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MuggleCast 47 Transcript

Show Intro

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: Because you’re still waiting for that Hogwarts letter (thank you, Ally, 14, of Virginia) – this is MuggleCast Episode 47 for July 09th, 2006.

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Ben: Hello, everyone and welcome to MuggleCast Episode 47. I’m Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I’m Jamie Lawrence.

Laura: Jamie?

Ben: Silence.

Jamie: Sorry, I said my name. Ben start it.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Okay. I’m Laura Thompson.

Greg: And I’m Greg Porter.

Ben: Before we go any further, let’s go to Micah Tannenbaum for a look at this past week’s Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: A Canadian court ordered The Wyrd Sisters band to pay back WB’s legal fees incurred while fighting the original court case. The band says they are appealing the court’s decision and will continue to push their $40 million dollar lawsuit against Warner Bros.

A spokesperson from WB says that they are extremely hopeful that they will continue to prevail in this case.

Fans have speculated that HP 7 will hit shelves on July 07, 2007, and now an article by CNN Money describes how a 2007 release for the final Harry Potter book is just what the struggling American publisher needs. The company is optimistic that its profits won’t completely flat-line following the publication of Harry Potter 7.

And given Scholastic’s relationship with her, they should be in good position to work with her in the future.

Warwick Davis has let us know about a charity auction he’s holding in Peterborough, UK on Sunday, July 16th. The auction line up includes many exciting pieces of Harry Potter memorabilia, with the star item being a very rare, original “Quidditch World Cup Programme” as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. What makes this one extra special is that it has been signed bye Daniel Radcliffe. Warwick will be personally auctioning off the items and complete information on the auction is available over on

In the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine offers their odds on various characters perishing in the final Harry Potter book.

Ron comes in at a modest 20-1, Ginny’s looking grim at 6-1, Hagrid isn’t getting any love at 3-2, Hermione seems safe at 50-1, Snape is in serious trouble at 2-1, Harry is in danger at 9-2, and Voldemort, well, has little chance with even odds. Wasn’t that a really feel-good segment? has posted a new interview with M. Night Shyamalan, director of great thrillers such as The Sixth Sense, Signs, and more recently The Village. Now partnered with Warner Bros, Shyamalan was asked if he’s been approached to direct one of the last two Potter films. To hear his response, be sure to check out the full interview over on

Speaking of the movies, more Order of the Phoenix set photos surfaced earlier this week. You can check out brand-new shots of Privet Drive, Hagrid’s Hut, and the Hogwarts Express over on our Main Page.

Finally, JK Rowling, president of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland (say that five times fast), was presented Thursday with a Doctorate of Laws by Aberdeen University for her generous and philanthropic work aiding Multiple Sclerosis research. So, congratulations are in order to Jo for this very prestigious degree!

That’s all the news for this July 09th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Ben: Thanks, Micah. Before we move on to this week’s listener rebuttals let’s take a look at few announcements.


Ben: By your MuggleCast t-shirt. Jamie, why should they buy a MuggleCast t-shirt?

Jamie: Because, because we haven’t ever told them before. So, I doubt many people would have bought those, you see.

Ben: Mhm.

Jamie: So, I thought we’d provide one new announcement so everyone can get their’s in time for Lumos and New York, which leads smoothly into our next announcement, doesn’t it Ben?

Ben: Yes, it does. We need you, if you’re going to be attending either LIVE podcast, either in New York City or in Las Vegas for Lumos, you need to visit and RSVP. Jamie, what does RSVP stand for?

Jamie: Right. My French accent is going to be ridiculously rusty. It’s “Repondez S’il Vous Plait!”, which is “please reply” or “reply please”.

Ben: Mhm. So, please reply. Let’s move on to our next announcement. Everyone, everyone, everyone please vote for us in the 2006 Podcast Awards. We are going for “Best Entertainment Podcast” and “People’s Choice”. So, you can do that by going to and remember – announce us once every 24 hours so we have a chance to win a podcast award.

Laura: And go to California. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah, we want to go to California. Yes, that is what… [laughs]

Greg: Wait, wait, didn’t you forget “The Best Podcast Called MuggleCast Award”?

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Ben: Oh, yes.

Jamie: Please vote for us in that category.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: It’s…

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: We really hope to win.

Greg: Vote against the others.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s going to be a… Yeah, but Greg, it’s going be – our main contender is that one called MuggleCast.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: It’s sort of – it’s between us and them.

Ben: We want to – there are some people over at this podcast called “Nobody Likes Onions” that I heard they really, really want to see us win the Podcast Awards.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: So, so please, please go ahead and vote for us at the Podcast Awards.

Another thing that you should vote for us for is vote for us on Podcast Alley because right now our friends over at PotterCast are beating us. So, we need you to vote, okay? So, please got vote for us at Podcast Alley. Right, Jamie?

Jamie: Yes, please do. Please do.

Greg: Remember if you vote for PotterCast it means you hate us.

[Laura laughs]

Greg: You don’t hate us, do you?

Jamie: And also, every time you vote for PotterCast, God kills a kitten.

[Laura laughs]

Greg: Yes, twice.

Ben: So, no voting for PotterCast. Vote for MuggleCast people. So, that wraps up this week’s announcements. So, in short, by your MuggleCast t-shirt, RSVP for Lumos, vote for us in the Podcast Awards and Podcast Alley. Here are this week’s voice rebuttals sent in by listeners who have feedback to give us on the past week’s show.

Voice Rebuttals

[Audio]: Hi, my name is Cheryl and I am calling from Santa Clara, California. And I’m calling as a listener rebuttal for MuggleCast #26 in reference to the Occlumency. And I side with Ben regarding the Pensieve and the memories are still stored in your brain. It’s just maybe the details of these memories are what you store in the Pensieve. The reason why I mention this is if you listen or re-read the chapter in Book 5, it does not clearly say that Snape is removing those memories from his brain for the lesson with Harry. He’s just doing it. Maybe he’s saving it to look it over the discussion they just had. But, nor does it state that he has to do it so that Harry doesn’t see. Otherwise, why would Harry suddenly see all his past about him being as a child, being beaten and all that. I’m sure Snape wouldn’t want him to see that, so either way, I just wanted to say I side with Ben on this and I do not think that just because you put it into the Pensieve you have no memory of it. Otherwise, how do you know what’s even in the Pensieve? You don’t even remember it is there. So, okay. Bye!

[Audio]: Hi, this is Christina. I’m in Pennsylvania. I actually have a listener rebuttal. You were saying how Dumbledore’s memories are in the Pensieve and you were talking about whether or not it is a copy or the actual memory. I think it’s more of a copy because if you remember his memory of the prophecy is in both the Hall of Prophecies and in his own Pensieve. So, what about that? I think it’s more of a copy and a compression inside your brain. Okay, keep up the show. It’s great! I love it!

[Audio]: Hello, this is James. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I was just noting on Episode 46 how you were talking that Jo do not want to leave it open for a sequel after Harry Potter 7. That could mean that Harry is going to die, however it could also mean the epilogue could take place far in the future with Harry looking back on his adventures and how he took down Voldemort and how he lived a happy life since then. That’s all! Great show! And I will talk to you.

Listener Rebuttal – The Final Battle

Ben: Okay, now it’s time for this week’s listener rebuttals – one’s that are sent in via e-mail by several visitors. I first listener rebuttal comes from Taya, 19 years old from Louisville, Kentucky.

Hey Andrew,

After listening to you and the guys talk about the possibility of Snape saving Harry’s life in the final battle, I came up with a theory of how I think it’s all going to go down: There are lots of us out here who do not want to see Harry kill Voldemort with Avada Kedavra. One reason is because it would be rather boring. But another is that we just don’t want Harry to have to kill anyone…ever. So, here’s the solution.

During the final battle, Snape blocks a killing curse sent at Harry by Voldemort. He dies to save Harry. This then offers Harry the same protection that Lily provided him back at Godric’s Hollow. Thus, when Voldemort sends another Avada Kedavra at Harry, it rebounds once again…this time killing Voldemort, as he no longer has any Horcruxes.

I just think that there would be something very poetic about the story ending the way it began. I would love to know what you guys think. Thanks! I love the show!

Jamie: She… I really. Sorry.

Ben: Jamie, what do you think?

Greg: That’s why fan fiction exists.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] Jamie, what do you think?

Jamie: I was going to say I really like the idea about poetic justice and the story ending the way it begun, but I think that is why Harry should kill Voldemort with Avada Kedavra. It would be a bad ending, but a good ending because of that. So, he’d have spent ages doing all his Horcruxes and then he’d just kill him quickly and it would be like – you would think, “Is that it?” But then, I just think it would work really well. Like Voldemort tried to kill Harry with the Killing Curse and it didn’t work, and but Harry kills Voldemort in the end. So, it kind of shows an inferiority on Voldemort’s part, whereas Harry can do it. I just think it will be nice.

Ben: Well Jamie, I just don’t think – I think there has to be something more to it than Avada Kedavra. I mean I agree with him, you really don’t want to see him kill anybody, but he is going to have to find a way to kill Voldemort anyway. And so…

Jamie: You have to remember that Avada Kedavra isn’t just Harry killing Voldemort. The killing process started ages ago when the prophecy was first told and doing the Horcruxes.

Ben: Right, right. Mhm.

Jamie: All that kind of thing.

Ben: I just can’t see when Voldemort dies or if he dies in the books, I just can’t see it ending that way.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: I don’t know. Just, it doesn’t seem right to me for it just to be Voldemort misses a curse that is shot at him and he dies because… You know? I just think there has to be something more to it. And the theory that this person presents about Snape dying to save Harry, I don’t think that that can happen because the reason Harry survived when his mother died to save him was because of love. And it was out of his mother’s love.

Jamie: Harry, yeah. And Snape doesn’t kill him.

Ben: And Snape doesn’t love Harry.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: Snape’s doing it because he owes him a debt because of his father. So, I don’t think that is going to happen, but I do think there is something more to it than Avada Kedavra. Laura, did you have some thoughts on it?

Laura: Yeah, I think it’s been made pretty clear that Harry is the one that has to kill Voldemort and it would be kind of like Voldemort killing himself with his own curse if he shot it at Harry and it rebounded on him. I think that whatever curse or anything that happens, goes on, has to come from Harry. I don’t think rebounds count.

Jamie: I think that’s right. But, Ben, you talking about that Snape doesn’t love Harry so he couldn’t do it, I think that’s right. And, I mean, this is to digress slightly, but I think it brings up sort of important points in the books, that there are some things that even magic can’t change. Like, you can’t fake the love, so you can’t provide that type of protection to Harry if you don’t really love him, which is why it’s such a powerful charm.

Ben: Definitely.

Jamie: I mean, I like this theory, in that it provides a nice end for Voldemort, but I think even Avada Kedavra could be a nice end because that would sum up the entire killing process. It would just be the final step and I think it will kind of wipe out all the emotions that have been developed throughout the entire series.

Ben: Thanks to Taya for sending that in to us.

Listener Rebuttal – Voldy’s Upbringing

Ben: Now, moving on to our next Listener Rebuttal, which comes from Rose, age “Ahhh!” from Jacksonville, Florida.

[Laura laughs]

“I have a quick comment on the way Voldy turned out so bad. As much as I would love to think of Voldy as mentally subnormal, we are told very often by Dumbledore that Tom Riddle was one of the brightest students ever. Also, if we look at Harry, he has not exactly had a easy life of love and sunshine; gifts and candy. Harry has not turned out to be bad and he had it worse than Tom, if you ask me. Tom lived in the orphanage, anyway. Tom lived in a world of indifference and Harry lived in a world of neglect. Who is to say what life can turn out a dark wizard?”

Laura: Last week whenever I was talking about Voldemort having inherited some kind of mental problem from the inbreeding of the Gaunt family, I wasn’t talking about him being less intelligent than anyone else. I was actually talking about that somewhat contributed to his deranged outlook on life. Because, if you look at it, serial killers tend to be very intelligent people, so just because someone has an issue in their head doesn’t mean that they’re stupid. As for you talking about Harry’s life versus Voldemort’s life, I agree with you completely and I’m not sure if this got thrown in last week, but I remember in Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore said, “How can you really feel sorry for Voldemort?” because he did have this predisposition to be evil and he did have a bad upbringing, but he could have overcome it, and he chose not to.

Ben: That pretty much sums up my thought on it. Jamie?

Jamie: But, could – I mean, the two things that I first thought when I read this was, Dumbledore talking about choice: that, even though Voldemort’s had the worst time ever, so has Harry. One chooses a different life to somebody who chooses another life.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: So, I think choice has to come into it. I just, I mean, this is really going in circles to what we talked about last week, but I just don’t think you can be born evil because it just completely destroys any chance of choice in the world and just suggests that fate and destiny take over everything, which doesn’t really seem to be a theme in the Harry Potter books. Well also, I was going to talk about that they mentioned that Dumbledore said that Tom Riddle was one of the brightest students ever. And the brightest, most evil people are the most dangerous people. If you look at, I mean, if you look at Hitler, he was absolutely terrible, but he was exceptionally clever, you know?

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: Politically, financially, everything. He was one of the greatest public speakers ever, so I think that it’s all about choice, really.

Ben: It’s like Dumbledore said, “It is our choices far more than our abilities…”

Jamie: Exactly, yeah.

Ben: “…that shape who we are.” So, regardless to how they were raised they both chose their own paths and that’s how they ended up.

Listener Rebuttal – Mirror of Erised and Horcruxes

Ben: Our next Listener Rebuttal comes from Travis from North Carolina.

“MuggleCasters, most people I know think that the Mirror of Erised will be seen again, and I got to thinking. Is Harry going to use the Mirror to find the location of the Horcruxes? He did basically the same thing with the Stone. He changed his greatest desire from his family to finding the Stone. Can he do that with the Horcruxes, as well? Just wanted to see what you thought.”

Jamie: Hmmm.

Laura: Hmmm.

Ben: No. I’m going to say no because the reason that he got the Stone was because…

Laura: Dumbledore made it that way.

Ben: Yeah, Dumbledore made it that way. So, if Dumbledore wouldn’t have made it that you could get the Stone from the Mirror, then it wouldn’t have happened. Now, unless Voldemort made the Mirror a Horcrux… I don’t know.

Laura: I don’t think so because, that would also require Dumbledore knowing – or whoever created the Mirror – knowing where the Horcruxes were, and I don’t think Voldemort would want to use something that Harry already knew how to use, clearly, from the first book.

Jamie: But, isn’t there a difference between using the Mirror to find the Horcruxes and using it to get the Horcruxes. So, he could look into it and see himself. If his deepest most desperate desire was to see where the Horcruxes were, he could see himself finding it. But, I think that it must take a lot to change your greatest desire from seeing your family, who he hasn’t ever known, to finding the Horcruxes. And also, surely, however much he wants to see where the Horcruxes are located, his deepest desire is always going to be over and above that, say, to kill Voldemort.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: So, even though he really wants to find the Horcruxes, he wants to kill Voldemort more. So, it could be like – it’s a Catch-22 situation with the Mirror. I think it’s possible, though. There’s got to be a loophole somewhere that allows him to do it.

Ben: Well, okay, the thing is, Jamie, is that – the thing is that if Harry looks into the Mirror and his greatest desire is to have all the Horcruxes, it’s not going to show him where the Horcruxes are. It’s going to show himself holding all the Horcruxes.

Jamie: No, no, no, because if his greatest desire was to know where the Horcruxes were located, not for him to have them all, then it would do. If his greatest desire – I mean, it depends on the wording and what his greatest desire is. If he really, really, really wants to be with the Horcrux, then it could show him with it, so then he’d know where it was. I think it depends on how you interpret a greatest desire like that.

Ben: That’s definitely true. But I just can’t see the Mirror being able to guide him to it because then the Mirror would have to have some innate knowledge of where it actually is located.

Laura: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. You would kind of have to have a different point of view on what the Mirror can actually do. I mean, can it show you something that you don’t know? I mean, something that you have absolutely no knowledge of?

Jamie: Like, if you…

Laura: I mean, like if…

Jamie: …like if your greatest desire was know what the meaning of life was, could it tell you the meaning of life? I mean…

Laura: Yeah, along those lines. Or, if someone went and buried something, like a Horcrux, and you had no clue where it was, could it show you where that is? Because it’s not like it’s programmed into the Mirror to know everything. It’s not God.

Jamie: No, but I mean, I assume the Mirror hasn’t seen Harry’s parents before, but they obviously look like, I mean, I assume they look like what they look like.

Laura: Well no, I’m talking about – I’m talking about the Mirror reflecting things that you know.

Ben: Right.

Laura: And obviously, I think Harry must have some kind of knowledge of his family.

Ben: A recollection of what his people looked like. Well, that’s not true, though, because, don’t you remember Harry looking into the Mirror and saying he saw people who looked like him and who had eyes like his…

Jamie: Oh yeah, that’s true. That’s true.

Ben: …and had hair like his.

Laura: Yeah…

Ben: So, is it, but I don’t think – was that actually images of his family members or…you know? It’s all hard to explain because we don’t know the magical process that goes into actually propagating images to be reflected on the Mirror.

Laura: But, Ben, I think it was you…

Jamie: It’s a contradiction in terms, though. Sorry, go on.

Laura: I think it was you that said it a few episodes ago. That everything that happens when you’re a baby you can remember it, it’s just in a different part of your brain that’s pretty hard to access. So, what if Harry had recollections of these family members that he saw as a baby?

Ben: That’s true. That could be possible, yeah.

Jamie: But the thing is, it’s a contradiction in terms if Dumbledore says that the Mirror shows nothing less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. But then we say that it can’t show things it doesn’t know. It can’t do both. You know? If your greatest, deepest desire of your heart is to find out the meaning of life, it has to show it to you. But, that’s where magic comes in. We can’t explain this.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Right. Well, that was an interesting discussion. But do you guys – the final thing he addressed – do you think that we’ll actually be able to see the Mirror again?

Jamie: We do, don’t we?

Ben: And do you think that…

Jamie: Doesn’t Jo say it’s going to make another appearance?

Laura: No, that was the car.

Jamie: Oh really? You sure it wasn’t the Mirror?

Laura: The Ford Anglia. I’m pretty sure.

Jamie: Oh, okay.

Ben: Because I recall – I don’t know. Maybe, Jamie, you read the Galadriel Waters books…

Greg: Oooh.

Ben: …because she says, she says, “I think we’ll be seeing this Mirror again.” Except she had it backwards, kind of clever, like the Mirror of Erised has on it…

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. I remember something like that.

Ben: “I show your…I show not…’whatever’…but your heart’s desire…” Yeah.

Jamie: Why do we always ask questions on here that we don’t find an answer? We give one side, then we do the other side, and then we say, “Yeah, well it could be either way, really, couldn’t it?”

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] We need to start making bold predictions.

Laura: [laughs] Well, I’m kind of the opinion that you have to have some kind of knowledge of what your desire is. I mean, or at least some kind of opinion because, what if the Mirror reflects – if it reflects what you want, couldn’t it reflect your opinion, as well?

Ben: That’s true. But, Jamie…

Jamie: Yeah?

Ben: Jamie, how could the Mirror show you the meaning of life because if the Mirror could show you that, then you wouldn’t have the purpose of discovering the meaning of life.

Jamie: But, no…

Ben: The Mirror reflects your heart’s desire, and Dumbledore said that many of many men have wasted away before it.

Jamie: Wasted away before it, yeah. Entranced by what they see.

Ben: Yeah, so…

Jamie: But, if they are entranced by what they see, then it must be pretty damn powerful, the stuff that it can show. But I don’t see how it can show nothing less or more than the deepest, most desperate desire in your heart if it’s got limitations.

Ben: That’s… Yeah, good point.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Laura: I think the limitations are based on the person looking in the Mirror, though.

Jamie: What? You mean it’s sort of…

Laura: I don’t they’re based on the Mirror, I think they’re based on the person looking in it.

Jamie: But, clearly from what Dumbledore says about that people have wasted away before it, it will show you whatever you want as long as you’re not – sorry, even if you’re not worthy of it. It will always show you your deepest, most desperate desire in your heart, even if…

Laura: Yeah, but couldn’t it show you the deepest most desperate desire in your heart as you would want to see it?

Jamie: Well, if…

Laura: Not as it would be, but as you would wish to see it?

Jamie: Well…

Ben: This is getting confusing, guys.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: It’s interesting, though.

Jamie: But, if your deepest, most – I’m trying to think about this while speaking, so sorry if it sounds stupid.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: If the deepest, most desperate desire in your heart is, say you – is say, a subjective view of yourself, then I think it will show you like that, but, I mean, obviously… Yes, of course, because, it shows Ron. It shows Ron…

Ben: As Quidditch Captain.

Jamie: Yes, Quidditch Captain. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: So, it obviously shows stuff that can’t have a chance of happening, as well because if it’s what you desire most, it’s going to show it to you because…

Ben: Right, Harry sees his parents again.

Laura: Yeah, so…

Jamie: And…

Ben: And he’s not going to see them in real life ever again.

Jamie: But, as Dumbledore says, it shows neither truth nor something. So, it simply just shows what you really, really want.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah. So, it shows it from your point of view.

Jamie: As the Spice Girls point out, the Mirror says to you, “So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

Spice Girls [Musical Interlude]: “Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want what you really, really want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really, wanna zig-a-zig ah…”

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie when I look in the Mirror, I see you.

Jamie: Really? Well, I see you as well, Ben. So…

Ben: Awww. Awww. Okay, well, thanks to Travis for that. That sparked a very interesting discussion.

Jamie: And we still haven’t come to a conclusion.

Ben: Yeah, we still haven’t really come to a conclusion. E-mail us your thoughts.

Listener Rebuttal – Does Alchemy Spell Hagrid’s Doom?

Ben: Our next Listener Rebuttal comes from Serenity – I like that name – age 16sixteen from Virginia.

Jamie: “Boil the land and burn the sea. You can’t take the sky from me.” Sorry.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

“Hey guys! While I was listening to your latest podcast, I realized that the possibility of Hagrid dying wasn’t even discussed. A while back, I read a very good editorial discussing this, and there were some very keen points. One: Black, white, and red are the three alchemy colors. Sirius is black, Albus means white, and Rubeus means red. JKR has used many subtle hints throughout the series, and this might be one of them. Two: JKR said that in the interview with Emerson and Melissa, that she wanted to kill off all those who Harry could depend upon, so he would be alone in facing Voldemort. And I think that they would mostly likely be the adults in his life. Finally, Jo has a knack for writing the unexpected (who would have thought that Snape was trying to save Harry in Book 1?). So since the newspapers, you guys, and many online polls haven’t even mentioned Hagrid, don’t you think that he is a worthy candidate?”

Actually, around Book 5, Hagrid – all the bookies were taking bets.

Laura: Yeah…

Ben: …and I think Hagrid was the…

Jamie: They were. I was going to say that, yeah.

Ben: He was the number one person to go.

Jamie: He was number one, I think.

Ben: He had the best odds of dying.

Laura: He was.

Ben: So, it has been discussed before. So, I don’t know. I think the alchemy point about the red, white, and black…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: …black, white, and red is very interesting.

Jamie: I think it’s interesting. It is very interesting. I don’t think we can depend on that as a main clue, though. I think we can look elsewhere to see it. Hagrid’s clearly part of Harry’s life now, and I’d like to think he’s going to be there when Harry has to do everything with Voldemort, but it obviously takes a lot to hurt him, as we see from the battle in Half-Blood Prince. So, I don’t see – I don’t know. It could be that Voldemort kills him personally to, you know, I don’t know…

Ben: I don’t think that…

Jamie: …just to like incense Harry.

Ben: Well, you see, she mentions how JK Rowling says she wants to kill off everyone who’s close to Hagrid so he’s left alone facing Voldemort? I don’t think she would have to kill Hagrid to accomplish that because what aid would Hagrid provide if he was battling Voldemort directly? You understand what I’m saying? If it was the case where he was battling Voldemort and Dumbledore was still alive, then Dumbledore would be able to assist him, and Sirius would be able to save him, because they’re both trained and qualified wizards. Hagrid was expelled in his third year, so what’s he going to do? Run at him with his…

Jamie: Exactly, yeah. He could hide behind him, and then sort of rugby tackle his legs and take him down so that Harry can…

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: But I don’t think that helping Harry defeat Voldemort necessarily means actually facing Voldemort.

Ben: You mean emotionally?

Laura: He could… Well, not just that. He could help Harry in so many other ways. He could hide him, he could travel with him. He could do so many things. He has such a vast knowledge of magical creatures. So, I think that…

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. He could help him, definitely, but I think it depends on… I mean, they make the point that Jo wants to get rid of all those people who Harry could depend on, but does that mean that she actually has to kill them, or that Harry just thinks that they aren’t there, at the time for him, that he’ll be better at facing Voldemort.

Laura: Well, I don’t think she literally means she’s going to kill everyone that he depends on because then…

Ben: That would mean Ron…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: …Hermione, Ginny…

Jamie: Yeah.

Greg: Well, I don’t really see a reason to kill off Hagrid. Besides what you guys are mentioning, I just don’t see it.

Ben: I don’t think there’s a purpose in killing off Hagrid, personally.

Jamie: Of course they… Well, the one purpose, I mean, the main purpose for all these deaths is to show that it is a war and there are going to be casualties on both sides. You can’t just have Voldemort and all his Death Eaters dying, and everyone going home holding up Butterbeers shouting, “Hooray, we won the war!”

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Yeah, all right, but okay! In every book I think… I don’t know, I just enjoy… I just always… Like at the end of Goblet of Fire, after you know the climax of the book and the denouement – I think that’s what it’s called. Is that right?

Jamie: The what? Sorry?

Ben: The denouement?

Jamie: The what?

Laura: [laughs] Oh!

Ben: Have you heard that term, Laura?

Laura: Yeah. I think that’s right.

Jamie: What the hell is…

Ben: Denouement. It’s like after the climax, the sort of ease down.

Laura: Hang on, I’m going to look it up. [laughs]

Jamie: How do you spell that?

Ben: Dee-now-ment?

Laura: It looks like de-now-ment.

Jamie: Oh, denouement! [pronounced like de-now-ment] Yeah. How did you…

Ben: Denouement. [pronounced like de-new-MA]

Jamie: [laughs] How did you say it, Ben?

Ben: It’s denouement! [pronounced like de-new-MA]

Jamie: It’s denouement, [pronounced like de-NEW-ma] isn’t it?

Laura: Hang on, I’m looking it up in my dictionary. [laughs]

Jamie: It is de-new-mont. [pronounced like de-NEW-ma] No, no, no. It’s D-E-N-O-U-E-M-E-N-T. It is not definitely de-new-ma, or however you pronounced it.

Ben: It’s denouement! [pronounced like de-new-MA]

Laura: How’s it spelled?

Jamie: It sounds like – It’s D-E-N-O-U-E…

Ben: It’s D-E-N-O-U-N…

Jamie: No, O-U-E. O-U-E.

Ben: …M-E-N-T. No, it’s not.

Jamie: It’s de-new. D-E-N-O-U-E-M-E-N-T. Denouement.

Laura: Yeah! It’s denouement! [pronounced like de-NEW-ma]

Greg: Oh, wow.

Ben: Hold on.

Jamie: Ben, she’s the one checking it.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: See, this is what happens – this is what happens when you go to Moundridge High School, okay?

Jamie: [laughs] Ben, trust me, it’s right. I studied it a couple years ago.

Laura: Yeah, he’s right, Ben.

Ben: Denouement.

Laura: Denouement. Denouement.

Jamie: Isn’t it like a dead pan?

Ben: Denouement.

Jamie: Isn’t it like dead pan purging?

Ben: It’s the unraveling of the plot.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: But anyway, in every book during the denouement… [pronounced like de-new-MA]

[Laura and Jamie laugh]

Ben: …Harry always goes and talks to Hagrid, and I just can’t see Hagrid not being there, you know? It just always seems like Hagrid’s the control throughout the entire series. He’s always there. It stays the same with him. And I just can’t see him dying. If he dies, I’ll be sad.

Jamie: I’ll be sad, too.

Laura: He’ll cry.

Ben: I’m sure Jo’s counting on that. She’s making sure she won’t kill anybody that will make me sad.

[Jamie and Ben laugh]

Laura: We’ll have to send tissues to the P.O. Box so that Ben can cry.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, and shoulders. And shoulders. If you can send some shoulders so that Ben can cry on them. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah, does anyone else have any thoughts about Hagrid dying?

Laura: I’m neutral.

Jamie: Please don’t let it happen.

Laura: I think it can go either way.

Greg: Yeah, I’m neutral, as well.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah, same.

Ben: Me, too.

Jamie: I’ll remain neutral. So, again, one more point where we haven’t even nearly reached a conclusion.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Ben: Sorry about that. There’s so much evidence pointing both ways that it’s hard for us to pull it off.

Listener Rebuttal – Nicknames For Micah

Ben: Okay, well this is sort of a… This thing is… This next listener rebuttal-type thing has sort of turned into its own segment each week. People keep sending in new nicknames for Micah and, so, here are a few of them. We have Micahangelo, like either the Ninja Turtle or the artist. That was from Ryan, 18 of Virginia. And then there’s Mr. Baum-bastic or the Baum-ba-deer (Jordan, 15, Windermere)…

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: And then here’s my personal favorite: Micahphone. [laughs]

Jamie: Hey!

Ben: This is from JP, 16, of New Zealand. So yeah, send in your new Micah nicknames. Everyone, keep sending them in.

Greg: I still like La-baum-baum.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: [sings] La la la la baum baum. Sorry.

Jamie: Micahangelo is good. I like that.

Ben: Yeah, that is a good one. [laughs]

Jamie: He paints enormous frescos of Harry Potter news on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] Well…

Jamie: Actually, I don’t even know if that was Michelangelo.

Greg: I better look it up.

PO Box Update

Ben: A little update on the PO Box. We have received one letter in the past week, and you know what, guys? Everybody? I blame myself for not acknowledging you enough on the show. So, as a result, sometime between the release of this episode and our Las Vegas podcast, I’m going to make a list of everyone who has ever sent in a letter to the PO Box, and I’m going to post that on the website. I have all the mail somewhere, so it’s just a matter of digging it out. And…

Laura: So Ben, are you going to have two separate lists? One for the stuff that you’ve actually sent and…

Jamie: Which would be – which would have nothing on it.

Laura: …and the stuff that’s still sitting in your closet?

Jamie: Ben? Ben?

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Ummm, no. Yes?

Jamie: Can I blame you, as well, on air? Because Ben hasn’t sent us anything that’s come into the P.O. Box.

Ben: No, I have! I’ve sent Micah his stuff, I’ve sent Eric, I’ve sent Laura, I’ve sent Andrew, I’ve sent Kevin.

Laura: Yeah, he’s sent me two Christmas cards and…

Jamie: Wait, so wait, you sent everyone’s except mine?

Ben: Yes, because I don’t feel like paying post to Britain.

Jamie: Ben, it’s not going to cost much for one letter.

Laura: Buy your MuggleCast T-shirt so that Ben can pay for the postage. [laughs]

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah. Please, yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Well, the thing about the P.O. Box – I don’t have the letters in front of me, but thanks to Joel from for sending me some Subway gift cards.

Jamie: Ben! That’s your site! Ben! [laughs]

Ben: And I’ve gotten… I know! That doesn’t matter! That’s where he’s from, and he sent me Subway gift cards, okay? In the MuggleCast box…

Jamie: That’s like me saying thanks to Jamie Lawrence for sending me a Subway gift card. Thanks very much, Jamie, that’s really nice of you.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] Any of your Subway gift cards are very accepted. They’re very much appreciated. The battle against childhood obesity for me continues to be waged. I’m now 15 lbs. lighter than when I started, so…

Jamie: Nicely done.

Ben: Applause! High five!

Laura: Yay!

[Everyone claps and cheers]

Greg: Yeah, those gummy bears that you were eating before the show.

Jamie: Yeah.

Greg: Those were definitely helping.

Ben: Hey, hey. Don’t talk about those. I know, those were. Okay.

Laura: Yeah, so…

Ben: Now it’s time… Well, go ahead, Laura.

Laura: No, I was just going to say, if you want to send your Christmas cards, send them now and they might get to us on time.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Yes. [laughs] So go ahead and start sending.

Jamie: Christmas cards for Christmas 2015. Send them now.

[Greg and Laura laugh]

Ben: Yeah, you guys are just a riot.

Greg: By that time we’ll be at MuggleCast 436.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Ben: Wow, did you figure that out, Greg? You’re good, Greg.

[Greg and Laura laugh]

Greg: I did that all in my head.

Main Discussion – Prisoner of Azkaban Foreshadowing

Ben: Now, it’s time for this week’s main discussion. An interview with David Heyman, Steve Kloves, Mark Radcliffe, and JK Rowling on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD extra, November 23, 2004, JK Rowling had this to say:

[Audio]: “Alfonso had very good intuition about what would and wouldn’t work. He’s put things in the film that, without knowing it, foreshadow things that are going to happen in the final two books. So, I really got goose bumps when I saw a couple of those things, and I thought people are going to look back on the film and think those were put in deliberately as clues.”

Ben: What do you guys think that Prisoner of Azkaban foreshadowed in Half-Blood Prince, and what do you think it’s going to foreshadow in Book 7?

Ron and Hermione

Greg: In Half-Blood Prince, the obvious thing there was the relationship between Hermione and Ron, or the love there.

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Laura: Oh yeah.

Greg: That’s been foreshadowed everywhere just because it’s funny.

Jamie: That’s been – That was foreshadowed before the first book was even released.

Ben: Yes. [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Everywhere.

James and Lily

Jamie: Jenna wrote a really good editorial on MuggleNet. It was really good reading. I really enjoyed it. One quote particularly stood out. One from Sirius:

[Audio]: “It’s cruel that I got to spend so much time with James and Lily, and you, so little. Know this: The ones that love us never really leave us, and you can always find them in here.”

Jamie: I mean, have you read this editorial? It was really, really interesting.

Ben: Well, in the editorial, she brings up the fact that Sirius himself said this to Harry and it could be a huge clue. “Not only that, but it could easily be added into the film as a nice emotional line without knowing that it could serve a greater purpose. Not only do I think it could possibly foreshadow something to do with finding Sirius after his death, but we know that Harry’s heart is essential to power he must use to vanquish the Dark Lord.”

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: So, what Jenna’s trying to point out here is that it foreshadows, perhaps, Sirius dying and then- I don’t know, I think it just…

Jamie: It’s to do with love, though. It’s clearly got something to do with the weapon that Harry uses against…

Laura: Yeah, it has to do with Harry’s power over Voldemort. Yeah.

Jamie: I just don’t know if he’s talking – I mean, obviously, he isn’t talking literally. Harry can’t open up his chest and find his parents in there.

Ben: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: But, I just – you know, it depends if it means he can find them; he can feel them saying, “Come on, Harry. You can do it.” Or if he can get some actual kind of power from them that helps him defeat Voldemort. I just don’t know if she’s talking literally – sorry – as in figuratively, or if she’s talking magically. You know?

Three Turns

Ben: I don’t know. In the movie, Dumbledore tells Harry and Hermione to retrace their steps when they go back in time.

[Audio]: Three turns should do it, I think. Oh, by the way, when in doubt, I find retracing my steps to be a wise place to begin. Good luck!

Ben: In the book, he says nothing of the sort. Could this be how Harry tracks down the Horcruxes, by retracing Voldemort’s steps that he’s shown in the Pensieve? What do you guys think?

Laura: Eh.

Greg: That’d be cool.

Laura: I just think it was an easier way to explain it on screen.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Ben: Yeah, that’s definitely why. I don’t know, some people – I’ve brought this up before. It just seems like anytime that there’s something – people overanalyze stuff. I mean…

Laura: [laughs] Because we don’t.

Ben: They always take things…

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Ben, Ben, Ben! That’s a bit…

Ben: I know. It’s a podcast.

Jamie: That’s a bit hypocritical, isn’t it?

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: You’re in a podcast that is committed to overanalyzing every single theory on Earth.

Ben: Yeah.

[Greg laughs]

Ben: So, sorry about that. Don’t mail-bomb me, please.

[Ben and Laura laugh]

Ben: Okay. In…

Jamie: The thing about…

Ben: Go ahead.

Jamie: Go on.

Ben: Go on.

Jamie: No, you go if you want. Okay.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: The thing about this, is that I think it seems a bit too logical that Harry’s going to track down the Horcruxes by retracing Voldemort’s steps. We know logical is good because it gets you there, but Harry isn’t always the most level-headed, logical person. I don’t think he’d want to do that. You know? I just don’t think that’s the kind of thing he would do. Obviously, he has to find a base to go, but I think he’ll find that from asking people.

Ben: And I’m not quite sure how he can do it, how he can track people down through the – how he can track down the Horcruxes in the Pensieve because or, I don’t know. Maybe – I think he could utilize the Pensieve…

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Ben: …especially with the memories of Voldemort.

Jamie: It’ll help him, definitely.

Ben: Mhm.

Jamie: But, I just don’t know what…

Ben: In a way, I think that…

Jamie: …or how much is going to go into…

Ben: …I think Dumbledore’s lessons that he gives Harry in Book 6 are the way of – I think he had a feeling that he may not be around much longer, so he says, “Oh Harry, we need to… I need to give you as much knowledge as possible.” And that’s why the lessons were focused more on filling his head with knowledge rather than, “Hey, let’s go out, I’ll show you all these new advanced magic and advanced spells.”

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: It’s like, “Hey man, look at this! I just got this from a Toys R’Us! It’s the best spell ever!”

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: Okay, okay. This is going completely off on a tangent here, but I was – do you know Dumbledore – and I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, bless Dumbledore’s soul, but the thing that really annoyed me in Half-Blood Prince was how he seemed sort of holier-than-thou all the time with his… When they were on the boat across to the island, and Dumbledore said that Harry’s powers wouldn’t register compared to his, you know, and just stuff. And when they left Privet Drive and he said that he didn’t think he would be attacked because he’s with him. I don’t know. Those things just kind of got me.

Ben: What was interesting was…

Jamie: I don’t think Dumbledore…

Laura: He did that through the whole book.

Ben: Right, but what I thought was cool was that towards the end, he sort of… When he was – when Harry was transporting Dumbledore back to the castle shortly before Dumbledore was killed, Dumbledore says, “We’ll be all right…”

Greg: “I will be with you.”

Laura: Yeah, he was like, “I’m with you.”

Ben: …I’m with you.”

Laura: That made me cry! [laughs]

Jamie: But, why do you think, why do you think Dumbledore said all that throughout the entire book? Do you think it was to inspire Harry and trying to get him to better himself.

Ben: Well, confidence is everything in most situations.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: You don’t want to be overconfident, but I don’t think Dumbledore is really being overconfident because…

Laura: I think he’s being honest.

Ben: Mhm. I mean, I don’t think… Would you have any… Put yourself in Harry’s situation. Do you think there’s anything to worry about when you’re with one of the most powerful wizards in the world? I wouldn’t be scared.

Jamie: Yes – no! No, but, no, but there is. That’s the point. Now of course there is. It’s got to a – it’s got to a point now where this war can’t be won by one man. Of course that’s something to worry about. I would not – even considering how powerful Dumbledore is, probably one of the greatest wizards ever to have lived, I would still feel vulnerable considering all that Voldemort’s done, everything he can do. In that cave, I don’t think it’s possible to feel safe, even if you’re with a million wizards with a billion wands each. [laughs]

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: And that kind of thing.

Ben: Yeah, you’re probably right. But, moving back to the topic at hand.

Jamie: Ben, can I just go back to that quickly?

Ben: Okay, go ahead.

Jamie: I think, also, it’s to tell Harry he isn’t even nearly ready to battle Voldemort. Because even though he has love and all these things, he’s simply not powerful enough magically. I think Jo would be doing an injustice if Harry fought Voldemort now and won. He simply can’t do it. I know in… It’s like in Star Wars – in Star Wars: Episode II – and I don’t want to draw a parallel to Star Wars as I’ve done before. I do obviously prone to draw parallels with Star Wars. [laughs] But it’s like when Count Dooku fights Anakin in Star Wars: Episode II. He isn’t powerful enough to beat him then. It doesn’t matter that it’s a film. He just isn’t powerful enough to beat him, and I don’t think Harry is now. And I think it could be Dumbledore telling him he’s powerful and he has what it takes, but he needs to improve slightly. He needs to get in gear.

Ben: Yeah, he does. [laughs]

Protector Snape

Ben: Okay, moving back to the main discussion about Prisoner of Azkaban foreshadowing things. We see towards the end of Prisoner of Azkaban where Snape stands in front of Harry, Ron, and Hermione to protect them from the werewolf Lupin. Do you think that Snape could some way sacrifice himself, especially with the new vicious werewolf that we get introduced to in Half-Blood Prince, Greyback. Do you think that it’s likely or a possibility that Snape could get in the way when Greyback is attempting to attack?

Jamie: Couldn’t that just have been adult instinct, though, to protect them from – it’s just his instinct to jump in front of children and protect them from an evil. I mean, I know what you mean, that the way he did it – he put his arms around them and tried to protect them. But it could be his instinct as a teacher taking over, you know?

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Yeah, that’s true, too. Laura, do you have any thoughts on it?

Laura: I think it’s possible. One thing that I think is probably important to point out was in the book, Snape was knocked out, and in the movie they had him wake up. So I don’t know if they did that for the specific purpose of maybe kind of symbolizing the life-debt that he feels like he owes to James and, therefore, onto Harry, or if it’s some kind of foreshadowing for Greyback. But I don’t know. I think that it would be…

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: I think it would be more of a poetic justice type of thing if it were Remus that saved them from Greyback than Snape.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Ben: Especially since – wasn’t Lupin bitten…

Laura: Yeah, he was bitten.

Ben: …by Greyback?

Jamie: Greg, do you have anything to say?

Greg: It could go either way.

Laura: [laughs] Again.

Greg: It’s an interesting concept.

Ben: I love – Greg is Captain Obvious.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Every week.

Greg: I am.

Ben: “You know, I think something might happen with that, you know?”

[Everyone laughs]

Greg: “I think it’s possible that something is possibly going to happen in Book 7…

Jamie: Hey, guys. [laughs] Yeah, that’s a…

Greg: …involving a werewolf in general.”

Jamie: That’s a…

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: That’s a pretty solid theory there, Greg.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: And grounded in significant evidence. That’s definitely going to happen.

Greg: Hey, I go about these things with the hope that nobody will ask me any questions.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Greg: Then I’ll just be able to make jokes and laugh.

Jamie: It’s a good way of doing it. It’s a good way of doing it.

Lupin and Harry’s Conversation

Ben: We all know that love plays a central theme in the books, and Harry’s mother’s love for him is what saved him in the beginning, back when Voldemort showed up at his house that night. But in Half-Blood Prince, we learned that everyone – pretty much everyone had a crush on Lily Evans. And in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, Harry has a conversation with Lupin about Lily.

[Audio]: Oh yes. I knew her. Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even and, perhaps, most especially, when that person could not see it in themselves. And your father, James, on the other hand, he [laughs] – he had a certain, shall we say, talent for trouble? A talent, rumor has it, he passed on to you. You’re more like them than you know, Harry. In time you will come to see just how much.

Ben: And do you think that this was foreshadowing Slughorn saying that “to know Lily was to love her” comments in Half-Blood Prince?

Jamie: I don’t think it specifically foreshadows that. I think that it could definitely be foreshadowing something because they clearly overemphasize – well, not overemphasize, but really emphasized it in the film. Lupin’s conversation through the forest and on the bridge. I mean, it’s clearly – the thing about Lily, is that, it’s clearly an important thing that’s going to prove really, really significant in the seventh book. I don’t think it’s foreshadowing anything specifically. I think it’s just again emphasizing how important Lily was, and the color of Harry’s eyes, obviously.

Laura: I think it was just going off of what we knew about Lily from previous books.

Jamie: Yeah, I think that’s right.

Laura: Because especially in Order of the Phoenix, we saw that even though she wasn’t particularly fond of Snape, she still stood up for him. And I think they kind of took that in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. They kind of enhanced the perception of how gentle she was.

Jamie: Yeah, I think that’s right.

Ron and Hermione…Again

Ben: You guys mentioned this earlier, but the Hermione-Ron relationship definitely gets foreshadowed in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Greg: It’s foreshadowed everywhere in every movie, though.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Yes, Jamie said that it was foreshadowed before the start of Book 1. [laughs]

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah, it was.

Greg: [imitating Hermione] “Grab on! Oh my gosh! I just grabbed your arm!”

Jamie: I think it’s…

Greg: [imitating Ron] “Quit touching my arm!”

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: Do you think it’s less foreshadowing now? I mean, I personally think, especially from the third film, it’s less foreshadowing and more actually getting into it. Because there’s a point when things are actually happening and it’s not foreshadowing anymore. You know?

Laura: Mhm. Because, I mean, especially now, Jo doesn’t really have time to foreshadow things. Things have to either happen or not.

Ben: Right.

Jamie: So, I think it’s more getting into it.

Ben: Well, Book 7 can’t foreshadow anything more [laughs] unless it happens later on in the book, if you understand what I’m saying.

Jamie: Yeah, oh yeah.

Ben: Definitely. Because I was just reading Half-Blood Prince not too long ago, and I noticed that in the early on, you can definitely tell the romance stuff that is going to happen because…

Laura: Oh yeah.

Ben: …you see Harry get jealous of Ginny; he starts thinking about Ginny a lot more. You see Ron and Hermione. I don’t know. You see Ron trying to show off in front of Hermione a lot more, and…

Jamie: But, also…

Ben: …it’s definitely…

Jamie: But, also, they had time to do that kind of stuff then. Now, it’s either fight or flight. They either get married – oh wait, this is a bit, sort of ultimatum-like. But they either get married or they don’t because the seventh book, they can’t say, “Well, let’s see how it goes.” Because A: there’s a war going on, and one of them could not be there right at the end. And also, Jo doesn’t really have time. She’s got to tell us what’s happening with them. So…

Ben: Do you guys think that Ron and Hermione might actually get married, or do you think they’ll just be together?

Laura: Well…

Ben: Could you see a marriage actually happening in the early parts of Book 7?

Laura: [laughs] I don’t think if anyone gets married it’s going to be during the course of Book 7. I think we’ll see it in the epilogue. I think that…

Ben: Well, you see…

Laura: …getting married at 17 would be…

Ben: …it’s kind of like war.

Laura: Yeah, but getting married at 17 – can you even do that?

Ben: People went off to World War II for the draft – of course you can. In the magical world, you become of age at 17. And when people were leaving for the draft for World War II here in the US, we heard about all these marriages; people barely even knew each other, they get married before they left, and…

Jamie: Wait, exactly. And it has to be…

Ben: …you know, because it was their only chance.

Laura: That’s like what Bill and Fleur did, though.

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

Laura: That’s what they did, and I don’t think that she’d need to show us that again. She’s already shown us that aspect of the war, and I just don’t think that if Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione were going to get married, we’d see it until that epilogue because she said that everyone who lives, we’re going to find out what happens to them after the final chapter of the war.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true.

Ben: Good point, Laura. Good point.

This Week in Potter: The Goblet of Fire Book Release

Ben: Now it’s time for this week’s This Week in Potter. On July 8th of 2000, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released. It’s weird to think that it was six years ago.

Jamie: It is.

Laura: I know.

Ben: Jamie Lawrence, where were you? On July 8th – July 7th at midnight.

Jamie: Where was I? Goblet of Fire… Well, it’s quite shameful for me to say this, but I was probably tucked up in bed, thinking ‘I’ll buy my copy tomorrow, there’s no rush at all.’ How wrong I was, of course. Now, it’s all about getting the book first, reading it first. You know? Those kinds of things. It’s not, it’s not. But, yeah, I think I was tucked up in bed, thinking about anything but Harry Potter, which I’m ashamed to say.

Laura: Blasphemy.

Jamie: It is blasphemy.

Ben: Where were you at, Laura?

Laura: Well, I was 11 years old, and I had just moved to Georgia. So, I was lonely and I had no friends, and I was at…

Ben: That’s still the same, in a way.

Laura: Shut up! No, I was at Zany Brainys. Zany Brainy is this – for those of you who don’t know it’s this huge toy store – and I don’t know where all they have them, but they have them here. And some of them have multiple floors, and I went, and they just had a huge Harry Potter party, and that’s where I was.

Greg: Awww.

Laura: I know, all dressed up.

Greg: I was at…

Ben: Where were you, Greg?

Greg: I was at the Borders in Beldin Village Mall or near Beldin Village Mall.

Ben: How old were you then, 11?

Greg: I forget – yeah, it was something like that. But, I had just read the first three books within three weeks before the Book 4 released.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: My story is not very exciting. I had not read a single Harry Potter book then.

[Everyone gasps]

Greg: Oh my gosh. We have to kick you off MuggleCast, you’re not allowed on here anymore.

Laura: We’ve got to stone Ben, now.

Ben: Hey, hold on. Hold on, though. I do remember July 7th at 11 PM. I was sitting in my living room watching Nightline with Ted Koppel. It’s A good American TV show on ABC. Anyway, there was a big story about the Harry Potter phenomenon, and it showed people lined up at Barnes and Noble, getting ready to get the books and stuff.

Jamie: And Ben thought, “You sad, sad people, why would you ever line up?” And then one year later, it was him.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Yeah, yeah, kind of. It was almost that way. And then my mom leans over – my mom was watching TV with me – and she says, “Hey, are these books really that great?” I was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve read them all.” I just lied to her because I don’t know why I did. But I told her I read them all and I really hadn’t. And so yeah, that was before I even got into Harry Potter. I didn’t get into Harry Potter until December 2002. So, it was almost two-and-a-half years after the release of Goblet of Fire when I first picked up a Harry Potter book.

Jamie: You shouldn’t be telling people these things; they’ll lose faith in us.

Greg: You’re a horrible person, Ben.

Ben: No, they won’t. I went all out, though. I joined right up at MuggleNet.

Jamie: You got right in there.

Ben: Joined the Executive Committee.

Greg: Ben, I don’t think I can talk to you anymore, I have to go. I mean, my entire opinion of you has changed.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Oh, Greg.

Warwick Davis Interview

Ben: Earlier this week, Jamie, Andrew, and myself sat down with Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter films, and here’s the interview that we did with him.

Andrew: So, we are now joined by Warwick Davis, who as many of you know plays Professor Flitwick, and several of the Gringotts goblins in the Potter films. And, recently, he’s played roles in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ray, and will reprise his role as Flitwick in Order of the Phoenix. So, welcome, Warwick. How are you doing today?

Warwick: Thank you very much, I’m doing well, thank you.

Andrew: Okay, good. Thanks for joining us on the show today.

Warwick: It’s a pleasure.

Andrew: And Jamie, want to get right into the questions?

Character Change

Jamie: First question: I know quite a few people asked you this, Warwick, especially at Collectormania – I know you got a lot of people who came up and just asked you this straightaway – but can you elaborate on why Warner Brothers changed the appearance and clothes of Flitwick between films?

Warwick: Okay, this is something that when it happened, I knew it was going to cause a lot of confusion amongst fans of the movies, and finding a very sort of straightforward and short explanation is quite difficult. When it came to the third movie, of course the looks of the whole films had changed. Alfonso really wanted to put his mark on the films. And then a lot of things altered: anything from character looks, to the actual layout of Hogwarts itself. And another thing was happening at the same time. There wasn’t really anything for Flitwick in the script at all, and I got a call one day from the producer, saying basically, “There’s nothing for you, but we’d love you to be in the film all the same. How do you fancy coming in and doing a kind of cameo in the movie as somebody else?” And I said, “Well, that’s great, thanks for asking. I’m always thrilled to be part of all of this, anyway.” So, I went in for a meeting with Alfonso, the director, and Nick Dougland, who’s the make-up supervisor, and we came up with this new look for this character who would be basically the conductor of the Frog Chorus in the Great Hall. And so, we went with that. When it came to making the fourth movie, Mike Newell really wanted to use the character he’d seen in number three for me, and I was quite a bit more on that movie. I was on it for 45 days, so there was a lot more stuff going on. So, I started to raise the question, “What is this guy called? Who is he?” He was known as the choir conductor in three, was he still that? I wanted to figure that out, and they said “Okay, now we’ll call him Flitwick.” And I said, “Well, possibly that’s going to cause a bit of confusion.” But they say, “No, that’s what we’ll go with. We’ll go with Flitwick. All the looks have changed, it’s now a bit more kind of 1950’s-styley, so we’re going to go with that.” So, hence he became Flitwick. I like to think – in my mind – that perhaps this is a relative of Professor Flitwick; this is perhaps a brother, or a cousin. He’s not a professor, either, he’s just Flitwick and he teaches magical music. That’s my justification for it, in my own mind, because it’s a question I get asked all the time.

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: So hopefully, now, this has set the record straight there. [laughs]

Jamie: That’s cleared up, yeah. Do you prefer one to the other, or do you just see them as completely different? You can’t compare them; they’re played differently.

Warwick: I see them as being very different, to be honest. I’m very fond of the old Flitwick. It was so fun playing something that’s so – there are pluses and minuses for each one. The old Flitwick is fun to play, it’s fun playing somebody so totally different from yourself, and I was kind of fond of the old guy, really, in a way. But the new Flitwick allows me to be a lot more active and stuff. I wouldn’t imagine the old Flitwick crowd surfing, somehow.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: I’ll tell you about the crowd surfing now, while we’re on this. That scene came about purely because I made a joke to Michael Newell. We were doing the sequence in the Great Hall; it was the best few weeks, that was fantastic. It was very near Christmas we were shooting that and it was just such a wonderful atmosphere with all the dancing and music, and we of course had Jarvis Cockerin and all the Radiohead guys there. It was really a great sequence to shoot. And I suggested, I knew they were going to do this mosh sequence. I said “Wouldn’t it be funny if as the music started, Flitwick kind of crowd surfs?” Mike Newell of course just chuckled, and said “Oh, silly stuff.”

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, definitely.

Warwick: Then he said, “Actually, leave that with me.” And I said, “What?” Anyway, on Monday, he came back in again after the weekend and said, “You know what you said? We’re actually going to do that.” I couldn’t believe it.

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: I just couldn’t believe it. So, that’s how that got into the movie. It was purely because of me messing about. And there’s so much stuff that was never used, whether any day you’ll see it, but there’s loads of stuff of Flitwick air guitaring.

Andrew: Oh, really? Really?

Warwick: There’s just hours of stuff of me messing about, having a good time.

Andrew: Uh huh.

Warwick: So, you never know, it may come back to haunt me in the future.

[Andrew and Ben laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, it always does.

Order of the Phoenix

Ben: Warwick, Warwick, have you had a chance to be on the Order of the Phoenix set yet?

Warwick: I have. I’ve done a couple of days there. I don’t have a huge amount of work to do on this one.

Ben: Well, could you describe the atmosphere in comparison to the previous films?

Jamie: Is it darker, specifically? I mean, because the book’s obviously a lot, lot darker. I know quite a few fans are wondering, is it going to be a complete change from the other films? Because obviously they’ve got darker as the series has got darker and the content has got darker. It’s turned from a more fantasy-like story, into a real world war-type thing. So, do you think that the atmosphere on set, and the way the people are portraying their characters reflects this?

Warwick: For me, I haven’t noticed really a change in the atmosphere, to be quite honest. In all of the other movies, we’ve had very dark times, scenes that were very moving, and emotional, and dark to do. I’ve not noticed anything particularly more so on this film, certainly. We’ve got quite a few different crew on there, and that sort of thing, and that really is the only difference. We’re back in familiar surroundings, familiar sets with cast members who I’ve been working with for the past – what is it now? Six years? So yeah, it doesn’t feel that different to be quite honest. No, I wouldn’t say.

David Yates

Andrew: What’s the new director like, David Yates? Have you had much time to work with him?

Warwick: Yeah, he’s very different; again, all the directors have been a complete contrast to each other, but they all bring something very special and unique to the projects. He’s very particular. He’s very detailed. He’s very thorough in his direction as well, and so I’ve enjoyed the work that I’ve done with him so far.

Jamie: Do you like changing directors? Because they’ve clearly all got different styles. Do you like that type of thing or do you prefer sticking with one style throughout the series?

Warwick: No, I think that all the directors bring something pretty fresh to the projects, and put their own unique stamp on Harry Potter, and I think it’s all for the better that each one of them does that.

Jamie: Because, I liked the first two; I thought they were good in what they did, but I prefer the darker, more serious directing.

Warwick: Mhm.

Jamie: But, I suppose that comes with the film. The first book isn’t as dark, so then the first film shouldn’t be.

Warwick: That’s right, and all of the characters are growing up as well, so the subject matters are going to become more adult as they do so.

Jamie: Yeah, definitely.

Warwick: I think the films have grown up with the characters, and then with the actors in turn, so I think that probably will be a continuing kind of curve as we go on into the other two books, which at this point, nobody knows whether they will become films or not.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But, I’m pretty sure that they will though. I know nothing of that.


Jamie: Have you filmed any of your scenes? Obviously we don’t want to ask you something that you can’t answer, but if you could give us some type of insight, it would be nice.

Warwick: I can’t really say very much. I have filmed some scenes and they were scenes in the Great Hall. That’s pretty much all I can tell you at this point. [laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

[Warwick laughs]

Jamie: Oh, excellent. Okay.

Warwick: And that building is a great building, you know. It’s a set down in Leavesden Studios in London, and it’s like no other set I’ve been on because it is like it’s a real building. It has history now; it’s got six years worth of memories for me playing all sorts of scenes in there, from great banquets in the first movie, to a funeral scene, and then a Yule Ball. It’s gone through so many transformations…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …and has had so many different scenes played in there that, you know, itself is a historical building. It will be very sad if they don’t kind of preserve it in some way after all this is over because it’s wonderful to walk in there. It is exactly as you see it in the movie. This is what’s great about everything you do on Harry Potter. It’s as you see it.

Jamie: So, does it feel like the Great Hall to you, or does it still feel like you’re filming in a building that changes?

Warwick: No, it feels… It feels like the Great Hall to me because when you’re in there and you’re performing a scene, you very much, kind of – you’re just so into the scene and into the character and what’s going on, that’s how you see it.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: So, it has basically become that for me. You know, I go in there, I have all the memories and all the feelings, and it smells like the Great Hall…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …and it’s got all of that history about it. So, it’s a pretty unique place. It’s fantastic. Although it doesn’t smell quite so good sometimes, actually, now I’m thinking about this.

[Andrew, Ben, and Jamie laughs]

Warwick: On the first movie, we used these banquets in there, and we used real food. All of this stuff you see is real. There are huge turkeys and…

Andrew: Is it? Really? Is it?

Warwick: …and all of the pigs and all the things you’re eating there, it’s all real. But after, kind of, days two and three, the food is the same food.

Jamie: A week’s old! [laughs]

Warwick: Yeah. And they don’t replace it. They just kind of gloss it a bit and make it look fresh again, and they just kind of go around each scene and say, “Do not eat the food, remember.”

Andrew: Mhm. [laughs]

Warwick: And you wouldn’t anyway because the smell [laughs] is quite unreal.

Jamie: Six days. Oh, that’s good. Because, I mean, I like those kinds of grand filming locations, because in our university in Durham, we spend quite a bit of time in the cathedral…

Warwick: Mhm.

Jamie: And I know there’s been a filming done there. In one part of the cathedral…

Andrew: Oh, really?

Jamie: …I think, was used in filming the first film, was it? Or was it the second film, or something.

Warwick: I know they have been to Durham, yeah. I went down to Gloucester at one point. I know they went to Durham.

Jamie: I just think it’s brilliant how they can get all these real world churches and cathedrals and sets and just turn them into what looks like a magical place. So, I just think it’s brilliant.

Warwick: Well, absolutely, yeah. That’s right. We used the cloisters, actually, down at – in Gloucester Cathedral, and it does look like a corridor in Hogwarts, you know? It saves building a set.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: It has a certain kind of authenticity to the stone, of course, because it’s real stone, and it all works. It works rather well.

Is Professor Flitwick Your Best Role?

Ben: Do you think – is Professor Flitwick the kind of character that you would like to be remembered for, or does one of your other previous roles stand out for you?

Warwick: Well, I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had a lot of pretty good roles in my career to date. I mean, I’ve had a lot of roles that are memorable for one reason or another. You know, Wicket in Star Wars.

Ben: You were the Leprechaun, correct?

Warwick: Oh, yeah. That’s right. I’ll come to him in a moment.

[Ben and Warwick laughs]

Ben: Okay.

Warwick: We’ve got Wicket in Star Wars, who is a character that is, kind of – a character that a lot of people grew up with, a lot of kids or a lot of grown-ups now, have said, “Oh, I used to have a teddy of Wicket and loved the character,” and all those sort of things. So, he did have – he certainly made his mark there with people in the world. And then, of course, you’ve got the film Willow, which is still really, really popular.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: Now it’s come out on DVD. You’ve got people who have now grown up themselves and have kids. They’re handing on that movie to the kids and saying, “I grew up watching this. Check it out.” So, it’s becoming sort of a generational type of film, and still, but it’s more popular now than it was when it came out, so I have a huge amount of sort of recognition, still, from that.

He’s The Leprechaun

Warwick: And then, coming on now to The Leprechaun, that has sort of its own band of insane followers throughout the world.

Ben: I’ve seen a lot of those movies. Those are very good.

Warwick: Yeah, well, [laughs] thank you!

Jamie: I actually saw them really recently. I thought they were excellent. I was sort of flicking through the films, and it said, “Warwick Davis stars as the Leprechaun,” so I thought, well, I’ll watch this. You know?

Warwick: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: And it was sort of 2 AM and the lights were off.

Warwick: Yeah. It… They’re just kind of crazy just kind of – I suggest people take their brain out and put it in the fridge and then watch the movie…

[Andrew laughs]

Warwick: …because it’s not a thinking kind of movie. It’s just: get on, and have fun, and enjoy it. And they are gradually becoming cult movies.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: They’re showing over here on the Horror Channel now so that people in the UK are now getting to see the movies. They weren’t released here, you see, on DVD very widely, so people here were kind of crying out to get a hold of them, but now a lot of people have seen them. I am constantly asked, especially when I go to America, to record voicemail for people as the Leprechaun.

Jamie: Oh, as the Leprechaun, yeah.

Warwick: That’s quite… [laughs]

[Andrew and Jamie laughs]

Jamie: You – the third Leprechaun film, did you actually film in Vegas? Is that right?

Warwick: That’s right. We did. We went to Vegas, just for one day though – one night shoot in Vegas…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …because they’re fairly low-budget movies and it’s quite expensive to shoot there, so we – the film actually licensed lots of slot machines into California and built a set in a hotel…

Jamie: Oh, okay.

Warwick: …in downtown L.A. It was actually the Ambassador Hotel. It was the hotel where one of the Kennedys was assassinated in the kitchen, down underneath? The very thing…

Jamie: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Andrew: Uh huh.

Warwick: The hotel where the very first Oscars were held, I believe. So, we shot in there, and then we went to Vegas for one night. We had no permits to shoot, and they basically walked me out into the middle of The Strip that runs through the center of Las Vegas and said, “Right. Try and pretend you’re kind of hitching a ride,” and then just shot the reactions of people…

[Jamie laughs]

Warwick: …and of what I was getting up to. They sent me walking into casinos and out again, just did all of this stuff, you know, as it was happening kind of thing. And it was – it was fun to do because by then the people knew the character, but I just thought I was going to get attacked…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …by some crazy man.

[Andrew and Ben laughs]

Warwick: It’s – yes, I’ve certainly done a huge variety of different things on those movies as well; it’s anything from rapping to…

Jamie: The Elvis…

Warwick: There’s the Elvis thing as well, exactly.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s right.

[Andrew, Ben, and Jamie laughs]

Warwick: So, they – they’ve been very good to me, those films, and people are crying out for a seventh one. There’s actually kind of a spoof, a little trailer, on the Internet at the moment with “Leprechaun versus Wishmaster,” which is quite amusing to see.

Jamie: Oh! Is that – is that with Andrew Divoff? Is it?

Warwick: It’s the guy – what they’ve done…

Jamie: The Wishmaster ones…

Warwick: They’ve taken clips from both the movies and put them together as if it’s a trailer for a new film, and it’s been very cleverly done.

Jamie: Oh.

Warwick: You know, you could be convinced if you didn’t know otherwise.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But people will want a “Versus” movie. They want a “Lep Versus Chucky” or something like that. That’s…

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: That would be good. That would be good.

Warwick: Whether this will happen, I’ve no idea, but we shall see.

Jamie: I suppose it’s the kind of film where there are all different possibilities that could come from it, whether it’s sequels or versus or…

Warwick: Mhm.

Jamie: Or things like that.

Warwick: Yeah, you could go on and on, because at the end of each movie, he dies, you see, the Leprechaun always dies.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: There’s no explanation at the beginning of the next on what happened [laughs]. He’s suddenly in space…

[Andrew and Jamie laughs]

Warwick: …or he’s in the hood.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: It doesn’t need explaining. It just happens.

[Andrew, Ben, and Jamie laughs]

Other Films

Jamie: Are you in the process of appearing in any other films now? Do you have any projects lined up?

Warwick: What’s going on for me at the moment? Let’s think about this… I just did my episode of Extras. You know? Ricky Gervais’s show, Extras?

Jamie: I do.

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: I love – I love him. He’s so funny.

Warwick: It’s an HBO show in America. It shows over here in the UK on the BBC, and it’s – and for those people who don’t know what Extras is, it tells the story of Ricky Gervais’s character, Andy, who is an extra on films, and in each episode, he encounters an established actor playing themselves working on a film with them, basically. And what it does, it takes the actors’ kind of persona. It takes the view of the audience, and turns that completely on its head. So, what the audience expected that person to be like, it’s nothing like what they’re like. And I just did…

[Andrew laughs]

Warwick: …an episode with Daniel Radcliffe, which was pretty fun. And I shall not spoil it…

Jamie: How did that go?

Warwick: Oh, it went brilliantly! Oh, it was such fun to do, and Daniel is a great sport, as you’ll see when you watch the finished article…

Jamie: Excellent.

Warwick: We had a really good time. So…

Andrew: I’m not sure if it was a quote from you or – it got around the fandom the other day, that news, and it said you and Dan are a lot different from your roles in Harry Potter, so I’m looking forward to that.

Warwick: Oh, absolutely. We are. It takes our own personalities and just – it’s not what you expect, and that’s what all the actors do. In the last series, that’s what you saw. It’s Patrick Stewart doing it. It’s – yeah. We’re just very different, and people will be surprised and hopefully will just have fun with it because we certainly did doing it. It was really great fun.

Andrew: Do you know when it’s going to air? How soon?

Warwick: I’m not sure. I think it will probably be in the Fall, actually.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Warwick: Just they take too long with these things, and there’s loads of outtakes. Look out for the DVD. On the last series, there were loads.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Warwick: When we were shooting this, it was constant laughter and funny goings-on. So… [laughs]

[Andrew laughs]

Warwick: Yeah, I’m really proud of that. It was fun to do.

Warwick’s Favorite Films

Jamie: What types of films do you like, personally? I mean…

Warwick: Ummm…

Jamie: Do you like specific genres or comedy? What type of comedy do you like?

Warwick: I’m actually a big fan of ‘80s comedy: Chevy Chase, John Candy…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …that kind of John Hughes movies, I love all of his stuff. So, yeah. I’m a fan of all of that stuff. So, yeah, if I sit down to watch a film, I’ll normally pull something like that out that I’m familiar with.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: I’m not a great adventurer in movies. It’s very rare that I’ll – because it’s such a treat for me to sit down and watch a film anyway. I don’t get much time to do that. It sounds funny being an actor you’d think I’d always be watching movies.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But I don’t. So when I do, I don’t want to waste that couple of hours. I think, “Well, I’ll watch something that I know I’m going to enjoy.”

Jamie: You really won’t take a chance.

Warwick: I really don’t take a chance on movies very much [laughs].

Andrew: Yeah

Warwick: So…

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Warwick: And having two children now, nine and three, I tend to be fed a diet of Disney films at the moment.

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: It’s – I could answer any question about any of the recent Disney movies, but…

[Andrew and Jamie laughs]

Warwick: …ask me about the latest Woody Allen or – I can’t tell you anything.

[Everyone laughs]

Film’s From An Actor’s Point of View

Jamie: I try to ask as many people this as possible: is it different watching films from an actor’s point of view? Because, I mean, we obviously can’t seem to think what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera. So, do you – do you watch them…

Warwick: Yeah.

Jamie: …from a different perspective, would you say?

Warwick: I do. Since I became an actor, I could never watch a film the same way again. All I see is the shots, I see the performances, I see the mistakes – I just see everything in such a different way. It’s what I’m used to now. But, yeah, I won’t be watching a film like you all. It’s quite a shame, actually, because I just – I just unravel it, that’s what I’m doing all the time.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: It’s rare that I’ll get so into a film that I’ll forget that. I sometimes do, and that’s probably a good sign of a good movie, but…

Jamie: So, I mean, especially considering your work on the Leprechaun series, could you say that you could get scared by a film now, or do you think you’re so busy analyzing it?

Warwick: I don’t know. Again, since having children, I don’t watch horror movies anymore. I used to be – I used to love them. Growing up, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween were the films I grew up with. But now, that type of film doesn’t appeal to me; although I make them. To watch them, it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore, for that very reason, having kids.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But, yeah. If I can watch a movie and laugh… I think movies are very important that you can go in there. And that’s what’s so great about Harry Potter is it’s escapism. You go in there, you don’t want to be reminded of the world that you’ve just come from…

Jamie: The real world?

[Andrew, Jamie, and Warwick laughs]

Warwick: Yeah. It’s lovely to go somewhere else, you know, Star Wars, any of that, just escape for two hours and come out feeling kind of uplifted, you know?

Andrew: Yeah.

Warwick: Moved. But…

Jamie: That’s the sign of a good film, though…

Warwick: Absolutely.

Jamie: Isn’t it, really? You’re completely taken away from the real world where…

Warwick: Certainly.

Jamie: You have to go back.

Warwick Is Podcasting

Andrew: That’s a great point. So, we hear you’re getting into podcasting now. Is that true?

Warwick: Well, yes. I haven’t done my first one yet, but it’s certainly something I want to do. I very much admire Ricky Gervais’ podcast, again. He does a podcast with Steven Merchant and a guy called Karl Pilkington, which is basically just three kind of guys chatting about absolute nonsense.

Andrew: Right.

Warwick: And I quite fancy doing it because talk shows are an area that I really want to get into.

Andrew: Mhm.

Warwick: I did some work at the Star Wars celebration last year in Indianapolis, where I was one of the hosts there and was interviewing other Star Wars actors in my stage area, and I had to put together twelve talk shows. And it’s something, again, I went on to do at Walt Disney World this year. I spent five weeks there at Star Wars weekend acting as the host and the interviewer. And just enjoyed it so much and a lot of people said, “You should really do a talk show,” and so, that’s something that I want to get into. But I thought, well podcasting is every man’s radio. Anybody can do it.

Andrew: Right.

Ben: Yeah.

Warwick: And I thought, well, I’ll start this talk show experiment with a podcast and prove myself there, and then move into, hopefully, television.

Jamie: Talk show, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Warwick: [laughs] I’ve got a great name for it: Small Talk.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Nice.

Andrew: It’s a great medium because there’s really no limits and if you go look on iTunes, or any other podcasting directory, you’ll find a podcast on every little topic you can imagine. And I know Ricky’s show has gotten huge numbers, a huge listener base, and now he’s charging for the shows, I believe. So…

Warwick: It’s record-breaking, the first one.

Andrew: Yeah.

Warwick: The second – even the charged one was record-breaking. It made the most money of any podcast ever.

Andrew: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Warwick: They’re just great. Every time I’m driving to London for work – it’s about an hour and a half in the car – I’ll download a podcast before I go and it’s better than tuning into the radio. There’s no commercials.

Andrew: Right, right.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: You can pick your topic that you want to listen to and they’re fantastic.

Andrew: Exactly.

Warwick: Fantastic things, yeah.

Jamie: I kind of see them as bringing radio to the public. It’s like amateur films, that’s to do with video. Now this is trying to bring every type of media medium to anyone. It’s just kind of like that.

Warwick: Well, anyone can have a radio show. If they’ve got a computer and a microphone, and a little bit of knowledge (because there is a little bit of jiggery-pokery to do).

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: Pretty much anybody can do it, which is what’s so great about it.

Andrew: Yep, exactly.

Warwick: So, yes, I will be attempting it. I want to do it with another actor friend of mine. He’s in London, but using the techniques that you’ve been teaching me…

Jamie: No limits, yeah. [laughs]

Warwick: Absolutely, we can do it. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Funny Stories

Jamie: Finally, do you have any funny stories about people who have talked to you about your role for Potter? Or any funny stories on set? Or anything else that could give our listeners a giggle, maybe?

Warwick: Okay. This is a tricky one. I knew this one would be coming at some point because it always comes up in interviews. I should have a stash of funny moments in my mind. Let me think now. I mean, there are some – they don’t necessarily relate to Potter – but there are scary fan moments. I have fans who have tattooed images of my characters upon themselves.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Really?

Warwick: There’s a guy I met once and he said “Hi,” and he looked perfectly normal, and then he pulled his shirt up and had a tattoo of Willow on his belly.

[Andrew and Jamie laughs]

Warwick: It was staring me in the face, basically, and it was like, “Whoa!” That’s pretty frightening when you see yourself…

Jamie: What can you say to that, yeah?

Warwick: What do you say? Absolutely… I see tattoos of the Leprechaun on somebody’s arm; it’s me, but it’s not.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But when it’s Willow, it’s kind of looking back at me there and then he wanted me to sign it, which was too much.

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: And again, another really surreal thing about being an actor – and now becoming, kind of, more recognized, I suppose – is that I’ll arrive home from being out somewhere and check my e-mails, and I have a guest book e-mail that comes in from my website. Somebody would have written saying, “Hi, Mr. Davis, I’m the guy who was washing his hands next to you today in the bathroom.”

[Everyone laughs]

Warwick: “I didn’t want to bother you, but I just wanted to say hi.” Then I’ll think back, and I’ll think, “Yeah, there was a guy, and I was a bit worried about him because he was looking at me out of the corner of his eye.”

[Andrew laughs]

Warwick: So, that’s the kind of thing that…

Jamie: Glad you got away.

Warwick: That’s right, but people will often write in saying they didn’t want to bother me but they were the person that was in such a place…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …at such a time.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: So, that was always quite fun.

Jamie: That’s a nice story. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Warwick: But I’ve got nothing Harry Potter specific I’m afraid to say.

Jamie: That’s okay.

All Fun On Films

Warwick: Just to say that we do all have such a good time working on the films. The crew on that is such an efficient and professional crew, but at the same time the atmosphere is very relaxed and we’re all having fun doing that job and enjoy being part of that. We know we are only a handful of people that have the privilege of doing it, and…

Jamie: Exactly. Yeah, it sounds like – the impression I’ve got throughout all the films and all the set reports and all the info that we get, that it’s just like a whole big community you’ve got there. It’s not just…

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: I don’t know if this is the case on other films as well, but it seems to be amplified on Potter especially, that everyone’s friends with everyone – you can always have a laugh.

Warwick: Oh, absolutely. It’s like a family. These people have been working together for six years now and so yeah, you know each other very well. And it is like a start of a new term.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: Each time we start a new film, it’s like a start of a new term and everyone’s grown up a bit, everyone’s a bit wiser…

Jamie: Changed, I suppose as well, yeah.

Warwick: …everyone’s refreshed at the beginning then absolutely died out at the end.

[Jamie laughs]

Warwick: So it’s pretty much like school. Except, each year you have a new headmaster, in the director.

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: But it’s good fun. I desperately feel very honored to be doing it, because what a great British cast that we have.

Jamie: Definitely, yeah.

Warwick: I’m always intrigued to see who is the next actor or actress that will be joining us. And I feel very lucky because I’m only one of a handful of actors who has come through all of the films – handful of adult actors, I should say…

Jamie: Yeah.

Warwick: …that have come through all of the films so far. I feel like part of the furniture, actually, now. A bit of the set dressing.

Jamie: Yeah.

Any More Order Filming

Andrew: Yeah. So are you going back to the Order of the Phoenix set anymore? Or are you…

Warwick: I will be, yes. I have some more time in August to do.

Andrew: Oh, okay. All right, well, that concludes our interview with Warwick Davis. Thanks very much for joining us on the show today.

Warwick’s Auction

Warwick: Very good. I’ve just wanted to say one more thing.

Andrew: Okay.

Warwick: Before we go.

Andrew: Sure.

Warwick: I know, I’m probably dragging this out, but…

Jamie: No, that’s okay.

Andrew: That’s fine.

Warwick: I wanted to let people know who are – people in the UK most definitely, if you’re not then don’t worry – but I’m holding a charity auction on Sunday the 16th of July, here in the UK. We’ve got a couple of really cool Harry Potter items in there; just wanted to let people know about it. We have an original Quidditch World Cup Program, as used in The Goblet of Fire, and it’s signed by Daniel Radcliffe.

Jamie: Nice.

Warwick: And the Quidditch World Cup Program is not just a piece of paper, it’s a wonderful kind of – it’s a booklet but it’s hugely detailed. I can’t really describe it. I was so thrilled when I received it from Warner Brothers because it’s a great prop and something that’s pretty rare. Especially now Daniel has also signed it. So, that’s a cool thing and I also have a Wand Box, which I know there are a few out there but I have one that’s signed by Daniel and myself and Devon Murray, who plays Seamus.

Andrew: Oh, cool.

Warwick: And I’ve got lots of other signed pictures from Potter people, and that’s the limelight of the auction.

Andrew: Great.

Warwick: So, if anybody is interested, go to my website, On there, you can read the auction catalog for yourselves. You can also get details on how you can make a telephone bid on the day if you’re interested, or details of where to come to be there as I auction these items off in person.

Andrew: Oh, very good.

Jamie: Excellent.

Warwick: So, go check it out. Thank you, guys.

Andrew: No problem, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you Warwick, that’s brilliant. Thanks a lot.

Warwick: Thank you very much. Good to talk to you.

Australian Phone Number

Ben: To make it so that you listeners aren’t able burn the show onto DVD, we’re going to cut things short this week and eliminate the voicemails from the show, but they will be back next week, and we have some more options for visitors who are not located in the United States. However, remember, if you are in the US, you can dial 1-218-20-MAGIC and leave a voicemail. For those of you in the United Kingdom, where good ole Jamie is, dial 020-08144-0677. And for those of you [in a British accent] in the land down under, in Australia…

Jamie: You just said that in a British accent.

Ben: Dial 02-8003-5668. And yes, I know that a British accent does not work for Australians.

[Jamie and Laura laughs]

British Joke of the Day

Ben: I’m very sorry. However, British accent does work for our good pal, Jamie. Who’s doing this weeks British Joke of the Day!

Jamie: Well, actually, I have a very sad announcement to make. After my last joke last week I got such bad comments, I just couldn’t believe it.

[Show Close music in the background]

Jamie: My computer almost said, “I’m sorry, I’m not displaying this e-mail because it’s so bad.” I got – it was a terrible joke, I must admit.

Ben: Oh geez.

Jamie: But, so instead of going on Google and typing in “funny jokes,” which I’ve never, ever done before, I might add – just to get a joke.

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: I’m going to get two excellent jokes for next week, instead of doing one bad one this week and one bad one next week. So, please tune in next week for two jokes of the day because I can’t think of any for this week. I’m sorry.

Ben: I’m going to hold you to that, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ben: You better do that.

Jamie: I will, I will. They’re going to be so good.

Ben: You will. [laughs]

Jamie: You’re going to be laughing before I even tell them. They’re that good. You can sense them.

[Ben laughs]

Show Close

Ben [Show Close with music in background]: Well, yeah. [laughs] Well, everybody, that wraps up MuggleCast Episode 47. That’s all for us here. If you want to leave a voicemail you can call the numbers I mentioned before. Leave any feedback comments or Listener Rebuttals at mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And by going to you can view all of our contact information and select us from a contact form. And also, finally, a low bandwidth version of the show is now available. So go ahead, and for those of you on dial-up you can download the show. It may not be as good audio quality, but it won’t take you three years to download like it was before. So, go ahead and download the show. [laughs] So, that wraps things up. I’m Ben Schoen.

Jamie: I’m Jamie Lawrence.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Greg: And I’m Greg Porter.

Ben: Join us on MuggleCast Episode 48 next week. I have a feeling Andrew will be back and some more of the regulars will be. So, goodnight everybody!

Greg: Good night.

Laura: Good night.


Ben: Sorry about that, guys. Did you fill him in?

Jamie: No, what happened?

Ben: My boss came in the room. I’m here at work and he came in the room and started asking me all these questions.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I’m like, “Man, you can leave now.”

Warwick: [laughs] Did you tell him what you were doing? You couldn’t, though, because you’d get into trouble.

Ben: Well, he probably would have – I should have said, “You know that guy from the Leprechaun,” and he would have been like, “Oh yeah!”

Warwick: Yeah [laughs], I could have chuckled. [Leprechaun laugh] And done the noises.

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Yeah, do some of the noises man.


Written by: Micah, Ally, Amanda, David, Jessica, Margaret, Martina, Rhiannon, and Sarah

Episode 47: No Conclusions

  • Listener Rebuttals tackle last week’s hot topics.
  • Can the Mirror of Erised reveal where the final Horcruxes are?
  • Much more Mirror of Erised discussion.
  • The Spice Girls make a guest appearance.
  • Dumbledore and Harry’s relationship in Half-Blood Prince is analyzed.
  • Jamie and Ben see each other in the mirror.
  • Moundridge High School doesn’t teach the English language properly.
  • Jo says that the POA film foreshadowed events in the final two books. Like what?
  • MuggleCast interviews Warwick Davis, who plays Flitwick in the Potter films.
  • We learn why his character’s appearance changed so dramatically from COS to POA.
  • Warwick explains how the crowd-surfing Flitwick scene came to be.
  • He tells us about his time on the OOTP set and the new director, David Yates.
  • He’s currently planning a new podcast of his own, titled “Small Talk.”
  • We learn about his filming career, his perspective on films, and much more.
  • British and Australian listeners can rejoice: we have foreign phone numbers now!
  • Jamie’s British Joke of the Day has a sad announcement 🙁

Download Now
Running time: 1:23:34, 22.2 MB

Transcript 046

MuggleCast 46 Transcript

Show Intro

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: Because Sunday just wouldn’t exist without it (thank you Kristen, 18, of Massachusetts) – this is MuggleCast Episode 46 for July 01st, 2006.

See why is the No. 1 domain registrar world-wide. Now with your domain registration, you’ll get hosting, a free blog, complete e-mail and much more! Plus, as a MuggleCast listener enter the code “RON”; that’s R-O-N when you check out and get your dot com domain name for just $6.95 per year. Get your piece of the Internet today at

Hello, everyone and welcome to this LIVE – oh, wait. No it’s not.

Ben: Whoops!

Kevin: Ooops!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Jamie: And I’m still last, even after being away for ages.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: I’m Jamie Lawrence.

Andrew: Three cohosts return this week. Kevin and Jamie, you’ve been off for a while. And Laura, we just don’t care about you.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: But yeah, we were going to the LIVE podcast this week, and SkypeCast apparently cannot handle our awesomeness.

Ben: We’re too much!

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Laura: Apparently.

Ben: MuggleCast is too hot to handle.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: There’s the title for this week’s show, “Too Hot To Handle.”

Andrew: “Too…” Perfect! Perfect! I love it!

Ben: Do that.

Andrew: All right, so before we do anything else, we already have a title already let’s just wrap the show up now.

Ben: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Goodnight everyone! Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in the MuggleCast News center with the latest Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Back in May, Bloomsbury co-founder Liz Calder predicted that the seventh book in the Potter series would be released in 2007. Now, a new article released by Reuters also predicts the aforementioned:

Harry Potter fans will have to wait until next year for the latest installment of the boy wizard’s antics to come out in hardback. The paperback version of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” has gone to number one since its launch, the company said.

USA Today wanted to know which characters the “experts” thought were going to die in Book 7, so they asked Emerson and Melissa from The Leaky Cauldron to give some odds. If you head over to, you can read the full article. And even though they called them separately, notice the similarity of the numbers we provided – must be that love connection.

For their work on Goblet of Fire, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have been nominated for SyFy Genre awards in the categories of best actor and best actress, respectively. Well, we hope. The pair also picked up nominations for best young actor, and the fourth Harry Potter movie is up for best movie. Voting will commence on July 10th, finishing 30 days later.

James Walters, young Sirius Black, recently did an interview with Harry Potter FanZone in which he discussed the Order of the Phoenix set, how he landed the role, other cast members, filming, and director David Yates.

The Queen’s 80th birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace took place last Sunday and a report by CBBC Newsround stated that JK Rowling was one of the first stars to arrive. Additionally, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis were in attendance to see the show. There is video, photographs, screen caps, and reports available from the birthday bash over on

And on Monday, Jo did a rare, live interview on UK talk show Richard & Judy where she revealed some interesting information. Again video, transcript, and screenshots from the interview are available on She discussed the potential of Harry Potter being killed in the final book and said “one character got a reprieve” and “two die that I didn’t intend to die.” And while JK didn’t divulge the characters on the show, she did sit down and talk to me afterwards, revealing just who was saved and the duo that she killed. And this is earth-shattering news: the two who die are **** and **** while the one who received the reprieve is ****. Can you all believe that?

That’s all the news for this July 01st, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: All right. Thank you, Micah. [laughs] Or should I say Miz-ike-ah, recommended by Katie Brown.

Jamie: Or, or, or M to the T Dawg.

Andrew: Oooh.

Kevin: Oooh, getting fancy.

Andrew: Or how about, Sir Baums-alot. [laughs]

Ben: Oooh.

Jamie: Sir Baums-alot.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That’s funny on a few different levels.

Ben: Dude, you can’t say “bomb” on Skype.

Andrew: That’s from… [laughs] Yeah, I forgot.

Ben: What did you…

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: Funny – it is funny on a few different levels. It is.

Andrew: It is. It is. That one comes from Kaitlyn, 16, from Chicago. [laughs] Keep the names coming.


Andrew: All right, so as we said MuggleCast LIVE did not work out like we hyped up so much and we’re going to be…

Ben: Well, you hyped up.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: I was excited, what can I say? We’re working on getting a streaming server. We had a couple of people e-mail us in to help us out, but it looks like Jeremy is going to help us set up an entire system where we can stream the show, and as many people can come in as they want, and there won’t be any problems. It’ll work a lot better then SkypeCast.

Las Vegas and New York City are quickly approaching. We remind everyone to visit, our brand-new Leaky Mug website – in association with PotterCast and The Leaky Cauldron. [clears throat] You can RSVP for either show or both of them just by going there. You can also find out information on The Leaky Mug, about the cohosts, and Mucho Moro.

Coming To America

Andrew: Jamie…

Ben: Moro?

Andrew: [clears throat] …you haven’t been on the show for a while, but you’re always IMing us and letting us know how excited you are for this podcast.

Jamie: I am. I am.

Andrew: Why don’t you let everyone know.

Jamie: I am ridiculously excited.

Ben: Jamie, Jamie?

Jamie: Yes, Ben?

Ben: If you had to use two words to describe…

Jamie: Yeah?

Ben: …how excited – two words to describe how you’re feeling about Vegas, would you say proud and excited?

Jamie: That – yes!

Ben: Would that be a fair assessment.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: I’d say, I’d say, I’d say proud, excited, pleased – oh, that’s three words!

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: No, I am. I am so excited. If I try to speak to say the words how excited I am, they won’t come out. Just because the English language can’t convey such excitement, in fact.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, now you’re probably giving people the impression that you’re being sarcastic. [laughs]

Ben: He – no…

Jamie: No, okay. Sorry, I am actually not being sarcastic. I’m not being sarcastic. I actually can’t wait.

Andrew: This is your second trip back to the US, isn’t it?

Jamie: It is, but I’m not used to such heat so I am actually just going to melt…

Andrew: Ohhh…

Jamie: …and be a puddle on the floor.

Kevin: Oh, okay.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: The climate…

Jamie: No, seriously, 106 degrees – the closest I’ve gotten to that is like sticking my head in an oven, which I do do regularly, obviously. You know?

[Everyone laughs]

Kevin: That’s his self-tanning method.

Jamie: It’s a British custom.

Andrew: And then…

Jamie: It’s a British custom.

Andrew: And then, let’s tell people about your trip. Then after Vegas, you’re actually staying at my house.

Ben: Me…

Jamie: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Andrew: Which is going to be totally weird – with Ben.

Ben: Me, me and – Jamie and I are going to cuddle.

Andrew: We’re going to…

Jamie: We are going to cuddle!

Andrew: We’re going to show you a time in Medford.

Kevin: [laughs] Oh yeah!

Andrew: [laughs] You just wait!

Kevin: A great time there!

Andrew: Boy, oh boy! Oh darn, I gave out my location. And then we’re going to go up to New York City and it’s all going to be a lot of fun.

So, don’t forget,

Back To Announcements

Andrew: Also, Jamie’s favorite announcement – buy a MuggleCast t-shirt.

Jamie: Oh yeah!

Andrew: Or else you have no reason to live.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Please, please, please buy them. I mean, we’ve never mentioned it before, but we do need to finally, you know?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: It’s just…

Ben’s Top 10 Reasons To Buy 11 More MuggleCast T-Shirts

Ben: Hey, guys?

Jamie: What, Ben?

Ben: I have a special – a very special Top 10 list this week.

Andrew: Ohhh.

Jamie: Oooh.

Laura: Gasp!

Ben: That has to go in right now, okay?

Andrew: Ohhh. Geez. All right. Okay.

Ben: This is dire. Just give me one second to pull it up.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: Top 10 list has been gone for quite some time, okay? And so, it is absolutely essential we bring it back this week. And here’s why: the Top 10 Reasons To Buy 11 More MuggleCast T-Shirts.

Andrew: Was this created by you or someone else?

Jamie: Oh my god!

Ben: Someone sent this in.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Ben: Thanks to Kate.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Ben: Since everyone bought one for National T-Shirt Day, of course. Okay.

No. 10: Support MuggleCast so that it can be brought to your iPod every week.
No. 9: Andrew worked so hard to get his bill passed by Congress to make a National MuggleCast T-Shirt Day in the first place. [Andrew and Laura laugh]
No. 8: The MuggleCasters will be able to afford food in Nevada for the LIVE podcast.

Jamie: That’s a true one.


No. 7: Because we might as well make June, National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Month and you’ll need more as they wear out.
No 6: You have to buy them or you can’t listen to the show, which becomes the new rule for MuggleCast.

Andrew: Oh, I like that.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: No. 5: You can look cool in your Abercrombie and Fitch and your Aeropostale, but seriously, how about a nice 100% cotton black MuggleCast t-shirt?

Andrew: [laughs] Oh yeah.

Jamie: [laughs] Fruits of the Loom.

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: Yeah. It’s not even Fruits of the Loom. [laughs]

Jamie: Oh my god, if it’s not Fruits of the Loom, then…

Andrew: Forget it!

Ben: Hey, here’s – here’s my favorite.

Andrew: What?

Ben: Here’s my favorite.

Andrew: What?

Ben: No. 4: You’re going to be paying for Jamie’s food because he’s poor…

Jamie: I am.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: …and he’s living on the streets and has pieced together a computer and headset with stale scraps of bread…

[Andrew gasps]

Jamie: I have.

Ben: …an empty toilet roll – toilet paper roll holder and a old spoon to record the show.

[Everyone laughs throughout]

Jamie: And, and, and, and the tears of small children as well.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Yeah. No 3…

Jamie: That is a Chuck Norris quote. Hey Ben, also?

Ben: Yeah?

Jamie: If it’s your favorite, why isn’t it No. 1? That’s like saying “My Top 10 Favorite Places” and my favorite is No. 4. Why isn’t it…

Ben: Hey, hey, be quiet.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: No. 3: A portion of the MuggleCast t-shirt revenue goes to supplying JKR with lined paper

Jamie: Yes.

Ben: No. 2: Although you don’t know who manufactures Tootsie Rolls, [laughs] you do know who makes MuggleCast t-shirts, and you know you’re going to get your money’s worth from MuggleCast.

And No. 1: MuggleCast t-shirts are made out of a special synthetic fabric. And in like one year there is going to be something big that happens and all the clothing in the entire world is going to deteriorate. And all we’re going to have left are these MuggleCast t-shirts. So, if you want clothing, buy a MuggleCast t-shirt.

Andrew: [laughs] Da da da da da!

Laura: Please.

Ben: So, there’s the Top 10 Reasons To Buy 11 More MuggleCast T-Shirts.

Andrew: I thought it was going to say there was a special chemical that’s going to make it degrade into pieces and force people to buy a new one.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: But that’s not a bad idea.

Last Two Announcements

Ben: But, one final announcement.

Andrew: No, we – I still have one.

Ben: But, one more announcement before we go to Andrew’s. I’m starting a segment starting next week called “Ben’s Mailbag”.

Andrew: Awww.

Ben: The packages he hasn’t sent Jamie, Laura or anyone else. No, no.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding. Let’s do that.

Ben: No, actually, actually, I’d like to take the time right now (next week I’ll actually start a real segment), but I’d like to take the time right now to thank two special souls for sending me Subway gift cards. Thank you very much. I forgot.

Andrew: Okay, now just one more piece of business here. As some of you may know the second annual Podcast Awards start on July 01st and the Podcast Awards are recognized around the podcasting community as the pinnacle of all podcasting recognition. So, this year, we want to enter the Podcast Awards and we’re shooting for the categories of “Podcast of the Year” and “Best Entertainment Podcast.” I definitely think we’re able to – we’d be able to get in.

Jamie: Andrew?

Andrew: What?

Jamie: Sorry, we’re in one more category, as well. It’s “Best Podcast Called MuggleCast.” We’re the only…

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Funny.

Andrew: That’s funny, yeah. [laughs]

Ben: That was lame as hell.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: I hope we win. I hope we win.

Andrew: You’re “Sir” – I’m going to name you “Sir Baums-A-Lot.” Oh!

Jamie: Hey!

Andrew: [laughs] So, the first phase of these awards is the nomination process which is done by you guys, the listeners, and we have complete faith in being able to pick up a nomination. So, we are asking you for your help. To nominate MuggleCast visit and fill out the nomination form. A link can be found on, as well. The form asks for the name of the Podcast you’re nominating, which is MuggleCast; the Podcast URL, which is; your name; your email address, which is used to verify your nomination. There is also a comment box where you let the judges know why you think the Podcast is deserving of being nominated to the category. So, please help us out and again, voting begins on July 1st and runs through July 15th. We ask everyone to support this show by nominating us and we thank everyone very, very much in advance. Then, the Podcast Awards Ceremony – awards show – is late September at the Portable Media Expo and last year…

Ben: In Ontario, California.

Kevin: Oooh.

Andrew: Yeah, and we really, really…

Kevin: Would like to go to California.

Andrew: …would like to win this.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, that too, but…[laughs]

Kevin: Yeah. We really want to go to California so please nominate us.

Andrew: No, but seriously, we really would love to win the award…

Kevin: Go to California.

Andrew: …and show all the podcasters out there that Harry Potter Podcast can…

Ben: We’re the best.

Andrew: Yeah, there you go. So, thank you, everyone and visit for information.

Ben: And also… And in order to finance our future trip to California, purchase a MuggleCast t-shirt today.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: There you go!

Jamie: Or eleven of them.

Ben: I love it.

Andrew: That does it for this week’s announcements.

Listener Rebuttals – Pyramids of Furmat

Andrew: Now moving on to Listener Rebuttals. Megan, 14 of New Jersey – representing. Megan writes:

“Hey guys! The Pyramids of Furmat title for Book 7 was a rumor and was debunked a month ago. Sorry, Andrew! You’re still my favorite!”

Andrew: [laughs] So yeah, I sort of missed that or I could just say that JK Rowling added that to the Rumors portion of her site after the show came out. I’ll stick with that one.

Listener Rebuttals – Chariots of Light

Andrew: Next up, Kalie, 15, from California. She writes – and this is a really interesting theory here, to extend on my Book 7 theory, title theory, whatever you want to call it:

“Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I love the show, and I have a rebuttal for when Andrew suggested possible book titles for Book 7, particularly for The Chariots of Light. I recently read an editorial by Lady Lupin from the column Spinner’s End, and she talked about tarot cards relating to the Horcruxes. The editorial says that “The Chariot” represents the understanding and harmonizing of opposing forces to creating triumphant resolution to problems.”


“Such as a quest, Horcruxes, or the final battle. Interestingly, it also can represent the integration of body and soul.”

And she writes:

“Voldemort and his Horcruxes? Scary thought.”

And this was Lady Lupin, Editorial #3. So, she was wondering if we had any input on that. I think that’s really interesting.

Jamie: It is interesting.

Andrew: Because, and I’ll quote again, “The Chariot represents the understanding and harmonizing – harmonizing…” [laughs]

Kevin: Andrew can talk!

Andrew: “…harmonizing of opposing forces to bring about an end to strife and difficulty.” So…

Jamie: Where did this title come from, The Chariots of Light?

Andrew: Well, it’s basically…

Jamie: Did you make it up, Andrew?

Andrew: No – yes, I made it up.

Jamie: Okay.

Andrew: No. [laughs] I called JK Rowling. No, the UK Patent and Trademark Office…

Jamie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Andrew: You know all that? You might have heard about that a while ago.

Jamie: Like that C-Trading Company or something, wasn’t it?

Andrew: Yeah, so they’ve withdrawn all the bogus trademarks, except for three: Pyramids of Furmat – I don’t even know why they have that anymore. Maybe because she brought it up on her Rumors page.

Jamie: No, no, it’s not – I don’t think it’s going to be for, I don’t think it’s going to be for books or anything. It’s going to be for, like, merchandise, and board games, trading cards.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: Just stuff like that, which it could be useful for. Or, it could just be a complete ploy.

Kevin: It probably is a ploy.

Andrew: Right, well…

Jamie: Create a discussions.

Andrew: Well, listen…

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: The thing was, they had fifteen other titles already trademarked, but then they withdrew them and the only ones that are trademarked right now are the titles of all the books, and those three last titles. And Half-Blood Prince was actually registered back in 2003…

Jamie: By who?

Andrew: …but it came out… By Warner Brothers or whoever’s trademark it is.

Jamie: Yeah, but the thing is, they don’t own the – they shouldn’t own the trademark to the books.

Andrew: Yeah, they do. They own the rights.

Jamie: What?

Andrew: They own the rights to the name and stuff so they can’t go printing it – so people can’t go printing it on shirts and…

Jamie: Wait, wait, wait. Warner Brothers owned the name?

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. I think so.

Andrew: I’m pretty sure it’s Warner Brothers, yeah.

Jamie: They aren’t the publishing company or have anything to do with books.

Andrew: No, but they don’t underwrite it because…

Kevin: It doesn’t matter, though, because they don’t want people infringing on that name, is what’s happening.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: No, because I’m opening my book up right now and it says, “Copyright 2005, Warner Brothers.”

Jamie: But, ummm…

Andrew: In the book?

Laura: Yeah, in the book.

Andrew: I never knew it said it in the book. [laughs] Geez. Huh, that’s interesting.

Jamie: That is weird.

Andrew: Nonetheless… Okay, so Pyramids of Furmat is a dud and not going to happen, but this Chariots of Light is very convincing. So, mark my words, I have the title to Book 7.

Ben: Yeah.

Jamie: Well, I think it’s interesting, but I don’t know. I don’t think – I think it’s…

Andrew: I understand this skeptic – buh buh buh – the skepticism…

Jamie: I’ve got to have skepticism about this.

Laura: It just doesn’t sound – I don’t know.

Kevin: I would think that, as she gets closer to completing the book, we’re going to see a bunch of possible titles pop up on the copyright site and we’ll have to guess which one it is.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: Right. I think Chariots of Fire is the music that plays when you’re in the cornfield with Emma and you’re…

Ben: Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: …moving towards…

Ben: How does it go, Jamie?

Jamie: It goes, din-din-din-din-din-bam-bam. And then, “Oh, Emma.” “Oh, Ben.” “Oh, Emma.” “Oh, Ben.” “Oh, Emma.” “Oh, Ben.” “Oh, Ben.” “Oh, Emma.” “Bemma.” “Bemma.” “Ben.” “Em.” “Emma.” “Bem.”

[Everyone laughs]

Listener Rebuttal – Rowena’s Horcrux

Andrew: All right, next rebuttal…

Ben: We found our blooper.

Andrew: …Morgan, 15, of Seattle:

“Hey, Guys! Love the show! On Episode 45 you were talking about an item of Ravenclaw’s that could be a Horcrux. I was thinking that it could be a quill or a book. Rowena Ravenclaw valued intelligence and ambition, so wouldn’t it make sense that something she would have kept close to her was a favorite book or quill?”

End quote.

Jamie: And that’s the end of that one? That’s the end of that one?

Andrew: Yes. I said it, I said it. [pretend cough] “I love you, Andrew.” End quote. So…[laughs]

Jamie: Okay, can I start this?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Okay. I would say that it was mentioned in the book that, specifically, Voldemort liked trophies and a book or a quill – I mean, a book, obviously his diary, but that’s completely different to just a normal book. It seems like it would have to be a lot more important than a book or a quill…

Laura: He likes shiny things.

Jamie: …to be used as a Horcrux. Yeah, but I just think that it would have to be more important than that.

Kevin: Yeah, I think so, too.

Listener Rebuttals – Memories

Andrew: Chase, 17, of Illinois writes, quote:

“I’m not sure I agree with what you said on MuggleCast 45 about what happens when someone removes a memory to put it in a Pensieve. If you remember in Order of the Phoenix when Snape was teaching Harry Occlumency… [mispronounces word]

Laura: [correcting pronunciation] Occlumency.

Andrew: Occul-lu…

Laura: [correcting pronunciation] Occlumency!

Andrew: Occ-u…Occ-u…wah wah…

Laura: [correcting pronunciation] Occlumency!

Andrew: Occu…Occu…

[Laura laughs]


Occlumency… [still mispronounces word and laughs] Snape removes certain memories he did not want Harry to see. Therefore, I believe that once a memory is removed it is no longer in the brain at all. You still have a recollection of removing a memory so you can return it, but I do not think you have any trace of it left after it is removed. Plus, when Slughorn was able to tell Harry what went on between him and Voldemort, he still had the memory in his brain. He didn’t give it to Harry until after he explained himself.”

So, what do you think, Ben? This was your theory on last week’s show.

Ben: I think – I’m pretty sure, I’m still pretty sure that the memory’s still there. Because, that wouldn’t make sense for the memory to disappear completely from your mind. That’s like saying – no, that just wouldn’t make sense.

Laura: Well, I understand where you are coming from, but I’ve just been sort of re-reading Order of the Phoenix and whenever Snape is about to teach Harry, he removes the memories because he doesn’t want Harry to see them…

Kevin: That’s true, yeah.

Laura: …and if they weren’t there…

Kevin: You won’t be able to access them. Yep.

Laura: If they were, Harry would be able to see them.

Kevin: What would be the point of putting them in the Pensieve if it’s not going to hide them?

Andrew: Oooh alas.

Laura: Not to mention, Dumbledore said, “If like me, you find that your memory is crowded, you can remove memories and put them in the Pensieve.”

Jamie: But, when they say…

Ben: I don’t think…

Jamie: Has that been anywhere in the books, where it says that if you take one out, you create space for new memories, or is it just…

Laura: [laughs] Is it like a computer, Jamie?

Ben: I don’t think – I don’t think it’s like a hard drive. Like, if you have a hard drive up there, you can only have so many memories. It does work like that.

Jamie: Then it crashes.

Ben: Yeah, then it crashes.

Jamie: It crashes.

Laura: I don’t think it’s meant to be that way. I think it’s more of a method of protection.

Jamie: What, so that if you get captured and tortured…

Laura: Well, yeah, so that no one can shove Veritaserum down your throat.

Ben: But, there’s no way that’s true because, because why would Dumbledore leave his basin with his memories in it sitting out there in plain view?

Laura: Well, it wasn’t really in plain view. He had it…

Ben: What happens if he spills it? What if you spill your Pensieve?

Kevin: Yeah, but you don’t know what type of protection is on that.

Ben: Harry just dived right into it.

Kevin: Yeah, but that’s Dumbledore.

Laura: Well, maybe Dumbledore meant for him to see it.

Kevin: Exactly, I mean…

Laura: It just doesn’t make sense that he would have a place to store his memories if he didn’t have a reason to store them there.

Kevin: Not to mention, remember the fact that Dumbledore put the enchantment on the Mirror of Erised, so that you couldn’t get the stone unless you actually needed it. I mean, what prevents him from putting something like that on…

Ben: I think the reason that Dumbledore was using a Pensieve to store his memories, was so that after he was gone – he knew his death was imminent – that it would make sense for him to have that, so someone like Harry could use the knowledge that he’s accrued through all of these years to be able to become successful on his journey to defeat Voldemort.

Laura: But then, why would Snape store his memories in the Pensieve?

Ben: I don’t know. I mean, like, for example, the one memory that Snape had of – the one memory. “Snape’s Worst Memory” – the chapter that’s in Order of the Phoenix. It’s the case where, maybe, he had a crush on Lily Evans, and maybe the case where that’s the only memory he has of her so he wants to keep it safe.

Jamie: No, but like…

Ben: It doesn’t make sense for you to say that if you extract it from your head, that you never…

Jamie: It could be, though. It could be, though.

Kevin: No, but…

Ben: That the only way you can read…

Jamie: Because…

Ben: How would that make sense?

Kevin: You would have a recollection but you wouldn’t have the memory itself. You know what I mean?

Ben: But, what defines a memory, though?

Jamie: But, Ben, Ben, Ben. Say, if you took out the visual memory of Snape’s worst memory, yeah? He could probably still see in his mind the words, “This time, they pick me up and put me down,” but he couldn’t see it visually. Maybe that’s it.

Ben: That doesn’t make sense.

Jamie: Well, I’m sorry, Ben. [laughs]

Ben: You should be.

Jamie: You clearly have a doctorate in…

[Ben laughs]

Jamie: …I don’t know, wizard memories.

Laura: Yeah, well, it doesn’t make sense that Snape would take those memories out to protect them from Harry seeing them, and then have Harry…

Kevin: Exactly, yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: …be able to have access to them.

Andrew: That’s really convincing and…[laughs]

Jamie: Yes.

Character Discussion: The Dark Lord

Andrew: Character discussion this week will be returning back, or – well, we’re bringing the segment back. We haven’t done it in a couple of shows.

Ben: Actually, it was two weeks ago. The week you were gone, we did it.

Andrew: That’s a couple. That’s a couple.

Ben: Okay.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Andrew: We are going to discuss Voldemort. We saved Voldemort for this week because we were doing a live show, but now, we’ll do it prerecorded, anyway [laughs]. So, Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, possibly the greatest dark wizard of all time, was born to Merope Gaunt on December 31, 1926. Voldemort [laughs] grew up shunned by his father, this being the reason he hates Muggles and anyone associated with them. He is extremely powerful, using his talents to commit such unimaginable atrocities, that many witches and wizards fear speaking his name, and replace it instead with, quote, “You, hyphen…

Laura: Oh my god!

Andrew: …Know, hyphen, Who.”

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: And…

Laura: [laughs] Just say it!

Andrew: What?!

Jamie: Andrew. Andrew?

Andrew: [laughs] …He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. All right! I’ll get rid of the hyphens! Sorry!

Jamie: Quote, “H – E, hyphen, W H O…”

Andrew: [laughs] Well, I don’t want to say it! Voldemort returned to power at the end of Goblet of Fire and is now obsessed with finding out how to destroy The Boy Who Lived.

MuggleCast In Parseltounge

Jamie: Can I just say, in like…

Andrew: What?

Jamie: Well, two things. In about four episodes time, can we do a MuggleCast Parseltongue edition?

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Everything’s in Parseltongue.

Andrew: Yeah. Good one.

Laura: Yeah, because I have my Parseltongue…

Andrew: Do it.

Jamie: Yeah. Let’s do that.

Laura: …books right beside me. I’m studying it.

Voldemort – Evil By Nature Or Nurture?

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. I thought we all did. What about – you’ve put that he’s extremely powerful, using his talents to commit such unimaginable atrocities that many witches and wizards fear speaking his name. Is that because, I mean do you think it’s only him that could become this powerful and use these talents, or is it like – or is it just that any person can do it, but nobody is evil enough, apart from him, to do it?

Andrew: Well, Jamie, I think that he was born completely evil because his mother was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

Kevin: I don’t think anyone’s born evil.

Jamie: No, and Andrew, you can’t really say that because, well, I mean, it’s not like you’ve bought…

Andrew: What?

Jamie: Well, Hitler’s, I think grandsons or great-grandsons, you know, are completely, absolutely disgusted by him. And they’ve just said that they aren’t having any children because – just so…

Andrew: Well, no, I…

Jamie: …you know, the can’t continue his bloodline.

Andrew: Yeah, but this is the magic world and there could be something in the bloodline that’s…

Jamie: I know. It’s just – it’s just interesting, you know, to make the comparison.

Kevin: I’m one of those people who don’t blame the kids for the sins of the father, I guess, kind of.

Jamie: No, same. I agree, I agree. That’s because you are a Dave Matthews…

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: …Band fan.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: What do you think, Laura?

Laura: Well, I think that it’s kind of important to mention, when we first met Merope in Half-Blood Prince, is it just me, or did it kind of describe that she had odd facial features? They were almost sort of off in a way, and that her eyes kind of veered off in different directions? And we’ve seen that the pureblood families tend to interbreed with one another, and you can definitely get some weird gene mutations from that.

Kevin: That’s true.

Laura: So…

Ben: Sounds like Kansas.

Laura: [laughs] It sounds like Georgia, too!

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: But, I think he could have something a little wrong up in his head, but I think that… [laughs]

Jamie: Six-finger city.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: I think that he was definitely born a little more evil than anyone else because we saw as a child that he did terrible things, like hang bunny rabbits and…

Jamie: But when you say, “evil,” do you mean like…

Kevin: Cruel?

Jamie: …antisocial personality disorder?

Kevin: Yeah, like…

Jamie: No, so, he’s a sociopath. He’s not, he isn’t… It’s quite hard to say evil, because when you compare him to – sorry, go on.

I Want To Know What Love Is

Laura: Well, at the same time, though, I think that some of his childhood events kind of had a huge bearing on what he became, because he couldn’t understand why Lily would sacrifice herself for Harry because no one would have ever done that for him.

Jamie: Yeah. Yes. Yeah, yeah. I agree.

Ben: He doesn’t want to – he doesn’t know what love is. [sings] He wants you…

Jamie: [sings] I wanna know what love is…

Ben: [sings] I want you to show me!

Andrew: Why is there a song associated with everything today?! [laughs]

Ben: [continues singing] I wanna feel what love is…

Andrew: Oh, boy. Kevin, what do you think?

Kevin: I said exactly what I wanted to. I don’t believe that someone is responsible for the sins of their father. I don’t think that you’re born evil. I really don’t think you’re born evil. I think that the environment you grow up in or perhaps…

Jamie: Exactly, yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, it defines you. And he just ended up growing in…

Ben: [imitating Dumbledore] “It’s our choices, Harry, far more than our abilities.”

Laura: Yeah, but how many, how many kids in orphanages hang bunny rabbits?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s not normal.

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Jamie: Isn’t it?

Andrew: Okay, maybe he wasn’t born completely evil…

Laura: That’s a little messed up!

Andrew: …but he might have been born messed up, like whoever just said that, said. I mean like Laura, like Laura [laughs] pointed out: Little kids don’t do those things to bunnies.

Jamie: I thought it was normal. [laughs]

Andrew: Using the magic of Writley…

Jamie: Don’t you, Andrew?

Andrew: …Eric’s opinion is that Voldemort decided, chose, to look at his life half-empty as opposed to half-full. He wasn’t abused or tortured as a kid, just parent-less. He could have had friends, and his orphan matrons could have been parents to him if he chose to see them as that, and he decided to bring torture and that kind of stuff on his terrified classmates. Therefore, he was born evil.

Jamie: No.

Andrew: That’s…

Jamie: No, because when…

Andrew: What?

Jamie: When he was a baby he didn’t sort of…

Kevin: He didn’t make a conscious choice…

Jamie: …wriggle and crawl and kill bunnies, yeah.

Andrew: That’s a good point.

Jamie: He was nurtured.

Andrew: Hold on, that’s a good point though. If you’re not brought up in a regular family and you don’t have parents to look up to, you’re messed up.

Kevin: Which would be environmental. I mean it’s…

Jamie: Exactly, exactly. So, it’s nurture, not nature.

Andrew: Okay. I like that. I change my mind. [laughs]

It Is Our Choices…

Ben: That’s not true! The environment may play a factor, but I completely disagree, man.

Andrew: What? With what? That parents don’t play a role?

Ben: The parents do play a role, but what I’m saying is that he had the choice to – he had two paths to choose, you know? He could have chose to battle against adversity and work his way through it and become a better person out of it, or he could choose to become this dark wizard guy.

Kevin: Yeah, but the question is, what would make him make that choice to become the dark wizard? Why would he chose that?

Ben: Personality disorder?

Kevin: But where would he get his personality?

Laura: Because he has a hunger for power.

Andrew: Because he has a hunger for power and he’s got this magic that could be used to harness the power.

Kevin: I think it was exactly what Jamie said – nurture. He wasn’t properly brought up.

Andrew: Well, that’s what we’re saying, but it’s also he was power-hungry. I mean you could be born to want to be power-hungry.

Laura: I don’t know. I think there was some sort of point in stating that the pureblood families all tend to interbreed, because while we know that your personality isn’t necessarily passed on to you by your parents if you’ve never known them, like Voldemort did, but there can be certain diseases or sicknesses or disorders…

Kevin: That’s true, yeah.

Laura: …that you can get genetically that can cause other issues.

Magical Limitations

Ben: I don’t know how prevalent genetic disorders are in the magical world, so…

Laura: I don’t know. Merope sounded pretty messed up [laughs] to me.

Ben: Yeah, but I don’t know. Don’t you think with something like magic, they would have cures and stuff for things like manic depression?

Laura: Well, why would they? They can’t even stop a Killing Curse.

Ben: Because, it’s the magical world. They have magic.

Laura: Which they can’t use to stop a Killing Curse. [laughs]

Ben: Right, but they can cure a common cold.

Jamie: No, but, I think that magic’s a kind of an inexact science. Magic, just like medicine or veterinary science, because…

Kevin: It has to be learned, yeah.

Jamie: It has to be learned.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: And they can discover spells in fifty years that do different things. I’m sure 10,000 ago, they couldn’t cure colds or stuff like that. Still, people still learn stuff. They can’t just click their fingers and they know everything. It’s like that. They can’t be always all-powerful at everything.

Lily and Voldemort

Andrew: Well, let’s move onto the next question.

Jamie: Oooh, I like this one.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Can I say it?

Andrew: Yeah, I think you can.

Jamie: All right. Three: Why was Voldemort offering Lily so many chances to live?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: What’s wrong with that?

Andrew:[laughs] You don’t have to say the number!

Jamie: Oh yeah, yeah. Sorry, okay.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: Section six, question three: Why was Voldemort…

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: …offering Lily so many chances to live? Jo says he actually would have let her live.

Andrew: Would have let her live if what? Was there a second part to that sentence?

Kevin: He gave her the opportunity to live so many times.

Ben: [imitating Voldemort] Stand aside, silly girl!

Andrew: Oh.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I see.

Kevin: I think we’ve discussed this before.

Laura: And he said it more than once, too.

Andrew: I think we might have.

Kevin: Because I think I remember us saying…

Laura: Probably.

Kevin: …something about him being manipulative and looking for people who could further his cause, and it just so happened that Lily may have been in the position where, you know, she could have contributed to bringing down the Ministry of Magic.

Snape and Lily

Jamie: Or, or, no…

Kevin: Or, at the same time, Snape liked…

Ben: Or…

Jamie: I think it was more than…

Ben: What if Snape put in the good word and said, “Don’t kill her,”

Kevin: Exactly. Yeah.

Jamie: No, no…

Kevin: I think that’s a possibility.

Jamie: But…

Laura: Yeah, I think that’s what makes it a little more interesting, because we discussed the possibility that Snape might have been there.

Jamie: What about, though, that he just didn’t see her as enough of a threat in power? Magical power? He had to kill James, since he could have hurt him, disabled him, whatever. But Lily, she was clutching Harry. She couldn’t do complicated wand work. And he was so set in his mind that he had to kill Harry that he didn’t really have time for secondary objectives like that. And the only reason he killed James was because he had to, whereas he thought, perhaps, he didn’t have time to kill Lily or people would already on their way, you know?

Laura: Mmmm, I don’t know, because…

Jamie: Maybe.

Laura: …I think it was Hagrid that said in the first book, that Voldemort got to the point where he just liked killing.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true.

Laura: And I don’t think that he would just walk into a house and kill everybody in it and let one person survive. I think there’s definitely a big underlying reason as to why he did that because in the interview last summer where Emerson and Melissa went and talked to Jo, she said, “I can’t tell you.”

Jamie: Oh, right, yeah.

Laura: So, I think it’s something very important.

Kevin: It probably is, yeah.

The Only One He Ever Feared

Andrew: So, we know that Dumbledore was, quote/unquote, “the only man he ever feared.”

Ben: The “only one,” you sexist pig! [laughs]

Andrew: The only one. [laughs] The only one!

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: The only…what?! It says, “The only one he ever feared.”

Ben: You said, “the only man.”

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: The only human being.

Andrew: Sorry! Sorry!

Laura: You jerk.

Jamie: The only homo sapien.

Andrew: [laughs] We know that Dumbledore was the only one he ever feared, but why? He is powerful, yes, but isn’t Harry his real opposite?

Jamie: No, no, because…

Andrew: I – hold on! I’m answering this!

Ben: [impersonating Jaime] No! No!

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: It’s because – it’s because Dumbledore…

Andrew: Okay, fine.

Jamie: No, I was just going to say it’s because Voldemort had to get to a table tennis game; English against Switzerland, so he had to kill Dumbledore.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: No, no, no, the thing is, is that he didn’t see Harry as powerful magically. He just thought that he could be his obstacle.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say.

Jamie: He had the potential to be his obstacle, but he had to get him out of the way quickly, and this relates back to the previous point about why he didn’t kill Lily. Perhaps, he just thought he had to get rid of Harry before he gets too big for his boots, whereas Dumbledore, he thought, could stop him. And that he had the power to kill him because Voldemort thinks that the only bad thing is death. So, perhaps he realized that Dumbledore knew about the Horcruxes, so that he feared that he could get rid of them and then kill him.

Laura: Well, I think he might have definitely had some fear of Dumbledore from when he went to school.

Jamie: Yeah, definitely.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Because Dumbledore was really the only one who suspected him of having opened the Chamber, and he always probably saw Dumbledore as the person who would expose him.

The Fate Of Lord Voldemort

Andrew: What will the outcome of Book 7 be for him? If Harry kills him, will he come back as a ghost, etc? Well, aren’t we supposed to learn in Book 7 how ghosts, or who…

Jamie: Yeah, we are, yeah.

Andrew: …what determines what makes a ghost in the first place?

Jamie: Unfinished business.

Ben: We already learned that, didn’t we? Nick told… Yeah, unfinished business.

Jamie: Like an imprint of themselves on Earth, but you couldn’t…

Ben: Right, but could a ghostly Voldemort be able to rally a cause?

Jamie: No, because he doesn’t have…

Andrew: No.

Laura: I don’t think so.

Jamie: He doesn’t have unfinished business because it’s finished. It’s finished.

Kevin: It’s true, yeah.

Jamie: You can’t just not like what happened to you in real life, and come back because of that. I think it’s like, if you get killed prematurely, before you’ve got to do something, the whole fate through destiny argument comes in here. If you’re destined to do something, and you get killed prematurely, perhaps you have to come back and finish that off; whereas the Voldemort and Harry thing has gone through to conclusion when, if Voldemort dies. So, you know it’s…

Ben: So, you’re saying that if Voldemort got run over by a bus before he had the chance to meet Harry in the final battle, then he could come back as a ghost?

Laura: Yeah. I don’t think so.

Jamie: No, I don’t think he – no, because that would just be half of the, half of the… It would just conclude the whole thing, anyway. I think, say, if somebody has – I’m thinking, I’m thinking. If they have like a big part in creating, I don’t know, a magical corporation around the world, or if one thing can’t happen because somebody dies – something like that. I think perhaps then they come back. Or if say, or if say they have a duty to guide somebody through life, so then they come back. But, I don’t think they can come back just because the odds didn’t suit them during life.

Laura: Well, I’ve always been of the opinion that regardless of what happens to Voldemort, he could never come back as a ghost because his soul isn’t whole.

Andrew: Oooh…

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true.

Laura: His soul is fragmented and scattered everywhere, and I’ve always really been of the opinion that you’ve got to have a complete soul to be able to come back.

Ben: I don’t know about that.

Andrew: Interesting.

Laura: So there.

Andrew: Maybe that’s how it is brought up in Book 7.

Kevin: Yeah, but I mean, we don’t know enough about what it takes to be a ghost to really, truly judge.

Laura: No, we don’t. That’s just my opinion. [laughs]

Kevin: Exactly.

Jamie: Or what constitutes a ghost? Because a ghost doesn’t have a brain in him. So, it must just have a mind. A sort of – an ethereal mind somewhere.

Gimme A Butterbeer: Media Craze On Harry’s Fate

Andrew: So, now we’re going to move on to Gimme A Butterbeer.

Jamie: [gasps] Andrew, Andrew, wait, wait!

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: What, what?

Jamie: What is this? What is this, Gimme A Butterbeer? What is it? What is it?

Andrew: [laughs] Well, Jamie – this is scripted.

Jamie: No, it’s not. It’s not scripted.

Andrew: Gimme A Butterbeer is Ben’s segment where he whines about something in the Harry Potter world.

Jamie: Ah, thank you, Andrew! Thank you, Andrew!

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Not whining, [laughs] but expressing his concern.

Jamie: Andrew, thank you for telling me about that segment.

Andrew: You’re welcome. So, you’ll be able to experience one now.

Ben: This week we’re going back to the traditional format of Gimme A Butterbeer. Last week was a little out there, but we’re back and better than ever.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: There was something in the media this past week that really got on my nerves. Last night I was sitting at my computer, working on MuggleNet, when my older brother walked in the room and said, “Is it true that the Harry Potter author is going to kill the main character?” I looked at him and sighed. The media has blown things out of proportion again. During her interview with the UK talk show, Richard and Judy – Jamie, are you a big fan of that show?

Jamie: I’ve seen it a few times. It’s okay. It’s like…

Ben: Oprah?

Jamie: It’s, well – oh god, no, no. It isn’t at all. It’s just two people interviewing, say, one person.

Andrew: [laughs] Two people.

Kevin: Two on one?

Jamie: [laughs] Yes.

Andrew: [laughs] Very descriptive.

Jamie: I know it sounds obvious, but it’s two people, Richard and Judy.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] “It’s two people, Richard and Judy.”

Ben: Either way, either way, either way

Andrew: Well, thanks for that.

Ben: All right.

Andrew: All right.

Jamie: Yeah, like… Whatever.

Ben: During her interview on the talk show, JK Rowling said, like she has said countless times before, that no character in the series is safe. Her exact words were, “We are dealing with pure evil, so they don’t target the extras, do they? They go straight for the main characters; or I do.” Just like little kids, the media has asked JKR the same question time and time again: if she plans to kill off Harry. Thinking that the next time she might just give away the entire ending to the series she’s been formulating for the past sixteen years. Yeah, right.

Sure, this was her first ever live TV interview that she’s participated in, and sure, she did offer quite a bit of information about Book 7, such as the fact that she is now going to kill off two additional characters than originally planned, while one who initially got the axe will be saved. The wizarding world is at war, people. Of course people are going to die.

Don’t hang me for this, but I honestly think it would be pretty cool if Harry did die in Book 7. Maybe I’m just a bitter young man, but seeing the headlines about Jo planning to kill off Harry in Book 7 are starting to get a little more than annoying. I guess when you’re in her shoes, you’re going to be forced to answer the same question a million times. But that’s what gets me. The answer never changes, but the media still reacts the same. And worst of all, they still pull an Andrew and mispronounce her name by calling her JK Rowling [pronounced like Rowling] instead of JK Rowling [pronounced correctly].

[Laura laughs]

Ben: I’m Ben Schoen, and I say, Gimme A Butterbeer.

Jamie: I like that, Ben. I like that.

Ben: Thank you.

Laura: Well, I don’t think that Hermione is going to get the axe, but I’m not sure that’s really…

Jamie: Relevant.

Laura: …pertinent to the discussion at hand. I think that this is – [laughs] Shut up, Jamie.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Laura: Anyway. I really think this is a very large scale problem that we have with the media, and we will probably always have with the media because it’s not just with Harry Potter. They like to do this with everything. So, Ben, thank you.

Jamie: But, isn’t that part of the media, especially some media? You know, it’s like you expect, say, the tabloids are always going to sensationalize stuff. It’s like, that’s why they report it. It’s like, they’re there to do that.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: Yeah, but that’s why they have tabloids.

Kevin: Exactly.

Laura: That’s what tabloids are there for.

Jamie: Wait, exactly, so…

Laura: When you’re talking about actual interviews, the fact that people ask the same question over, and over, and over, as though one day she’s just going to break down and say, “Yes, I hate Harry. I’m going to kill him,” is ridiculous.

Jamie: But, but you’re speaking from the point of view of a big fan of Harry Potter. Every single person who listens to this show…

Kevin: Exactly.

Jamie: …is a big fan of Harry Potter

Kevin: What about…

Jamie: …so they have heard it many times before.

Kevin: …the…

Jamie: The general public, exactly. People tuning into Richard and Judy – apart from the people who had seen it advertised say, on this site, or on TV and just want to see Jo on there. The people who have tuned in just because they watch Richard and Judy wouldn’t know about all the stuff that we know about…

Kevin: Yeah, they go by demographic. I mean…

Jamie: …so they have to say it. So, they have to do it.

Kevin: Yeah, if the demographic of Richard and Judy doesn’t listen to the other shows, then why would they assume? Exactly.

Jamie: Exactly, yeah.

Laura: Yeah, but isn’t it kind of like when they get any other celebrity on and it seems like you’re hearing the same interview ten times?

Jamie: But that’s just how things are, I think. They don’t interview – I think, personally, they don’t always interview them just to get information; they interview them because it’s publicity, and because they have to interview them.

Laura: Mhm.

Jamie: It’s like, we want to hear different questions, but if they ask, say, why are Sirius’s eyes gray, or were they gray, people tuning in would think, “What the hell are they talking about? We don’t want to know details as complicated as that!” Whereas, we do. So, it’s like they interview people to the extent that they have to be interviewed, and that they have to ask specific questions for it to be popular, and for people to tune in.

Ben: Right.

Jamie: And also, if they ask questions about Harry dying, then it’s going to hit the papers, as well; whereas if they ask about Sirius’s eyes being gray, it isn’t going to be like, you know, “News-flash! Sirius’s eyes are gray,” because…

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah.

Laura: Touché, touché.

Ben: Right. But, Jamie, the reason I’m saying that is because – the reason I was sort of griping about it is because this happens once every six months, it seems like. There will be a big media explosion because JK Rowling will say something that, “Oh, Harry might be killed, too.”

Jamie: It’s to do with revival, though. Ben, it’s to do with revival. It’s like, even though for us, Harry Potter is ongoing and for a big part of the population it’s ongoing. For just the general reader who has read it and that’s it, Harry dying in the seventh book is a news-flash. It’s something new, whereas for us it’s been talked about to death. So, you know, they’re just catering for the general public, not for the big Potter fans.

Laura: Yeah, but…

Jamie: I know it happens…

Laura: …if the general public doesn’t read the book, why do they care? [laughs]

Jamie: Well, no, they do read it, but it’s like when they see JK Rowling on there, they think, “Oh, right. She’s the author of Harry Potter,” not, she’s done all of these interviews, she owns a website, she talks about us; they don’t think about all the things that we talk about, that we think about. They think that she wrote Harry Potter, and they associate her with that name. So, when they talk about, that Harry Potter’s going to die, it’s a lot more important than if they talk about Lily Evans dying. But, of course, for us it’s completely different. But, you can’t look at it from a subjective point of view like that.

Andrew: I think the reason why so many television news stations have been reporting on the story is because it’s a good sell. It’s a good teaser.

Jamie: Well, exactly, yeah.

Kevin: Yep.

Andrew: When people are – when the news hosts are saying, “Coming up! JK Rowling reveals who will die in Book 7.”

Jamie: Will Potter die? Yeah.

Andrew: “Oh, I’ll tell my kids this and they’ll finally talk to me, and I’ll be able to start a conversation with them,” like all that. It’s a good sell. It’s…

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: People dying is a big thing as well, in any book, especially Potter, so it’s like…

Andrew: Yeah, well…

Kevin: In any media, people dying is a big deal.

Andrew: …it’s not like we’re seeing A Series of Unfortunate Events on the news, where Lemony Snicket reveals how many people are dying in the next book. Nobody cares, but it’s the fact that it’s Harry Potter.

Jamie: [laughs] Exactly.

Why Did Jo Do Richard And Judy?

Andrew: But also, why would JK Rowling do this interview with Richard and Judy when there’s no book in sight, and it’s sort of a down time? And this isn’t normal for her. She doesn’t just come on and do interviews like this. Now, one of the points of having her on was because this was the new Richard and Judy, I believe. This was their new season or whatever.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: And they’re back, and they’re live, and fresh, and look what we can do. Why did she do this, Jamie?

Jamie: I’ve seen Richard and Judy a few times. It’s a very relaxed show.

Andrew: It is, yeah.

Jamie: I mean even though after people – the media will catch up with whatever she said. I’m sure she felt extremely relaxed doing it. It isn’t like, I mean, do you guys know Paxman, Jeremy Paxman? He’s a political interviewer over here, and he’s just – he’s so horrible to the people. He will just fire the same questions at them. He asked Tony Blair the same question fifteen times because he didn’t respond to it; he just kept dodging it. But you know Richard and Judy

Ben: Sounds like Bill O’Reilly.

Jamie: Huh?

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Sounds like Bill O’Reilly.

Laura: Yeah, it does sound like Bill O’Reilly. [laughs]

Jamie: But yeah, these people are just completely different. It’s just a relaxed seating area, where they just talk. It isn’t even really an interview, you know? It’s just a chat. And, I think she just wants – she obviously wants to tell people about what’s going on. She wants to create discussion. You know? It’s just like…

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, and I think JK Rowling has been very good about slipping tidbits of information, to make it so that…

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: …the fan base isn’t going stagnant, where we just have all this information, and we’re just sitting on it. You know?

Jamie: Yeah, definitely, yeah.

Kevin: And I think this was a great opportunity for her to do exactly that, throw a little twist in things, and give us the information.

Andrew: I just found it interesting, because with Book 6, JK Rowling only granted one interview to a US publication, like a newspaper or magazine, and then to one media outlet, which was The Today Show. And, I can’t remember if she did that for people in England. I’m sure she did.

Jamie: It means every single interview is more valuable.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Jamie: It’s like my teacher, ages ago, told me a story, that if he found two priceless stamps, like, two were made, he’d burn one so that he had one, and it was worth even more. It’s just like that. Interviews by her are worth their weight in gold, just because she doesn’t do many.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: So, every single person tunes in when she does something. I’m sure Richard and Judy’s viewing figures went up massively for that show.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Well especially now, they’re getting all this publicity…

Jamie: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: …with all these separate news articles. So, that’s that. Anyone else want to bring anything up?

Laura: Nope.

Who Will Die In Book 7?

Ben: Well, that transitions nicely into our next discussion.

Andrew: Yes, it does. Who is going to die in Book 7? Because now we know two additional people are going to die, on top of the “bloodbath” that we will be seeing, and she also gave the reprieve…

Jamie: Who said it was a bloodbath?

Andrew: She did.

Jamie: Oh, did she?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: When did she say that? Bloody hell! Oh no!

Andrew: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: I’m going to cry.

Laura: Oh, I will, too.

Andrew: [laughs] Well, it’s a war. She said it’s going to be a bloodbath. She gave the reprieve to one person – she gave a reprieve to one person.

[Jamie sings a sad tune]

Andrew: We had a poll – we have a poll up on MuggleNet, and I’ll just look right now. And, I’ll vote “Harry.” And, fans on MuggleNet: the number one response right now is “No idea”. [laughs] But, that’s right under 20 percent. The second person is Snape, at 16.9 percent.

Kevin: Snape being the person who dies?

Andrew: No, who got saved. So, what do you guys think? Laura, what do you think?

Laura: I don’t know. The more and more I’ve thought about it, I think maybe Ron might have gotten the reprieve…

Jamie: Yeah, that sounds right.

Laura: …because a lot of fans have noticed a good amount of evidence pointing towards Ron’s death…

Jamie: I agree with that. That’s excellent.

Laura: …sprinkled throughout the books. And I would just be hysterical if Ron died, so I hope that he doesn’t.

Jamie: I love you Laura, that’s brilliant.

Andrew: Well, that’s gotten that over with real quick because that’s what I was thinking, too.

Jamie: Yeah, I think that sounds right. All right, should we just go on then, to four?

Andrew: Well, yeah – huh?

Jamie: Should we just go on then, to four? What constitutes a main character?

Laura: Well, who do you think will die? Who are the two people?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Well, two additional people on top of more people. That’s what bugs me about all this press this story has been getting because we’ve already…

Ben: Knew…

Andrew: We’ve known that for a while that a lot of people are going to be dying. We, as MuggleNet, should release a press release saying, “A ton of people are going to die,” imagine the press we would get.

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Laura: Yeah, really. [laughs]

Andrew: So, who do we think will die? Let’s go around the table here. Kevin, you want to start? Or Laura – whoever you want.

Kevin: Ah, good question. Well, I think one of the Trio is definitely going to die. I honestly still think Ron is, and I honestly still think Hagrid is, so I would say those two people.

Jamie: Yeah. I think we’ve got to get away from seeing the Trio as children still.

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: Mhm.

Jamie: Because, I think about seeing them as, Snape, McGonagall, and Dumbledore as the adults, then Harry, Ron, and Hermione. How can they die? They’re children. But, it isn’t like that at all, because Voldemort doesn’t differentiate between children and adults. So, I think you’re absolutely right: one of the Trio has to die. They can’t not, because I think if they don’t, then Jo wouldn’t be portraying the whole thing accurately.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: Because with the thing they face now – it’s just improbable that all three of them will get through unscathed. You know?

Andrew: Right.

Ben: Mhm.

Andrew: And could the chess match be foreshadowing this, with Ron sacrificing himself?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: It just seems like…

Laura: Well, a lot of people have thought that, yeah. And…

Andrew: Yeah, it’s an interesting theory, because a lot of people relate all the foreshadowing to what we saw in Book 1 with the tests that they had to get around. So…

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: What were you going to say, Laura?

Laura: Well, I think that’s definitely a very important thing to point out because if you look at the series, it’s almost symmetrical, in a way. Because if you look at Book 1, it’s possibly going to have connections to Book 7. Book 2 had connections to Book 6, Book 3 had connections to Book 5, and so on and so forth. So, I think that there is definitely some foreshadowing in that department. As for Ron dying, I think that out of the trio he is probably the most likely…

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Laura: …but at this point, I’m not sure about it.

Snape’s Fate

Laura: I think that Snape is definitely a likely character to take the axe. I’m not sure why he’ll do it or what side he’ll be on when he does.

Andrew: I was reading a few theories on the COS Forums, and some people seem to think that Snape would die in saving Harry’s life, and ultimately proving that he is good. Because, it’s been going back and forth throughout the series, and finally this could be the final moment. On the other hand, he could die being bad.

Jamie: It’s a bit.

Andrew: There are so many possibilities with Snape.

Jamie: I’ll say two things: it’s a bit kind of fairy tale-ish to think that if one person does something bad, he’s got to redeem himself by ultimately doing something good for the person who he’s been bad to. Snape could die saving Harry and Wormtail could save Lupin using his hand and kill Greyback or something. But, I don’t know. I just don’t think you can see the books as having sort of catharsis at the end of them. You know? Everything being wrapped up and all emotions being purged at the end. It’s more like, things that happen won’t necessarily be in equilibrium.

Ben: I have a question.

Laura: Yeah, for all we know, Snape could die and save Ron.

Jamie: And save Ron, yeah. But…

Ben: Okay, my question is: if Harry – if Snape has a life debt or whatever to Harry’s dad because James saved Snape’s life, if Snape dies in the process of saving Harry’s life, does Harry technically owe a life debt to Snape, then?

Jamie: Well yeah, it’s just ongoing.

Ben: It’s circular. Yeah, it’s circular.

Jamie: But, the thing is life debts don’t have to involve the person dying to save them. They could just save them by shooting the person dead who is about to kill them. He could owe him in all different ways and pay him back in all different ways. It isn’t like one person has to die to save the other and one of that person’s relations has to die to save him, I think. A life debt just means he owes him big time, you know?

Ben: Okay.

Jamie: But, I was going to say, do you think Harry could cope with Ron dying? Because then it would be his godfather, Dumbledore, then Ron; not to mention his parents.

Laura: That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking that, because when you think about motivations for Harry to do what he needs to do…

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: …I think Sirius and Dumbledore constitute for enough of one.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: I’m not sure that there would be any point to killing Ron, at this point.

Ben: I don’t know. I’ve always been – okay. There’s a Yellowcard song called Avendale.

Laura: Oh my god.

Ben: They talk about how “real life ain’t no fairy tale.”

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: And it’s just my belief that…

Jamie: Real life ain’t no fairy tale? [laughs]

Ben: …Jo – yeah. And that Jo realizes this too. And I just don’t think it would make sense for as you said, [in a British accent] catharsis, or whatever word.

Jamie: Catharsis, yeah.

Ben: Everything ends up so…

Jamie: It’s a purging of emotions.

Ben: Everything ends up peachy-keen.

Jamie: It’s a purging of emotions, like one person dies on one side, one person dies on the other and everything’s sorted. In this big a battle, all ends can’t be tied up, you know? It’s just absolutely impossible.

Ben: Right. And does…

Laura: Well…

Ben: Does good always triumph over evil?

Jamie: No, of course not. No.

Andrew: No.

Ben: So, it could…

Jamie: She realizes that.

Ben: Do you think – I mean, I think it would be pretty cool if Voldemort won.

Jamie: But no, he can’t.

Ben: Can’t beat death?

Laura: Mmmm, I don’t think so.

What If Voldemort Wins?

Andrew: Wait, let’s talk about that, because there’s been a lot of speculation over Harry’s death, especially now that JK Rowling has suggested that, “Well, I’ve never really felt tempted to kill off Harry before the seventh book,” because she doesn’t want authors in the future to write sequels.

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: Well, how could you kill Harry before the seventh book, anyway?

Kevin: Yeah, that’s true.

Andrew: Well, that – no. I know…

Kevin: No!

Laura: [laughs] I mean, what would Book 7 be without Harry being alive?

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: No, honestly I think it would be pretty – hold on, hold on. I think it would be pretty cool, when they were talking about the death that was going to happen in Book 5, Eric and I had a discussion about this, and we thought it’d be neat – this is like, way before MuggleCast – if the person who died in Book 5 was Harry.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s really neat.

Ben: And then…

[Jamie laughs]

Ben: Now hold on. Hold on.

Andrew: I think it would be.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Then Book 6 was trying to find a way to bring someone back from dying.

Jamie: The thing is, right, you’re forgetting that she’s human. If you spent the best part of two decades writing a septology, you – I think you’d have to be a pretty hard human to kill off the main character, one that you’ve clearly fallen in love with over that time.

Andrew: You would have to be a hard human, but that’s what would make the spearies, [laughs] spearies – series so special.

Jamie: It wouldn’t be special, though.

Andrew: I think – yes it would!

Jamie: Think of how many people she’d alienate. Think how many she’d alienate doing that.

Laura: Mmmm.

Andrew: It’s funny because people outside of the Harry Potter fandom think, “Oh, she would never kill Harry. That would absolutely kill the fandom! I mean, think about the merchandising and the publicity and the movies – you can’t even call it Harry Potter if your main character’s dead!” But in reality, I think it’s completely possible. Especially this new interview was definitely interesting; she wouldn’t kill him off before the seventh book, but she never directly said no, and of course she’s going to leave it open.

Laura: Well…

Andrew: I don’t know.

Laura: I think that if Harry does die, it’s going to be at the end [laughs] of the seventh book.

Kevin: I think it would be a twist, but I don’t think she’d kill him.

Ben: What do you guys think the chances are of one of the characters getting the reprieve being Harry?

Jamie: No, I think that’s unlikely.

Ben: Do you think that that’s been set in stone for a while?

Laura: Mmmm.

Andrew: She’s – yeah. He’s too huge of a character. I mean, and she also said that she changed the last chapter of Book 7 around a little bit, and I guess that has to do with the reprieve. But, it’s interesting, it’s interesting.

Ben: I don’t know. I just – I just think it would be pretty sweet if Voldemort won.

Laura: I understand what you guys are saying about the books relating to real life because I feel that way too, and I think that it would be a really gross underestimate of the horrors of war if everybody that we love gets through it. But at the same time, I think that we have to remember that there’s a certain formula to this because it is a book. And…

Jamie: Yeah.

Laura: …for instance, if it were absolutely 100 percent real, then Voldemort wouldn’t wait until the end of every school year to attack Harry.

Jamie’s Bet

Jamie: Yeah, I agree. If I’m so confident that Harry won’t die – if Harry dies, I will record myself eating fifty jumbo sausages.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: And put it on the Internet.

Ben: I’m going to hold you to that.

Jamie: I swear to god I’ll do that.

Ben: Okay, a video, a video of yourself.

Andrew: Yeah, this is going to be a video, right?

Jamie: Yeah. Obviously, yeah.

Andrew: We’ll stick it on YouTube?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. [laughs]

Jamie: I swear to everyone I will do that.

Ben: So, you’re honestly that convinced Harry is not going to die?

Jamie: Harry is not going to die. I can put myself in her situation. I just could not kill off my main character. I just don’t think it’s going to be like he kills Voldemort…

Kevin: Yeah, see, I don’t see that either.

Jamie: …and he’s lying there mortally wounded. I just can’t…

Kevin: It’s just kind of cliché, like…

Jamie: I just, just cannot – I can’t picture myself reading Harry dying. It’s just everything…

Kevin: How about Ginny?

Jamie: …after everything he’s been through, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Andrew: Just look at the…

Kevin: No, she’s important now.

Jamie: What, Ginny dying?

Andrew: Nobody cares about Ginny.

[Ben laughs]

Kevin: Exactly, I know. That’s all…

Laura: Harry cares about Ginny. [laughs]

Andrew: Okay, Harry does, but who cares? Harry’s going to die anyway.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Look at Book 5 and look at Book 6. Sirius and Dumbledore are so close to Harry…

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Andrew: …and they’re both pretty big characters in the books. JK Rowling…

Ben: Is heartless!

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Andrew: It takes some you-know-what to cut off those characters. So now I think…

Kevin: I don’t…

Andrew: …it’s all leading up to end with Harry dying.

Jamie: No, but Andrew, there’s a…

Andrew: And Ben, let’s do a special podcast on this. [laughs]

Jamie: In these books, the only thing that really matters is him. It’s the only thing that everyone’s concerned about; everything in that book is back-story apart from his quest. To think…

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: I just couldn’t imagine her ever killing him off. And I’m betting fifty sausages on it!

Andrew: But then what happens? But then what happens? Everyone is upset, everyone feels the emotion…

Ben: Mmmm.

Andrew: …and that’s the whole point of the series. And I am convinced!

Ben: That Harry will die.

Laura: Yeah, but you will still feel that same emotion if Harry’s alive, because you’re seeing..

Jamie: Yeah, and he’s sitting there crying because Hermione’s died.

Ben: No! No, no, no!

Laura: …through his eyes how awful he feels about his friends and…

Andrew: No, but you’ll feel the most emotion…

Laura: I’m going to feel…

Andrew: …if Harry dies, and either JK Rowling’s sitting here listening to this, shaking her head, or… [laughs]

Ben: She’s like, “Go Andrew and Ben!”

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Laura: Here’s what you don’t understand about me, okay?

Andrew: Oh, tell me.

Laura: I was crying before Dumbledore died.

Andrew: Yeah, but that’s because you’re a big baby.

Laura: I am going to burst into tears when I open – no, when I open Book 7 I’m just going to…[laughs]

Andrew: Me too!

Laura: …burst into tears. [laughs] I’m just going to start crying all over the place.

Andrew: Me too. Great.


Ben: The final point that I’d like to make with this discussion is that JK Rowling says she does not want to leave it open for anybody to write a sequel.

Andrew: Really?

Ben: The only way she can accomplish that is by killing Harry.

Jamie: Yes, absolutely right. But is it, is that, is it worth…

Andrew: Now…

Laura: There’s fan fiction already.

Jamie: People write – yeah, exactly. It’s like, I’m sure she can copyright something – she can copyright it in a way that stops people writing. It’s a bit over the top to…

Ben: No one’s going to publish…

Jamie: …kill him just because, you know?

Andrew: Yeah, but then you’re going to get people…

Ben: Harry’s going to die!

Andrew: …writing about characters called Parry Hotter. [laughs]

Ben: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: It’s already happened.

Ben: Yeah, get this. A year from now, you’re going to look back on this and we’re going to be playing the recording for you when you’re eating your sausages, okay?

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: No, but Ben…

Ben: Because you’re going to be upset because they…

Jamie: I agree, I probably will.

Ben: What?

Jamie: But I just don’t – she could stop every single bit of fan fiction now if she wanted to. Parry Hotter is only around because she allows it to be around, and Warner Brothers allow it to be around. They own absolutely everything to do with it. The word “Quidditch” you can’t use without – it’s like if she wanted to stop sequels being written, she could stop sequels being written. It is a bit – she doesn’t have to kill Harry off to stop sequels being written.

Andrew: True, true.

Jamie: It’s just that I can’t see it happening. But, if you want to send in…

Ben: He’s going to die!

Jamie: He’s not going to die. Can we move on?

Ben: The – everyone has to die, dude, so you’re wrong. Wooo!

Andrew: The final chapter is the epilogue, correct?

Laura: Yes.

Andrew: So, I mean, in reality, that’s sort of going to help kill off any sequels.

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: It’s true, yeah.

Andrew: Any thoughts of people creating sequels. But, at the same time it would be an excellent ending.

Jamie’s British Joke of the Day

Andrew: Jamie! It is time for your British Joke of the Day.

Jamie: I’ll just say I’ve posted this on the fan forums already, but since I am completely uninspired and can’t find a joke, I thought I’d say it again on here for all the people who missed it.

There’s this guy and I bought a telescope off him. This telescope’s worth 150 pounds, and I bought it off him for ten thousand pounds. He must have seen me coming.

[Everyone laughs and groans]

Ben: Oh, Jamie.

Jamie: Crap joke – off the show. There you go.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: Am I getting worse? Are they getting worse? People, please write to me and tell me how bad they’re getting. A little weak?

Andrew: That one was a little weak.

Jamie: Like Monday to Tuesday.

Andrew: Just a little.

[Everyone laughs]

Show Close

Andrew [Show Close music in the background]: Okay, well that does wrap up MuggleCast 46. Again, completely un-live and pre-recorded. Once again, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Jamie: I’m Jamie Lawrence, last again.

Kevin: And least.

Andrew: Don’t… [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Jamie, you can host the whole entire show next week.

Jamie: That’s fine. Excellent.

Andrew: You’re going to be on for next week, right?

Jamie: Yes. Until Vegas. Vegas.

Kevin: Oh, cool!

Andrew: Sweet. Don’t forget everyone, vote for us in the Podcast Awards, because we want to win.

Jamie: Not go to California.

Kevin: Go to California.

Andrew: [laughs] Because we want to go to California, and it would just be…

Jamie: Come on, Andrew, wrap it up.

Andrew: What would it be? I’m trying to think what it would be!

Kevin: Awesome!

Ben: It would be awesome!

Jamie: It would be convivial.

Andrew: It would be an honor to win a Podcast Award. It would be awesome.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: It would be convivial.

Andrew: Yes. Yes, it would.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: We’ll see everyone next week for Episode 47.

Kevin: Goodbye!

Andrew: Bye!

Laura: Bye.


Laura: I’ve also…

Ben: Hey Andrew, you want to stop the recording – sorry, Laura.

Laura: Okay.

Andrew: No, let’s wait until the chapter discussion begins.

Ben: Dude, that’s like…

Laura: Okay. Well, I’ve also…

Ben: Dude, we’ll have to do over…

Laura: Rarrowrowrorr! [makes a cat noise]

Ben: …more than half the show.

Andrew: We have more than halfway to go.

Kevin: Nice, Laura!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Laura!

Kevin: Meowed.

Andrew: [imitating Laura’s cat noise] Rraor!

Laura: Sorry. Okay.

Andrew: Sorry.

Ben: [imitating Laura’s cat noise] Rraor!

Kevin: You have to put that in as a blooper.

Laura: I was frustrated! [laughs]


Written by: Micah, Amanda, David, Jessica, Margaret, Martina, Rhiannon, and Sarah

Episode 46: Too Hot To Handle

  • Jamie, Kevin, and Laura return for MuggleCast LIV – nevermind.
  • Nominate us in the 2006 Podcast Awards!
  • Top 10 reasons to buy 11 MuggleCast T-shirts.
  • Listener Rebuttals extend on the Book 7 title analysis, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Horcrux, and memories.
  • Jamie has another use for the title Chariots of Fire.
  • Character Discussion: Volllldemort.
  • Was Voldemort born evil?
  • What were his motives from the start?
  • Why was Voldemort offering Lily so many chances to live?
  • Why is Dumbledore the only man Voldemort ever feared?
  • Could Voldemort come back as a ghost if Harry kills him?
  • Ben’s Gimme a Butterbeer calls out the media for blowing things out of proportion.
  • Jo’s interview on Richard and Judy.
  • Is Harry going to die in Book 7? We discuss the possibilities.
  • Jamie’s convinced Jo can’t bring herself to kill Harry
  • Jamie will tape himself eating 50 jumbo sausages if Harry dies.
  • Ben and Andrew think Harry’s death would make a great ending.
  • Could sequels be legally written?
  • Jamie’s British Joke of the Day returns.

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Transcript 045

MuggleCast 45 Transcript

Show Intro

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: Because I’m down at the beach and can’t get access to my e-mail to get access to the show entries submitted by the listeners – this is MuggleCast Episode 45 for June 25th, 2006.

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Hello, friends and welcome back to the show. I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I’m Ben Schoen.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Greg: And I’m Greg Porter.

Andrew: And joining… Yes.

Greg: Sorry. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Joining us this week, Greg Porter. From? Where are you from? MuggleNet – you do some work on MuggleNet.

Greg: Yes, I do things here and there.

Andrew: Wait, you’ve been on the show before, haven’t you?

Greg: Yes.

Andrew: Once before? Yes. You’re an alumni.

Greg: Soothin’ Babies, was that it?

Andrew: What’s that? [laughs]

Greg: Soothin’ Babies, was that the episode?

Andrew: I don’t know. I will take your word for it.

Greg: All right.

Andrew: Before we do anything else, Micah Tannenbaum is standing by in MuggleCast News center with the latest Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: The British paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hit shelves Friday. If you would like to purchase it online, you can do so at Amazon. That wasn’t a shameless plug or anything. The American paperback edition of Book 6 will be released on July 25th.

In an announcement Wednesday, Warner Bros. revealed that the fifth Harry Potter movie will be released simultaneously in conventional and IMAX theaters on July 13th, 2007.

Speaking of Order of the Phoenix, Ain’t It Cool News was at the New York Licensing Show Tuesday, where a promotional banner for the fifth film was spotted.

The picture depicts Harry holding his wand with Hogwarts in the background. Although this is a generic promotion for the next film, one major difference in this film appears to be Dan’s hair.

Jason Isaacs (who plays Lucius Malfoy) recently did an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, noting that he will be filming for Movie 5 in September and October. He also discussed why he enjoys portraying the nasty character:

“I torture myself by always trying to be interesting and human on screen, but every now and again it’s great to be in ‘Harry Potter’ and just rip it up and be as singularly evil and unpleasant as possible.”

Filming for Order of the Phoenix is expected to recommence next month.

Yahoo! has published a top 20 list of the most-searched-for rumors on the world’s second biggest search engine. Rumors related to the seventh book in the Harry Potter series topped the chart, followed by Sopranos and X-Men 4 rumors.

Earlier this week TLC was able to capture the commercial for the Queen’s 80th birthday party. The clip features Dan telling an owl (presumably Hedwig) to deliver a letter. The birthday bash took place earlier today and was aired on BBC.

Finally, reports that JK Rowling will be receiving a Doctor of Laws degree to recognize her contribution to Multiple Sclerosis research. Jo was quoted in the article, praising MS research:

“I am extremely honored to be receiving this honorary degree from such a distinguished Scottish university, with such a dynamic international reputation.”

Jo will receive her degree from the University of Aberdeen on July 6th at Marischal College.

That’s all the news for this June 25th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show!

Andrew: Okay, thank you, Micah.

Where Is Everyone?

Andrew: Where is everyone this week? What’s up with these groups of people we have been putting together lately?

Micah: Slackers.

Andrew: They all quit. They are all holding out for money.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: To that I say NEVER! No, Laura is finishing her finals this week. Kevin is sick. [mockingly cries] And Eric is in England for three or four weeks. He is on a trip.

Ben: Visiting his e-girlfriend.

Andrew: No, he’s not.

Greg: That’s classy.

Andrew: [laughs] That is classy. No, he’s – what is he doing over in England anyway? Anyone know?

Ben: I told you. He’s visiting his e-girlfriend.

Greg: Is he wearing his robes?

Andrew: Okay.

[Micah and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: I – he probably is. I am sure he brought them with him. And with Eric being gone we are going to take a break from Chapter-by-Chapter for…

Ben: Ever.

Andrew: …at least three or four weeks. At least until he gets back and then we’ll start Chamber of Secrets. So, it will probably be right before Lumos or right afterwards – right after New York.


Andrew: Speaking of that. Lumos 2006 and Leaky Mug LIVE in New York City are both quickly approaching. Lumos 2006 is on July 29th at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Lumos 2006 Harry Potter Symposium. And our LIVE podcast in New York City is after JK Rowling’s second – no, before JK Rowling’s second book reading on August 02nd (if I didn’t already say that). It’s going to be around Noon and the reason I am bringing this up is because we are encouraging everyone to go if they can come out, but we also want everyone to RSVP by e-mailing hplive at gmail dot com. Or you can go to the all new Hopefully by the time this show is out, that site will be out – You might remember, it’s where The Leaky Cauldron and hosted their – hosted our prank. It will be a lot of fun, so everyone come out if you can. I am telling you right now, we are going to have a blast at both of these podcasts. So, please come out and show your support.

Also, help support the show by purchasing a MuggleCast t-shirt.

Ben: Or 12.

Andrew: Or 12 of them. And those help the show by giving us money so that we can pay for flights and pay for food, so we don’t starve to death at the LIVE podcasts.

Greg: Heaven forbid.

Andrew: How are we supposed to podcast without food?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So, thanks to everyone for helping us out. I like how I talk like this. I’m going to keep doing this.

Juvenile Arthritis

And every once in a while we like to make a little public service announcement here on MuggleCast to get the word on a little topic. This week Emily, who is a MuggleNet editor, who goes through the site and corrects all the grammar mistakes that we make, because we are terrible at our English.

She wanted to let everybody know about juvenile arthritis. And I have a little thing from her. She says:

The problem that arises with trying to raise funds for juvenile arthritis is that people don’t realize that kids can get arthritis as well. The child I worked with was only two when she was diagnosed and was in considerable pain. It got to the point where she had to wear a neck brace to control movement and spasms. A few months later the pain came back, only this time it was everywhere – even in her toes and fingers. Being so young, she couldn’t understand why her parents were unable to help her or why her toys gave her no reprieve. She is now four and has learned to adjust with the help of shots twice weekly.

So, the reason we’re letting everyone know is that juvenile arthritis is still a serious problem even in little kids – you wouldn’t think so because we always hear about it occurring in the elderly. We encourage you to visit and look at the “Show Notes” for this week’s episode and we have a link to a few articles about juvenile arthritis and the problems it is causing.

And, finally, we have a super-special announcement at the end of the show. So, make sure you stick around. Because it’s so big, it doesn’t even – it’s not even worthy of a position here in the regular announcements. It deserves its own segment.

Now it is time for this week’s voice rebuttals, sent in by you guys, the listeners – called in by dialing 1-218-20-MAGIC. So, here they are now.

Voice Rebuttals

[Audio]: Hi, this is [inaudible] from Pennsylvania and I have a few comments about last week’s show. First of all, you talked about if and how the Ministry is influencing Percy. One thing that caught my attention is that at the beginning of Book 4, Percy is working on a report on cauldron bottoms. Then at the end of the book, Voldemort emerges from the cauldron. There seems to be a link and it makes me wonder what side the Minister is on. The next thing that I would like to mention is the occurrence at the end of the your character discussion about choosing a girl. I personally believe the Weasleys are descendants from Godric Gryffindor, so they needed a girl to continue the bloodline. Lastly, I would like to say something about spoilers. We all think that we try to avoid them, but at the same time we watch movie clips before the movie is released, highlight the text on MuggleNet without really thinking, and look ahead in the books. In a way, it’s just part of the experience. Even though I hate to be spoiled, I’ll admit they do play an important part in the fandom.

[Audio]: Hi, MuggleCasters! This is Lucy from Iowa. I just had a rebuttal/comment about Mad-Eye Moody. I remember in your last show when you talked about Moody, you talked about how you thought his magical eye came from the Ministry of Magic. However, in Order of the Phoenix when Harry goes to the Ministry and talks to Kingsley Shacklebolt, there is a witch with an eye patch. And I thought that if she had lost an eye like Moody the Ministry would have provided her one too, if they had provided one for Moody. Also, Moody did not have his eye patch when he was in the first scene for Harry in the Pensieve for Goblet of Fire, but he did in the second scene. Thanks!

[Audio]: Hi, MuggleCast! This is [inaudible] from Los Angeles, California. When listening to Episode 44, I found it rather offensive when Eric and the others began wondering why anybody would ever have seven kids. I have several friends who have seven or even eight children in their family. And once you actually have such a large family, each person becomes their own individual and numbers become irrelevant. In fact, despite the fact that they weren’t wealthy, some of my friends even wish that their parents would have a ninth child. Maybe the Weasleys wanted that kind of happy, relaxed, family atmosphere. Thanks again and keep the great shows coming.

Andrew: All right. And those were this week’s voice rebuttals.

Listener Rebuttal – Disney Dan

Andrew: Now, it’s time for the listener rebuttals sent in via e-mail.

I have good news everyone. Disney Dan e-mailed in. His real name is not actually Disney Dan. His real name is Dan Larson, 21, from Chicago. And he didn’t include anymore information with the pictures because it was late at night. Uh no, no, maybe the pictures were just late. So, thanks Disney Dan for clearing that up. Now we can all rest peacefully.

Ben: Yep.

Andrew: Yes.

Listener Rebuttal – Nicknames For Micah

Andrew: And we have a new nickname for Micah sent in by Jack. [laughs] Micah, how do you like this one? The Baum Bomb? B-a-u-m B-o-m-b.

Micah: It’s…

Andrew: Jack wants to know what you think?

Micah: It has some potential. I think we can work with that a little bit. What do you guys think? You guys come up with nicknames for me all the time, so this is…

Andrew: I think it’s catchy.

Micah: You do?

Greg: It is.

Andrew: I like it.

Ben: La-la-la Baum Bomb.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So, we have Baum Bomb, The La Baum-ba, [laughs] T-Baum…

Micah: T-Baum.

Andrew: …Micah Tan. Tanny. These are getting better and better. Every week before we introduce you for the news, we will give you a new name. How does that sound?

Micah: That’s cool.

Andrew: If we remember.

Listener Rebuttal – Lose The Tone

Andrew: This rebuttal comes from blank, age blank, from blank. Thank you for including all of your information, but [laughs] you’ll know why in a minute. This person writes:

“Hi Guys, I just finished listening to Episode 44 and for the first time since Episode No. 1, felt compelled to write in. I’ve admired the fact that you folks have taken the – what some might call the moral high road, and have made the conscious decision to keep the language G-rated. However, this episode, it seems as if you decided to begin the transformation to a non-family friendly show. Granted, it is your show and you decided it’s tone, but I think that most of us listeners have grown to believe that words such as, “bleep,” “bleep,” or “bleep,” don’t belong on MuggleCast. Please reflect back on your original intentions to keep the show clean and realize that that may have contributed in some small way to the great success to which you have so far been blessed.”

So yeah, guys, last week there was a little bit more language than there was in previous episodes and we have said in the past that there will be no cursing on this show. To be honest with you, I missed the one word that I will not say here on this show because it is inappropriate. The word – for some reason, I missed it while editing. I don’t even know who said it. But, we apologize if any younger listeners were surprised and got yelled at by their parents for listening to inappropriate content. But, we will not be doing that anymore. It was a little bit of an experiment, too, to see if it would help the show at all with the older audience, but we’re just going to keep it out all together. So, I’m sorry!

Listener Rebuttal – Large Families

Andrew: Next rebuttal:

“I hate to say it, but for the first time ever I have been offended by – “

Look at all these first times. [laughs]

“I have been offended by something said on an episode of MuggleCast. Perhaps I’m just a bit too touchy about this, but it truly hurt me when it was implied that people who have many children are in some way unable to provide the full range of proper care for their children.”

There is more to this e-mail, but I’m not going to read it here. So, end quote. And this comes from Kimmi. And I would just also like to point out that we weren’t implying that larger families cannot support themselves. This is not true at all. We were just making a reference to the Weasleys. And also [laughs] when I said maybe all the Weasleys kids were an accident, I was saying that jokingly [still laughing] and I did not mean that that’s how all families are. Of course, that’s not true. It’s not true for – large families cannot support themselves, either. So, sorry about that if we offended anyone. We got a few e-mails about that.

Listener Rebuttal – Napkins

Andrew: And lastly, Carla S., 18 from Iowa, wants to talk about napkins. She wanted to clarify some of the discussion we were having last week about how JK Rowling wrote the original books, and she quotes an article here and, I quote:

“It was after settling in Edinburgh at the end of 1993 that Rowling began to write the first Harry Potter novel. She wrote in longhand on notepads in several Edinburgh cafes, most notably Nicolson’s Cafe near Edinburgh University. However, the rumor that she scribbled the manuscript on the back of napkins, unable to afford paper, is untrue. She admits that she was on the dole for six months during this time period, but denies media reports that she couldn’t afford to heat her flat and escaped to cafes for a warm place to write. During ’94 and ’95, she went back to college to get her teaching qualification that would enable her to teach French in Scotland.”

So, that clears up some of the discussion we were having, although we did come to the conclusion at the end of last week’s show that she didn’t write the entire books on napkins. That’s just silly.

[Micah laughs]

Main Discussion: Book 7 – Riddle Me This

Andrew: Moving on to some discussion this week, we want to talk about Book 7 questions. We touched on this a few weeks ago. And now we’re going to do some more of it. So, Micah, take it away.

Micah: Hold on. All right, we mentioned this a couple of shows ago. We talked a little bit about this editorial, written by Kristie, looking at the riddles from Goblet of Fire and wondering if they foreshadow anything into the final books, specifically the riddle related to the Black Lake and the riddle relating to the Sphinx. And I know you guys took a look at this editorial earlier, so you have a little bit of a better idea of what she was trying to get across. But, I guess we can start with the riddle from the Black Lake and just kind of seeing what you guys thought, and its relationship to Sirius Black?

Andrew: Are you talking about the riddle – the Merpeople’s riddle?

Micah: Yes.

Andrew: That she talks about? Okay.

Micah: Should we read it? You can.

Andrew: I have it up.

Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
And while you’re searching, ponder this:
We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss,
An hour long you’ll have to look,
And recover what we took,
But past an hour–the prospect’s black,
Too late, it’s gone, it won’t come back.

So, this editorial takes different lines of this riddle and explains what each of them means in relation to, basically, Harry having to go into the veil and pulling someone out? Right?

Micah: Right. Or seeking somebody out to get information.

Andrew: Of the veil.

Micah: Yes.

Andrew: So, the first part of the riddle, “Come seek us where our voices sound, / We cannot sing above the ground…” She talks about this in relation to Harry being unable to understand the voices in the Department of Mysteries. And then, the next part of the poem, “And while you’re searching, ponder this: / We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss…” And the author comes up with some ideas of who Harry’s missing: Sirius, Dumbledore, and obviously, his parents. But then, further on in the riddle, “But past an hour–the prospect’s black…” – Sirius Black – “Too late, it’s gone it won’t come back.” And this is sort of in relation to Harry – er, Sirius falling into the veil, and he fell back into it. And the author goes on to say that maybe he could come back because he – it wasn’t a normal death. He fell into this veil. It wasn’t like all the other deaths, where he’s hit with Avada Kadavra or some unfortunate accident.

Micah: Didn’t she also argue that it’s possible something could come up and he’ll have an hour to go into the veil and…

Andrew: Right.

Micah: …seek out Sirius and either find out information – possibly even about his brother. And he only has a certain about of time to do this and if he doesn’t complete it in time, then he won’t be able to retrieve the information that he needs.

Andrew: Right. So it’s…

Micah: Which I thought was kind of interesting.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Because this isn’t something I’ve ever heard before.

Andrew: Yeah, this was a very interesting theory. Right, and she was saying that she was surprised it hasn’t really been brought up before because the riddle involving the potions, I think it was? She made a reference to it but I couldn’t find anymore information on it. Do you know anything about that, Micah?

Micah: What potions? The ones from…

Andrew: In Sorcerer’s Stone.

Micah: Yeah, the room that he has to go to?

Andrew: Right. Each different potion represented a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

Micah: Yeah, I think I’ve heard something about that. I don’t – like you said, I don’t…

Andrew: That’s what she made a reference to. Anyone else know about that?

Micah: Greg?

Greg: I hadn’t heard anything of it until I read this article. So, nope.

Andrew: Basically, each potion represented each Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I guess with – I don’t even know [laughs]. I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find anything.

Micah: That was just another example of how Jo had hidden things in earlier books? Or…

Andrew: Right.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: And so what she’s saying is this – the Merpeople’s riddle could possibly foreshadow what we will see in Book 7 because, obviously, it didn’t happen in Book 5 or 6 yet. Yeah, it’s very interesting. And we will include a link in the “Show Notes” so everyone can take a look at it and read it through. It’s very detailed. She definitely did her research. Who’s this girl? Kristie E.R. It’s her pen name.

Clues Left Behind

Andrew: So, another question we have here: What clues has Dumbledore left for Harry, if any, and will we see him or Sirius again? Go ahead, explain it, Ben.

Ben: Well, JK Rowling mentioned that Sirius was given – Sirius gave Harry the two-way mirrors and she said that it might hold more significance in the future books. So, I don’t know if it means that Harry will be able to communicate with him beyond the veil, or what exactly it means.

Andrew: But will – what about seeing Dumbledore again? Or, what clues has Dumbledore left for Harry? I think that Dumbledore hasn’t really left any clues for Harry because he told him everything he needed to know in Book 6, and basically, he said – and I think he thinks that it’s Harry’s time to figure this out all on his own. And I’m sure he has full confidence in him. Greg, do you think Dumbledore’s left any clues for Harry?

Greg: It’s possible. It’s one of those things that – I mean, we have one book left and at this point, I’m just thinking, theories, who cares? We’re going to read the next book and it’ll all be over. So, I absolutely – I have no opinion on that. I’ll be a nice little politician here.

Andrew: [laughs] Micah, has Dumbledore left any clues for Harry?

Micah: I agree with what you said. I think he taught him a lot. And it all depends really – this is what we were talking about yesterday. If he had any time to plan before his death, and if he knew what was going to happen in the end. If he took any steps to leave certain clues for him behind.

Andrew: But what about Sirius? Anything else besides the two-way mirror? I mean, it’s been a whole book now and I think we would have seen something by now. I don’t think it’s just going to pop up in Book 7.

Greg: When we’re introduced to something, such as an Animagus, or something like that, we’re given time to think about it. Such as in Book 1, we’re shown what an Animagus is. In Book 3, we’re given a lot of detail. So, perhaps that is why Book 6 had nothing to do – didn’t tell you about the mirrors, because she wanted you to kind of think about it for a while. And then she’ll throw it back in there in Book 7. Because she does that a lot.

Andrew: Yeah, good point. And thatís really the reason why this whole Harry Potter community with theories and speculation and groups of analysis and all that have really spawned, because she gives us all this time to think about it, rather than just at the beginning of the book, some new thing, such as the two-way mirror pops up, and then at the end of the book, itís already answered. She gives us time. Thatís the beauty of it.

Micah: Yep.

Andrew: Thank you. Iím here all week.

Horcruxes: Take Five Million

Andrew: Next question: We wanted to revisit Horcruxes again. We talked about them a lot in the beginning of the early days of MuggleCast as it was right after Book 6, and we were all like, [deep gasp] “Horcruxes are so cool!”

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] So, so, now we wanted to revisit exactly what Dumbledore said when he listed where he thought they – where he thought the final Horcruxes were, or all the Horcruxes were in Half-Blood Prince: Tom Riddle’s diary, Gaunt’s ring, Slytherin’s locket, Hufflepuff’s cup. So, what of Gryffindor’s, what of Ravenclaw’s, and Nagini? So, what could it be of Gryffindor’s, Greg?

Greg: Could it be the Sorting Hat? I think that’s something many people have already come up with, but it could easily be anything that Dumbledore owned, or just anything in the castle. But then, it could have been the sword of Godric Gryffindor. It could have been that hat.

Andrew: Mhm.

Greg: It could have been anything. Who knows? Since Nagini was already a Horcrux, maybe it could be Fawkes? Who knows?

Ben: Do we actually know Nagini is a Horcrux?

Andrew: Nuh uh.

Greg: Well, we don’t, but we speculate.

Andrew: That’s what everyone believes.

Ben: One theory with the Sorting Hat is that when Voldemort goes in Dumbledore’s office in Half-Blood Prince to interview for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching job, there’s this part where he has a flick of his wrist, and many people think that he might have made the Sorting Hat or something in Dumbledore’s office a Horcrux at that time.

Andrew: Ohhh. Interesting.

Micah: But my question about that is wouldn’t he have just had to have killed somebody in order to do that?

Ben: We have to see that. We don’t know the process that goes into actually making a Horcrux, if you understand what I’m saying.

Micah: Yeah. That’s a good point. I was just assuming that somebody would have to have been killed, and then you would have to do it immediately as opposed to taking some time. I donít think we know anything really about Ravenclaw.

Andrew: Well, it would probably be – it would probably be an artifact, wouldn’t it be? Because we have Slytherin’s locket and then Hufflepuff’s cup. So, from each house, it must be some important item of – it would be something in Rowena’s possession, or was in her possession.

Micah: So, you’re thinking…

[Ben and Micah laugh]

Andrew: Huh?

Micah: So, something with like an R encrusted on it, or…

Andrew: Right.

Micah: I guess it says here that Ravenclaw’s symbol, judging from the Hogwarts crest, is a bronze eagle. So, maybe something that’s lying around the school that…

Andrew: Right. Now, as for Nagini. I mean, Nagini is not official, but the reason that everyone seems to think that it’s Nagini is because Nagini is Voldemort’s giant snake that he’s really attached to. But I’m…

Micah: And that Dumbledore himself brought it up as a possibility.

Harry The Horcrux

Andrew: And what else could be a possible Horcrux? What about Harry? What do you guys think about the whole Harry-being-a-Horcrux thing, when he cursed him that fine day?

Ben: JK Rowling said that Harry couldn’t be a Horcrux on her website.

Andrew: Oh, that’s right.

Greg: She didn’t say his scar was, though, did she? Could some individual part…

Andrew: Yes.

Greg: … of him could be?

Andrew: Yeah. Is the scar a part of him? Part of him?

Micah: One thing that works well for that is Dumbledore thought that Voldemort had only created six Horcruxes up until the night that the Potters were killed. So…

Andrew: Really?

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: I don’t remember that. When did he say that?

Micah: Somewhere in Half-Blood Prince [laughs].

Andrew: Well, duh [laughs], but I mean, like…

Micah: I don’t have a page number. I can try to find it, though.

Andrew: All right. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Other Possibilities

Micah: But the Lexicon lists a couple others, and they’re usually pretty good.

Andrew: Uh huh.

Micah: One was the Basilisk from The Chamber of Secrets, and they like that because it is extremely long-lived and well hidden.

Andrew: That’s true.

Micah: Or it was, anyway.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: And the other one was Wormtail’s silver hand right after he killed Cedric.

Andrew: I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like – I don’t understand.

Micah: That – I don’t like that one.

Andrew: Me, neither, because Wormtail is Voldemort’s assistant, and I don’t think Voldemort has enough trust in him to have Wormtail actually protect a Horcrux. Would Wormtail even know it?

Micah: No. Probably not.

Andrew: That would be a nice final debt to Harry, giving him the Horcrux. Hmmm? Hmmm?

Micah: Ahhh! Yeah!

Andrew: Yeah. Ah ha ha?!

[Micah and Greg laugh]

Andrew: Thank you.

Draco’s Fate

Andrew: What will happen with Draco Malfoy? Because he seems to care for his parents very much, and he was scared and indecisive in the outcome of Half-Blood Prince. Can anything change his perspective about the war? I certainly do not think so, because at this point, he is too corrupt to continue on as a normal wizard.

Ben: Well, someone brought up the fact that Draco is actually Latin for, “Dragon,” and they say you can’t tame a dragon, so it makes sense for him to go…

Andrew: So, are you saying…

Ben: …against his parents.

Andrew: …he’s going to get a big dragon? [laughs]

Ben: No, I’m saying that it makes sense for him to go against what his parents are saying, because he can’t be tamed.

Andrew: Ah yes, Ben.

Greg: He could go the other way, though.

Andrew: Who’s he going to…

Greg: That he can’t be tamed by the good side.

Micah: So…

Andrew: Right. And who’s he going to side with on the good side? It’s too late.

Micah: See, I don’t know. I tend to think that if something happened to his mother, he may react in a different way, because even throughout the earlier books, you saw he has a very strong relationship with her, and I’m inclined to think that instead of killing him, if Voldemort kills Narcissa because Draco failed to do his task with Dumbledore, we might see him revolt potentially.

Andrew: I don’t know. I just – I mean, back to my question. How would he – who would he side with on the good side?

Micah: Well, is Snape truly evil? I mean…

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: I think that would play a role in it.

Andrew: Okay, but if he sided with Snape, who’s Snape going side with? Say that three times fast. There’s no one. And Harry’s going try to kill him anyway.

The Role of the Ministry

Andrew: Now, what role will the Ministry play, if any, in Book 7? I think the Ministry, too, is too corrupt to possibly be involved with trying to kill off Dumbledore, especially since Lucius is in the Ministry and Lucius is going – Lucius, now, Lucius is in Azkaban now. What am I thinking? I am one uninformed fan!

Micah: Didn’t they break out?

Andrew: Did they? Did Lucius? Oh, okay. But still, Lucius has no opinion in the Ministry of Magic anymore. He has no influence, I wouldn’t think. Unless he threatened Scrimgeour. Greg, what do you think? What role is the Ministry going to play?

Greg: It’s hard to tell, and that seems to be my answer for everything tonight…

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: …but my guess is not much.

Andrew: I like it.

Greg: My guess is not much. Harry’s going to be really distracted, but unless Harry becomes a fugitive, I don’t think much is going to happen with them.

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: They might just be a fly in his face or something, or you know, a gnat? Just in his ear.

Andrew: Mhm.

Greg: Just something annoying him the entire time.

Andrew: Yes.

Micah: Like in Book 6.

Greg: Yep.

Andrew: I would have to agree. What did you mean by the question what’s Scrimgeour’s deal, Micah?

Micah: Well, are we going to see him at all, or did he just kind of play out his role in Book 6? I mean with Fudge gone, I think Scrimgeour brings a little more credibility to…

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: …the role of Minister of Magic. [coughs]

Andrew: I think anyone who replaces…

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: …Fudge could bring more credibility, because Fudge was a you-know-what! I would say it, but we are not on Episode 44 anymore.

The Final Battle

Andrew: Where will the final battle take place? I’m going to have to put it in a scenic spot. I’m going to say the Hogwarts grounds. It would be very emotional for both Harry and Voldemort. What do you think, Micah?

Greg: Godric’s Hollow.

Micah: Yeah, I was just going to say…

Andrew: Or Greg. Oooh. Godric’s Hollow.

Greg: Godric’s Hollow would be an interesting place.

Andrew: That would be emotional, too.

Greg: Yeah.

Andrew: Yes. Especially since Harry hasn’t been there since his parents’ deaths. That would be very emotional.

Gimme A Butterbeer: Celebrity Privacy

Andrew: Now it’s time for this week’s Gimme A Butterbeer segment, once again with Benjamin Schoen. Take it away, Benny Boy!

Ben: Well, I’d like to thank everyone for all the feedback I received on last week’s topic about Harry Potter spoilers. Thank you, and remember to continue to send your feedback to ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com. This week’s Gimme A Butterbeer is going to be different than Butterbeers that we’ve had in the past weeks. Rather than myself going on a rant about, you know, some issue that’s involved in Harry Potter, I’m going to bring up a topic and then open it up for debate and discussion with the rest of the group.

We all know that each and every one of us likes to have our privacy. Just a few nights ago, the CBS’s hit TV show Big Brother made its season premiere, and sometimes for celebrities, it always seems like Big Brother is watching. Recently, we have seen several pictures of actresses and actors from the Harry Potter movies, and these images are indeed from their personal lives. I was curious to see what you guys thought about this and whether it should be stopped. I’m Ben Schoen, and I say, “Gimme A Butterbeer!”

Andrew: In some ways, I sort of think that the actors and actresses bring it onto themselves, especially when they are acknowledging the camera, right there in front of them.

Ben: Right.

Andrew: You know, they’re smiling or waving, you know while…

Ben: Yeah, well, you know, like I said in my commentary…

Andrew: Ben! I’ve not finished my statement!

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Please let me finish. [laughs] Now I forget what I was saying. Oh, when they’re doing illegal activities. And then these pictures get out, and then it’s a whole big spiel, and then they wonder, [Fake crying] “Why did they get out they’re going to ruin my reputation!” But it’s their fault for doing it.

Ben: Well, what I was trying to say, is that it’s one thing if their private lives are literally being invaded, and it’s another thing if they’re in a public setting and they’re partaking in illegal activity. Those are two different things. It’s different if it’s paparazzi than if it’s a case where their friends take a picture of them, and they may not like them, and they put it online. Micah, Greg? Micah, Greg? Tanny? What’s up? What do you guys think?

Greg: Well, frankly, I think that if they’re out in public, I don’t see why people would get so upset about, “Oooh, snapshot of you laughing.”

Andrew: Yeah. Right.

Greg: It’s like come on. Who cares? I mean, if you’re doing something in your house and somebody starts filming you from a window, then there’s a problem, but… [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Greg: … that’s not the case here. So, otherwise, I just don’t see it as being a problem. When there’s a camera in front of you, don’t do something stupid.

Micah: Yeah, no, I agree with Greg. I think when you’re out in public – you’re a celebrity. That’s, unfortunately, part of what comes with it. And there’s always going to cameras around, so it’s kind of your own responsibility to watch what you do. When you’re in private, if that’s still going on, I personally have a problem with that. I don’t think that that’s right. But if you’re out, and you’re doing things that you shouldn’t be doing, and you get caught on camera, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

Andrew: On the other hand, people wonder why the paparazzi do it, and as Ben said in his Butterbeer, why does the paparazzi do this, and why are they so into it? I mean, the paparazzi – these pictures sell. They sell big time. I mean, look in the recent headlines. Ah, what’s their names? Tom – [laughs] You know! You know!

Ben: Spartz?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. Jumping on Oprah’s couch.

Ben: Oh, Tom Cruise.

Andrew: Tom Cruise and Kate…

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: No, no, no, not those two! Brad Pitt and uhhh…[laughs]

Greg: Angelina Jolie?

Andrew: Wow, I’m up on my celebrity. Yes. Yeah, those two. They sold their baby’s pictures for what, four million dollars?

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: To one of those tabloid magazines. It’s amazing how these pictures sell, and it’s amazing how people are so obsessed with celebrities lives because, maybe there’s something in these normal people’s real lives that they always cling on to celebrities so much. But, it sells and that’s why the paparazzi is so obsessed with doing this. It is a shame, but…

Micah: Well, I mean all you have to do to learn and to see how badly they just want to take pictures, is to look at what happened with Princess Diana. And her life was taken as a result of it.

Andrew: Mhm.

Ben: They wrecked her car.

Andrew: All right.

Greg: Well, look at Britney Spears. [laughs] That’s all that I have to say about that.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Micah: A clear parallel.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: White trash. [laughs] Yeah. No, Britney Spears is abused by this, too, and she was on the…

Greg: Well she’s a – do you think she seriously doesn’t know that people are watching her when she was stuffing her baby on the corner…

Andrew: No, I’m..

Greg: …of the takeout window? [laughs]

Ben: Dashboard. [laughs] No, what I’m saying is, don’t you think sometimes, like in the case of the recent pictures that we’ve seen online, that there is no such thing as bad publicity? Do you think that’s true? Micah, you’re a media man. Do you think that’s true? That they’re still getting attention, whether it’s good or bad? And some people, you know, particularly their fans, may like them more because they’re doing the cool thing or whatever.

Micah: No, I think there are definitely instances where any media, no matter good or bad, is still, in essence, a good thing because your name, or your product, or whatever, is still getting out there. And, you know, a lot of times, as a result of bad media attention, you get people who write in – you get people who respond to it and say, “No, this isn’t the case,” or, “Why are you doing that?” So – and often times people’s attitudes can change as a result. I mean, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the case with these pictures. I haven’t seen these pictures, so I don’t necessarily know what exactly was depicted in them.

Andrew: But, I think there is such thing as bad publicity. Bad publicity can seriously affect someone. I can’t really think of someone specifically, but I mean – and I wish I had an example, but one picture or two pictures could reveal something of an actor or actress that totally ruins their lives.

Micah: No, that’s definitely true.

Andrew: [Singing] Da da da da da! Yeah.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: Okay, so that was this week’s Gimme A Butterbeer segment. Thanks again, Benjamin.

Voicemail – Legilimens The Horcruxes?

Andrew: Now it is time for this week’s voicemail questions. They are back this week thanks to Kevin finally getting his act together.

[Ben laughs]

[Audio]: Hi, I’m Michelle from Florida, and I wanted to pose a theory on Harry finding the Horcruxes. If Voldemort puts a piece of his soul into each Horcrux, one which Dumbledore believed to be Nagini, and then if Harry can Legilimens his way into the fragmented soul of Voldemort and also Nagini during the attack on Arthur Weasley, couldn’t Harry use Legilimancy to find the rest of the Horcruxes by connecting with the other fragments of Voldemort’s soul?

Ben: The answer is no, and here’s why. The first reason is because, in order to accomplish Legilimens (however you say it), you must be able to make eye contact with the person and then be able to read their thoughts and stuff that way. And it would be kind of hard for Harry to make eye contact with a Horcrux. And the reason that Harry was able to get into Voldemort’s mind really wasn’t Legilimens, it was the fact that he had the Horcrux – not the Horcrux, excuse me, the scar on his forehead. So, that’s what allowed him to enter Voldemort’s mind. Not really Legilimency.

Andrew: Very well said, Ben. Next voice mail.

Voicemail – Get Out Of My Bar

[Audio]: Hi, this is Kelsey from Indianapolis, Indiana. In Half-Blood Prince, Trelawney tells Harry that she remembers Snape being thrown out of the Hog’s Head during her interview with Dumbledore, but if it were true that Snape only heard half of the prophecy, she shouldn’t have remembered him at all. I find that very suspicious. Do you think there’s something about that interview that Dumbledore never told Harry? Thanks, love the show! Bye!

Micah: Wouldn’t Trelawney know, though? I mean she got interrupted, so obviously she’s going to know who’s outside the door, no?

Andrew: Right. Well, she would look, I would imagine.

Micah: I don’t think Dumbledore – I think Dumbledore was completely honest with Harry once he sat down and he told him everything that happened that night. I don’t think he left any information out. Yeah, I think once Snape got caught outside, Dumbledore obviously opened the door or whoever opened the door, so that’s why Trelawney knew that Snape was there.

Voicemail – Stop Picking On Me

[Audio]: Hi, my name is Sammi. I’m from a suburb outside Chicago called [inaudible] and I was just wondering, you know, me being 17 and loving Harry Potter, and you guys are all around the same age – do you guys ever get made fun of, because I know I do all the time? Love to hear what you guys say. Love your show! Bye!

[Andrew fake cries]

[Micah laughs]

[Andrew continues to fake cry]

Ben: Awww, welcome to Andrew’s world.

Andrew: Too bad Eric’s not on the show. I’m sure he would have some good stories about this.

Ben: He would be able to empathize with her.

Andrew: To be honest, my answer is no.

Ben: Mine too.

Andrew: Because I tell people about MuggleNet and they say, “That is cool, Andrew. Do you want to go do something?”

Ben: Well, actually, that last part’s not true.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Ben: With me they’re like, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool!” You know?

Andrew: Mhm.

Ben: “You’re famous!” That’s what they tell me.

Andrew: Just tell them – just tell them that you met the actors, and that you work for the biggest Harry Potter fan-site online, and then ask us to put up a little fake bio about you on MuggleNet, and then you can totally trick them out, and then they’ll think it’s cool. Micah, are you a subject of bullying?

Micah: Well, you read a press release earlier, didn’t you?

Ben: I read that too.

Andrew: Yes I did.

Ben: That was messed up.

Micah: That was pretty funny, though, wasn’t it?

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Yes. Do you get bullied in the work office?

Micah: In the work office? No, actually they’re…

Andrew: Do you need a guidance counselor?

Micah: There are a lot of people around the office that like the series and like the movies. I don’t think they really listen to MuggleCast. But for the most part, everyone’s pretty cool about it. I’ll get the occasional joke and the occasional quip remark or something like that, but overall…

Andrew: [Says mockingly] “Hey! Got a scar on your forehead?”

Ben: Do they know you work for – do they know that you are with MuggleCast and all that?

Micah: Yeah, some of them do. There’s a part of it on my resume, so…

Andrew: Oh?

Ben: Oh, really?

Micah: Yeah

Andrew: How about you, Greg?

Greg: When I wear Harry Potter t-shirts to school, I’ll get some remarks like, “Oh, you like Harry Potter? You’re so immature! How old are you?” It’s like, “Hey, you Snape-ing Horcrux!…

[Everyone laughs]

Greg: …I can read!”

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I’m sure they love that comeback.

Greg: [laughs] Oh yeah.

Voicemail – Memories

[Audio]: Hey guys, what’s up? This is [inaudible]. I’m 15 years old, and I’m a country girl living in a California world. First of all, I’d like to say that love at first sight can be about a podcast, too. I’m dangerously in love with MuggleCast, and you guys are awesome! My question for you guys is about memories. When a witch or wizard extracts a memory from someone else, like when Slughorn removed his own memory about Horcruxes from his mind, is this specific memory permanently gone from that person? Is it vanished from their mind to where they don’t even know they’ve experienced it? Or is the memory that is extracted more like a copy of the memory, so that person still has his or her memory? Thank you so very much, and Laura rocks my socks!

Andrew: Laura rocks my socks, too.

Ben: Okay I’m pretty sure that – no she doesn’t. [laughs] I’m pretty sure that it’s just a copy of the memory because that wouldn’t make sense. Because Dumbledore has a lot of memories in his Pensieve, so that would be like half his brain, and that just doesn’t make sense.

Micah: Yeah, and in reference to Slughorn, I think when you look at what happened in Half-Blood Prince, when they’re showing the memory from the Pensieve, it’s a distorted memory, but when Harry goes to talk to Slughorn, and he – he actually recounts everything that went on with Tom Riddle. He tells Harry all about the Horcruxes. So, if it was just extracted and then – Slughorn wouldn’t have been able to recall anything, right? Dumbledore would have had the full memory himself, and Slughorn would have just been staring at Harry, you know, saying, basically, “What the heck are you talking about?” So, I agree with Ben. It’s just a copy.

Voicemail – Other Horcrux Makers

[Audio]: Hey, this is Jennifer from Massachusetts, and first I’d love to say that I love MuggleCast, it’s amazing! And my question, I don’t know if it’s already been answered, but do you think anybody else, besides Voldemort, has Horcruxes? Okay! Thanks, bye!

Ben: I think it’s pretty obvious – I bet that someone else had to have done it before, just that it really wasn’t that common. I don’t know. Maybe they knew the magic existed, and that someone has experimented with it, but I doubt anyone was really ever using it along the same lines that Voldemort was, which was to achieve immortality and basically stay alive forever. I doubt there has really been any evil wizard that’s done it before. Because I bet there are some – it’s kind of like drinking unicorn blood. You end up with a cursed life. I bet there’s something bad that happens with…

Micah: You have a few lying around, don’t you, Ben? Just for safekeeping?

Ben: A few Horcruxes?

Micah: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah. Three or four.

Greg: I have a few pints of unicorn blood in my fridge. But, that’s besides the point.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Oh yeah?

Andrew: You can sell it on eBay. Oh, that’d be a great MuggleCast fund raiser. No? Nothing?

Greg: Oh, gosh, have you seen the Horcrux? The official Horcrux on eBay?

Andrew: I think I remember that. I think we posted it.

Greg: Yeah.

Andrew: We were suckered in enough.

This Week in Potter: HBP Title Released

Andrew: Well, now it is time to do another “This Week in Potter,” as it is now the summer months here on MuggleCast. A lot of things have happened involving the Harry Potter books and films over the summer, so it is only right that we do another “This Week in Potter.” This week, on July – oh, no, sorry, June 29th. Was it June 29th? I should have my links open. I’m a bad host. Harry Potter – the title of Harry Potter Book Six was released to the world by JK Rowling herself, all because of the Pillar of Storgé. What originally happened was: the rumor someone posted on the forums claiming that they were just clicking around the site, and they ran into something to unlock the Room of Requirement. And then, he got the title of Book Six, along with a little explanation from Jo. Long story short: JK Rowling made a post in her Rumor Section, saying Book Six is called Pillar of Storgé (that was the rumor). And then, she says, “I’m trying very hard not to feel offended that anyone thought this was possible. Storgé, for crying out loud. Come on people, get a grip.” Well, a video got out too, of him unlocking it, and that’s when people started believing it. But then there was some skepticism, because the writing wasn’t exactly Jo’s style, and some of it was written in English.

Ben: Yeah, the grammar and stuff.

Andrew: Right.

Ben: Hey, Greg. Greg. Didn’t you rush and buy harrypotterandthepillarofstorgé.net or something?

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Wasn’t that you?

Greg: No.

Ben: I could have sworn that was you.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: He just doesn’t want to admit it.

Greg: It wasn’t. I almost – actually almost did, but right before I did, the real title came out.

Andrew: Oh. [laughs] And then you went and…

Greg: I tried to buy, but it was taken.

Ben: Oh, geez.

Andrew: Oh gee, I wonder why.

Greg: In every form. There was Everything was taken.

Andrew: It’s a shame. We actually had planned for Matthew Vines to be on the episode this week, but then we had to change the recording date and he couldn’t make it. But, he actually wrote the post on, explaining why this Pillar of Storgé was not the title. Like he had several reasons why. Because there was so much – the community just burst with this excitement and all this theorizing, and speculation, and all that.

And then Jo made a nice, long explanation when she announced the real title, saying, “I was delighted to see that a hardcore of super-bright fans knew that the real title was once, in the long distant past, a possibility for Chamber of Secrets.” And from that deduced it was genuine. Some crucial pieces of information in Book Six were originally planned for Chamber of Secrets, and very early on, in the first draft of Chamber, I realized that this information’s proper home was Book Six. I’ve said that before, and that Chamber holds some very important clues to the ultimate end of the series. Not as many as Six, obviously, but there is a link.” End quote.

Possible Book 7 Titles

Andrew: So, I wanted to talk about a little something else now, relating to titles for Book Seven. It was noted that Harry Potter – and this is very, very, very debatable. It was noted that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was actually trademarked in the UK patent office back in 2003, and Jo made this announcement a year later. And the reason that Warner Brothers trademarked that name, and so many others that I’ll get to in a minute, is so that they have the rights to them in case the title was leaked for some weird reason, and then someone else would have access to that domain name (, for movie purposes, and for printing and publishing purposes. So, I went today, onto the UK trademark and patent office website, and I went and looked up all the trademarks under Harry Potter, and they’re all under Warner Brothers, and there’s many on “Harry Potter” – just the phrase “Harry Potter”. And there are a lot of titles that Warner Brothers trademarked back in 2003. And, it’s interesting now because coming back three years later, you’ll see that fifteen of these titles have been – their trademarks were withdrawn. And the reason Warner Brothers trademarked additional names was to throw people off. And if they only did one, such as Half-Blood Prince, then everybody would immediately make that connection that it’s the next title. However, there are three titles that are still registered, and mind you, fifteen of them have been withdrawn since they were patented in 2003. And those titles are: Harry Potter and the Alchemist’s Cell, Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light, and Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat. So, I ask you fellow MuggleCasters, could any of these three titles possibly be the title to Book 7?

Greg: I hope not.

Andrew: Why not?

Greg: I really hope not. Those titles are horrible.

Andrew: [laughs] Couldn’t you say that about any of the other titles, before you knew the plot? Like, Chamber of Secrets, doesn’t that sound kind of corny?

Greg: It sounds better than The Pyramids of Furmat.

Andrew: I think…

Greg: What the heck does that have to do with anything?

Andrew: I think Alchemist’s Cell could possibly make sense.

Greg: Yeah, but the only alchemist was…

Micah: Nicholas Flamel.

Greg: Yeah, he was the only alchemist, and it just doesn’t seem likely.

Andrew: First book? Sorcerer?

Greg: And I don’t like the title, personally. Personally, I don’t like that.

Andrew: What do you think, Micah?

Micah: I like the second one. I think if any of them were going to be used, it’d probably be that one.

Andrew: Chariots of Light? Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I mean, the reason that these three are still registered, I would think, is that – well, first of all, you don’t register just one that nobody knows about, yet. Because that’s sort of a dead giveaway. You would register – you would have a few of them patented to throw people off. So, I think it’s very possible and feasible that one of these titles are of Book 7, and if it is true, because we do know that JK Rowling has already settled on a title, then, you can all come back to me and say, “You rule!”

Greg: I’m afraid people are going to look at this and think, “Oh, Andrew said this, therefore it is correct.”

[Andrew and Greg laugh]

Greg: I think people are going to start spreading it around the Internet, “This is the title of the seventh Harry Potter book, oh my god!”

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: It’s my crackpot theory, and gosh, darn it, I think it has some credibility.

Ben: Which one? Which title?

Andrew: Any three of them. Any of the three.

Greg: I don’t.

Andrew: Well, if you don’t like those titles, what if I tell you about some of the other titles that were rejected?

Ben: Oh, this will be interesting.

Andrew: You’ll love these. Harry Potter and the Realm of the Lion. Harry Potter and the Serpent’s Prince.

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: Harry Potter and the Serpent’s Revenge. Harry Potter and the Shadow of Serpent. Harry Potter and the Tower of Shadows, oooh.

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: Here’s a good one, Harry Potter and the Hogsmeade Tomb. Harry Potter and the

Greg: I’m waiting for…

Andrew: Huh?

Greg: I’m just waiting for Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom.

[Andrew and Greg laughs]

Andrew: There’s one called Harry Potter and the Curse of the Dementor.

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: I like this one, this one doesn’t make sense: Harry Potter and the Parseltounge Trophy. Could there be some sort of contest? Whomever can speak the best Parseltounge? Harry Potter and the Mudblood Revolt, sounds like Hermione’s going to be…

Ben: Leading that one.

Andrew: attacked – yeah. And, Harry Potter and the Battle for Hogwarts. There’s a total of fifteen of them. Mind you, these were all withdrawn, [laughs] so Warner Brothers does not have these trademarked. So, there’s a very small chance that these will actually be used.

Big Announcement

Andrew: Now it is time for the big announcement that we promised at the beginning of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to change the way Harry Potter podcasts are done. I’m so excited, I can’t even say it. Starting next week, with Episode 46, we will be premiering – I hope you’re all sitting down, because you’re all going to pass out – MuggleCast Live.

[Ben gasps]

Andrew: [dramatically] Da da da da da.

Ben: Andrew, Andrew. But, Andrew!

Andrew: Yes, Ben?

Ben: What exactly does MuggleCast Live entail?

Andrew: MuggleCast live means we’re going to a new location every weekend…

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: …every major US city, and we’re going to podcast their, live.

Ben: Okay, what does it really mean? [laughs]

Andrew: Just kidding, it’s a joke. [laughs] What it really means is…

[Greg laughs]

Andrew: …at least with next week’s episode, we will be doing live shows over the Internet. Meaning that close to 100 people will be able to listen in as we record the show, live. And you will not only be able to just listen, you will be able to participate, because in replacement of our voicemail segment, we will be taking calls from those who are in our – in our live MuggleCast SkypeCast room. And, even better yet, we will be taking live feedback throughout the entire show. You will be able to write in to us and say what you want to, relating to a topic that we are talking about at that moment. And we will read your feedback live on the air. This is going to change the way we do our discussions because now everyone who is listening will also be involved. And we’re going to go change into a little live show format; we’re still going to have the same great segments that we bring you every week. But ladies and gentlemen, we’re going live.

Ben: Are we going to do this every week or just this one week?

Andrew: Well, I don’t know. [laughs] We’re going to try – I think we should try to do it every week, but we’ve got to see how this one goes and then based on that, maybe we will just do it once a month or every other week or something like that. So, our first live show next week will be Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern. You must have Skype, and there are these new things called SkypeCasts where you can fit up to 100 people in a room, and of course everyone who’s listening in will be muted, but us five will be the only ones talking. And we will have a live feedback system set up so you can send in your feedback as we are doing the show and we’ll read it on the air. So, you can basically drive our conversations just by giving us some good feedback, like a rebuttal, sort of. Full details can be found at Just click on the “LIVE” tab and then we have a page full of great information. We cannot wait to do this, I know I’m really excited. I’m sure Ben and everyone else is too.

Ben: Oh, I am pumped! This’ll be pretty cool.

Andrew: This is – it is. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to take a break, a quick break about halfway through. It’s – we’re going to…

Ben: This is going to be unprecedented in Harry Potter podcasting.

Andrew: It is. Yes, it is, and we’re going to – if it goes well, we’ll try to do it every week. I’m sure there’s going to be a week or two where we won’t be able to do it live, but this is going to be a lot of fun. One recommendation that I have for you that will probably not be on the website is you must get in the room quick [laughs] because we’re going to have, I would guess, at least 500 people trying to get into this live room, but we can only fit about 95 people. Eventually, if it’s a big enough success, we’ll – maybe we’ll find a way to broadcast it over a stream so we can have as many people listening as we want, but for now we’re going to have to do it over Skype. And that’s – well, that would also cost a lot of money. So, MuggleCast Live next week, starting at 7 PM Eastern. We’ll record for about a little under two hours, and Jamie will be back. And so will Laura. It’s going to be me, Ben, Laura, Jamie, and then either Micah or Kevin. If Kevin’s still dead, then it’ll definitely be Micah. Micah, are you pumped? Are you ready for this?

[Ben laughs]

Micah: I’m ready, man. Let’s go!

Andrew: [laughs] Let’s go? Okay, let’s do it right now! It’s going to be a lot of fun, so please check out for more information.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

Andrew: We’ll wrap things up this week with a Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul. This one comes from Melissa, 13, of New York. She writes:

“Hey guys, hate the show! Nah, just kidding, I love the show! Anyways, I have a story of myself for your “Chicken Soup” segment, and I didn’t know by what means to submit it. So anyways, here it is. I really adore Harry Potter, but none of my friends enjoy it to the extent that I do. It is very lonely when you feel like you’re in your own little world when it comes to personal interests. At least I had my mom to confide in, who was very welcoming of my attitude towards these books. Unfortunately, she passed away in a car accident in September 2005. I felt more alone than ever. This is when I discovered MuggleNet, and through MuggleNet, I discovered MuggleCast. Just hearing other people like yourselves voice my feelings and thoughts about HP made me feel less alone, and I actually felt bold enough to get a couple of my friends into MuggleCast as well. Thank you MuggleCast, for removing much of my lonely feelings after my mother’s death. I am forever grateful!”

Andrew: Isn’t that a nice story?

Greg: Touching. It was very touching.

Ben: That was very, very, very touching, Andrew.

Andrew: And she also included a fun rap that I’ve been looking forward to rapping all week. She says:

“Also, I don’t know if you guys get this all the time but, I ummm, I sort of, kind of, made a rap [laughs] about MuggleCast. Stop laughing! L-O-L. Anyway, here it is. Oh, and my Internet name is Nixi, so that’s why I use it.”

Andrew: So Greg, do you want to give me a good beat here so I can do this rap? Sort of like a…

[Greg makes a rapping beat noise]

Andrew: No, it’s got to be like [makes rapping beat noises].

Ben: Micah, you do it.

Greg: I can’t do that, I’m sorry.

Micah: Can I give you a beat? [laughs]

Ben: Like…

Andrew: Yeah, like…

[Ben makes rapping beat noises]

Andrew: Yeah, like that. Ben, you do it.

Ben: [laughs] Do that? Just that over and over again?

Andrew: Yeah. Start.

[Ben makes rapping beat noises throughout the rap]

Andrew: One, two, three, four… [laughs]

Yo yo it’s Nixi
She be rockin’ da mike
And MuggleCast’s the show

Dat everybody’s gotta like
No theory is safe
When it comes to this show
Harry Potter speculation
Show’s what you know
Character discussion
And chapter by chapter
These people are my homies
From here on after
The show gets funny with Andrew and Ben
No theory Laura makes isn’t a gem
Our fav Brit Jamie has da joke of the day
And Micah wit da news got so much to say
Dumpster diving Jo
And Jamie’s got da PRO-cess
Andrew’s gone one show
And they call it “Andrew-less”
Spyin’ on Spartz
But he’s no fun
I wanna listen more
When the show is done
Foreshadowing is big
‘Cause Jo knows what she’s doing
Wit da Horcruxes, Malfoy
And potion brewing
The Weasleys and Harry
Hermione too
They talk about it all

Magically doing the do
You guys are so intelligent
So funny and sweet
Every week MuggleCast
Is an awesome treat!

Ben: Wooohooo!

Greg: Wazzup?!

Ben: Yeah, Andrew!

Greg: Yeahhh!

[Andrew laughs]

Greg: Hey, Andrew… All right, we’re not going to let Andrew…

Andrew: All right. So…

Andrew: So…

Greg: We can’t let Andrew rap anymore.

Andrew: So, thank you Melissa, aka Nixi.

Greg: We have to stop Andrew from rapping because he might leave MuggleCast if he keeps doing this. He’s too good at it.

Andrew: [laughs] I might pursue a career as Eminem.

Show Close

Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: Well ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up MuggleCast 45. Next week: MuggleCast Live, Episode 46 for those of you who want to listen in and participate in our all new show. Please be on Skype by 6:30, and try to get in the room when it opens promptly at 7 PM. Only 95 people will be allowed into the room, so if you can’t get in, we’re sorry. Give us money so we can afford a stream. [laughs]

Ben: And just remember that is not our rule, that is Skype’s rule. We do not decide that.

Andrew: Yeah, so either e-mail Skype or give us money. Or, oh! Here you go. If anyone is able to provide us with a server to stream the show live – I mean, a serious server, not these $5.95s from Go Daddy or whoever. I mean, those are great for web hosting.

Ben: And use the code Muggle, that’s M-U-G-G-L-E.

Andrew: E-mail us.

Micah: Sure, make fun of the sponsor.

Andrew: [laughs] I’m not making fun of the sponsor, I’m just saying they don’t stream audio. They are a great sponsor. I host my website through them. [pushes his Staple’s button that says “That Was Easy”] And that’s my Easy button.

Ben: And I use That’s my domain registrar.

Andrew: There you go!

Ben: And!

Andrew: [laughs] There you go. Go visit today! We should trademark that. All right! So, that does it for Episode 45. Once again, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Greg: And I’m Greg Porter.

Andrew: We’ll see you Wednesday if you’re listening live. If not, we’ll see you next Sunday. Goodbye everyone!

Greg: Buy a t-shirt!

Andrew: [laughs] Thank you, Greg!

[Greg laughs]

Micah: Twelve of them.


[Latin music plays in the background]

[Audio]: Yo, MuggleCast! This is KT from South Texas, more specifically Houston. I’m just calling to let you guys know that I have been [laughs] in computer hell for the past couple weeks because my external hard drive crashed, and I lost all of my sound files for the past however long, including all of your episodes! But, I was able to get them all back, and the time that I spent getting them all back was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that I was able to listen to all of them all over again! It was awesome! So, I’m looking forward to the next time you guys put on another show, and I will listen until you stop, which hopefully will be never. Keep it up, guys! I love you all, including you, Andrew! [imitating Andrew] Yeah! Yeah! [laughs] Bye, y’all!

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCasters. This is Katie. I’m an American in the Czech Republic, and I’m calling on behalf of all the Hufflepuffs from the MuggleNet Fan Fiction Beta Forums. We’d just like to say that we really, really love you guys and that you really make our week every time you put out a new MuggleCast. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Laura because as she should probably know, we all love her very much and wish she could be around the forums a lot more often. Thanks, you guys! Bye!

[Audio]: Hey MuggleCast, this is Rebecca from California. I love the show! Okay. Especially Ben. Okay, bye!

[Audio]: Hey, MuggleCast! This is a shout-out to all those who won the official MuggleCast Wear Your T-Shirt Day Contest, and I just want to say that I love your show and that’s it! Bye!

[Music ends]


Written by: Micah, Amanda, David, Jessica, Margaret, Martina, Rhiannon, and Sarah

Episode 45: Hey, You Snape-ing Horcrux!

  • Listener Rebuttals and Voice Rebuttals
  • We make a PSA about Juvenille Arthritis (learn more here)
  • We go back to answering some book seven questions
  • Horcruxes revisted…where are the 3 unknowns?
  • Pettigrew’s final debt to Harry: giving him a Horcrux?
  • What will become of Draco?
  • What role will the Ministry of Magic play?
  • This week’s Butterbeer discusses the actors and actresses’ privacy
  • Voicemails are back!
  • Does Trelawney remember Snape hearing part of the prophecy?
  • Legilimency and Harry
  • Do we get made fun of for loving Harry Potter?
  • When you extract memories from your mind, is it a copy or does it actually leave your mind?
  • Laura rox our sox
  • Does anyone else besides Voldemort have Horcruxes?
  • This Week in Potter: the HBP title is released
  • Is the title of book seven right under our noses?
  • Andrew is convinced, and he’s got three potential titles.
  • Next week: MuggleCast LIVE!
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul
  • Andrew performs a MuggleCast rap by Nixi with Ben handling the beat

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Running time: 1:04:49, 26.3 MB

Transcript 044

MuggleCast 44 Transcript

Show Intro

Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: Because the real world bores you – thank you, Jackie, 17, of Chicago – this is MuggleCast Episode 44 for June 18th, 2006.

Your No. 1 source for all your Internet needs, has new domain names, transfers and renewals for as low as $1.99. Plus, check out their hosting plans, website builders, secure certificates and much more! Plus, as a MuggleCast listener enter the code “Harry,” that’s H-A-R-R-Y, when you check and save an additional $5.00 off of any order of $30.00 or more. Get your piece of the Internet today at!

Ben: Guess who’s back?

Andrew: Who?

Ben: Back again.

Andrew: Who?

Ben: Andrew’s back.

Andrew: Me?

[Ben laughs]

Ben: Tell your friends.

Andrew: Ah, everybody down to the dance floor, to the dance floor.

Eric: Sims is back.

Andrew: Oh, that brings back a bad memory from last year.

Hello, everyone and welcome back (thanks self) to the show. I am Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Andrew: And back for an encore this week is Matthew Vines of – joining us for another fantastic episode. Welcome, Matt!

Matt: Hi!

Andrew: Are you pumped? I know this is a new kind of medium for you.

Matt: Yeah, I’m excited.

Andrew: [laughs] I can feel it in everyone’s voices.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Before we go anywhere else, Micah Tannenbaum is back to his normal self this week, so let’s check in with him for the past week’s top Harry Potter news stories.


Micah: Forbes magazine has published their annual top 100 list of the world’s most powerful celebrities, and JK Rowling has come in at #19, three places ahead of last year’s ranking.

The excerpt from the magazine read:

One of the few billionaires on our list, J.K. Rowling is preparing to close the book on her “Harry Potter” series. The next installment, the seventh in the series, is rumored to be her last, although she’ll continue to write and will likely explore other parts of the Potter milieu. Worldwide sales of the Potter books have topped 300 million copies worldwide. “The Goblet of Fire” was last year’s highest-grossing film, with a worldwide box office take of $892 million.

Since last year, Jo has accumulated an estimated $75 million. Forbes say celebrities must have a combination of earnings and sizzle to acquire a coveted place on the list. has been updated with details about the pre-recorded play starring Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis to be shown at the Queen’s 80th birthday party.

As part of the event, Daniel, Rupert, Emma and Matt will appear in character as Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in a filmed segment on the Gryffindor common room set recommending a spell for the Palace to use in order to apprehend a thief. It is this spell that ultimately leads to them catching the crook.

A few months ago, mother-of-four Laura Mallory filed several complaints against all six Harry Potter books, saying they included “evil themes, witchcraft, demonic activity, murder, evil blood sacrifice, spells and teaching children all of this.” Even though she hasn’t read any of the books because they’re “too long” (or just because she can’t read), she noted that it would be difficult for children to distinguish between the fantastical events in the books and real life, and attempted to have them removed from school libraries in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

On April 20th, scores of educators, parents and students showed their support for the books in a public hearing, and both the local school and system media committees concurred. In fact, the support for the books remaining in school libraries was so strong that hearing officer Su Ellen Bray offered ten reasons why they shouldn’t be removed and on May 11th, the Gwinnett County Board of Education voted that the novels should stay.

Mallory appealed this decision on Friday, and the legal services division of the Georgia Department of Education will now determine the next step in this debate.

Finally, I did not do the news last week. Ben filled in for me while I was in Las Vegas, so you guys can stop e-mailing me and telling me I pronounced “Thames” wrong during the segment. Because…it wasn’t me!

That’s all the news for this June 18th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Have a Happy Father’s Day! Back to show.

Andrew: Okay, thank you, Micah.

Micah: No problem.

Eric: What if it is a problem?

Andrew: How much work does it take to do that news every week?

Micah: Usually it takes about, I don’t know, about 15-20 minutes.

Andrew: Oh, that’s not bad.

Eric: But when he asks you to do it in ten, it takes 30?

Micah: I usually try and edit it a little bit so you don’t have to do as much.

Andrew: Right.

Announcements: National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day

Andrew: All right, so moving along. Let’s get to some announcements. Oh, first of all, sorry I wasn’t here last week. I know it was earth-shattering. Like it’s never been done before. When you think MuggleCast, you think Andrew Sims. [laughs]

Ben: It was a big relief is what it was.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: To you it was Ben, but some people actually love me.

Eric: Like who? Example?

Andrew: I don’t know. I don’t know. Some people say they like me.

Eric: Okay, cool.

Andrew: National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day pics are now online – well, we mentioned this last week, but I am slowly gathering more pictures and putting them up. And we have the contest winners this week. We were supposed to announce them last week, but apparently nothing gets done when I’m not here.

Ben: Okay, you didn’t give them to me.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So, the five winners who have already been e-mailed and they are going to be receiving their Lumos t-shirts within the next one to two weeks: Jessica Gordon, Lucas, Becca Daniels, “Disney Dan” (he never gave me his real name although I didn’t check his e-mail)…

[Ben and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: That’s just his e-mail address.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: And Casey Stroude. So, congratulations to all of you. Thanks for wearing your t-shirts on National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day. An overall success, very much. Did you guys talk about it on the show last week?

Ben: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Did you?

Eric: I think it’s got to suck, Andrew. It really has to. Everybody who entered that contest and didn’t win has been PWNed by a man named Disney Dan.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh.

Ben: [laughs] Disney Dan.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Send all your e-mails to Disney Dan.

Eric: Disney Dan PWNed you.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, we got some really cool pictures. We got – someone took their picture with Harry and the Potters. Someone took their picture with the Mayor of Honolulu and that was pretty cool to see. A lot of…

Ben: And someone stooped low and took their picture with Eric Scull.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Eric, tell everyone how that happened. That’s really – did you just happen to run into them?

Ben: He was looking for them.

Andrew: Were you?

Ben: Who you kidding?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah, I put an ad in the local paper.

[Ben laughs]

Eric: Does anybody listen to MuggleCast? No, there’s actually a picture which I don’t think is in the gallery, which is us in front of the pagoda, which is Reading, Pennsylvania’s, I guess claim to fame. It’s their national or at least city-wide landmark. Reading, Pennsylvania – there’s a picture I guess it’s on my PhotoBucket, which you can look up the link for later.

Andrew: Uh, yeah right. [laughs]

Eric: But, basically I just… No, I know them. Actually, one of them – they both went to my school, my high school. Actually, there are three of them: Marissa, Sarah, and Trish. And they went to my high school and they know me – kind of. And I actually work with Sarah now at the movie theater. So, we just said let’s go up to the pagoda and take some pictures.

Andrew: Oh, because I thought the way they phrased it in their e-mail, “Oh, we just happened to run into him.” I guess I read it wrong.

Eric: Yeah, well I didn’t want them to say that Eric orchestrated the whole thing and therefore it wouldn’t get in the gallery…

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Right.

Eric: …because it was cheating or something like that.

Andrew: Cheating?

Ben: Even though National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day has ended, it is never too late to buy yourself at least 12 MuggleCast t-shirts.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: 11 more.

Andrew: A big, big thanks goes to Same and Nate of We don’t thank them enough when we really should be. They provide all the t-shirt designs and get the orders shipped out to everyone. And they are helping us out with a couple of projects, so we can’t thank them enough. for all of your t-shirt needs – check them out today! Ding!

Eric: But, if you happen to want some pants that say “MuggleCast” on them you can go over to for all your MuggleCast denims, khakis, pants.

[Ben fake laughs]

Andrew: That was such a bad joke.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Let’s move onto this week’s Listener Rebuttals.

Listener Rebuttal: Trelawney

Ben: Our first Listener Rebuttal comes from Carmen, 21, from New Jersey. Andrew’s home state. Ewww.

[Everyone laughs]


During the discussion of the prophecy, the question of whether Trelawney was a true Seer or not came up. It was implied that she was a half-Seer, or that those two were her only true prophecies and other than her trances, she’s just a kook. I beg to differ. I think Trelawney is a true Seer in spite of herself. It seems to me that whenever she proclaims anything, it more or less comes true. When she saw the Grim in Harry’s cup, it was a Grim, generally speaking. I mean a large black dog. If she had known that Sirius Black was an Animagus, her interpretation would have probably been, “Sirius Black is going to kill you,” instead of, “It’s a Omen of death.” In Book 6, she says that when she read the tarot cards, she kept getting the lightning-struck tower, and we all know how that turned out. So, I believe that her problem is more in the way of interpretation. She sees glimpses of the future and as she obviously has a somewhat melodramatic nature, she interprets things that, to her, makes the most sense. Which unfortunately, for her, ends up sounding very ridiculous. I also think that she very consciously makes up stuff to add to the drama, so to speak. I have no doubt she has the gift and when she reads crystal balls, tea leaves, cards, that she truly sees the message held there, however badly she mangles it up in translation.

Very good point, Carmen. Because, I was the only one that was on the show last week, actually…

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: …that was in this group. It is interesting because we talked about prophecies and how the prophecy – how Trelawney seems to us like she only made two true prophecies throughout the series, but she’s making the point that when she does make predictions, they generally do become true and prophecies aren’t the only accurate predictions there can be. So, thanks for clearing – thanks for bringing that up, Carmen.

Eric: I thought that she was not really a true Seer and that something like the Grim and being Sirius Black’s Animagus form – I thought that was a J. K. Rowling kind of “it’s kind of funny type thing.” But, if Trelawney were a true Seer, I don’t think she’d need to make anything up, like for added drama. If Trelawney was very – that much confident in herself and her Seer skills, she wouldn’t need to make anything up. And with a great aunt or whoever, like what was it? Cassandra. Or Trelawney. Or her Seer relation there. With this famous Seer in her family, you’d think that she would have been trained by the best, but somehow we have this kook like Trelawney. I really don’t think that Trelawney is – I don’t know. If the question’s about her translation, that works, too, but I think there is actually a lacking of power in addition to understanding.

Matt: I don’t know. I think that Trelawney is sort of the equivalent of a Squib in the Seer realm. Where, she can do a little, but not very much. And when she does things, it’s not really in her control and she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Andrew: That’s a good point. Yeah.

Matt: So, I think she has some Seeing powers, but not a lot.

Listener Rebuttal: Prophecies

Andrew: Yeah, I like that. Next rebuttal comes from Stephanie, 19, of Massachusetts. She writes:

Hi everyone. Last episode you discussed prophecies and whether or not they were all fulfilled. On pg. 510 of Half-Blood Prince – U.S. Edition – Dumbledore said, “If Voldemort had never have heard the prophecy, would it have been fulfilled? Would it have meant anything? Of course not! Do you think every prophecy in the Hall of Prophecies has been fulfilled?” So, all the prophecies aren’t fulfilled. Love the show!

Ben: Because we talked about, are prophecies destined to come true? Like absolutely, and we overlooked the fact of what Dumbledore said. But he never actually said that they haven’t been fulfilled. But, he just implied.

Eric: But that’s the question. Do you have to hear it for it to come true? Because if Dumbledore said that not all of them have to come true, then it would make sense that he’s saying one of the people involved has to hear it to act on it, for it to come true? Do you get it?

Andrew: I get it, but I would imagine someone has to hear it. If neither of – but what happens when someone outside of the prophecy hears it?

Eric: Well, they tell somebody who’s in the prophecy.

Andrew: What if they don’t?

Eric: That’s the thing. If Dumbledore said that not all of them come true, then it makes sense that the only way for them to come true is if someone involved or someone who knows someone tells them. In the case of Julius Caesar, the guy walked right up to him and said, “Beware the Ides of March.” These are direct contact things.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: But, so it makes sense that unless the person involved hears the prophecy, it won’t come true, but that’s weird. That doesn’t sound right to me.

Micah: That’s it for Listener Rebuttals?

Andrew: Yes, let does wrap up…

Ben: Yes. Yes, Tanny.

Micah: It must have been because the last show was so good that people didn’t have much to complain about.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: There were no complaints.

Ben: Yeah.

Eric: I bet there were a hundred complaints but Ben deleted them all.

Ben: Oooh!

Eric: He’s like, “These are the only two Listener Rebuttals that don’t completely bash our dud last week.”

Micah: Did you call me Tanny?

Ben: Tanny. [laughs] Tanny. [continues laughing]

Andrew: I didn’t call – I’ve never called you Tanny. I’ve called you T-bag.

Eric: T-bomb?

Andrew: But not Tanny.

Eric: T-bag. [laughs] I like that.

Andrew: And Micah Tan.

Micah: I like Micah Tan.

Andrew: And the Mic-ster.

Eric: I like Micah Tan, too. It sounds like Ricky Tan. Just like in Rush Hour 2.

Andrew: Right, of course, Rush Hour 2.

Micah: What I’ve always aspired to be like. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, of course.

[Eric laughs]

Chapter-By-Chapter: Chapter 17, Sorcerer’s Stone

Andrew: This week we are wrapping up Chapter-by-Chapter.

Eric: [gasps] For Book 1.

Andrew: Right. Of Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 17: “The Man With Two Faces.” We don’t have as many notes as we normally do this week, so this Chapter-by-Chapter is going to be a little bit shorter. First, we’re going to start off with Matt. He has a couple things to bring up.

Chapter 17 – The Man With Two Faces

Matt: Okay. Well, this is just one of my favorite chapters in the entire series because it has some pretty awesome quotes in it. Five, I counted.

Dumbledore Quotes

Matt: Okay, let’s see, No. 1. This one is not as awesome as the rest, but it’s got a little funny story behind it. So, when Dumbledore tells Harry, “What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret, so, naturally, the whole school knows.” Okay, so it’s kind of funny, but someone e-mailed me about that, like, three months ago, and they made it out to be this really big mistake and they were like, “How can this be if it’s a complete secret that the whole school knows?”

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: J. K. Rowling messed up.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Book mistake.

Matt: Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Matt: Okay, second line: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” I actually think that line could have been a little more powerful if she would have said, “But more to stand up to our friends,” but it’s still good. Then, okay, here’s where we get to the really good ones. When Quirrell says, “There is no good and evil, there’s only power and those too weak to seek it.”

Eric: Oh god, that’s a horrible quote.

Matt: No!

Eric: Yes it…

Ben: That’s the best quote.

Eric: No, it’s the worst quote ever, because, you know why? Because every single book basher who bashes Harry Potter uses that to make it seem like JKR wrote that line for Harry to believe.

Ben: Yeah.

Matt: It’s okay. They…

Eric: Everybody’s like, “Oh!”.

Matt: It’s what…

Eric: Yeah. It…

Matt: But it’s what…

Eric: Yeah. The quote itself is great. I agree with you.

Ben: Yes.

Eric: Just, it’s been misused. It’s probably the most misused quote ever. It’s a great quote, though. You’re right, I’m sorry.

Matt: Yeah, it’s what embodies the philosophy of all evil in the entire series, you know?

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: It’s pretty cool. No. 4, actually, I should be going backwards because they’re getting better. Okay, No. 2.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Matt: When Dumbledore says, “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” Actually, I’ve seen that on a lot of people’s Facebooks under favorite quotes.

[Eric laughs]

Matt: Well, since a whole lot of the series, especially when you get to Book 4, is all about death and what happens to people afterwards, with Sirius and the Veil, I just think that’s a great quote. Especially once Dumbledore dies.

Ben: Yeah.

Matt: He doesn’t even really care because it’s the “next great adventure.” Actually, that might be No. 1, but No. 1 one is pretty good, too, when he says, “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself,” because that also comes up over and over and over again throughout the entire series.

Ben: Was I the one that was kind of mad at that they gave that line to Hermione.

Eric: No, that’s a book mistake, too. That’s another thing people point out. They’re like, “But Hermione said it,” when people say it was Dumbledore; and then they say, “But Dumbledore said it,” when people quote Hermione. See, the deal is, in the movie Hermione says it in Movie 2. She stands up to Jason Isaacs and says, “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself,” and he’s like, “Oh, you must be Hermione Granger,” and then he is all an asshole. But, that’s the difference. The quote was used in Book 1 or Movie 2 and that’s how it goes. In Book 1, Dumbledore said it, but it didn’t make it in the movie and in Book 2 nobody said it, but Hermione did.

Matt: Well, there’s no way they could include all of Dumbledore’s great quotes in the movies or they would be six hours long.

Eric: Well, right, but they did. It was just in the next movie, and that’s where it gets a lot of people confused, and they think it’s a mistake. I ran Book Mistakes Section, right with Name Origins – when I first started working with MuggleNet back in 2002, before all of you were there! Oh! PWN! Senior Staff Member, by definition.

Ben: Mhm.

Andrew: Okay.

Ben: And then you stayed with the Caption Contest.

Eric: Yeah. And it was…

Ben: For how long? Oh yeah. Three, four years now.

Eric: It’s actually, I think it was forty-two months and now it’s ending because I go to Europe.

Ben: Who’s taking it over?

Eric: Well, nobody. It’s just – it’s postponed until I come back.

Bill Gates Diversion

Andrew: Well, I was just going to say, it’s a little off-topic, but I immediately made the connection earlier today. Bill Gates announced today that he was stepping down from Microsoft because Microsoft is a terrible company and he can’t stand working there anymore. And the one thing…

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Did he really say that, though?

Andrew: No, but…

Micah: I’m sure those were his exact words.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: He’s thinking that, I swear it. One thing that he says in his reasoning for why he’s leaving – he says, “I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility.” [laughs] And it’s funny.

Eric: Oh, come on.

Andrew: Yeah, I know.

Eric: That man has nothing better to do than to sit down in front of his seventy-bajillion inch TV screen and watch Spiderman and smoke pot, which he gets legally through some medical contract that he paid off his doctors.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: He’s Bill Gates.

Eric: He’s Bill Gates! Okay? It’s not like he’s going to say to himself, “You know what? My software has so many bugs and not enough patches and we’re never going to catch up to the ratio.” [laughs]

Back To Quotes

Micah: Okay, how about this quote? It’s from Voldemort and he says, “I have form only when I can share another’s body.” And I thought that was interesting because at the end of the first book, you already have the foreshadowing to all the Horcruxes.

Eric: Wait, how does that – how does that foreshadow…

Matt: It does, yeah. Wow.

Eric: …”when I can share a body.” “I only have form when I can share a body.” Well, no because he gets a body of his own then.

Matt: But no, he’s not even talking about human bodies necessarily, but just other things that he puts his self in.

Ben: Yeah, because he possesses snakes, too.

Eric: He does. And later on he tells about that. But what does foreshadow Horcruxes, is when Dumbledore is talking to Harry in the hospital wing and he says he will – he may be delayed and it will take somebody else who is prepared to fight what seems to be a losing battle or whatever, but yeah. Dumbledore tells Harry, without being truly dead or without being truly alive, he cannot be killed. That’s the foreshadowing moment. So, it says that Voldemort’s not actually truly alive, which hints on the fact that he’s just got pieces of his soul. That his soul is in fragments. He’s not really living.

Matt: And actually, I think that’s one of the coolest things about re-reading the first book at this point, is…

Eric: I know.

Matt: …it’s just riddled with foreshadowing all throughout it…

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: …that you can’t even tell until after you read…

Andrew: Right.

Matt: …the other books.

Jo Is Full Of It

Andrew: We were saying that a couple episodes ago and can you just imagine, once we read Book 7, we’re going to be picking up on more of this? We’re going be like, “Oh, how come I didn’t see that?”

Eric: It’s amazing because…

Matt: It’s really impressive.

Eric: I was just on MuggleNet today – I was on MuggleNet today for the first time in two years, on the Main Page. I’m joking. And…

[Micah laughs]

Eric: On the Updates Bar – Micah laughed. [laughs] I should feel special. On the Updates Bar, it says “Book Endings Updated,” or “Plot Loops” I think it was – “Plot Holes,” or “What Needs to be Answered.” Anyway, something like that. It’s on the Updates Margin. Everybody go look and overload the site. Anyway, it’s all the questions that Jo needs to answer, and I was thinking, well, you know what? She’s got the answer for all of these questions, or at least let’s hope she does, but, not only that, but she’s known it before she created the question. She knew the answer before she created the potential for us to ask these questions. Isn’t that amazing?

Matt: Well, she did plan it for five years.

Andrew: Wait, are you saying she didn’t – she wasn’t aware of the trend that was going to happen with Harry Potter, so… But she knew the answers, anyway?

Eric: What I’m saying is she knows the answers to all these questions and it’s interesting because I thought, well, given what Book 6 left us, how would I, being JKR, write the seventh book at all? Where would I begin? There’s so many questions to answer. But then I realize, well hey – it actually says, “Added New Book 7 Loose Ends” on the Updates Page. But, there’s all these questions here about, “Who is RAB,” and “What bad memory was Dudley forced to encounter when he was attacked by the Dementors in Order of the Phoenix?” Questions like these, she has the answers to. She wrote all this stuff in, knowing ahead of time what needed to be answered – what things were. That’s the whole process of foreshadowing, is knowing the answers before you create the questions. And I just think Jo is so full of it. I mean, full of that. Full of…

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Full of it?

[Eric laughs]

Micah: Wow.

Eric: Full of the answers, I mean. And it’s amazing.

Matt: Well, I guess that’s part of what makes the books really, really good.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, it really is. Is because she…

Matt: Is that everything was planned out before she even wrote the first chapter.

Eric: And you’d like to think that she knew a lot of – it’s amazing. Some things catch her off guard, but I think the majority of it was already written down, because there were so many years where she wrote notes on napkins…

Andrew: Yes!

Eric: …before she continued – before she started.

Matt: She did not write notes on napkins!

Andrew: Yes, she did.

Eric: She so did! There are those stories.

Andrew: She said that a million times.

Eric: Yes.

Ben: She’s not – no, no. The rumor is, that she wrote the entire first book on napkins.

Andrew: Well, that’s…

Eric: Oh no, I think…

Ben: And that’s not true.

Eric: …I think that’s not true because…

Ben: She shot that down, but she did make notes.

Matt: Okay, well, she said that she was offended that people were saying that she wrote the first book on napkins.

Ben: That’s how poor she was.

Matt: She was not that poor.

Ben: Yeah, she was.

Matt: No, she wasn’t. Haven’t you read this?

Ben: She had to steal them from the dumpster at McDonald’s.

Eric: Oh, god.

Matt: Benjamin!

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I’m just making it up, Matt. Geez.

Eric: Dumpster Diving Jo. No, come on.

Matt: If she heard that, think about how she would feel. This is horrible.

Ben: [laughs] That’s the title for this week: “Dumpster Diving Jo.”

Andrew: [laughs] No, I like, “Jo’s Full of It” better.

[Eric and Andrew laugh]

Eric: Full of the answers, people!

Andrew: So, anyway…

Micah: It’s no “Fat Lady.”

Eric: Neither was – never mind.

Andrew: What, “Andrew-less?” [laughs]

Eric: “Jo’s Three Wishes.”

Andrew: Oh. Hey, wasn’t that your – oh no, that was my brilliant joke. I forgot, sorry.

Eric: I don’t know. It was okay.

Ben: “Andrew-less” was the best.

Eric: “Andrew-less” was clever.

Andrew: “Andrew…” – never mind.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: So, is that it? Are we done?

Eric: Ummm…

One More Quote

Matt: Wait, I found a better quote.

Eric: Okay, cool.

Matt: I found a quote that trumps all of the other quotes. It’s something that Quirrell says.

Eric: Oooh.

Matt: Okay, check this out. He says, “I need to examine this interesting mirror.” Isn’t that great?

Eric: You’re losing your touch, Matt Vines.

Andrew: Care to [laughs] – Care to elaborate?

Ben: That was definitely an Eric quote there.

Matt: It was a joke.

Andrew: Oh.

Eric: Oh, that was a joke? [pretend laugh] “Interesting mirror.” [pretend laugh] End of chap – woo! End of Book 1 Chapter by Chapter! Woo!

Andrew: Yay! Everyone close their books.

Ben: Thank god.


[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Thank god. Now, I’ll send an e-mail to all the listeners who stopped listening after we started Chapter-by-Chapter telling them they can come back now.

Andrew: [laughs] It’s okay, it’s safe to come back. [laughs]

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: So, we’re going to take a little break, a little hiatus, and do some other stuff.

Eric: On, on Chapter-by-Chapter. Not, not MuggleCast.

Andrew: No, on Chapter-by-Chapter.

Eric: [laughs] It’s not…

Character Discussion: Percy Weasley

Andrew: Okay, so, moving on now to our main discussion this week written by Ben Schoen, so he’ll be – he’ll be handling this one. [laughs]

Eric: So you know it’s crap.

Andrew: Character discussions are back again. This week we will be discussing Percy Weasley.

Ben: The one and only Percy Weasley. Okay, just to first start off, a little bit of general information about Mr. Percy Weasley. His middle name is Ignatius. I don’t know how you say it. Someone correct me. He was born on August 22nd, 1976 to Molly and Arthur Weasley. His house, of course, is Gryffindor. His distinguishing characteristics are that he’s tall and thin with the standard Weasley red hair. Percy has horn-rimmed glasses and a permanent air of smugness and self-importance.

Will Percy Mend Family Ties?

Ben: We first hear of him in Chapter 6 of Sorcerer’s Stone. But however, it’s important to think – to remember what happened in Order of the Phoenix, when there was a parting of the ways between Percy and his family. Do you guys ever think that we’ll see – that Percy will ever see the error in his ways and reconcile the differences that he has with his family?

Andrew: I think so, because now…

Ben: But what about what happened in Book 6, though? When Molly – Molly was crying and he had some seasoning splattered all over him or whatever. He – because he… Okay, he paid a visit. Around Christmas, he went there and while they were outside discussing… Well, okay, he went to the house and Rufus Scrimgeour, the new Minister of Magic, was outside talking to Harry to try to convince him to be on the Ministry’s side – talk him up a bit. And while they were outside discussing, Percy was talking to his family, and we don’t really know what went on, but it ended with Percy splattered in mashed parsnip and Molly Weasley crying. Do you guys think that he will ever be able to fix the problems that he’s having with his family? Or will he remain an arrogant prick?

Andrew: So, I think something’s going to happen in Book 7 that’s going to require the Weasley family to bring them all together. Maybe.

Matt: Well, I think the mashed – I think the mashed parsnip is particularly significant because, did you know, that when picking wild vegetables, poison hemlock can easily be mistaken for parsnip? I think that’s going to have something to do with some parallels in Book 7.

Ben: That’s true.

Matt: No, it was…

Ben: I never really…

Matt: It was a joke.

Ben: I never really thought about it that way.

Matt: Wait, are you guys being sarcastic or did you not get that that was a joke?

Andrew: No, I get it now.

Ben: I got that it was a joke.

Matt: Because you guys didn’t get the last one.

Andrew: Well…

Matt: So, just checking.

Andrew: …you’re just a bad jokester guy.

Matt: Fine! Edit it out!

Ben: So, Eric…

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Eric, tell me, will Percy see the error in his ways and fix the problems with his parents and the rest of his family?

Eric: I think now that now that Voldemort is out in the open, and now that – now that Dumbledore is dead, and Percy really can’t keep denying it, there will be a long period where Percy’s just kind of like, “Whatever” and all angsty. But eventually, I think they’ll repair the connection. I think his family will be very open to forgiveness, considering it makes the world go round, or at least their world go ’round. And they’ll be interested in keeping all their family members close. So, I think yes, they will – Percy will be like, “Yeah, I was kind of a dope. Sorry.” And they’ll be like, “No problem. We forgive you.” He’ll be like, “Uh, I kind of want to apologize.” And they’ll be like, “Yeah, sure. Come on in.” You know?

Ben: Right. Because right now, the wizarding world is at war and Molly’s going to want to have all her children. She doesn’t want to… If Percy died while they were still mad at each other – or she’d be…

Andrew: That would be worse.

Ben: …she’d be pretty upset.

Eric: Well, well, not only that. I mean, he can’t deny it. Before he could’ve kind of gone his own way and seen his whole family as – it was much easier for him to see his whole family as nuts than deny the government he trusted in or whatever. But now it’s all going to hell and really, he’s just got to, he’s just got to realize that and if he’s – I liked Percy. Before he split up with the family, he was a good character and Fred and George were slightly unfair to him here and there, but it was enjoyable. It was all in good fun. But now he’s like this complete jackass. If Percy’s got any ounce of sense and if JKR wants to do justice to his character, I think he’d be a smart enough guy to finally admit when he’s wrong, when it’s sitting on his face. I think he’ll finally admit it that he’s wrong, and I think they’ll take him in.

Ben: Mhm. Okay, thank you.

Staged Fight

Micah: Well, well, what did you think about the whole idea that Percy and Arthur staged this whole thing?

Eric: That’s crap. That’s completely – I really, I don’t know. That’s like Dumbledore asking Arthur, “Will you go to bed with your wife…” Be quiet, Micah.

Micah: [laughs] What?

Eric: “…night after night and have her…” No. “Will you put up with going to bed every night and hearing your wife sobbing herself to sleep because of Percy? Can you stand that? For two years or however, however long this may last? Arthur, will you stage this whole thing?” And I’m sure Molly would have begged him to tell her if it was staged. “Please, Arthur, I’ll understand.” Could Molly really not be trusted? Or is it that Molly needs to believe it’s true if it’s a fake because then the family needs to believe it’s true to be a fake. But what good would come of staging it?

Matt: That’s what I was wondering.

Andrew: Micah?

Eric: In the first place…

Matt: It’s a really weak theory.

Micah: No, nothing good would come of it. I’m just saying it’s…

Andrew: Is this a theory you heard or something?

Micah: …something that I’ve heard out there before.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Micah: Yeah, it’s just something that was out there. People thought that’s why Percy had that sudden change in personality. That he was actually working for Dumbledore – was just trying to get information out of the Minister.

Percy and Tom Riddle Similarities

Ben: There’s – it’s important to bring up that there are some similarities between Percy and Tom Riddle. Things like that they’re both very ambitious; and that they’re both former Head Boys; and that they also both disregard their families in attempt to seize power. So, it raises the question, what side do you think that Percy is really on?

Eric: I think it’s a bad example. Because, there are so many conclusions you can draw between Harry and Voldemort, but they’re not the same people.

Matt: I was just going to say that.

Eric: You can draw so many conclusions between Harry and Voldemort, that it’s really not a good basis for – I mean, yeah, well, Harry’s family sucks, too.

Andrew: Well…

Ben: Right, but Harry’s already proven his allegiance to the Order. Percy hasn’t. So…

Eric: What’s that mean?

Ben: …do you think that he… [laughs] …which side is he on?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s what he’s asking.

Ben: Is he a Death Eater or is he a member of the Order of the Phoenix?

Andrew: I don’t think Percy’s a Death Eater. That’s getting…

Eric: I think Percy will go on whatever side requires most paperwork, which, actually, probably means the good side.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Because the dark side now is turning – no, this is a good analysis.

Ben: They don’t – they don’t keep their records.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: [laughs] The dark side doesn’t keep their records. They don’t do their homework. They just go in blastin’, guns a blazin’ or wands a blazin’, and they don’t really do anything. So, I think Percy would have more fun on the good side, actually, doing paperwork. See, up until now, the government’s been like this neutral area for Percy, I think. It’s not the good side nor the dark side. It’s the side that runs the government. It’s the side that runs the people who are torn between the good side and the dark side. But now, that government is gone. Now, it’s either good or bad.

Ben: Okay. And if Percy actually was a Death Eater, he would be closer to his family. No, but here – here, because if he was a Death Eater, Voldemort would want him to be closer to his family, because then he would be able to relay information from Arthur and Molly, who are both members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Eric: Yeah, but I’m not comfortable thinking of Percy as either a good nor a bad guy. Put it this way: he was so up what was it? Fudge’s butt? Or it was…[laughs]

[Ben laughs]

Eric: One of those guys.

Ben: Crouch.

Eric: Crouch. Thank you. It was Mr. Crouch this, Mr. Crouch that. Why are we not to believe that it’s not Mr. Scrimgeour this, and Mr. Scrimgeour that, now? I mean, of course, he doesn’t say that to the Weasleys because he doesn’t talk to them, but I’m just thinking he’d be interested in authority. And, put it this way, if Scrimgeour’s not a Death Eater, I don’t think Percy is going to be, because Percy really cares about whatever authority is in position. Unless Percy loses his faith in government, he is still going to stay on the government’s side, which actually is now Harry’s side.

Ben: Right. And he seems to be the type that is all about following the rules. [imitating Percy] “No wandering the halls after dark. I’m a prefect.” You know? That type of stuff. So, that makes sense for him to be on the good side just because he’s a law-abiding citizen.

Matt: Well, and also, even though parallels exist between him and Voldemort, they are very different, because even though they are both very ambitious, they are ambitious for different reasons. Percy is ambitious because he has all these brothers he’s competing with and he wants to be better than them, but Voldemort is just ambitious because he wants to have power, and, well – Percy also is lusting for power, but a different kind, like the political power, not the going to your house and killing you. Yeah. Well, some politicians want that.

Ben: Absolute power? [laughs]

Eric: I don’t know. Yeah. I see Percy as less of a person who’s trying to live up to the expectations of his brothers. I think that’s Ron. That’s Ron. Definitely in Book 1, that’s Ron. I think Percy is more of the guy who realizes that he has, what, six, five brothers, and a sister. He’s got this huge family. He’s got five brothers and a sister, he’s got parents. Who has seven kids? Do you just not care about the cost of money. You’re a poor family, and you’re having all these kids? Put it this way: I think Percy’s the kind of guy who really wants to create a world for his family. He wants to create order and kind of – he wants to create a name for himself, because normally, not only are the Weasleys considered blood traitors by the arrogant pricks who are purebloods, but they are a family of seven people! Or seven kids! You know? Percy – all Percy wants is respect. That’s all he’s asking for. He just wants to gain…

Andrew: Well, I just think…

Ben: [laughs and sings] R-E-S-P-E-C-T…

Waiting For Ginny

Andrew: I just think everyone after Bill was an accident, to be honest.

[Everybody laughs]

Andrew: You know? It’s like…

Ben: It looks like Arthur is perfectly okay with going to bed with Molly every night [laughs].

[Andrew, Eric, and Micah laugh]

Andrew: You know [laughs] what I was just thinking? What if they were just waiting to get a girl? Like for some reason, Molly really wanted a girl?

Ben: That’s reasonable.

Eric: Are you sure that can’t be magically done? You can’t magically do that?

Andrew: Okay. Obviously, you can’t magically do that.

Micah: Wow.

Eric: Maybe magic birth control?

Andrew: Well, you could call it magic.

Ben: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: No, but seriously, though, if they could magically do “it,” are you sure they would want to single out Ginny like that, and have five boys and one girl?

Eric: Well, put it this way, okay? I think Ginny was worth waiting through, like, what, five boys for. I mean, Ginny’s the key female. She’s a strong girl. That’s pretty good genes.

Ben: Six boys, actually.

Andrew: [laughs] Eric!

Eric: Bill, no, wait – Bill, Charlie, the twins, and Ron.

Andrew: And Percy.

Ben: And Percy.

Eric: Oh, well…

Andrew: He doesn’t count [laughs].

Eric: Percy’s a prat. He’s not in the family. He’s disagreeing with the family. He doesn’t count [laughs].

Ben: Well, that wraps up our Character Discussion about Percy Weasley.

Andrew: Does it? Oh, okay.

Eric: Shut down.

Ben: We’re running out of characters, folks. This is saddening – a saddening day.

Andrew: Yeah. I liked…

Eric: Like we’re running out of chapters.

Andrew: Yeah. I like that segment. You know why? Because it was organized.

Ben: Why?

Andrew: Yay!

Eric: No, it wasn’t.

Ben: Mhm. Thank you – very.

Eric: No, it was not!

Andrew: It was very – it went in an orderly fashion.

Ben: Shhh! [Cell phone beeps]

Andrew: Oh, no!

Ben: Hey.

[Andrew laughs]

Spy On Spartz

Ben: Well, folks, it’s time to have a little bit of fun here. It’s time for this week’s Spy on Spartz.

[Phone rings]

Andrew: Waiting with baited breath.

[Phone rings again]

Andrew: Hey, keep the phone close to the mic this time.

[Phone rings again]

Emerson: Hey.

Ben: Hey, what are you doing?

Emerson: Well, watching television right now.

Ben: Well, that’s fun. We’re recording MuggleCast, and we’re Spying on Spartz.

Emerson: Didn’t you do that earlier today?

Ben: No! Earlier? No! We’re recording right now. So, what’s up? Tell me what’s up. We’re spying on you.

Emerson: So, who was that earlier today, then? You and Andrew?

Ben: Uh, no. We didn’t – I was at work all day, so…

[Andrew laughs]

Emerson: Right.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Who are you?

Emerson: Yeah. That’s what I just said. Really.

Ben: No, no one called you. I did not call you earlier. Someone else may have. I tried calling you three times this afternoon, but you didn’t answer. I called your house, too. Did Papa forget to pay the phone bill?

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Because no one answered.

Emerson: Ummm, why would that have anything to do with the phone bill?

Ben: Because – I don’t know. [laughs] Okay, well, we’re done Spying on Spartz, because you’re no fun.

Emerson: [laughs] Yeah, you’re probably not happy with that.

Ben: What’d you say?

Emerson: I take it you’re a little unhappy with that.

Ben: No one could understand you, dude.

Emerson: All right. Fine.

Ben: Bye, Emerson.

Emerson: Bye, everybody.

Andrew: I have this great new idea for Spy on Spartz. Ben, you call him up. He says, “Hey.: You say, “Hey, what are you doing?” He answers, and then you just hang up. [laughs]

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Seriously, do it next week.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: It’d be so funny, Ben. He’s awkward.

Spy On Spartz: Take Two

Ben: Okay. Actually, we’re redoing Spy on Spartz.

Andrew: What do you mean we’re redoing it?

[Ben’s phone beeps]

Andrew: No! Don’t call him back! No!

Eric: Ask him about the Caption Contest!

Andrew: What are you going to – what are you going to say to him?

Ben: Yes. Okay.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings again]

[Phone rings again]

Emerson: Hello?

Ben: Why is the Earth round?

Emerson: Why is the Earth round. Ummm, how do you know it’s round?

Ben: Because I’ve been all the way around it, and Columbus said so.

Emerson: How do you know you’ve been around it and you haven’t just been from one side to the other?

Ben: Oh, that’s a good point. I don’t know. Do you think the Earth is round?

Emerson: Uhhh, why would I think the Earth’s round? I mean, I walk from here to the kitchen, and everything is – I don’t feel like I’m walking in a giant circle.

[Eric laughs]

Ben: That’s true. I don’t know. Maybe the Earth isn’t round.

Eric: Emerson’s world is.

Emerson: If the Earth is round, think about Alaska, okay? If the Earth is round, and you’re on one side of the Earth, why wouldn’t you just fall off? What’s keeping you holding on if you’re not on the North Pole?

Eric: Gravity.

Ben: Hmmm. I don’t know. Eric said, “Gravity.” What about gravity?

Emerson: Yeah, what?!

Ben: Gravity.

Emerson: That’s a myth.

Ben: Hey…

Emerson: Tell him how unscientific that is.

Ben: Hey, Eric wants to know if you realize that it’s been 42 weeks since he started the Caption Contest – 42 months, I mean. Forty-two months.

Emerson: I was actually planning a surprise 42-month Caption Contest party for him.

Ben: Awww, geez. You’re so sweet.

Eric: Awww, crap.

Ben: Awww.

[Micah laughs]

Emerson: But now it’s all ruined.

Ben: It’s all ruined, huh? [laughs] Yeah. Well, thanks, Emerson. Bye.

Emerson: If you ever have an more questions, you know, the meaning of life or whatever, just hit me up…

Ben: Okay, we will.

Emerson: I’ll have all the answers.

Micah: Why does Notre Dame suck?

[Eric laughs]

Ben: Hey, Micah has a good question for you.

Emerson: Okay.

Ben: He wants to know why Notre Dame sucks?

Emerson: Uhhh, see, here’s the thing. Notre Dame doesn’t suck because I’m pretty sure Micah went to Syracuse and I’m pretty sure Notre Dame beat Syracuse 34-10.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Ohhh.

Micah: In football, how about basketball?

Ben: He said, “What about basketball?”

Emerson: Ummm, I’m pretty sure basketball doesn’t matter.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yet he plays it every day.

Emerson: I’m also pretty sure Notre Dame put up a pretty good fight, though, whereas Syracuse did not put up a good fight on the football field.

Ben: Yep, yep.

Emerson: Syracuse pretty much bent over and took it.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Well, I think we’re done spying on you Emerson.

Emerson: All right then.

Ben: You get back to doing whatever you were doing. Talk to you later, buddy.

Emerson: Bye.

Eric: Emerson’s world is from his couch to his kitchen. You heard it right here, folks.

[Andrew and Ben laugh]

Eric: [imitating Emerson] It doesn’t feel like I’m walking in a circle.

Gimme A Butterbeer: Stop Spoiling Harry

Andrew: All right. So this week – oh, he’s online. You should have just IMed him. Anyway. This week, Gimme a Butterbeer, once again. Ben, this segment is like the pinnacle of all Gimme a Butterbeer segments.

Ben: Of MuggleCast. Oh, this one’s a good one. But before we move on to next week’s topic, it’s pertinent – no, it’s pertinent that I clarify something. I received another overwhelming response to last week’s topic. Last week when I talked about the different age groups that read Harry Potter, I claimed that a ten year old couldn’t read the books on the same level that the people on this show do. I still believe this is true.

Eric: What?

Ben: Don’t get me wrong, not all ten year olds read it from an adventurous boy wizard point of view, but I’d be willing to bet the majority do. I do apologize, however, to anyone that I offended; the point I was trying to make is that different age groups read the book for different reasons. However, there is one common thread for all Harry – that all Harry Potter fan share: they can’t wait to find out for themselves what’s happening in the next book. Which leads us into this week’s discussion: Stop spoiling Harry!

On July 15th, 2005 (the eve of the release of Half-Blood Prince) I was standing in the Hilton hotel behind MuggleNet’s Senior Systems manager, Damon Brangers, who was typing away at his computer. Unfortunately for me, he opens a link – he opened a link that he received in a chat window and on the screen, in size 48 font read “SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE. SNAPE IS A DEATH EATER.” And below the text was a scan of the page where Dumbledore dies. Thanks, Damon!

Well, perhaps I shouldn’t blame Damon. I think my hatred for spoilers goes back a little further. In the Spring of 2005, some creative person thought they would be funny and steal a copy of Half-Blood Prince off the back of a truck. Luckily, the thief was caught, but not without doing some damage. Following the theft of the book, bookies holding betting pools for the death of a character in the next book, started to receive an extraordinary amount of bets placed on Albus Dumbledore dying. Sure, it may have just been speculation at the time, but when you begin to consider the situation, it all made perfect sense.

Spoilers on the web go as far back as Order of the Phoenix. One fateful day in late May 2003, our beloved webmaster Emerson Spartz received a scan of the page where Sirius Black dies. He’s still a little bit bitter about that one.

Okay, so I need to be honest. I have spoiled the book for a person or two. At the Spellbound release party in Chicago last Summer, I took immense pleasure in torturing Matt Vines by saying “Mmmm dies” or “Hey Matt, want to know who dies?”

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: I just want to mention you wrote a big “D” on my wall, and said “This character dies.”

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Oh my god!

Ben: The last tome of the Harry Potter series is likely to be released sometime next year. The bottom line is: people do not want to know. They want to find out for themselves; particularly for those of us who run the websites, it’s nearly impossible to steer clear of spoilers.

As the release of the book nears, we’re likely to have a few minor things spoiled for us. As the staff of MuggleNet, we’ll pledge to make sure to warn you when we post spoilers on the site. By spoiling the book for those around you, you rob them of the opportunity to genuinely enjoy the book for themselves. Enough is enough. Stop spoiling Harry!

I’m Ben Schoen and I say Gimme a Butterbeer!

Matt: Ben, you have absolutely no room to talk. You spoiled who died for me in the sixth book!

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Ben: Okay, I did not actually spoil anything! And you saw it anyways, because – don’t you remember Jeff? It popped up on Jeff’s screen.

Matt: No, what I saw…

Ben: You’re destroying my credibility, Matt.

Matt: On Jeff’s screen was “Snape is the Half-Blood Prince,” in like, size 72 font, and I was pretty mad about that, too.

Ben: Okay, “D” was definitely for Dawlish. [laughs]

Andrew: I don’t think it’s the fans who are spoiling it. I think it’s these people who hate Harry Potter and just, you know?

Ben: Not necessarily.

Andrew: I don’t know.

Ben: There is the big jerk wads who go on the comments on MuggleNet and post…

Andrew: Well, that’s…

Ben: …”Snape dies!” “Sirius dies!” Or whatever, “Snape’s evil!” So…

Andrew: [laughs] Well, that’s true.

Matt: It’s why you should deactivate comments! Really!

Ben: Because what will happen is – what will happen is we’ll make a news post and black out the text so you have to highlight it to read it if you want it to be spoiled for you, and then some wisenheimer will take the text, and pastes it into the comments for every one to read.

Eric: [laughs] Well, at least you have to log in to do that kind of crap. [laughs]

Eric: But, anyway. No, about that: Ben mentioned in his initial Gimme a Butterbeer – well, this one he mentioned that spoiling the book goes back to, I guess he said Order of the Phoenix when Sirius died. And you traced it back to there. And I don’t know where your statistics are, but if you trace it back to there, it’s interesting to say that Book 4 was really the first book where it had the combined release date, right? Between the US and Britain? Or was it Book 5?

Ben: Yeah. It was Book 4.

Eric: Okay, well so it was Book 4. So, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to make my point on, but the more people care about a book like this, it seems like the more people take the opportunity at hand to spoil it. They’re getting this big crowd. Nobody really spoiled Goblet of Fire, that we know of, for people; but once Order of the Phoenix was coming out it was this huge thing, phenomenon, and people are starting to send e-mails to the fan sites, and just abusing that. I think the more people that care about something, the more likely it is that someone will abuse that care.

Micah: I think you’re also given more information about the books beforehand as the series goes along, so you know to expect certain things in certain books, and so people can pick those out a lot easier. What’s stopping somebody from thumbing through the book in the store and just screaming out to everybody in the store that Dumbledore dies on page whatever.

Eric: [laughs] Yeah.

Ben: 692.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: [laughs] Ben knows it because he shouts to little kiddies as he drives by on his way to the PO box.

Ben: Yep. [laughs] I shout it at the Matt Vines of the world.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Well, that’s…

Eric: Honestly.

Andrew: The classic video is of those guys pulling up in a car in front of the Barnes and Noble and yelling it out.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: And those girls, they scream with – ohhh. It was – it was hard to watch. They were just so upset. They were all like, [screams like a girl] “Noooooooo!”

Eric: [laughs] The camera stopped working.

Ben: It caused- it cause pandemonium.

Andrew: [laughs] I should do that.

Eric: Honestly, though. You guys talked about the highlight-able text and that kind of thing on MuggleNet, and MuggleNet has a pretty cool, I’ll admit it, a pretty cool spoiler policy, but I peeked. And you know that?

Andrew: Peeked at what?

Eric: That’s the truth. I peeked. I got to open Book 5, and you know what I did? I went to “Beyond the Veil” and…

Ben: [laughs] Me too.

Eric: And I found the section that – no, I actually missed it. I skipped over it by accident and then I found the part in Book 5 where Harry is screaming at Dumbledore. Who couldn’t miss it, you know? Capitalization for every paragraph. But, it was, “‘SO SIRIUS DESERVED WHAT HE GOT, DID HE?’ shouted Harry.” And Dumbledore’s all like, “I’m not saying that, but this happened.” And I’m like, “Oh my god, it’s Sirius.” And, I pulled up to the Barnes and Nobles with Galadriel Waters, and I went up to her, and I said…

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Don’t mention her!

Eric: Okay. [laughs] But I pulled up – we were going to the Barnes and Nobles, the day after Oak Park, and I skipped ahead, and I didn’t want to tell anybody, but I went up to Galadriel and I said, “I know who dies.” But I peeked! And so you’re talking about fans wanting to find out for themselves, but at the same time, I myself couldn’t actually wait until I got to it. I actually did peek. So, it’s interesting…

Ben: Yeah. [laughs]

Eric: …because we give ourselves – and you said you did the same thing. So, it’s interesting to say that we want to find out for ourselves, when we kind of cheat ourselves in the same way that other people might cheat us. It’s kind of like – somebody kind of told me how X-Men 3 was going to go, some of the things that would happen. They didn’t tell me the most of it, but they told me some of it, and I actually thought that it did me good. I thought that watching it, I was able to create a different perspective, where I knew what could happen, so then I could say, “Then what?” And I could kind of view it differently. I don’t know. Do spoilers – are they all bad, or are they all good? And don’t we spoil ourselves when we read it?

Matt: Well, X-Men 3 isn’t exactly as complex as Harry Potter.

[Ben laughs]

Matt: Like, that was pretty – I don’t know. There were parts of the X-Men plot that were just pretty stupid. But, knowing…

Eric: That’s fine.

Matt: Okay, but knowing who the Half-Blood Prince is throughout the entire sixth book just ruins a lot of the suspense, because there’s all these clues there, and the whole time you’re like, “Well, it’s Snape.” And it’s just not very exciting.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Matt, I don’t know what you were doing to avoid finding out who was the Half-Blood Prince, but it got to the point where I was so nervous that I was going to find out, that I could not read any e-mail – zero, like a week before.

Matt: I didn’t read e-mail for two weeks, and I still have 1,000 unread messages. Whoops.

Andrew: [laughs] From mid-July.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: I mean, because I had sort of found out. I had glanced at one real quick, but I didn’t know it would have a spoiler, people try to trick you. And then… So, I just stopped looking at e-mail.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Because I didn’t want to find out anymore. It stinks.

Eric: Ben, I was in Ohio, and then you wouldn’t tell me, but you gave me hints, and I kind of liked that. Like, because…

Ben: Oh that’s right, didn’t I?

Eric: Yeah, because Ben talked to me. Sorry, Micah. But Ben told me about the whole Damon story, because I was in Ohio at the time, in Hudson, doing a book release there I was helping with. But Ben told me then. And I said, well “Who dies?” and “Who’s the Half-Blood Prince?” and stuff. And he told me that it wasn’t a student, or something, and you gave me different hints, and you wouldn’t tell me, which I thank you for, but at the same time, I really – you know, I didn’t peek for Book 6. I didn’t really peek that it was Dumbledore, but Ben had told me enough that I really kind of enjoyed the viewpoint, because I thought, well who else could it be?

Micah: I was just going to say, though, that you can spoil it just by looking at the image on the “Flight of the Prince” chapter. I mean, you know who it is just by looking at the picture that’s there, before it even gets to him saying that he’s the Half-Blood Prince.

Eric: I don’t know, you kind of do, but at the same time, Mary GrandPre doesn’t necessarily always illustrate the name of the chapter, or the object they’re talking about in the chapter.

Ben: That’s true.

Eric: The one in Book One with Peeves on it, dropping sticks, the chapter isn’t Peeves, it’s something like “Entering the Great Hall,” or something like that. But, I mean, yeah, kind of…

Micah: But if you look at pg. 597, where it says “Flight of the Prince,” there’s a picture of Snape right there.

Eric: Micah, with your page numbers, and your Book 5 in front of you. Whatever, just whatever. Whatever, T-Baum. Okay. Whatever.

Ben: [laughs] Whatever Tanny.

Eric: You’re too good for me. You really are, I’m sorry. No, but honestly, you’re true. But who reads – who goes through, though, and actually… What I do, when I get a Harry Potter book, a new one, I read the table of contents. I do, just to get an idea of what the chapters say. And I don’t know what they say, I don’t understand them. I mean, like, “Legilimency,” what the hell is that? I don’t know. But I read the chapters – I read the names of the chapters in the table of contents, then I move on to Chapter One, but I don’t actually go through and see the chapter images of each one. I mean, does anybody do that? Does anybody actually…

Micah: I’m sure people do.

Eric: …turn to the page?

Ben: Well, that’s actually how I spoiled it for myself with Order of the Phoenix. I turned to “The Only One He Ever Feared,” and I looked on the opposite page, and it had Harry screaming Sirius’ name, and then on the first page of that chapter it said, “‘He’s gone, Harry,’ says Lupin.”

Eric: Ohhh.

Andrew: It’s like, “Nooo!”

Eric: The chapter headers, to me, are just entertainment for mid-reading. Like, okay, you just read a chapter, look at this happy picture and then read on. I don’t actually look at the pictures before I get to them in the books.

Ben: Right.

Eric: I read the name of the chapters, but I don’t look at the pictures.

Ben: Okay. Well, that wraps up this week’s Gimme a Butterbeer. Hope you guys enjoyed that. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for future Butterbeers, please shoot me an e-mail at ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Or, by selecting “Ben” from the drop down menu on the contact page. Thanks!

This Week In Potter History: Order Of The Phoenix Book Release

Andrew: It’s time this week to have a little mini-discussion about This Week in Potter History. Is this a segment, or a discussion?

Ben: I don’t know, we’ll see. We’ll have it as a segment when it applies. I came up with this last night. But it’s important. We’ll see what happened this week in Potter history.

Micah: Your creative mind is always working, you know that?

Ben: It is always working. On June 21st, 2003, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released. Where were you? It’s just time to reminisce about where you were.

Andrew: So long ago.

Ben: Let me share my story: on June 21st, I was – actually, it would be June 20th I went to the bookstore, at midnight, in a local town, and I got the book. I was with a friend, I got the book, I ran outside the bookstore, and I flipped to the very last page and I saw them saying goodbye. And I saw Lupin talking about something on the back page. And, I automatically assumed that Harry was going to live with Sirius. And so I told my friend, “Oh, I just read the back page! Harry’s going to go live with Sirius!” And yeah, I was way off.

Matt: Why did you tell your friend that, Ben?

Ben: But, yeah, that’s my story. Wasn’t anything special.

Eric: But, you peeked.

Ben: Sort of.

Eric: So, that doesn’t mean – our whole thing isn’t really closed. I was saying how spoiling – we do it to ourselves anyway.

Andrew: Of course, we always do.

Ben: Where were you June 21st, Eric?

Eric: Oak Park.

Ben: Who were you with?

Eric: Doing the first ever MuggleNet event.

Andrew: Ooh, right.

Ben: Hey, who was that you were with?

Eric: Uh, Dylan and – no, Emerson was in Europe.

Andrew: Oh, yeah, why was he there?

Eric: Emerson was with Jamie.

Ben: He went to see Jamie.

Eric: No, he was with Jamie, and they did the Waterstones Piccadilly.

Ben: Waterstones.

Eric: And they were there for the Book Five release. And then, I was with Wizarding World Press, and then I set it up with the town of Oak Park, who were doing their event before we came along. They were turning their local stores into Diagon Alley, and then so Galadriel phoned them up and said, “Well, hey, I have this associate here who works on this great website, and we are authors of this good Harry Potter book, and so could we help somehow?’ And then Oak Park said, “Sure, what do you want to do?” And we decided to do the wizards chess, the live wizards chess. Anyway, but then, so Papa Spartz and Dylan were actually there too, so I met them. In fact, to this day, until New York, I hadn’t met Emerson, I’d just met his whole family, and his little brother.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: That’s funny.

Eric: His littler brother, who ate dog food or whatever. So, I kind of hung out with them and Galadriel. Anyway, and so that was Oak Park. That was the first book event, and then I was the – I guess you could call me the emcee. I was up on stage and announcing stuff…

Andrew: Awww, that’s adorable.

Eric: …with the microphone. It was really funny.

Andrew: My story, I was, you see, I was on a mission. I used to – I don’t know if many people know this, but I used to run a different Harry Potter website that was…

Ben: Harry Potter’s House, baby.

Andrew: …second to none only to MuggleNet, and yeah. I just did my own little site and got like 500 visitors a day, and it was wonderful.

Eric: Called the Leaky Cauldron! [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, it was called The Leaky Cauldron. I went to the local midnight party just to take pictures for the site and all that. [in a deep voice] I was like a reporter, you know? I was reporting on it.

Eric: [imitating Andrew] Yeah! Yeah!

Andrew: That’s my story. Not very exciting. [laughs]

Ben: Where were you, Micah?

Micah: I was actually working at Shea Stadium at the time, for the New York Mets. I had not even picked up a Harry Potter book at that time.

Ben: Were you a hot dog vendor, Micah?

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: No, I was not a hot dog vendor. [laughs]

Ben: [laughs] Then what did you do at Shea Stadium?

Micah: I was a marketing intern at the time.

Eric: So, he marketed hot dogs.

Ben: Geez! You’re a big intern, dude.

Micah: I know!

Eric: He marketed hot dogs.

Ben: You just intern everywhere.

Micah: So, I’m sorry, that wasn’t very interesting, but…

Ben: Yeah, that was terrible.

Micah: …I didn’t really read the series until the…

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Matthew Vines, where were you? He was in Texas on a choir trip, weren’t you?

Matt: No, I was actually doing global warming research in Antarctica and I had to pay Amazon $5,000 to ship me the book, but they did, so…

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: I almost believed you.

Micah: Now that was funny.

Eric: Did you know I almost believed you?

Ben: Where were you really, Matt?

Matt: Oh, yeah. I was in Dallas and I didn’t get the book until eight o’clock that morning, and I actually – we went home that day or the next day, so I was reading in the car, and I get really carsick when I read. I had to decide whether or not I wanted – well, whether I wanted to read Harry Potter or throw up, so I chose… I mean, sorry. Starting over. Well, not really, sort of starting over. So, I had to decide whether or not I was going to read Harry Potter or stop – no. [laughs] Hang on, [yells] starting over again!

Eric: See, who’s more annoying when he can’t make up his mind? Me or Matt? It’s close, I know.

Andrew and Ben: You.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: Oh, shut up.

Andrew: No, not at all. Not close at all.

Matt: I had to decide whether I was going to keep reading and throw up or stop reading, so I chose to throw up, which is really disgusting. But, I did finish the book on the way home, so it was exciting.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

Andrew: Last segment for this week: Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul. This one comes from Kyla, 14, of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Sorry if I got your name wrong. She writes:

“Hey MuggleCasters, and Micah. I live in Louisiana and was evacuated for Hurricane Rita last September. Laura and you guys were one of the only pieces of relief I had in a really, really, really tiny Texas town while I was worrying about if I had a home still. You made me breathe a little easier. I did come back and my house had little damage, though thanks to you all, I wasn’t going crazy. I’d like to say that Andrew rocks and Laura has great theories.”

I did not pick this one because it said that! I didn’t even know it did. [laughs]

“Thanks, Kyla.”

So, thanks Kyla, and – we need to make a list of everything that MuggleCast does. Soothe babies, prevent illness, stop headaches somehow.

Eric: Write giant “D”s in front of Matt Vines.

Ben: Poor Matt.

Eric: Because Dudley dies in Book 5.

Micah: Well, I just wanted to thank you guys, though, because while I was flying, I did listen to MuggleCast the entire time both to and from Las Vegas.

Ben: Geez!

Eric: What episodes?

Andrew: Awww!

Ben: What episodes?

Micah: The – I think, like, 34 through 39.

Andrew: Oh wow, that’s awesome.

Show Close

Andrew [Show Close with music in background]: All right! Well, that does wrap up Episode 44 of MuggleCast. Next week we will bring back listener rebuttals. It’s been a crazy time around here people because we’ve all been finishing up school, Ben’s been finishing up farting around.

Ben: Micah was out of the office.

Andrew: Yeah, Micah was out of the office. [laughs] It’s been crazy. We’ll get back [laughs] on track next week with voicemails and all that. See, Kevin does the voicemails, and if he doesn’t do it, we don’t know how to. So… [laughs]

Eric: That’s bull crap!

Andrew: Because he, like, has this – no, I tried earlier today, and all the voicemails weren’t there because he downloads them all. So anyway, we’ll be back to normal format – well, not normal format. We’ll bring back listener – no, voice rebuttals and voicemails next week. Don’t forget, if you have a question, comment, or suggestion – [laughs] I was going to say question, comment, question, suggestion – please email mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Voicemails can be directed to 1-218-20-MAGIC. Australian numbers are now available in Skype. It’s now a matter of us just not being lazy, and then we will purchase one. [laughs] You can also Skype the username “MuggleCast” to leave a voicemail. Please keep your message under thirty seconds. Listener rebuttals can also be sent into mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. MuggleCast – [laughs] boy, we’re building up our thing here! So, that does it for Episode 44. Once again, I’m Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Eric: I am Eric Scull.

Micah: I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I’m Matthew Vines.

Andrew: We’ll see everyone next week once again for Episode 45. Goodnight, everyone.


Ben: …has a somewhat melodramatic nature. She interprets things in a way that, way that two or, way that makes her [stumbles over his words] – that to her makes the most sense. [laughs]

Andrew: What happens when Eric loses his Skype connection and gets called by other fans while we’re recording the show? [sighs] Of course, he just can not resist:

Eric: Hello?

[Voices in the background]: Oh, hey, he actually answered!

Eric: Hi.

[Voices talk]

Eric: What’s up?

[Voices talk]

Eric: What’s going on?

[Voices]: I can’t believe he actually answered! Hi, Eric!

Eric: You guys – you cut me off of MuggleCast.

[Voices talk]

Eric: I was – I’m just recording with the guys. I’m recording…

[Voices]: Oh, really?

Eric: Yeah, I’m recording the show right now. This is being said on my recording of the show.

[Voices]: Oh, cool.

Eric: So like, about an hour.

[Voices talk]

Eric: They probably won’t hear you. Andrew will just hear me interrupting everybody with a completely different tone and – no, because they can’t hear you. So, I’ve got to go, and you’re on my recording. You… So, I have to leave and get back in sync with the show. Okay, bye!

[Voices]: Bye!

Eric: Freaking Skype people. That’s what Ben gets for not answering me!


Written by: Micah, Ally, Amanda, David, Jessica, Margaret, Martina, Rhiannon, Roni, and Sarah

Episode 44: Jo’s Full of It (The Answers, We Mean)

  • Guess who’s back (everyone down to the dance floor)
  • Micah rips on the Georgian lady who hates Harry
  • Listener Rebuttals respond to Prophecies and Trelawney
  • New names for Micah
  • Some great quotes from Chapter 17 of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Where do we see foreshadowing of Horcruxes?
  • Matt Vines makes a funny
  • Character Discussion: Percy Weasley
  • Matt makes another funny! Boy, he’s on a roll
  • Will Percy ever make up with the family?
  • Which side is Percy on?
  • The differences between Percy’s and Voldemort’s equal goals
  • Magically doing “it”
  • Spy on Spartz asks, “Why is the world round?”
  • Gimme a Butterbeer speaks out against spoilers
  • Three years ago this week OOTP was released…where were we?

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Transcript 043

MuggleCast 43 Transcript

Show Intro

Ben: Because Andrew Sims is finally gone this week, this is MuggleCast – Episode 43 for June 11th, 2006.

This week’s show is sponsored in part by Get your own piece of the Internet today and save money along the way. For a limited time is offering a new domain name, transfer or renewal for just $1.99 with every new non-domain product you buy. Choose from hosting, website builders, e-mail accounts and much more. Plus, take an addition 10% off any order simply by entering the word “Muggle” in your cart at checkout. So visit and save big.

[Show intro with music in background] Hello, everyone. Welcome back to MuggleCast, the show where we bring you everything from Harry Potter news, discussion, theories and a little bit of Spy on Spartz. I am Ben Schoen.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Rachel: I’m Rachel Godoy.

Ben: And joining us this week is John Noe from The Leaky Cauldron, PotterCast Executive Producer.

John: Hello, hello.

Ben: And the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator (HPANA), joining us is Jeff Guillaume.

Jeff: Hi!

Ben: Say hi, Jeff!

[Ben and Laura laugh]

Jeff: Hi Jeff!

John: It’s an acronym.

[Laura and Jeff laugh]

Ben: Without further ado let’s go to Micah Schoen for this past week’s news.


Ben [impersonating Micah]: Thanks, Ben.

Now is your chance to get your hands on a rare signed photograph of Daniel Radcliffe. Students from Cambridge are putting it up on eBay for auction with the money going to various charities. If you would like to bid for this item, please visit

Earlier this week the British Broadcasting Coporation top-gear show conducted an interview with Michael Gambon, who portrays Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter Movies Three, Four, and Five. You can catch a snippet of the interview over at

Later on this week, JK Rowling was voted the greatest living British writer. In March, she was nominated by the Book Magazine‘s Greatest Living Writer Poll. And she won first place.

Turning to film news now, we saw some Order of the Phoenix set pictures this week, things from the River of Thames and the never-ending pictures of Hagrid’s Hut.

At the Queen’s 80th Birthday Party, Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint will be participating in a Kids’ Playground Play to be performed at the Queen’s 80th Birthday Party. According to CBBC Newsround, other famous stars who will be part of the play include Kelly Osbourne, Jonathan Ross, Winnie The Pooh, Mary Poppins, and Postman Pat. The Queen’s Birthday Party is on June 25th.

In other film news, we recently learned that Warner Bros. was looking to film scenes in Italy. You can catch a picture of that at

Finally this week signalled the release of MuggleNet’s Harry Potter Image Galleries. The galleries consist of over 39,000 images. You can check those out over at

So, that’s all for the June 11th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Jeff and HPANA

Ben: Thanks for that, Micah. So Jeff, tell us a little bit about HPANA. What did you do over there?

Jeff: [coughs] What do I do? I aggregate – we aggregate Harry Potter news automatically. It’s about as simple as that. No, that’s how it started. I actually, years and years ago, got online and started visiting Harry Potter sites like The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet. And I wanted to have all the news come to me, so I didn’t have to go visit these sites. And, I’m not saying I didn’t want to visit the sites, but I wanted to be alerted when news happened and I didn’t want to go search for it.

Ben: So, you’re saying you’re lazy, right?

Jeff: Oh, pretty – definitely! That was the primary reason, really.

[Ben laughs]

Jeff: And it’s just evolved to what it is now with posting news from all around the Web.

Ben: Awesome! We all know John Noe. He’s been on the show again. Welcome back, John!

John: Hey, it’s been some time, hasn’t it? When was the last time I was on?

Ben: Episode 25! Geez!

John: Oh my god!

Ben: It feels good to have you back. Well, before we go to our Listener Rebuttals, let’s go to some announcements that we had this week.


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Ben: So, you all may notice something different this week. After 42 long and grueling weeks of MuggleCast, Andrew Sims is finally taking a break.

John: Oh my god!

Ben: So, this is the first Andrew-free show ever!

John: That’s crazy!

Ben: I know.

Laura: I don’t know how we’re going to make it.

Ben: I know. I’m surprised we made it this far already.

[Laura laughs]

Jeff: Andrew-less.

John: I’m kind of nervous.

Ben: Me too, dude. Yeah, I’m worried he’s going to listen to this with a watchful ear, you know what I’m saying? He’s going to be critiquing our every move.

John: He will.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Well, he deserves it. He’s off editing some video and getting ready for finals week.

Jeff: Oh boo!

John: Awww!

Ben: So, best of luck Andrew! [impersonating Andrew] Yeah! Yeah! All right! [laughs]

John: Don’t fail everything, Andrew.

Listener Rebuttal – Secret-Keepers

Ben: Okay, it’s time for this weeks Listener Rebuttals. The first one comes from Susannah and she’s from Texas.

“Hi, everyone. I noticed on Episode 41 that you all seemed to think that Aberforth, assuming he is the barman at the Hog’s Head, and Dumbledore were not friendly. I feel that this is incorrect. However, for Chapter 27 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on pg. 613, Dumbledore mentions that he is “merely friendly with the local barman.” Dumbledore obviously is in touch and I think you’ll remember that he seems to know all that went on that night, not only from what Mundungus informed him. I also think that since Aberforth is obviously a member of the Order, it implies that he is friendly with his brother. Thanks! I love the show!

Ben: Well, since Laura and I were the only ones on Episode 41, I think it is appropriate that we field this.

[Jeff laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: What do you think, Laura?

Laura: Well, I don’t think that because Dumbledore said he was friendly with a local barman that necessarily indicates a friendship or any kind of rivalry either way because we know Dumbledore can be very delicate with his descriptions of people and his relationships with them. Just because Aberforth is a member of the Order does not mean that they have to get along.

Ben: Right.

Laura: But, on the same hand they could. So, I mean we don’t know.

Ben: Thank you, Laura.

Laura: You’re welcome, Ben.

Ben: And thanks to Susannah for sending that listener rebuttal in. Now, let’s move on to our next listener rebuttal. This comes form Jessie, age 14, and she’s from New Jersey – Andrew’s home state.

Hey, guys! I love the show! I just wanted to make a comment about the last episode when you were talking about the Fidelius Charm and who it was broke it when the Potters died. I was just wondering why you would believe it was broken when they died, seeing as they were not their Secret-Keeper? Do you think it may have something to do with the destruction of the house? I’d love to hear your opinions. Much love, Jessie!

Ben: What I think she’s trying to say here is that how were – we talked about how people were able to find their bodies. And I think it was the charm was broken once Lily and James were actually dead. Does that make sense?

[Some noises are made]

Ben: Laura, help me out here. You were on the show.

Laura: I can’t specifically remember what Jo said regarding Secret-Keepers. Didn’t she say something along the lines of “the secret would only be revealed to the people the Secret-Keeper exposed to it”?

Ben: Right, but…

Laura: Because I don’t think she said anything…

Ben: Don’t your remember in Half… But don’t you remember in Half Blood Prince, when Dumbledore freezes Harry?

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Okay, and then once Dumbledore dies, Harry’s unfrozen. Okay, so I’m wondering…

Laura: Yeah, that’s true.

Ben: …does the charm still apply once the people have died? Jeff? What do you think?

Jeff: I don’t know, if the person that casts the charm dies, is that the issue?

Ben: Or, do you think – okay. Do you think that since Lily and James had the spell put on them – since they died – does that mean that anybody can see them? Because, you know, they were underneath the Fidelius Charm. So, Peter Pettigrew was the only one that could disclose their location. Do you think that since they died, that’s why Hagrid, I mean, and anybody – Sirius, could come and see their bodies?

Jeff: Yeah…

Ben: Find their bodies?

Jeff: …I think that’s probably valid.

John: Ooo…

Jeff: Looking at the Lexicon here, when a Secret-Keeper dies, their secret dies with them. So, you could apply that to or you could infer that the Fidelius Charm is the same way.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Good point, Jeff, good point.

Well, that wraps up this week’s listener rebuttals. We don’t have any voice rebuttals for you this week, because Mister Kevin Steck is off at a wedding and is unable…

[John laughs]

Ben: …to gather the voice clips. He’s the only one with access to the account. Don’t worry, it’s not his wedding. Ladies, he’s still single.

[John and Laura laugh]

John: Aw, I thought Kev finally got her break.

Ben: Yeah. [laughs] Yeah, so we’ll make sure to have those voice rebuttals back for you next week, and if you have a listener rebuttal, a comment about something that went on in the show, something you want to argue with us about, anything like that, feel free to send it to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com, subject line, “Listener Rebuttal,” and it could be put into the show.

Main Discussion – Horace Slughorn

Ben: Now, it’s time to move on to our first part of our main discussion this week. As we mentioned in the past, we’re going to start rotating the character discussions, and this week is indeed a character discussion week, with Mister Horace Slughorn.

John: Oh.

Ben: A little bit of information about Slughorn. This comes from the MuggleNet Encyclopedia. His age is unknown, but we know that he is younger than Dumbledore, but old enough to consider himself a “broken-down old buffer.” His distinguishing characteristics are that he is very short, and enormously fat; he has a shiny bald head, prominent eyes, and a huge, silver, walrus-like moustache. He has a preference for wearing waistcoats, and maroon, velvet smoking jackets. The first mention of Slughorn comes in Chapter 4 of Half Blood Prince. So, when we are first introduced to Slughorn, what are your guys’ initial impressions of him?

Jeff: Yeah, we’re introduced to him in Book 6, which actually I just started rereading, and I just finished the chapter on him, so I should be more authoritative on this, but I think later in the book we learn more about him. But, I don’t know. My first impression is that he’s a power-hungry politico type. I mean, the Slug Club and all that. He’s interested in being popular.

Ben: Right.

Jeff: And being associated with people who are popular, and that’s sort of how he keeps his foot in the door, so to speak.

Ben: Well, what I like about Slughorn is that – I don’t know – he seems like more of a light-hearted guy, because especially since he was the former Head of House of Slytherin, and he’s nothing like Snape whatsoever.

John: Yeah.

Ben: And so, it goes to show that there are indeed good Slytherins. I just think that, you know, he’s enormously fat – that’s how he’s described – and it sort of makes sense that he’s more of a jolly guy, as opposed to, you know, [growls].

John: What makes you think he’s a good Slytherin? He may have a different kind of personality from Snape…

Ben: Okay, I’m talking about his outward appearance, is what I am saying.

John: Oh.

Ben: And I know that can be deceiving.

Laura: Well, I kind of – touching on what you just said, John – I don’t think that he’s necessarily a good or a bad person, because he’d been in hiding for a year, I believe it was. Hiding from various other Slytherins he knew might come looking for him, to try to get him to join Voldemort’s cause. And I just think that he’s more of a person who doesn’t want to side with anyone either way, and he would just rather live his life on his own, and not have to be involved in any of it.

Jeff: And a lot of the first impression we get from him is that he’s very self-interested, and he’s motivated to do things that are going to help himself. So, in that respect it sort of gives you, sort of, “Oh, he’s sly, Slytherin” – stuff like that. So, yeah.

Ben: A little bit arrogant, too.

John: Well…

Laura: Yeah, but I think where the Slytherin attributes come from, is strictly from the fact that he likes nice things. He’s very eccentric. He likes the finer side of life. I don’t think it’s anything to do with a lot of the characteristics we see in Slytherins like Draco or Lucius, for instance.

Ben: And he seems to be very selective. For example, Jeff brought up the Slug Club. It seems that he’s very discriminatory about who he wants to be in that group and who he doesn’t want to be in that group.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Which leads you to believe that it’s sort of like at school. If you’re on a teacher’s good side, they can be your best friend in the world, and can basically let you get away with anything. But if you’re on their bad side, it’s probably not someone you want to mess with, and that’s the impression that I get from Slughorn, that it’s awesome if he likes you, but if…

Jeff: You’re shut out.

Ben: …he doesn’t then it’s not so good.

Laura: Then you’re just not even a blip on his radar.

Jeff: Exactly.

John: Yeah.

Ben: So, I assume in things like classroom – the classroom setting – he’d probably focus more on the people that he likes. For example, since the book is written mostly – is written from Harry’s perspective – since he’s the Boy-Who-Lived, Slughorn automatically takes a liking to him, and it is for this reason that Harry views him in such a positive light for the early parts of Book Six.

Laura: Mhm.

John: Mhm.

The Horcri

Ben: And then, something that Slughorn did is what basically lead to the whole Horcri thing, right, John?

John: Oh, of course.

Ben: Yeah, the Horcruxes.

John: Yeah.

Ben: What year was it, Voldemort’s fifth year or sixth year?

Jeff: Oh, gosh.

John: Ummm…

Laura: Oh, I want to say fifth, but I’m not sure.

Ben: I think it was fifth.

John: Yeah.

Ben: Someone correct us. Slughorn has been struggling with the guilt of having explained what a Horcrux was to Tom Riddle for many years, due to the fact that Harry’s mother, one of Slughorn’s favorite students, was murdered by Lord Voldemort some years later. His Hogwarts house is Slytherin. Despite this fact, he does not wish to have anything to do with Voldemort’s cause, and had in fact spent a year in hiding to avoid involvement. This just goes to show that Slughorn, when there’s conflict going on like that, he just sort of wants to get away. And, in a way he feels really guilty, because he sort of gave Voldemort the keys to the kingdom. He’s the reason that Voldemort didn’t die the night that he tried to attack – that he tried to kill Harry.

Laura: Mhm.

Memory Alteration

Ben: And we all know that in Tom Riddle’s fifth year, he approached Slughorn, and he asked him about Horcruxes, and Slughorn reluctantly explains this to him. And, what do you think that – when Harry has to try to get the memory from Slughorn, the memory of that event actually happening, the fact that Slughorn modifies the memory shows a lot about his personality in the way that he feels really guilty about it, and that he’s going to try to cover it up.

Laura: Yeah, and at the same time he doesn’t want to be incriminated.

Ben: He’s a man who basically…

Laura: Well, it just all goes back to the fact that he doesn’t want to have any involvement with this. The reason he didn’t want to tell Harry anything was because he didn’t want to be involved with the good side and take the risk of known Death Eaters or even Voldemort realizing this and coming after him. And on the same hand, he doesn’t want any involvement with Voldemort because he doesn’t want the exact opposite happening.

Ben: Right.

John: Mhm.

Why Tell Tom?

Ben: Why do you guys think that he would go ahead and tell young Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes?

John: Why do you think he knows about them to begin with, I think, is an interesting question, too.

Ben: So, do you think that he basically told Tom Riddle what a Horcrux is, and then he used that information to his advantage to create the Horcruxes? Or was it that he explained some of it to him? What do you guys think?

Jeff: Could have been that he wanted to either impress Tom with his knowledge. Or – it’s very evident that he’s self-important, and likes to think of himself highly, and so that’s one aspect. Or, he was hoping that Tom could use it to his advantage and then thank Slughorn later – hold him in high esteem for showing him this or teaching him that. So…

John: Yeah, and why do you think – I mean let’s not forget Tom Riddle, Voldemort – they’re still pretty much the same person. What happened in between Slughorn being this guy that helped Riddle figure out about the Horcruxes, to turning into a person that Slughorn is afraid to even – afraid of Voldemort, afraid of his followers, afraid of being involved in anybody’s cause? Why… I don’t understand how, why he feels the need to distance himself.

Ben: Because I think that it’s that he feels partially responsible for what happened because… Okay, I think that Voldemort probably would’ve found out about the Horcruxes some other way…

Jeff: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. I agree.

Jeff: Mhm.

Ben: …but Slughorn is the one that, like I said, sort of gave him the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. And Jeff brought up an interesting point saying that he was probably trying to impress him with his knowledge or whatever because, as we mentioned, he has this club of the elite – the Slug Club – and Tom Riddle was given an award for the school. He was a Slytherin, and all this stuff. And so it makes sense for Slughorn to say, “Well, Tom, I guess I can tell you because you’re all high and mighty, Slug Club President” or whatever.

[Jeff and Laura laugh]

Jeff: Yeah.

Slughorn’s Future Role

Ben: What future role do you think Slughorn is going to play? Do you think the end of Book Six sort of closed up his fate?

Jeff: I don’t know.

Laura: I’m not sure. I don’t think that Jo would’ve made him Head of Slytherin for no reason.

Jeff: Yeah.

John: Yeah. I don’t think – why would he have to leave? He wasn’t, he wasn’t the defense teacher, so there’s no jinx on him.

Ben: Right, but what role do you think that he is going to play in Book Seven? Do you think that he is going to distance himself again like he did in the First War? Or is he going to become more involved with the Order of the Phoenix? Or – or is he just going to remain neutral?

Jeff: Well…

John: It depends on where the war goes. Because if the war gets so big that people have to decide what side they’re on or they’re just going to get killed in the whole – in the whole mess of things, you have to figure out what side you’re going to be on. And these books are a lot about choices and maybe he’ll come around and make a choice for the better, or even – maybe he’ll go and fight the Death Eaters. Who knows? But, I think it’d be interesting either way to see which side he picks. I don’t think he’ll stay neutral throughout the whole book.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Well, I’m pretty sure that he’s – if he’s going to choose any side, it would probably… Well, then again, as we mentioned before, he’s kind of self-concerned and he’s a very selfish “pershon” – selfish person. And in a way, he’s sort of like a strong version of Peter Pettigrew. You understand what I’m saying?

[John coughs]

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: You see the parallel there?

Jeff: Mhm.

Ben: You think that it would make sense for him to choose the side that’s offering more and choose the side that’s more powerful to join?

Jeff: Mhm.

Laura: Not necessarily, because you remember what we saw come out of him when Harry said, “Don’t you want to stop the person who killed Lily Evans?” And you saw just how much he really cared about her and how awful he felt about her death, and I really think that Jo had him become Head of Slytherin for a reason. I think that Micah had a very valid point in stating a few weeks ago that the Sorting Hat did point out that for Hogwarts to not crumble from within, the Houses would have to unite, and I think that Slughorn could have some kind of large role in helping that happen.

John: Yeah.

Ben: Right.

John: Mhm.

Ben: And because before, when Snape was the head of house, you know, since you sort of have the Death Eaters’ kids within that house – not all of them, like I said – but some of them are within there. If Snape begins to show allegiance towards the good side – well, I guess it’s supposed to be part of his gig – but he never really has treated everyone fairly, and hasn’t really been about the unity of the school. And I think Slughorn is more – he’s more charismatic. And even though he may be a little bit arrogant and conceited, it makes sense for him to be a lot better at bringing them together.

Jeff: Yeah. And I don’t…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: And “united we stand.”

Laura: I agree.

Ben: That concept.

Jeff: I don’t know if it was part of the narrative, or if he told Harry this, but apparently he was an old friend and colleague of Dumbledore and he was pretty upset when Dumbledore was killed. And he – I’m quoting again from – I’m looking at the Lexicon entry on Slughorn, and it says he’s one of the first Slytherins that Harry met who has no prejudices against Muggle-born or half-blood wizards. So, something to consider.

Laura: I think that, going back to what Ben said about having students of Death Eaters in Slytherin. I think something that’s really important to remember about that is that it’s actually a very small group of students in there that are children of Death Eaters. I want to say maybe five or six of them. And really the rest of the Slytherins are kind of faceless. We haven’t seen all that much out of them. I don’t think that the Slytherins – apart from Draco and his crowd – are any more evil, snotty, obnoxious than any other teenager.

[Jeff laughs]

Laura: And I think that we’re definitely going to get to see more of their role brought out in Book Seven in uniting with the rest of the school.

Ben: In a way, Horace Slughorn sort of reminds me of Professor Moody – or I guess Imposter Moody. In just that, you know, it feels like when he’s going to say he’s going to do something, he’s going to lay down the law and that there won’t be any messing around. And I think that we can probably expect that from him in Book Seven.

Will Hogwarts Be Open?

Ben: That’s assuming that Hogwarts is going to be open. I think it will be. I mean, that’s – that just makes sense.

Jeff: Yeah.

John: At least for a little while.

Laura: Yeah. I think it will be, too.

Ben: Yeah, at least for a little while.

Rachel: I don’t think so.

Jeff: You don’t think so? Whoa.

John: What? What?

Laura: Why not, Rachel?

Ben: Whoa. Why not, Rachel?

[Laura laughs]

Rachel: I don’t, because there’s so much going on that I doubt that it’s going to get focused upon. Maybe it will, but I doubt that everything’s going to be taking place there. Or it’ll be partly mentioned, but I really doubt that the school’s going to be open.

Ben: Okay, well, what I’m saying is that Hogwarts will be open, but Harry probably won’t…

Jeff: Right. Or…

Ben: …be there the entire time.

Laura: Yeah, that’s what I think.

Rachel: Oh.

John: Mmm.

Ben: Yeah.

Rachel: Well, that could be a possibility but, yeah. But, the chances of Hogwarts being open – for me, they’re probably slim to nothing, I think, because there’s just so much going on. [laughs]

John: I don’t know where – where a safer, larger place to keep people would be other than Hogwarts.

Ben: That’s true, Jeff. Not Jeff, John.

John: There’s chaos happening outside.

Jeff: Yeah. Didn’t Dumbledore say that they…

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Sorry, James.

Jeff: You know, again, I just started rereading Book Six, but I swear that Dumbledore told Harry at the beginning that they had enhanced the protection of Hogwarts a little bit that year. So, I don’t know if that, you know?

Ben: Mhm.

Laura: Well, I think regardless of whether or not it’ll be open, I’m not sure that we’re going to see much of it.

Jeff: Yeah. I would agree with that.

Rachel: Yeah. We’re probably not going to see that much of it. Yeah.

Jeff: Although, it would be the first time, though.

[Rachel laughs]

Slughorn and Lily

John: Well, back on Slughorn for a second, though. We kind of brought it up real quick, casually, but you talk so much about how he’s so upset about Lily Evans and on and on about it. What was his deal with Lily Evans? Especially knowing the kind of people that he has in his Slug Club? Granted she was Head Girl and all, but I mean, what – I mean, it’s like a big kind of clue to the character of Lily Evans that we’re supposed to find out so much about in the next book. Like…

Jeff: It sounds like a lot of people had a crush on Lily Evans. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, yeah. [laughs]

John: I know.

Rachel: Yeah, she was popular, I guess.

[Jeff laughs[

Ben: She must’ve been hot. [laughs]

[John laughs]

[Laura gives an exasperated sigh]

[Rachel laughs]

Ben: I’m just. But honestly, though…

John: Do you think that he was attracted to the student?

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: I – I – no, I doubt it’s that.

Laura: Yeah.

John: Physically?

Ben: I’m pretty sure it’s just – there obviously has to be something that she offered and she was Head Girl, and maybe she was just an exceptional student. As Laura intelligently pointed out, is that Harry noticed about Slughorn that he was the first Slytherin that he’s known that hasn’t really shown any prejudice towards those who are Muggle-born. And so it wouldn’t matter to him that she’s a Muggle-born.

John: Right.

Laura: Well, I think that he would react that way to any student that was in his Slug Club because he obviously chooses the most talented and I guess the most rich or the best looking – whichever way you want to look at it – in his eyes, kids who join his Slug Club. And I think that if he felt like he was the direct cause of one of them getting killed, he’d feel guilty about it no matter what.

Ben: Right. And I don’t think it’s any way – the people he selects for the Slug Club – I don’t think it’s any way contingent on…

Jeff: Bloodline?

Ben: …your wizard ancestry. Yeah, your bloodline. I think it’s more of how accomplished you are. And like Dumbledore said, it’s our choices who make us who we are – basically, that’s to paraphrase it. And maybe that’s the same way Slughorn thinks. That if you choose to be this way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Muggle-born, half-blood, or a pureblood wizard. What matters is your ability…

Jeff: Yeah, or promise.

Ben: …in his eyes.

Rachel: You know what I’ve always thought was strange? Is that, since back when he was favoring Lily because she was so exceptional and she wasn’t in Slytherin, don’t you think that the other students probably would have been jealous of Lily, knowing that the teacher was – especially that he was Head of House of Slytherin? You’d think his favorite would have been Slytherin.

Jeff: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Rachel: You get what I mean? I always thought that was kind of strange – I don’t know – that his student wasn’t from his own house.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Well, I don’t know if he shows the same house bias that Snape does.

Rachel: Yeah. Well, that’s pretty much what I’m basing it on, but yeah. [laughs]

Laura: Well, I have a feeling that Lily probably got some of the same taunting that Harry has.

Rachel: Yeah, that’s what I think, too. Because of that.

Laura: Just because he favored her.

Rachel: Because of that.

Laura: Yeah, I’m sure that happened.

Rachel: Pretty much got picked on or made fun of because of that. Or she just wasn’t liked by some of the students, especially the Slytherins, I think.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Well, that wraps up this week’s Character Discussion, unless you guys have anything else to add.

Jeff: Nope.

John: No.

Jeff: Well done all.

Ben: Yeah. I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s Character Discussion.

Main Discussion – Prophecies

Ben: However, the main discussion is not over yet because we’re going on to our second portion, which has to deal with prophecies.

John: Oh my.

Ben: Throughout the series we’ve seen prophecies pretty much – they shape, basically, Harry’s destiny and what has made him, quote-on-quote, “The Chosen One.” But we have to beg the question, what exactly is a prophecy? Well, thanks to Jamie Lawrence from – most of you know Jamie. He made MuggleNet’s section Level Nine. You can view that at, and has a lot of information about prophecies and what they are. A prophecy is defined by as an inspired utterance as a prophet, viewed as a revelation of divine will, or a prediction. What it seems like in the Harry Potter series is that it’s becomes more that just a mere prediction. Would you guys agree with that? That rather than it just being Trelawney spouting off these things, that Harry was born as the seventh month dies and that the power that the Dark Lord knows not, do you think that it’s more than just a prediction? That it’s actually going to happen, or do you think since she made this prophecy, that they choose to make it happen? Which is sort of what Dumbledore hinted at.

Laura: I think I’d have to…

Jeff: Yep.

Laura: …agree with what Dumbledore said. It’s the choices – choices are what make us who we are, and I think that Dumbledore was very correct in saying that if Harry or Voldemort had decided they didn’t want to have anything to do with the prophecy, then it wouldn’t have come true.

Jeff: That’s a very good point.

Ben: That’s definitely true.

Jeff: The beginning of the prophecy was a choice. It was either Harry or Neville. You know? And Voldemort chose – made a choice.

Ben: Right, so the choices sort of shape the prophecy. People sort of – not the prophecy, but the outcome of the prophecy. People have always wondered – and it’s been in the series a few times, too – why couldn’t Voldemort and why couldn’t Harry just say, “This is stupid.”

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: “Why are we fighting?”

Jeff: That wouldn’t make a very interesting story.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: “Why don’t we just sit the wands down and be done with it?” Well, they can’t do that. Why do you think – of course, that wouldn’t make a very interesting story – but why do you think that can’t happen within the series? Do you think that Harry needs to get vengeance for his parents’ death? And Voldemort’s motive is because he’s trying to take over the world?

Laura: No, I think the reason that it can’t happen is because Voldemort is trying to take over and he doesn’t think he can do that unless Harry’s dead.

Rachel: Right.

Ben: That’s true. I think it’s more that Voldemort is after Harry than Harry being after Voldemort.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Which is really evident throughout the series pretty well, too.

John: Well, it’s…

Ben: Well – what John?

John: Well, you’ve got Voldemort, who as much as he has his ambition to take over things is – obviously, he’s got the ego and the pride to want to be the most powerful being on Earth. And if he knows there’s some kind of prophecy out there that says someone can beat him, a priority is going to be to knock that person or anybody else out, who is prophesied that…

Ben: Gets in the way.

John: …can possibly be more powerful than him or beat him. But with the prophecies that had me always thinking, are the rules of the prophecy as whether or not it means that only Harry can kill Voldemort and only Voldemort can kill Harry. If that’s supposed to be meant that people can try to kill them, but they won’t succeed because they’re more stronger than them, or is it an actual impossibility, where if someone were to try to just take an axe to one of those guys…

Ben: They couldn’t.

John: …would it bounce right off because they weren’t prophesied to be the one to kill the people? That’s what I don’t know.

Interpretation of The Prophecy

Ben: Well, that all comes down to the interpretation of the prophecy, which is what we need to get to next. Okay, I’ll read the prophecy. This is from Order of the Phoenix. There is also one in Prisoner of Azkaban, but it doesn’t really matter because the outcome already actually happened. So, okay, here we go.

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him. Born as the seventh month dies and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.”

Okay, so we need to break down this prophecy a bit. Okay, the parents of the person who can defeat Voldemort will be born to parents who have escaped Voldemort three times.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Okay, they’re being born at the end of July, Voldemort will mark them as their equal in some way, and they will have the power that Voldemort will not know about, and either they will kill Voldemort or Voldemort will kill them in the end, because they cannot both exist. There is no coexistence going on here.

Jeff: Right.

Ben: But the real question about the prophecy is, couldn’t it be talking about three people?

[John coughs]

Ben: And let me read this sentence here: “And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.”

Jeff: Right.

Laura: Ummm.

Ben: Don’t you see how it can be talking about three people? Or am I crazy?

Laura: I didn’t interpret it that way. I was thinking it was saying neither can live – neither referring to the two of them – while the other survives, referring to the opposite, which would be: Harry’s opposite being Voldemort or Voldemort’s opposite being Harry. I hadn’t interpreted that as being a third person.

Ben: Well, I’m just saying that Jo’s kind of tricky. So, you know?

Laura: Well…

Ben: But the prophecy is probably pretty straight up.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: It’ll set up the final showdown, I think, that we’re all looking forward to.

Jeff: Well, we’re living – well, Harry Potter and Voldemort are living in paradox right now because the prophecy says, “Neither can survive while the other lives,” or whatever the other thing is paraphrased. But, yeah, they’re in a paradox right now so until it’s equaled out, they’re going to be in this constant flux, constant crisis, and constant battle.

Ben: Mhm.

John: I think the biggest disservice you can do, in regarding the carrying out of this prophecy, is paraphrasing it because of how long Jo says…

Jeff: Sorry. [laughs]

John: No, no, everybody does it, Jeff. Even I did it. I still do it. But Jo says how long she spent on that prophecy. Hours and hours on the words of it alone, and one of the things I’ve been thinking about recently is the whole line about, :neither can live while the other survives.” What exactly is she meaning by “live?” Does it mean live – Harry cannot live a full life while Voldemort is around because he’s always going to be a burden on his mind, and he’s always going to be connected to him through the scar connection, and all that crap?

Ben: That’s a really good point, John, because…

Laura: Yeah, and Voldemort can’t live the way he wants to with Harry around.

Ben: Yeah, I never really looked at it that way.

Laura: Yeah, I hadn’t, either. Thank you. [laughs]

Ben: When you define the word “live,” it really brings it into a whole new light because we don’t know if “live” actually means the real sense of live or you’re dead.

Jeff: Physical life.

Ben: Yeah, physical life, or if it’s talking about like John says, living a full life.

John: Yeah, your lifestyle, your well-being – all those things.

Ben: Well, we’ll find out…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: …in a little over a year from now.

[Everyone laughs]

Prophecy UnFulfilled

Ben: Also, do you guys think it’s actually possible for a prophecy not to be fulfilled?

John: Well, yeah.

Rachel: Yeah, I think so.

John: Because the people involved have to choose to go through with this prophecy, don’t they?

Jeff: Yeah, but isn’t that the – isn’t that what makes a prophecy different from a prediction: is that, if you believe that prophecies are what they say they are, which is things to come, even the choices that are involved still create, they’ll still fulfill the prophecy. It’s just a matter of how.

Ben: Mhm.

Jeff: That he he choices – but it’s still the prophecy.

Ben: Right. It’s like when you’re trying – when you try to alter history. I’m going to use the example of the new episode of The Twilight Zone that I recently saw…

[Rachel laughs]

Ben: …was when this lady traveled back in time to try to kill baby Hitler. And the mother comes outside while this nanny is trying to kill the baby, and the nanny throws the baby into the water, and the mother starts freaking out because she thinks that she is going to get blamed. So, she steals a baby from a homeless woman who’s sitting outside, and that baby becomes Hitler.

John: Hmmm.

Ben: So, you see what I’m saying? That no matter how much you try to stop it, it seems that it’s always going to end up that way.

John: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Jeff: Yeah.

Ben: I don’t know if the Hitler story was necessary, but…

[Everyone laughs]

John: I haven’t heard about Hitler in a while.

Jeff: Nice interlude, yeah.

[Laura laughs]

John: Yeah

Ben: Hope you get the point.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s a good point.

Other Prophecies in Phoenix

Ben: Okay. And it’s also important to bring up that in Order of the Phoenix, there are other prophecies that – there are other prophecies that actually happen. There’s one other prophecies – there’s one other prophecy, and it’s very interesting. When I read the book – when I was rereading Order of the Phoenix for the second time, I started freaking out. Okay, here’s what it says. In Order of the Phoenix, there are two prophecies broken, and you hear snippets of their content, and you hear, “‘At the solstice will come anew,’ said the figure of an old, bearded man; ‘And none will come after,’ said the figure of an old woman.” Okay. After I read Order of the Phoenix, I looked up the definition of solstice, and I saw that it was June 21st.

Laura: Mhm. [laughs]

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: And that happened to be the same day that Order of the Phoenix was released.

Jeff: Yep.

Ben: So automatically, I started freaking out. The solstice will come anew, a new Harry Potter book…

[Jeff and Laura laugh]

Ben: …and none will come after!

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Well, what I…

John: That’s funny.

Laura: I just found it kind of interesting…

Ben: And so I just about died.

Laura: I found it interesting because I think that that night so many prophecies were broken when they Reducto‘d all the shelves to escape from the Death Eaters, and I think that Jo kind of made a point of having us hear those two little clips.

Ben: Mhm.

Laura: And the way that…

Ben: They’re in italics in the book, actually, so…

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: …that points to the fact that…

Jeff: Oh yeah, she always has a point if she brings something up. [laughs]

Laura: Exactly. So…

John: Yeah.

Laura: I think there are multiple ways to interpret that, but when I was kind of reading it, the first thought that came to my mind was that maybe the war with Voldemort would end at the solstice, and that after that, no other evil wizard, or no other wizard that could live up to either Harry or Voldemort’s status as being able to take over or being able to kind of dominate the entire wizarding world, would come.

Rachel: Yeah.

Ben: Right, but don’t you think it’s more of a war of – okay, there’s the physical war going on, but isn’t it also the war of ideologies? People continue…

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: I got, like, two e-mails of people getting mad about me comparing it to the war on terrorism. But it’s sort of the same concept when you say, “Okay. Can you really win the war on terrorism?” Can you really win the war? I mean, if you defeat Voldemort, is it really going to stop – like, defeat the ideal?

Laura: No.

Ben: Not really.

Jeff: Is it going to stop racism or whatever…

Ben: Yeah.

Jeff: …you want to parallel it to, with the bloodlines and…

Laura: No.

Jeff: No. That’s always going to be there.

Rachel: Mhm.

Laura: It will always be there, but my question is, do we think that anyone like Voldemort is ever going to come along again?

Ben: Well, that’s hard to tell, of course.

Jeff: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Of course, in the future there could be somebody who is equally as evil, but…

Jeff: Ever is a long time.

Ben: I don’t know.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Yeah.

[Rachel laughs]

Jeff: And even just today’s news about al-Zarqawi being blown up, they’re saying, “You know, and the war on terror, the ideal won’t die. Someone else will come along that has the same ideals.”

Laura: Mhm. Well, yeah.

Jeff: Whether or not he’ll be as successful at promulgating these ideas, it’s up to history to decide.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: And so, does anyone else have any interpretations of the prophecy that we heard after one was broken off the shelf? Because there’s a reason Jo put it in there, and I couldn’t think past there being any more Harry Potter books. I just started freaking out!

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Jeff: Read it again, Ben. Read it again.

Ben: Okay. “‘At the solstice will come anew,’ said the figure of an old bearded man; ‘And none will come after,’ said the figure of a young woman.” But see, another thing I have to bring up is if it’s talking about the winter solstice or the summer solstice?

[Jeff and Laura laugh]

Ben: That’s another thing.

John: Eh.

Ben: Seriously! Because there’s December 21st and then June 21st.

Jeff: Yeah.

Ben: So maybe – I don’t know. In Book – maybe in Book Six, something happens in or… Hmmm…

Jeff: I don’t know!

Laura: I don’t know.

Rachel: It’s a question…

Laura: [laughs] I guess we’ll just have to find out.

Ben: It’s so confusing!

[Rachel laughs]

Ben: It’s so confusing. I don’t know, it’s a…

Jeff: Well, wait, hold on. Another definition of solstice I just looked up is, “the highest point or culmination.” That’s the entire definition.

Ben: So, we don’t know if it’s actually talking about a date, like at the solstice, the actual solstice.

Jeff: Right, just the kind of culmination of the battle or the war.

Ben: Mhm. But what “will come anew” – will come anew what, though, Jeff?

Laura: A new world!

Jeff: A new…

Laura: A new life.

Jeff: Yeah.

Ben: And none will come after.

Laura: Maybe no other wars. Maybe no other huge battles like that.

Ben: Okay. If Harry Potter ends in…

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: …world peace for all, I’m not…

Laura: I’m not saying world peace! I’m not saying world peace. I’m saying none will come after in such a large scale.

Ben: Mhm.

Rachel: Yeah.

Laura: Or something along those lines.

Jeff: Maybe in regards to Harry in particular – none – he’ll be all set, he’s home free.

Laura: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah.

Laura: Maybe it’s about him.

Jeff: Just him, yeah.

Ben: Yeah, I guess so.

[Jeff, Laura, and Rachel laugh]

The Origin of True Seers

Ben: Okay. And the last part of this discussion – Professor Trelawney. Most of the time her predictions and stuff are really off the wall. How do you guys think that true Seers come about, and how often do they come about? Because we’ve seen Trelawney make two predictions that appear to be accurate now, and in the meantime between those predictions, she’s spouting off about [in a Trelawney voice] “The Grim! You see the Grim!” and stuff like that. And so, how often do you guys think that true Seers come about?

Jeff: Well, let me get this straight. You’re saying Trelawney’s not a real Seer? [laughs]

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Ben: No! No, no, no.

Laura: Well, I guess it just – I guess it kind of comes down to the question of: can you be born sort of partially a Seer, or can you be born a full Seer? How many – see, we haven’t really seen any Seers outside of other Seers.

Rachel: I mean, Trelawney – yeah. That’s what I was going to mention.

Laura: And we don’t know how many correct prophecies they’ve made in their lifetime.

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: And we’ve seen that there’s a good number of them at the Department of Mysteries, so either there’s a very small number of people who produce a lot of them or there’s a large number of people who don’t produce that many.

Ben: Right, and are all Seers the same way as Trelawney?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ben: As Laura mentioned, is it that every once in a blue moon they predict a true prophecy, or a real prophecy, is what I’m saying?

Rachel: Mhm.

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Or is it that some people it comes to them all the time? Jeff?

John: Well, I want to know about the whole Divination thing. Is – is there anything to the reading tea leaves and reading crystal balls and all that junk?

[Rachel laughs]

John: Or are true Seers able to just – the prophecy, things just come to them. I mean, I don’t think every good Seer speaks their prophecies in the weird, deep, crazy voice like Trelawney does.

Ben: Right. [laughs]

[Jeff laughs]

John: I think that’s sort of just getting…

Ben: Getting into it?

John: Basically just – no!

[Ben laughs]

John: I think that’s her – was it her grandma who was the famous Seer that Dumbledore talked about?

Ben: Yeah.

Laura: Mhm.

John: I think maybe she was channeling this woman and her family, or she was using Sybil as a vessel for this, such an important prophecy, that somehow it was transcending death or whatever. I don’t know if we know that what’s-her-face is dead or not – Trelawney’s grandma.

Laura: Wow, I’ve never thought about it that way before. That’s pretty interesting. [laughs]

Ben: John Noe, you’re completely underrated.

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Ben: I’m serious.

John: No.

Ben: You’re great.

John: Stop!

Ben: Okay, well that wraps up the final portion of our main discussion this week. If you have any listener rebuttals considering – I mean, concerning – these discussions, remember to e-mail us at mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

Gimme A Butterbeer – Harry Is Not Just For Children

Ben: Now it’s time for this week’s – for everybody’s favorite segment…

John: Oh, oh.

Ben: This week’s, Gimme A Butterbeer.

[Everyone laughs and cheers]

Laura: Yay!

Rachel: Yay!

John: I want to do one next!

Ben: Gimme A Butterbeer is back again this week. This week’s topic is very timely considering we have two older HP fans on the show. Catch that, Jeff? I said “older”.

Jeff: Who’s this? Oh, okay.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Harry Potter has received many accolades as an adult book. And many critics claim that the series is meant solely for children, which begs the question (and this week’s topic…):

Is Harry Potter for kids or adults?

I didn’t jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon until I was in eighth grade. One day I needed a book for “silent reading time” and so I grabbed Harry Potter off of the shelf. As an eighth grader, I started getting made fun of by the other kids for reading something as “childish” as Harry Potter.

Anyone listening to this show knows that Harry Potter isn’t just for people ages 8-12; it’s for everyone. Look at the way that Jo has written the series. It’s far too complex for someone as young as ten to be capable of understanding. As I’ve re-read the series as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to pick up more and more on the subtle nuances of the series and it all becomes clearer in my mind.

The beauty of the Harry Potter books is that it can be looked at from so many different perspectives. You have the casual ten-year-old who wants to read the series for the story line of a boy wizard fighting evil. Then you have people like the people on this show who read the series analytically and try to discover what’s coming next. Of course, you’ll have the older fans who will read the series out of curiosity to see what all the craze it about. So, it’s obvious that Harry isn’t just for kids – it’s for everyone of all ages.

Jo’s work deserves all of the awards it has received. We all agree that the Harry Potter books are like no other. JK has invested a incredible amount of time into tangling a web for her readers to try and follow; she deserves credit for that, whether it’s in the form of a Harry Potter fan site or in the form of an adult book award.

I felt uncomfortable when I first began to read the Harry Potter series. I felt out of place, like a social misfit. As my love for Harry grew, I began to see that there were millions of other people out there like me. We’re not freaks – we’re just Harry Potter fans.

I’m Ben Schoen and I say, Gimme A Butterbeer!

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: Wow.

John: That’s good, Ben. You know – I actually, can I answer your Butterbeer just briefly?

Ben: Yeah, go ahead and talk. There’s a discussion following this.

John: Oh, I didn’t know if that was allowed.

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

John: I’ve always thought that the reason so many people are so quick to call it a children’s book is look at what would happen if you call it the alternative – you call it an adult book. It’s very easy for those critics, or for the people who defend the series from the people who say that it’s all about witchcraft and occult and all of that crap, to just say, “Oh you know, they’re just for kids.” And it’s easy to just brush it under the table like that. But, it takes much more effort for people to try to categorize a book that is about things like imaginary witches and wizards and magics and co-existing magical societies, and call that an adult book; because that really goes against the frame of mind for many adults, and a society today, imagination is just something that has gone into neglect. And there’s such a serious world out there and not many people of adult age – especially the ones that don’t have children – often use their imaginations anymore. So, to call it an adult book – to have that be accepted by the society, is also to have society accept their own imaginations. And I don’t think…

Laura: Mhm.

Ben: Right. But John, by having the same line of thinking, do you think the same people that consider Harry Potter a children’s book would consider Lord of the Rings a children’s book? I think it has a lot to do with the way that the series is written. Like I said that it’s like no other. A ten-year-old couldn’t – would have a lot harder time reading Lord of the Rings and making any sense of it whatsoever. Like I said, we try to read the books and analyze them and find out what’s coming next, and we can read more in-depth into the storyline than a ten-year-old could. But at the same time, a ten-year-old can’t understand what is going – can understand what is going on in Harry Potter to a certain extent.

John: No. The only big difference there is that as small as those little hobbits are, I think we don’t understand that they’re 40-years old in hobbit years, and everybody – the main characters of Harry Potter are children. So, for adults to identify with these children takes another disconnection, which is very seldom made. And Lord of the Rings are all pretty much adults – like an action-fantasy novel.

Laura: I think that that’s one of the things that I just love so much about Harry, is that it’s just such a hard book to categorize. I’ve been reading these books since I was 11, and I can definitely say that the way I’ve – the reasons that I’ve been reading them have definitely changed. When I first started reading them, it was these are fun books, they’re really good, I love the plots, and I love the characters, and I love to go outside and pretend like my tree is a Whomping Willow, and all this other silly stuff.

[John and Rachel laugh]

Laura: And now, it’s for the fact that, “Wow, I can actually sit here and analyze this, and I can feel really intelligent when I think I’ve picked up on something.” And it’s just one of the most awesome things ever, and it’s why I love Harry. And I think that another important thing to say about the series is the fact that while it is not easily categorized as a book for a specific age group, I don’t think that it’s necessarily a fantasy book either. I think that it has fantasy elements; it has witches and wizards and magic and wands, but I think that a lot the storyline and plot line, in essence, is more of a mystery or suspense. And, it’s just another thing that I respect Jo for, because she’s able to make this such a dynamic story, and you can look at it from so many different angles and directions.

Rachel: Yes. Amen, Laura.

[Everyone laughs]

Jeff: I agree with that. Everyone has a story of how they got into Harry Potter, and I can’t believe now, it’s been six years. I picked up Book Four – actually Book One in 2000, and that’s the first time I got into it. Right after I read the first book, or maybe it was the second or the third or fourth, I got all the way through in that summer, and I went online immediately and tried to find other adult fans who liked Harry Potter. That was my first goal coming online. I was like, “You know, I wonder. There must be some small group of people – adults – that like to talk about Harry Potter online and discuss what could be coming.” And lo and behold, there’s an entire world online of adults – and for kids. And it’s just such a breath of fresh air. I mean, Ben, you said in your commentary that maybe some kids were not capable of understanding it. I think it’s more that different age levels have a different understanding of it. I think you did touch on that, too, in your commentary, which is that the kids see the magic and the sorcery and all that, and the adults see this very mature social storytelling about the plight of social injustice and racism, and that really was what got me in and thinking this isn’t just a kid’s book; it’s for everybody, and it has layers for everybody.

Ben: Definitely. Well, if you have any comments for me or for anyone else’s opinions, please e-mail ben at staff dot mugglenet dot com about this segment. I’m really starting to like this segment. I think the fans are, too.

Rachel: Mhm.

Laura: I’ve loved this segment since the very first one.

[Ben and Rachel laugh]

Spy On Spartz

Ben: Well, folks, it’s time to lighten things up a bit. We’ve been analyzing everything for the past hour or so, so it’s time for a little bit of Spy on Spartz; Laura’s really excited.

John: Oh, no!

Laura: Oh, yay! I’m so excited! Not!

Rachel: Oh, god.

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Jeff: I haven’t talked to Emerson in so long. What is he up to, Ben?

Ben: I don’t know.

John: Not much, now. He is on summer vacation.

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

Ben: Mhm.

[Phone rings]

[Rachel laughs]

Jeff: Oh, we actually get to call him?

Ben: Yeah, we’re calling him.

Jeff: Oh.

John: Magical.

Jeff: It is magical.

Emerson’s Dr. Evil Voicemail: Do not make me angry…

John: [groans] Oh.

Jeff: Oh, no!

Emerson’s Dr. Evil Voicemail: When Dr. Evil does not get…

Ben: Hold on, hold on. Well, we’re still going to find a way to Spy on Spartz.

John: We ought to just call this the Dr. Evil segment.

Laura: Aren’t you supposed to give out a digit of his number?

Ben: Hold on, hold on. We’ll call, we’ll call La Casa de Spartz.

Jeff: I wouldn’t.

Ben: Hold on, guys.

Jeff: Yeah, when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, you know what happens.

[John and Laura laugh]

John: Really scary.

Jeff: People die!

Ben: Oh, here we go.

Papa Spartz: Hello. This is Tom.

Ben: Is Emerson home?

Papa Spartz: Hold on.

[Laura laughs]

Jeff: Oooh. Hold on.

John: Is that Papa?

Ben: Yeah.

John: Aww! I want to talk to Papa!

Ben: Sssh!

Jeff: Be quiet!

Ben: Sssh!

[John and Laura laugh]

Jeff: Get Dylan on the phone.

Ben: [whispers] Oh! Sssh! Sssh! All of you!

Emerson: This is Emerson.

Ben: Hey, Emerson. What are you doing?

Emerson: What?

Ben: [laughs] Hey, Emerson. What are you doing?

Emerson: Oh. Um, we’re kind of hitting a wiffle ball.

[Jeff and John laugh]

Ben: Well, that’s awesome! Did you win?

Emerson: Ummm, yeah. Except Dylan walked out in the middle of the game.

Ben: Ooh! You smashed him, didn’t you?

Emerson: Oh, you know Dylan.

Ben: Yeah, I know Dylan. Hey, we’re Spying on Spartz, so say, “Hi,” to everybody.

Emerson: Hi, everybody!

Ben: Yes! We’ve got Jeff from – Jeff Guillaume and John. So… Emerson, why weren’t you on this week? I invited you to be on this week, why didn’t you join us?

Emerson: Oh, I had a serious wiffle ball game.

Ben: Oh, geez [laughs]. That’s just too bad.

[Laura laughs]

Emerson: [Unintelligible]

Ben: You’re lucky, you’re lucky you answered, because I was about to give out…

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: …a digit of your phone number, and we’re – one of these times, we’re going to get all the way through them, and next thing you know, your cell phone is going to be bombarded with phone calls.

Emerson: Yeah. How many digits are out now?

John: You know how many…

Ben: Uh, three.

John: …combinations there are of seven numbers?

Jeff: Yeah.

Emerson: So, you’re going to give out seven more digits?

Ben: Yeah, so you better start answering your cell phone. You lucked out today. I said I’d call your house and let that count. So…

Emerson: Lucky me, because my cell phone doesn’t work.

Ben: Oh, that’s true! Oh, geez, how many phones have you gone through now?

Emerson: Uh, I think I’m on number eight, but this one is a bit worn out.

Ben: Ouch. Listen to this poor kid!

Emerson: This one is worn out.

John: You suck!

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: Okay, Emerson. Well, that – we’re done spying on you. I wanted to see what was up.

[Laura laughs]

Emerson: Bye!

Ben: Hey. See you.

Emerson: Have fun castin’.

Ben: What’s that?

Emerson: Have fun castin’.

Ben: Oh, we will.

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: You have fun playing wiffle ball. See you, dude!

Emerson: Bye.

Ben: So, that was this week’s Spy on Spartz. I hope you all enjoyed that.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: I sure did. It was a nice…

Laura: It was so exciting! Yay!

John: It was a nice little break from all this – I didn’t know you guys did that.

Ben: Oh, yeah. We started this thing where we give out a digit of his phone number…

[Jeff laughs]

Ben: …if he doesn’t answer the phone.

John: I realized that there are 5,040 different combinations of seven numbers.

Ben: There are more than that, aren’t there?

John: Oops.

Ben: Seven factorial…

John: And that’s not including an area code. Well, I guess if you know where he lives, you could get the area codes.

Jeff: [laughs] And who doesn’t! I mean – oh, what?

John: Yeah.

[Jeff, John and Laura laugh]

John: I thought he lives in Kansas, doesn’t he?

Jeff: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

John: That’s where all the…

Ben: Dude, they know the P.O. Box. They know that’s where I live.

John: That’s where all the cool kids live.

Ben: Okay. We’re going to wrap up this week’s show. I think it’s been a good show. I’ve enjoyed Casting with all of you guys.

John: Oh, thanks! You’re a good – good group.

Laura: Awww!

John: I like calling it…

Jeff: Yeah. That was cute.

[Jeff, Laura, and Rachel laugh]

Jeff: Castin’ with an apostrophe.

John: What are you…? Cast? Oh.

Jeff: Castin’.

John: Oh, with no ‘g’?

Jeff: Oh, Castin’ [laughs]. No “g”.

John: That is how the cool kids say it these days.

Jeff: Oh, well, we are older. So….

John: We have to get in with the lingo…

Jeff: Yeah.

John: …with the kids.

[Laura laughs]

Jeff: Thanks. Thanks for that, Ben.

Favorite Weasley

Ben: [laughs] Okay. So, this is our Harry Potter Favorites segment. I say something, you tell me what your favorite is: your favorite Weasley? Go, Jeff.

Jeff: Oh, Ron.

Ben: Why?

Jeff: Oh, I have to say why?

Ben: Yeah.

Jeff: Because he’s cool? I don’t know. No [laughs] He’s a loyal friend, and he’s funny, and he’s just average. He’s like your buddy. That’s about it.

John: Mhm.

Ben: Laura?

Laura: Oh, Ron. Absolutely Ron. Probably mostly because he reminds me of one of my best friends. So, it kind of cracks me up to read them, because I read it and I think, “Oh!” [laughs] So…

Ben: What about you, Rachel?

Rachel: Percy.

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Ben: Percy? Oh geez.

[Everyone laughs]

Rachel: That would be my favorite. Yes.

Ben: Rachel is what we call an outlier, okay?

John: Oh, Rachel!

Ben: She’s crazy. She’s radical.

John: You’re an oddball.

Rachel: Really! Percy, because he’s fun to hate on.

[Laura and Rachel laugh]

Rachel: He’s the only Weasley that I can’t stand, so it’s fun to hate him. So, I don’t like him.

Ben: [laughs] Okay. What about you, John?

John: Oh, my. I think it would have to be Ginny Weasley.

Ben: Ginny Weasley?

Rachel: Ewww. Ugh!

Laura: Eww!

John: But you’re not allowed to ask me why.

[Everyone laughs]

Rachel: Oh, god.

Laura: Ben?

Ben: Okay. My favorite Weasley – yeah, probably Ginny.

John: Yeah.

Rachel: Oh, please!

Ben: She’s a sweetheart.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: You know, just those love scenes, you know?

[John laughs]

Ben: The kissing scenes in Half-Blood Prince just warmed my heart.

[Jeff, John, and Laura laugh]

Ben: Made me insanely jealous of Harry.

Jeff: Oh, god.

John: Without all of that warmed there, Ben?

Ben: Yeah. That’s all – John!

[Laura groans]

John: What?

Jeff: Oh, man.

John: Your mind and your soul.

Show Close

Ben: So, I think that wraps up MuggleCast Episode 43. I’ve had a good time doing the show with all you guys.

John: Wooo!

Ben: This goes…

Jeff: That was fun.

Ben: You know what this proves right here? This proves that the show will go on without Andrew Sims.

[Everyone laughs]

Ben: High-fives all around.

Laura: Don’t tell him that.

Ben and


High fives.

Jeff: You have to slap hands! [slaps]

Ben: Slap hands! Slap hands!

Jeff: Slap hands! Slap hands! [laughs]

John: And it’s also good for inter-house relations, I believe.

Ben: Nah.

Jeff: Yeah!

John: From the MuggleNet house, the Leaky house, and the HPANA house.

Laura: Yeah. True that.

Jeff: Yeah, this was a…

John: The house.

[Ben, Jeff, and Laura laugh]

Ben: This was quite a diverse show.

John: Yes.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Okay. Well, I’m Ben Schoen.

Jeff: It was a pleasure.

Ben: Yeah, it was a pleasure.

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: I’m Ben Schoen.

Laura: I’m Laura Thompson.

Rachel: I’m Rachel Godoy. Bye!

Ben: And, you two are?

[Jeff laughs]

John: Oh, I’m John [laughs] Noe.

[Jeff laughs]

John: My name is hilarious.

Ben: Yeah.

Jeff: And I’m Jeff…

Ben: Guillaume!

Jeff: …from H – Guillaume…

John: [in high-pitched voice] It’s an acronym! [laughs]

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ben: Good show, guys. Good show, guys.


[Background laughter]

Ben: Oh my god, it’s Jeff Guillaume from HPANA!

[Background laughter]


Written by: Micah, Amanda, Ally, David, Jessica, Margaret, Rhiannon, Roni, and Sarah

Episode 43: Andrew-less

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  • What happens when people under the Fidelius Charm die?
  • Main Discussion, part one: Horace Slughorn
  • Slughorn is selfish!
  • Could Slughorn unify Slytherin with the other Hogwarts houses?
  • Main Discussion, part two: Prophecies
  • What exactly is a prophecy?
  • What happens if a prophecy isnít fulfilled?
  • What did the smashed prophecies in OOTP mean?
  • How often do true seers come about?
  • Favorites: Favorite Weasley

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