Episode 85: Cover Cover Part Deuce

  • This week, we bring you more extensive cover coverage.
  • Check out the new layout and album art!
  • Enlightenment announcements.
  • Kevin and Mikey share their thoughts on the covers.
  • We examine the possible meaning(s) of the rune-like symbol on the UK edition.
  • Are the shadows necessarily ghosts?
  • What is Voldemort shying away from?
  • Things get physical as we all pose like Voldemort on the cover.
  • What is with the emphasis on hands in these covers?
  • Are the trio facing a dragon in the UK edition?
  • Will Smokey the Bear be able to do anything about the fire in the Forbidden Forest?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast/Warcraft (ha!) Soul.

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Running time: 1:04:54, 29.8 MB

Episode 84: An Overused Scar

  • It’s all of your favorite segments on this very special Jamie-missed-the-train-inspired show.
  • New segment: Make the connection!
  • Kevin, why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Windows Vista?
  • What if…?
  • Dueling Club: Dumbledore vs. Mewtwo
  • Spy on Spartz
  • Favorites
  • Laura tries to mimic Andrew’s “HUH?!”
  • Is there something Frank Longbottom might still know?
  • Did Sirius do something else to Snape?
  • Has anyone else ever tried to attack Harry at Privet Drive?

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Running time: 58:00, 26.7 MB

Episode 83: Cover Cover

  • No time for jokes on this April 1st edition!
  • It’s a new month – vote for us at Podcast Alley!
  • We give our thoughts on the Deathly Hallows covers.
  • What castle is that on the back of the UK Children’s edition?
  • Wandless magic on US cover?
  • Are they in the Department of Mystery’s Death Chamber?
  • The final battle: Ultimate Frisbee?
  • What is around Harry’s neck?
  • We have a very special surprise for all of you…
  • Harry and Facebook?
  • Snape and McGonagall…? (Oh, our poor minds!)
  • Someone admits they wet themselves…just a little.

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Running time: 1:22:25, 38.06 MB

Episode 82: The Answer is Seven

  • Fresh back from London, Andrew and Jamie recount their adventure and give us their Equus review.
  • Is 784 pages too short? (No!)
  • One gracious listener makes a request that makes everyone squirm except “Toots”.
  • It’s an all-voicemail show this week!
  • Did Harry love Cho?
  • Would Harry kill Ginny if she were a Horcrux?
  • Would Harry sacrifice himself to save a friend, even if it meant Voldemort could never be defeated?
  • Was Dumbledore just being himself before he died, or is there something more to his very careful wording?
  • Impromptu British Joke.
  • For some reason Bono continues to invade the show.
  • We’re all grown up and going away to college… even Micah.
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
  • The Team Rocket Song!

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Running time: 1:18:55, 36.5 MB

Episode 81: Live in England

  • It’s our first LIVE MuggleCast!
  • Because of a recording mistake, the show kicks off halfway through our theory contest.
  • Small talk about our day at Electronic Arts where we saw the upcoming OOTP video game.
  • Our first live listener debate: SHOULD Harry die?
  • Micah Tannenbaum Impressions!
  • Main Discussion: Should Harry and Ginny be back together?

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Running time: 1:10:44, 32.7 MB

Episode 80: Toots

  • WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for the 5th film!
  • …Toots?
  • We refuse to intro.
  • Reminder: Live show in the UK!
  • MuggleNet Book tour dates.
  • Andrew goes “back to the future”.
  • We chat about the OOTP advanced screening reviews.
  • Which actors don’t get enough screen time?
  • Fun things we wish were left in.
  • Condensing the plot: Good changes and detrimental ones.
  • Everyone loves Evanna Lynch!
  • Men don’t understand the importance of hair color.
  • PokeCast!
  • Who is the son of my father’s mother’s cousin… what…?
  • We refuse to outro.

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Running time: 1:08:56, 33.8 MB

Episode 79: Laura Gambon

  • Alex Carpenter of The Remus Lupins co-hosts the show!
  • The latest OOTP picture discussion.
  • We discuss what Jo has been up to lately.
  • Andrew and Jamie announce their MuggleCast meet-up!
  • Listener Rebuttals touch upon Wormtail, Phoenix feathers, and the next leader of the Order.
  • Ben jumps on the “Harry must die”” bandwagon.
  • Alex defends his good pal Remus Lupin.
  • Eric needs a moment.
  • Main Discussion: Literary Device of Book Parallels.
  • What if… Harry had shown Snape the HBP Potions book instead of Ron’s?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.

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Running time: 1:13:06, 33.8 MB

Episode 78: Dumby One’s Request

  • Jamie is back!
  • Everyone’s favorite Brit clears up his sausage bet.
  • We discuss some new OOTP photos.
  • Check out the picture of the Gandalf LEGO Jamie talkes about right here.
  • Why is LEGO only releasing one OOTP set?
  • Andrew and Jamie’s meet up in England!
  • Character Discussion: Fawkes.
  • Is it important Harry first saw Fawkes on a Burning Day?
  • When Fawkes attacks: the bird shows up at many crucial times in the series.
  • Where was he the night Dumbledore died?
  • The importance of loyalty…we quote dear old Albus.
  • Was Fawkes’ song at the end of Half-Blood Prince a message, a warning or even a rally cry?
  • Is Fawkes Harry’s next pet?
  • Phoenixes choose their owners…let the Pokemon tangent ensue.
  • Why would a wand with Fawkes’ feather choose Voldemort?
  • Will we finally learn what it means that the biggest connection between Harry and Voldemort is Fawkes?
  • Why is Dumbledore so closely tied to a bird symbolic of rebirth?
  • Will Fawkes choose Harry and help save him in the final battle?
  • An interview with Joe Fulton of MillionairePlayboy.com about the latest OOTP toy news.

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Running time: 1:26:12, 39.8 MB

Episode 77: Papa Voldemort

  • The latest weather forecasts from around the world.
  • We talk about the latest OOTP pics.
  • What would Mrs. Norris do?
  • More talk on the deathly cries discussed last week.
  • Could Harry use his and Voldemort’s wands at the same time?
  • Look out, Voldemort – Fawkes wants his feather back.
  • Andrew has a big revelation: Harry HAS to die.
  • Eric makes a Bruce Willis reference.
  • Two of our hobbit wannabes talk about Lord of the Rings.
  • Mikey tells us a fact about shampoo that blows our minds.

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Running time: 1:18:28, 36.3 MB

Episode 76: Rooms 625-660

  • After opening the show with a concrete statement, we have a cozy little news discussion.
  • The Ben is back… again.
  • MuggleNet’s book reviewed in the New York Times!
  • Andrew shares his theory on why Jo wrote on the bust of Hermes.
  • OH-EM-GEE – we explore various examples of fun facts and how they can be taken too far.
  • Is there more of a meaning behind the statue of Hermes at the Balmoral?
  • Despite quotes to the contrary, is it possible there’s anything more to Petunia or Dudley?
  • This week our main discussion is replaced by our favorite Deathly Hallows theory submissions!
  • Would Umbridge try to interfere with the Tonks/Lupin pairing?
  • Is Jo just trying to make us feel better?

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Running time: 1:02:09, 28.8 MB