the reason that they don’t have very much…

    Laura: I don’t know, I just couldn’t see her standing there, talking about anything that would allude to…

    Kevin: I don’t see her being aggressive at all towards anyone.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: You know what I mean? About money.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: Well…

    Kevin: So, to be honest, I don’t think it was her.

    Ben: Well what about the rest of the question though?

    Kevin: Well…

    Ben: Is she unemployed? I’m guessing…

    Laura: Well, I think so.

    Kevin: I would say she’s a housewife.

    Laura: Yeah, and didn’t…

    Kevin: That’s what I’d say.

    Laura: Didn’t Jo say on her site somewhere that she taught the kids before they went to Hogwarts? I seem to remember that she was teaching her children, so…

    Kevin: Yes, yes.

    Andrew: Well, that’s almost like a housewife, kind of job.

    Laura: Yeah, I mean, but when you’re, you know when you’re home-schooling your kids, you don’t really have time for a job so…I doubt that she is employed.

    Ben: And also…

    Andrew: Laura knows all about home-schooling.

    Ben: Yeah, and also I think that the Weasleys…

    Laura: Yes, Laura does.

    Ben: [laughs] The Weasleys, the Weasleys would have a lot more money say if they only had two kids rather than having as many as they do. Because Arthur, he works for the Ministry as like a Government position.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Ben: And you’d think that that would pay pretty decently.

    Laura: Yeah but he works, he works in the Muggle Department

    Ben: And the problem is, is that he has all these older kids he has to support, and…

    Laura: And we know how Fudge feels about Muggles.

    Ben: Yeah, I see what you’re saying but…

    Kevin: Yeah, but…

    Ben: At the same time…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Laura: I could, no I could seriously see…

    Ben: Okay.

    Laura: Cornelius Fudge jacking Arthur’s pay because a) he’s not a fan of Muggles and b) he knows that Arthur loves Muggles. So, I could totally see him giving him a raw deal. I really could.

    Ben: But, we don’t know if it’s Fudge who decides the salaries. I’m sure there’s a type of panel, you know?

    Laura: I’m sure he has input.

    Ben: You know, you know…okay. But it’s not like the President. It’s not…the President of the United States doesn’t decide how much money the members of his cabinet make.

    Laura: No.

    Ben: You see. Those are set by a sort of Parliament maybe, the Wizengamot or whatever, but I’m just saying that even just because he doesn’t like…

    Laura: Yes but he has influences on…

    Ben: …Muggles.

    Laura: …Those who determine…

    Kevin: Who set that pay.

    Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

    Kevin: Yeah. But at the same time, I don’t think that even if he did make a decent salary that he would still be in any better…

    Laura: I think they’d still be…

    Kevin: …situation money-wise.

    Laura: …they’d still be pretty tight.

    Kevin: They have so many children that…exactly.

    Ben: There’s so many expenses that they just have to be able to find a way to pay for everything. And look at their house, it’s…it had to be magically expanded, it wouldn’t hold together if it was a normal house like the houses we live in. So…

    Kevin: Yep. And I mean, all the stuff that…that the Weasleys have, if you notice, have been, has been repaired.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: You know, like the car that Mr. Weasley has, has been fixed up by him and modified.

    Ben: Right.

    Kevin: So, I mean you can go to any junkyard and get a car that won’t drive, but you can fix it up. So, I don’t think that determines their money.

    Andrew: But…

    Kevin: You know, how much they’re making.

    Andrew: Getting back to Molly Weasley’s professional profession. I just think that she hasn’t had the time to invest into anything. Because don’t you think they would want more money?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: So Molly’s wanted to…you know, but she’s been held up with the kids and then…

    Laura: Now the Order.

    Andrew: Ginny got out but then…yeah, right.

    Laura: Now she’s got the Order.

    Andrew: Right, so there’s been no time.

    Kevin: Right.

    Andrew: You know, and then when you think about it, you know, Aunt Petunia, Malfoy’s mother, they…we haven’t really heard of jobs from them either. Like, what other women are there that Jo, JK Rowling has described jobs for them?

    Kevin: Ummm…Malfoy…

    Ben: Right, but in the end.

    Kevin: Narcissa.

    Ben: But in the end, what you need to realize with this is that the Weasleys are a family that it’s more than money that matters.

    Laura: Exactly.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Ben: So, when it comes down to it…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: It doesn’t really matter how much money they’re making and it’s sort of the model family that you, that everyone wants to be a part of.

    Kevin: And I sometime…I recall JK Rowling saying something about that. She was trying, I believe in an interview she said that she was trying to portray that type of character where material things really don’t matter.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah, but the entire family really isn’t materialistic at all.

    Laura: No.

    Andrew: Ah, that’s a sweet…

    Kevin: Okay.

    Ben: Izzie, Izzie I hope, Izzie I hope that answers your question. Next…next voicemail.

    Kevin: Next one.

    Voicemails – Why Join The Order?

    [Audio]: Hey guys, this is Mark from New York. Great job with the show. I was just wondering what you guys thought got Molly Weasley and I guess Arthur too, into the Order of the Phoenix. I mean I know they say at one point that they’re blood-traitors because they are pureblood and on Dumbledore’s side, but that doesn’t just mean you’re in the Order. What got them into it?

    Kevin: Well, this is what I think. Dumbledore constructed the Order himself, meaning he…he put people in that position. And what better people to put in the position than the people that he knew and taught. You know, he…I’m sure he had an impression of who the Weasleys were before he brought them into the Order and I believe that he selected from the talented witches and wizards that were in his opinion good people.

    Ben: That, Kevin…

    Kevin: And I believe that’s how…

    Ben: That’s definitely true too.

    Laura: Yeah, but…

    Ben: But, another thing would be is that he may have, you know, sort of it may have been an open invitation. They’ve known Dumbledore for quite a long time and they wanted to help out because you’re either with Voldemort or you’re against him.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Ben: It’s not, it’s not the situation where it’s…

    Laura: Well.

    Ben: “Well, I’m sort of lukewarm about him,” and it’s either it’s hot or cold, you know? And they decided to join the Order because they felt it was the right thing to do.

    Laura: Well, also there are a couple of points. They weren’t in the Order the first time. We don’t really know why yet. Also, I think a big reason, especially for Molly to join the Order is that her brothers were killed in the First War.

    Kevin: That’s true.

    Laura: And she probably, she wants to avenge them.

    Kevin: Also…also Mr. Weasley works at the Department of Ministries.

    Laura: Yes.

    Kevin: So that’s also a strategic position for the Order. So…

    Micah: Well, also Harry too, I mean, perhaps Dumbledore thought to give them some sort of…I guess even protection. Maybe he felt that they were susceptible to an attack.

    Laura: And they are.

    Micah: And putting them in…yeah, putting them in the Order is a way to kind of protect them and keep them safe.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Ben: Definitely agree.

    Andrew: Arthur is…

    Ben: Thanks for your…

    Andrew: Arthur is definitely the inside source for everything.

    Kevin: He is, yeah. He’s that guy who sits in the corner and watches what’s going on.

    Laura: And gets attacked by snakes while he’s doing it.

    Ben: He’s definitely kind of inconspicuous.

    Kevin: Yes.

    Ben: Who thinks that the person, the Head of the Muggle…Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office is going to be spying on you, you know? Everyone probably thinks he’s a lamer.

    [All laugh]

    Kevin: And…yeah! [laughs]

    Ben: It turns out that he’s a double agent, you know?

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: That’s how it works.

    Andrew: Yep.

    Micah: Dude, he works with toasters.

    [All laugh]

    Ben: Yeah.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Thanks for your question, Mark, but we’ve got to move on.

    Voicemail – Over-protective Much?

    [Audio]: Hi guys, this is Natalie from Stoke-On-Trent in the UK. I’d just like to say first of all that I absolutely love the show! My question is, do you think that Mrs. Weasley was slightly over-protective of Harry in Order of the Phoenix. I mean at the end of the day, he’s not her son and whilst she rightly feels very protective of him, she should really accept that she can’t really boss him around like she does with her sons. And also, did you find her comment to Sirius about not being able to look out for Harry uncharacteristic? Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    Ben: Absolutely not. I just feel that she realized that Sirius was sort of overstepping his bounds to an extent, where he was starting to treat Harry more like…more like a brother-type, a brotherly-type rather than being his godfather, and Mrs. Weasley recognized this and basically tried to put a stop to it before it went to far, and before they were running out all night in their Animagi, with Sirius in his Animagus form and…[laughs] So, I really think that she wasn’t being overprotective, that it was to the extent where she realizes Harry is a teenager, she realizes that he’s not, that’s he not a grown adult. But at the same time, I do understand that Harry has been through a lot, and he deserved to know what was going on. But in terms of Sirius, I really don’t think it was too overprotective.

    Kevin: I also think that one of the reasons why Mrs. Weasley is so protective is that Dumbledore allows Harry to go there and he does that under the condition that he will be looked after and cared for.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: So it’s…it’s entirely her responsibility. Maybe she’s not her, maybe she’s not Harry’s mother but in this case she acting as it.

    Laura: She’s the closest…

    Kevin: She’s the guardian of Harry.

    Laura: …thing he has to a mother.

    Kevin: Exactly. And I mean, just imagine if something happened to Harry under Mrs. Weasley’s nose.

    Laura: Also…

    Kevin: You know, like…

    Laura: …I really think that there are points where I do feel she is over-protective of Harry, especially when he was asking what was going on with Voldemort. I think Harry had every right to know. However, that does make a lot of sense, what you said, Kevin, with her feeling that he, he is her responsibility in a lot of ways and it is understandable that she is overprotective at points. But I don’t think that Sirius was totally incompetent.

    Micah: Yeah but, I mean I agree with Ben. Like, based on Sirius’ previous activity, it shows that he’s kind of an irrational thinker.

    Laura: He definitely is.

    Micah: And…

    Kevin: Oh yeah, definitely.

    Laura: But I don’t think that he was…

    Kevin: And he’s rash.

    Laura: Totally inept.

    Micah: Yeah but Molly is already a mother, I mean she has all these children so I think it’s…

    Laura: And I think…sorry! [laughs]

    Micah: And basically all of what you guys are saying, it was a natural…no, no it’s all right. It was a natural kind of reaction to feel the way she does for Harry.

    Laura: I think…

    Kevin: And I don’t think that she meant it as…as almost a serious comment, she meant it as a threat kind of thing. It was…I think she intended it to be a wake-up call to him.

    Laura: Mhm.

    Kevin: You know what I mean?

    Laura: I also think there’s…

    Kevin: From what she was observing.

    Laura: …a little bit of rivalry going on there. I mean, here she’d been sort of Harry’s mother figure since he was eleven and then all of a sudden Sirius comes along, and I think she feels like he took it away from her, in a way. So, there could be a little bit of that going on.

    Ben: Okay, well I think we’ve pretty much discussed Molly Weasley. For those of you who want to hear about other stuff, well this is…this part of the show is for you. Okay Kevin. Roll the first non-Molly Weasley voicemail. [laughs]

    Voicemails – Columbus’ Return?

    [Audio]: Hey, MuggleCast! It’s Meredith and I had a question about what you thought about Chris Columbus. He said that he wouldn’t mind coming back to direct like the sixth or the seventh movie, so I was wondering if you think that would be good for the Harry Potter movies. Especially after a movie he just finished, Rent, and from what I gathered, like I thought the movie was amazing, but from other kids at my school, it seemed to be one of the movies that you either absolutely loved or absolutely hated. So I was just curious, so thanks for your time and hooday and peace out.

    Ben: Well, thanks, Meredith, for your question. Chris Columbus, I thought he did a really good job with the first two movies because we’ve talked about this in past shows, where he basically had to set the foundation for the entire series and he had to include as much as possible, because we see the books start to balloon out and things start getting cut. The first two movies are probably the most true to the book and the most true to the characters, and even though some people don’t think they’re very good movies because the Trio’s still basically coming into their own, learning better acting skills, and things of that sort. I think if he was going to come back for Movie 6 and 7, he would see what the other directors have done with the series and compare what he did and make the adjustments based off that, and perhaps make a better movie, something that no one would actually expect from him.

    Kevin: Well, I think that he would be an excellent director for the seventh movie, and the reason being is that, as you’ve said before, the Harry Potter movies have moved off from a lot of content base and have moved to being an artistic movie where it doesn’t necessarily follow the plot of Harry Potter to the T, like, the original two movies, and I think that what better director to finish off the series then someone who’s going to wrap up all of the loose ends that have been formed by the other directors. Although it may not be as good of a movie for those who are just coming in to the series, it’s going to be the final closure for those who are fans of the series.

    Andrew: Yeah, okay, I don’t think he should come back to direct anymore of the films. Sorry to anyone who has felt that way, because you compare the first two movies to movies three and four, and there is such a difference in the way that it was presented. I think that Chris would want to turn it back into the way he had them, because that’s the way he does his films and that’s the way he does his Harry Potter films. He’s done two, so we can say that. I mean, if we brought him back, I just think it would just be taking a step back.

    Laura: I agree. I agree.

    Ben: I don’t know about that.

    Kevin: I don’t know.

    Ben: Let me hear your defense, Melissa. I mean – not Melissa.

    Kevin: Oh jeez. [laughs]

    Laura: Oh, now I’m Melissa. Ok.

    Ben: Laura.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Laura: No, the reason I wouldn’t want to see Chris Columbus come back is because he tends to direct much lighter films…

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Laura: And I don’t think that Movie 6 and 7 need to be light. I really feel…

    Ben: What about…

    Andrew: Like I said, it’s…

    Ben: Hold on a second. What about David Yates? David Yates never has even directed a movie.

    Laura: Hey, I’m apprehensive about that.

    Ben: He’s only made for TV stuff.

    Andrew: Yeah, whoever said we were confident about that?

    Laura: Yeah [laughs].

    Kevin: Yeah [laughs].

    Ben: My flawed assumption there, sorry.

    [Laura laughs]

    Andrew: Yeah, well you don’t know what to expect and once they start filming in February, then we’re going to start to see pictures, we’ll see where they’re filming.

    Laura: Yeah. Honestly, this is just me, but I’ve never found Chris Columbus to be terribly creative. That’s just my perception. I’m not saying that everyone should feel like that but…

    Andrew: Well, I mean, but…

    Ben: Well, the first two films look what he was given to work with.

    Andrew: Yeah, he wasn’t given anything.

    Ben: There wasn’t much to be creative with.

    Kevin: Exactly.

    Laura: No, he wasn’t given good materials to work with per-se.

    Andrew: Well, you got to give him credit for starting the whole thing out and making it a pretty good show.

    Laura: I do, I do.

    Kevin: But what I’m afraid of is that the director that they are going to choose for 7, is going to be a director much like Alfonso, who focuses more on the artistic-ness of the movie.

    Laura: Well, I think Alfonso…

    Kevin: And we’ve read the story so people are like, “This is very disappointing.”

    Laura: I think Alfonso focused more on the tone.

    Ben: You are one of the three people that thought that.

    Laura: I think he focused more way more on the tone of the story really, and in a lot of respects, I think that focusing on the tone and being true to that is a lot more important then getting every detail from the story.

    Kevin: Yeah, but at the same time, if you leave out too much, you’re letting the people you have followed you through…

    Laura: Totally, I agree.

    Ben: I got an email from someone from Universal Studios this week and they told me that they had been listening to the Podcast quite a bit and they said, “From the moving-making perspective, that it’s not really, when you’re changing a book to a movie, it’s not really your job to basically include every detail. It’s your job to convey the idea,” which I agree the directors to this point have conveyed the idea of the movie of what it’s suppose to be about. The first movie, all these movies sort of contained the same central theme but had different twists on it and thing of that sort, and I think throughout the entire series so far, all the movies, all four of them have done a very good job. Each director has put their own little twist on it and put their own little, basically made it their own world and they’ve done good jobs. I don’t see what problems you guys have with it until you get down to overanalyzing it and I know there’s no such thing as overanalyzing but go on.

    Kevin: I think I’m just a typical Harry Potter fan who fears that the series will be destroyed by some crazy director.

    Ben: Right, see, you haven’t even seen…

    Laura: See, and I think the movies are intended for the fans, really, and I think that they expect that you are walking into the theater knowing the story. I think that’s the reason behind so many…

    Ben: That’s not necessarily true…

    Kevin: But that’s wha…

    Ben: Warner Bros. wouldn’t make a movie if that was the case. I know making movies, it’s meant to satisfy the fans and it’s meant satisfy the average person. If the average person in the street wants to go out and see a Harry Potter movie or see a movie, that’s plain, they aren’t exactly going to know Harry Potter walking into the theater.

    Laura: Yeah, but they are depending on the fact that there are so many Harry Potter fans.

    Kevin: Speaking of which, guys, there was actually an article in my school newspaper regarding Goblet of Fire, and the last paragraph did pretty well to sum it up. I quote, who is this, I quote Ted Blake…

    Andrew: Yo, Ted.

    Kevin: “Though the-” yes. “Though the movie is still a must-see for fans of Harry Potter book series, Muggles unfamiliar with Hogwarts, house-elves, or Hermione, should bring along a Rowling fan to talk them through the plot.”

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah, you’d go into it confused.

    Kevin: Exactly.

    Laura: Oh, I took someone who is a complete Harry Potter virgin, apart from the fact that she’s seen the first three films. She’s never picked up any of the books in her life and she was so confused by Goblet of Fire. She walked out and she was like, “What did we just see?”

    Andrew: And I remember my friend. I took a friend to see Prisoner of Azkaban and it was the same thing. He didn’t like the film because he was like “Uh, okay. He flew off on a broom and crashed into the screen and [Laura laughs] that’s all I can remember.”

    [Micah laughs]

    Kevin: And that is very similar to what Laura’s saying with – it’s for the fans. The movies up until now have been very fan-based where a person who hasn’t read the series ends up being confused by the movie.

    Andrew: I don’t think that WB thinks about the fans first. I think they think about making it appeal to as many people as possible.

    Kevin: Yeah but, think of how many millions read…

    Laura: Exactly.

    Kevin: The books. I mean, you can’t ignore the fans, especially in Harry Potter.

    Andrew: No, but here‘s the thing, you put Harry Potter in the front of a title of a film and every fan is going to go see it. Warner Bros. automatically knows that, but then you also want to get the people who aren’t the fans to go and see the movie. So, they’re trying to appeal to them first because they know these fans are going to go see it because it says Harry Potter.

    Laura: Well, that’s why – I mean come on. Look at the promotional pictures. Look how they make the characters look. They are trying to appeal to people who are not fans by making them look, I guess you could say…

    Andrew: Cool.

    Laura: Prettier, better-looking then they really are in the books.

    Andrew: Alfonso started that.

    Ben: Look at Hermione. For example, Emma Watson isn’t what Hermione really looks like…

    Laura: No, no.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Because she’s hot. Emma Watson’s hot. I love Emma Watson.

    Laura: I get personally annoyed because in all of the promotional ads she looks like a model.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: And Hermione is not a model. But see…

    Andrew: But you know, perfect example: Ben Schoen. How many times has he seen the movie?

    Laura: Yeah, they are trying to get people by…

    Andrew: 83 times.

    [Ben Laughs]

    Laura: They are getting the Ben Schoens of the world to go “Wow, that girl’s hot. I’m going to see this movie now.”

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: That’s what they’re doing. [laughs] At least you admit it.

    Andrew: You went to see the film 83 times right?

    Ben: Well not only that, I have about every Emma Watson picture ever in creation downloaded on my hard drive.

    [Andrew, Laura, and Kevin laugh]

    Ben: And I’m not a creepy stalker.

    [Andrew laughs]

    Laura: Yeah, right.

    Andrew: Seriously Ben…

    Kevin: Right Ben.

    Andrew: Yeah well, I just think Warner Bros. is trying to appeal to the mass audience before they appeal to the fans because…

    Kevin: But have they accomplished that, yet?

    Andrew: I think the…I don’t know. Well, I think the reviews are pretty good, and most of the critics aren’t die-hard Harry Potter fans, so I don’t know. And then they also consider money and time, and you know.

    Kevin: Well, in the end, at least I think that he would be a good director for the seventh movie, but it might not be the best movie but I trust him to include all the information.

    Micah: So, you want to see him come full circle, from the first to the last movie?

    Kevin: Right, right.

    Andrew: It would be nice, because I mean, that’s what a lot of people credit Chris Columbus for, keeping the movies real to the books. So, if people want to put that trust but then again Book 7 could be 2000 pages and then they are going to have to cut some stuff.

    Ben: The movie I’m really worried about is Movie 6 because the director is going to have a hard time jumping back and forth into the Horcrux scenes in the Pensieve and you know, that’s the movie I think would be the hardest to direct, to this point. Wouldn’t you guys agree?

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Laura: Just that whole scene where Dumbledore dies is going to be really hard to make it not seem cheesy. Like him flying off the tower.

    Andrew: [in high pitched squeak] Well.

    [All laughs]

    Andrew: You’re taking that out.

    Kevin: No, you’re keeping that in.

    Andrew: No you’re not.

    [All continues to laugh]

    Kevin: Well, they didn’t make the Cedric scene look…

    Laura: No, they did a good job with that.

    Andrew: That’s what I was going to say, but I’m not a man yet so.

    Kevin: Before you [laughs] before you squeaked.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: I’m a man.

    Kevin: I’m a real man.

    Ben: Thanks, Meredith. That question really sparked a pretty lively discussion there.

    Andrew: I like talking about the movies.

    Kevin: But…

    Ben: There are other questions, other voicemails. Roll the next clip, Kevin.

    Voicemails – Harry and Draco

    [Audio]: Hi, my name is Eric Peterson, and I listen to your show religiously. I have two questions for you. In the first year, why do you think Malfoy tried to befriend Harry? His family would have hated him because he brought the downfall of Lord Voldemort. Do you think this was an earlier plan to assassinate Harry? Thanks, and I love your show.

    Andrew: Well, if we go by the movie standard, Malfoy gave Harry the chance to come onto the Dark Side. That would have been a whole different ball game because I think Malfoy could have easily persuaded Harry to turn into a Dark Side-lover.

    Laura: I don’t agree.

    Ben: A Death Eater.

    Laura: I don’t agree.

    Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you would.

    Laura: No, Harry’s a much stronger character then that.

    Andrew: Yeah, because of his friends. If he wasn’t friends with Ron and Hermione…

    Laura: No, but we had this discussion during the Draco Cast. He didn’t like Draco when he originally met him at Madame Malkin’s.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Ben: That’s true.

    Kevin: But at the same time, I think he was trying to befriend Harry knowing what Harry is. I think he was being more manipulative then…

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Right, and by the same token, look at the fact that Voldemort tried to convince Harry, “We can bring back your mother.”

    Kevin: Yep, exactly.

    Ben: And it’s just the reason for doing that is because Voldemort knows that this kid is the Chosen One to an extent and that basically we need this kid on our side or it’s going to end up, “He’ll eventually be my downfall.”

    Kevin: Yeah, and as for Malfoy’s family hating Harry, not a chance. If Harry had joined Malfoy, I think they would have opened Harry with open arms.

    Andrew: They would have been all like…

    Laura: Yeah.

    Kevin: Because they knew the importance of it.

    Micah: But there is no guarantee at that time that Voldemort’s going to come back.

    Kevin: Exactly.

    Laura: Exactly.

    Micah: So, why not get the next best thing?

    Andrew: Do you think Draco’s dad told Draco to try and become friends with Harry so that down the road…

    Laura: It wouldn’t surprise me. I would not surprise me in the slightest. If he at least said, “Try to get close to Harry Potter,” it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Laura: That’s the type of thing Lucius would try to do.

    Ben: I think he would have tried more then the one scene where it’s, you know, like in the movie it says…

    Laura: But Draco’s lazy, we know that. And he takes offense to people…

    Ben: I don’t know.

    Laura: Who don’t agree with him automatically, and don’t follow him, you know?

    Andrew: Yeah, well cause he learned it all from his dad.

    Laura: Exactly. His arrogance definitely gets the best of him.

    Ben: When it comes to his father he sort of, his father sort of has a lot of control over him. So, if his father told him to do this I think he would, so I’m not really convinced that Draco’s dad said, “Go befriend the Potter boy, or else,” because maybe it sort of happened in passing or maybe Draco realized the importance himself, but other then that I don’t see how it really relates to his dad. Thanks Eric.

    Kevin: Yes, thank you.

    Ben: Next voicemail.

    Voicemails – Love Triangle: Harry, Cedric, Cho

    [Audio]: Hi my name is Michael and I’m from Rochester, New York, and before I ask my question I just wanted to say that I personally thought the [Andrew impersonation] “Yeah! Yeah!” thing in the LIVE Podcast in New York City at the premiere was really, really funny so stop making fun of him, guys. So, anyways my question is: After watching Goblet of Fire, I personally thought they didn’t really show Cho and Cedric’s relationship that well because in the fifth book, we all know that Harry tries to date Cho and there is a big conflict between them, and him bringing up Cedric, so I wanted to know your guys’ personal thoughts was on that and if you thought they showed a good enough job with those two. Thanks.

    Ben: Well, the point of this movie was they had to get to the beefy parts.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: The Triwizard Tournament, Voldemort coming back, and things of that sort because they didn’t really have time to display the a lot of the subplots like I’ve said in the past, and they didn’t have time to develop the Cho/Harry thing, and you know there is something up because she sort of eyeballed him…

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Gave him a flirtatious look and they bumped into each other. “Oh, this way. No. You. Me.” You know, sort of there in that scene where they’re up on the castle and stuff.

    Andrew: Yeah, I think that whole area of the book is another victim of…

    Kevin: Yeah, the conversion to…

    Ben: [Andrew impersonation] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    [Kevin and Micah laugh]

    Ben: I’m sorry, sorry, Michael.

    Kevin: I don’t see much happening with Harry and Cho in the fifth book, or fifth movie I should, fifth movie.

    Ben: Yeah, that can probably be completely be cut.

    Andrew: Yeah, they already bombed on the fourth movie, and that ain’t coming back.

    Laura: Yeah, but you know they are going to have that whole part with Harry and Cho in the Room of Requirement. You know that’s going to happen.

    Ben: That’ll probably happen but I don’t know about the date they have in Hogsmeade, I don‘t know where you‘d put it.

    Laura: Yeah, that’ll probably be cut.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: But, I definitely, speaking of this whole Harry Potter romance stuff, I definitely want to see the relationship between Harry and Ginny happen in Movie 6, and I think they sort of have to start building that in Movie 5 where they need to…

    Laura: Yeah, they need to.

    Ben: Where Harry starts noticing her more, where she’s no longer just a little girl.

    Kevin: Yep.

    Andrew: You think Steve Kloves…

    Ben: Yeah, right now.

    Andrew: Is looking into that.

    Ben: Kloves. [accentuates the “es”]

    Andrew: [repeats Ben] Kloves, whatever.

    Kevin: I hope so.

    Andrew: First of all, do you think ..wait let me start that again…

    Ben: Steve Kloves…

    Andrew: Do you think Steve Kloves is looking ahead to the future books?

    [Ben laughs]

    Ben: Well, I think the problem is, Andrew, that you don’t even know who the screenwriter is for the fifth movie. It’s not even Steve Kloves, it’s Michael Goldenburg…

    Laura: Yeah, I thought he left.

    Andrew: It’s who?

    Ben: Steve Kloves will return to write Movie 6, he’s already signed up for all that and talked to Warner Bros. about it so, he’s going to return to do the screenplay for the sixth movie, but the person doing it for the fifth movie is Michael Goldenburg.

    Andrew: Oh, sorry. I’m not up on my screenwriters.

    [Kevin and Laura laugh]

    Kevin: Well, the screenwriters is one of the most important parts.

    Ben: So, the fifth movie may be sort of an outliner, so to speak as comparison to the others, as Steve Kloves may do the rest of the series except Movie 5, and I’m anxious to see how it turns out without having the person who wrote the previous…

    Laura: He might try to emulate his style, but it won’t be exactly the same.

    Ben: That may happen just so, yeah they maintain…right. They want to maintain some iota of consistency throughout the films to the extent where it’s not really going to alienate the audience, where it’s “Oh my gosh! What did this guy do?” Cause you sort of gotten used to Steve Kloves’ style where we sort of know things where he’s going to lead into the very important parts, he’s going to leave in the key dialogue, and some of you might not be very pleased with him, but I personally think he has done a decent job.

    Laura: Yeah, I think he’s done great.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: But it’s not just him who’s making those decisions for the entire movie. Warner Bros. is telling him, “Ok, you have this much time, you have this much money.”

    Ben: Right, and JK Rowling has to approve all of this too.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: They run it by her.

    Ben: I’m sure Jo’s not going to let them massacre her work.

    Andrew: No.

    Ben: I’m pretty sure.

    Andrew: Too bad we don’t know her thoughts on the movie yet.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Andrew: We still haven’t gotten any official word.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Ben: Jo, Jo email me. JK Rowling email me, ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

    Kevin: Yeah [laughs].

    Ben: Tell me what’s up.

    Andrew: Sorry I didn’t return your message the other day. I forgot to give you a call back.

    Ben: Yeah right.

    Andrew: I’ll get back to you later this week.

    [Laura and Kevin laugh]

    Ben: Ok guys, I think this pretty much sums up the voicemails. If you want to send in a voicemail, send it to voice at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

    Kevin: Also…

    Ben: But don’t fear, the show is not over yet.

    Kevin: Well, also a mention of the voicemails. If you have it in different audio formats, send it – I can convert. It’s not a big deal.

    Laura: You have just asked for it, Kevin.

    Andrew: This has been Kevin’s Technical Note of the Day.

    Kevin: Yes, it’s my Technical Note of the Day.

    Laura: You are going to get 10 million random voicemails that you are going to have to convert.

    Kevin: I have software that can open all of it. Trust me. Backwards compatible.

    Laura: Oh, you’re so inferious.

    Ben: Ok guys.

    Laura’s Take on Goblet of Fire

    Andrew: One thing we haven’t got the chance to do yet is ask Laura her thoughts on Goblet of Fire.

    Laura: Oh yes.

    Kevin: What were they Laura?

    Laura: I came out, overall…

    Kevin: Great Laura, by the way.

    [Everyone laughs]

    Laura: Overall, I very much enjoyed the film. I didn’t think the pacing was as good as previous films, but it’s really the only thing I faulted on. I especially loved the Graveyard Scene. I thought that was so intense and so well done, and Ralph Fiennes is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    Micah: Laura…

    Laura: Yes.

    Micah: I have a question for you. Did you think Barty Crouch was good?

    [Everyone laughs]

    Laura: Senior? Senior?

    Ben: Yeah.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Micah: Yeah, senior, of course.

    Laura: I thought, ok I don’t understand what everyone’s problem with him was. I didn’t think…

    Andrew: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Laura…

    Ben: He sounded like a girl.

    Laura: I didn’t think he was outstanding or anything, but I thought he was all right.

    Ben: Ohhh.

    Andrew: Did you listen to Episode 17, Laura?

    Laura: No, I never listen to MuggleCast.

    Andrew: Because, are you being sarcastic?

    Laura: Yes, that would be sarcasm.

    Andrew: You were suppose to laugh and be like, “Haha, Eric’s a joke.”

    Ben: When Eric said, “Oh my gosh, Barty Crouch Jr is a good guy.”

    Laura: [laughs] That’s something we should talk about later. But, no I didn’t think the guy who…who played him? I don’t remember, anyway, I don’t think that Barty Crouch Sr was bad at all, really. I thought that he was fine and I think that judging him on his high-pitched voice is a little stupid.

    Kevin: Well, I don’t think it’s so much the actor as it was just the representation. People were thrown off by it because you don’t imagine Barty Crouch as someone who has a high-pitched voice, and it just threw people off and that’s why they’re so critical.

    Laura: I thought he was good.

    Andrew: Yeah, it must have turned people off, because you see him and he’s always got this scary look on his face. Hey, quick question. Goblet of Fire DVD, we found out earlier last week. “March 2006” reports one DVD site. Good marketing on Warner Bros.’ Half? 5-ish months.

    Ben: Not too bad really.

    Laura: Well, for the first two movies, they released them, what? April, after about…

    Andrew: About five months later, yeah. I don‘t know, it just seems that…

    Laura: It’s Harry Potter. People are going to buy it.

    Andrew: Well, of course.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Andrew: That discussion went worse then I thought it would.

    [Everyone laughs]

    Laura: Good job, Andrew.

    [Laura and Andrew laughing]

    Kevin: Way to start a discussion.

    Ben: Yeah.

    Kevin: Speaking of DVDs, did you see…

    Andrew: [mocking Kevin] Speaking of DVDs…

    Kevin: Did you see that, not to give them an ad or anything, but Target has the Harry Potter series at $5.88 each.

    Andrew: Oooh.

    Laura: Yes.

    Ben: Really?

    Kevin: Yes.

    Ben: Go out and buy them.

    Andrew: Go check out and say MuggleCast and get an extra 10 percent off any order.

    Kevin: I can’t guarantee it, someone sent it in to me.

    Laura: Yeah, because all of our listeners don’t own Harry Potter anyway.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    [Everyone laughs]

    Andrew: Just desperate to get rid of it.

    Kevin: Hey, if you have a bad DVD…

    Ben’s Weekly Top Ten

    Ben: Well, before we close up the show, we have to get to our usual segments that we do each week. Last week I announced the first annual Ben’s Top 10 List and we have a doozy for you this week. This is a stellar Top 10 list, just let me pull it up quickly. This is, ah it’s amazing. The Top 10 Reasons Why You Know You’re A Ben Schoen Fan.

    Andrew: Oh brother.

    Laura: Uhhh.

    [Everyone moaning]

    Laura: Ben, did you write those?

    Ben: You renamed your…no I didn’t, someone sent them in actually.

    [Laura laughs]

    Micah: Oh god.

    Ben: Number 10: You’ve rename your favorite teddy bear Ben. Number 9: You feel like clubbing Andrew over the head every time he tells Ben to shut up. [Everyone laughing] I agree. You’ve added Ben to your AIM and Skype account, hoping you’ll have a chance to chat with him. Number 7: You’ve laminated Ben’s autograph, put it in a huge frame, and hung it up on top of your bed.

    [Laura laughing]

    Ben: Number 6: You have a Ben Schoen screensaver on your laptop.

    [Laura and Micah laughing]

    Ben: Number 5: You visit at least once a day.

    By the way, that’s a very good idea, visit

    Kevin: Ok.

    [Laura laughing]

    Ben: Number 4: You were saving money to go on a shopping spree to NYC with your friends but you decided to go to Kansas instead. Number 3: You’ve developed a sudden hatred for Emma Watson. That’s my favorite right there. I love you, Emma! Number 2: You just visited again while writing this. And number 1: You asked Ben to sign one of the body parts I can’t mention right now and now you have it tattooed. Ben Schoen’s Top 10 List everybody, woo!

    [Laura laughs]

    Ben: Ok, Spy on Spartz time.

    Kevin: Now that we’re thoroughly bored.

    Andrew: Two people were entertained by that list.

    Laura: Yeah if…

    Kevin: Oh!

    Ben: Yeah, whatever that was a funny list.

    Laura: You know you guys are misled, that’s all I have to say.

    Ben: How?

    Laura: Ben?

    Ben: How were they misled?

    Laura: They were misled by Ben.

    Ben: Oh, guys. I am totally a hottie.

    [Everyone laughs]

    Ben: Just so everyone knows. Actually, Emma Watson is a big Ben Schoen fan.

    Laura: I’m sure she is.

    Ben: Just kidding.

    Andrew: I saw you try to talk to her at the premiere.

    Kevin: Try, and get jumped by her bodyguards.

    Andrew: Yeah, they shot him twice.

    Ben: Oh, whatever.

    Kevin: Yeah.

    Spy on Spartz

    Ben: Well, now it’s really time for “Spy on Spartz,” and this is a doozy this week.

    Andrew: This one’s way too long.

    Ben: A very good “Spy on Spartz.”

    Kevin: Ugh.

    Ben: Ok, I’ll read to you Emerson’s away message. “I’ve been invited as a guest on the Mike Petersen show, which is a late night talk show which is sort of like Conan. It’s being filmed in front of a live audience at 10 at Legends. They’re expecting more than 150 people. You should go!” Well, by the time you get hear this, it’ll be too late but [Laura laughs] congrats to Emerson for making his first television appearance on a talk show. Woo, go Emerson.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Kevin: And from what I know, that show is only on…

    Andrew: Notre Dame.

    [Laura laughs]

    Kevin: Notre Dame TV. [laughs] Notre Dame TV, so if you want to watch it, move to Notre Dame.

    Andrew: Well hopefully, we should have found his fans from Notre Dame to record it for us. Get it online.

    Kevin: Oh yeah.

    Andrew: Now that would have been good. [laughs]

    Ben: We should have. Oh and by the way people, I know I’m sort of jumping around here but, next week I’d like to do a Top Ten list not related to me, and not related to MuggleCast. So please send in a Top Ten list related to something else, relating to Harry Potter and that would be great. Ok, now it’s time for “Andrew’s Listeners Challenge.” [does a drum roll]

    Andrew’s Listeners Challenge

    Andrew: [sings odd theme song music]

    Kevin: Has he thought of one yet?

    Andrew: I have my own Listeners Challenge which is to get Listeners Challenges done, and up online. Geez, I don’t have a Listeners Challenge this week.

    Ben: I have a good idea for a Listeners Challenge.

    Andrew: What?

    Ben: Send in your own jingle that’s an intro to Andrew’s Listeners Challenge. Send it to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Nice music…

    Andrew: That’s a good idea. No, no, no, no, stop, stop. Not only for Andrew’s Listeners Challenge but make little intros for all of them. Spy on Spartz, Ben’s Top 10 List of the Week, Jamie’s British Joke of the Day, Andrew’s Listeners Challenge, just make little songs. Like 10-15 seconds long.

    Micah: Hey my news too, or Sue’s news.

    Andrew: Micah, Sue’s news.

    Ben: No, Micah…

    Andrew: Micah, we give you an intro every week, isn’t that good? You have background music during your thing.

    Micah: That’s true.

    Kevin: You have your own theme song.

    Ben: Micah, do we have to downgrade your status from a human to an elf, seriously?

    [Everyone Laughs]

    Ben: You better watch it, Micah.

    Kevin: He has his own theme song, I mean…

    Andrew: Does he?

    Kevin: Could he ask anymore?

    Ben: Okay.

    Andrew: Just let it be known, Micah’s been on PotterCast more times then any of us have. We’ve been on zero, he’s been on twice now, right, Micah?

    Micah: Yeah, twice.

    Laura: They like him better then us.

    Ben: He’s our all-star transcriber everybody.

    Kevin: No, it’s Melissa who likes him better than us. You know, he has a thing going on now.

    Ben: Yeah. Let’s don’t start the…Micah, does that make any sense?

    The Las Vegas Minute

    Andrew: We’re premiering a new segment this week: The Las Vegas Minute.

    Laura: Yay.

    Andrew: And every week, we’re going to talk about Las Vegas for exactly one minute.

    Ben: Yes.

    Andrew: So, that way we’re going to have like, 30 minutes of Las Vegas talk.

    Ben: Okay, Andrew.

    Andrew: I love this new segment.

    Laura: Okay.

    Ben: The minute starts…now. Ok, everybody, Las Vegas. It’s going to rock.

    Andrew: I can’t wait,. July…

    Laura: I’m actually going to this one.

    Andrew: Yeah, Laura’s coming. Who else is coming? Micah’s coming…

    Laura: I think we’re all coming, aren’t we?

    Andrew: Yeah, we’re all going to be there. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

    Kevin: Yeah, Emerson.

    Andrew: Yeah, it’s like seven months away.

    Laura: No one cares about Emerson.

    Andrew: We’ve been getting a lot of emails [Kevin and Laura laugh] about people who’ve already signed up to go just because of us. So…

    Micah: Sweet.

    Andrew: Lumos 2006 owes us big time.

    Kevin: Yes they do.

    Ben: No they don’t.

    Andrew: Yes they do.

    Kevin: They do.

    Ben: They’re offering us a facility to host a LIVE Podcast, they don’t owe us anything.

    Kevin: That’s true.

    Ben: It’s a joint relationship we have going. [Kevin laughs] But anyways, Las Vegas you be there. Anybody who’s anybody is going to be there.

    Andrew: Anybody who’s anybody in the West Coast will be there. You know Chaya from New York City, even she’s going to be there.

    Laura: Awesome.

    Kevin: Wow.

    Andrew: Yeah.

    Ben: Well, T-minus five.

    Andrew: She already bought her tickets and stuff. I’m really excited, we can’t wait for Las Vegas. [Ben in background counting down] It’s July 29th-31st be there.

    Laura: Be there.

    [Andrew and Laura]

    Ben: Well, the wraps up the Las Vegas minute for this week, everybody.

    Andrew: That was fun.

    Kevin: Yes it was.

    Andrew: I can’t wait for next week to do it again.

    [Laura laughs]

    Show Close

    Ben: Thanks to everyone. Everyone, everyone to listening to the show, it was very enjoyable. I think this weeks’, this episode was pretty good. Well, if you have any questions and/or suggestions, visit or You can subscribe to our feed on iTunes, you can view information on how to contact us, and we’re actually going to post our demographic information for you guys to look at, and that’ll be cool so you guys know what your fellow Potterites are listen to the show. So I think that concludes this episode of MuggleCast. Episode 18, we’re getting up there. Andrew or…

    Andrew: I know. Episode 20 we’re going to have, actually, we have no plans.

    Ben: We’re going to party.

    Andrew: We’ve decided to take no breaks. We’re going straight through. We’re going to have a show on Christmas, we’re going to have a show on New Year’s day, it’s going to be a ton of fun.

    Kevin: It should be fun, yeah.

    Laura: Yeah.

    Ben: Definitely.

    Andrew: For Christmas, me and Ben are going to sing U2. Oh oh…

    Ben: We’re going to. So, so…[Ben with Andrew] beautiful.

    Kevin: So, I recommend most of you skip that episode.

    Laura: Yeah.

    [Andrew and Ben singing in the background]

    Kevin: Unless you want your ears bleeding.

    Laura: Or want to be drowned out by U2 fans.

    Andrew: American Idols going to call us and want us.

    Ben: Definitely.

    [Everyone laughing]

    Ben: Okay, well that wraps her up. I’m Ben Schoen.

    Andrew: I’m…

    Micah: No you got to do it the right way.

    Andrew: Oh yeah, Andrew Sims.

    Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

    Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

    Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

    Ben: Good night, everybody.

    Kevin: Goodbye.

    Laura: Goodbye.

    Kevin: Andrew say, bye.

    Andrew: No.

    Ben: Andrew say, bye.

    Andrew: No!

    [Everyone laughing]

    Ben: Goodnight everyone, or goodnight afternoon or morning, or whenever you’re listening to this.

    Andrew: Good afternoon.

    [Everyone laughs]


    Written by: Micah, Jess, and Ally