Episode 27

  • Dylan joins the show
  • We address comments from last week’s show
  • Where did the older episodes go on the feed?
  • Keep sending in those contest entries!
  • Ben’s Top 10 ‘Ships
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • We discuss love in the Harry Potter world
  • Harry’s first date with Cho
  • Ginny’s valentine in Chamber of Secrets?
  • Is Jo influenced by the shipping world?
  • Does she feel forced to use it in the series?
  • Main Discussion – Dolores Umbridge
  • What’s with the toad imagery?
  • Is she truly evil?
  • What House would she be in?
  • What makes Umbridge act the way she does?
  • Could Hermione have grown up to become like Umbridge without Ron and Harry?
  • The Inquisitorial Squad and Educational Decrees
  • Why does she cling to rules and power in the face of truth?
  • Has she made any valuable contributions to Harry’s education?
  • What happened between her and the Centaurs?
  • What will her role be, if any, in Book 7?
  • Dueling Club

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Episode 26

Peter Pettigrew – not your average garden rat. While it is clear that Wormtail aligns himself with those in power, it seems unclear as to which Death Eater the Dark Lord trusts more: Snape or Wormtail? Plus, while Andrew spy’s on a First Lady, just who was spying on who at Spinner’s End? And will Wormtail’s silver hand play an instrumental role in repaying Harry’s debt?

From Evanna Lynch to Imelda Staunton…all that and more ahead with Andrew, Eric, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

  • We discuss the Black Family Tree donation by JKR to Book Aid
  • Order of the Phoenix casting rundown
  • It’s February – vote for us on Podcast Alley
  • Stop by our store and buy some shirts
  • We pitch our new Editorial Segment
  • Support OperationSudan.org: a site created by Laura and Elysa to raise awareness and support the crisis in Sudan
  • Main Discussion – Peter Pettigrew
  • What drew him to Lord Voldemort?
  • Why did Dumbledore let him become Secret Keeper?
  • If he was all about self-protection, why wasn’t he in Slytherin?
  • Does courage always have to be shown in a good light?
  • How much magical ability does he possess?
  • Why did the Marauders befriend him?
  • Why was he allowed into the Order? How did they treat him?
  • How did he get to the Weasleys?
  • Why didn’t he attack Harry before revealing himself in Prisoner of Azkaban?
  • Who is trusted more by Voldemort: Snape or Wormtail?
  • Was Snape spying on Wormtail or Wormtail on Snape?
  • How will he repay his debt to Harry? Who is his silver hand meant for?
  • What will his fate be in Book 7?
  • Dueling Club is back with a new format
  • Petunia (Eric) vs. Bellatrix (Laura) and Dobby (Micah) vs. Luna Lovegood (Andrew)
  • “You weren’t ready for the Dobster!”
  • Andrew’s Listener Challenge update
  • Las Vegas Minute

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Episode 25

On our January 29th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast…

  • MuggleNet Greg joins the show
  • And insists he’s not a pyromaniac!
  • We reveal our new T-shirts
  • Main Topic – Ron Weasley
  • Did Ron’s early friendship prevent a Harry-Draco alliance?
  • Ron’s Quidditch abilities
  • Being known as “Harry Potter’s stupid little friend”
  • What was it like “Growing Up Weasley”?
  • Is Ron perfect for Hermione?
  • Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
  • Will Ron’s talent for strategy play a role in Book 7 and the defeat of Voldemort?
  • How magically powerful is the Weasley family?
  • Did the chess match in Sorcerer’s Stone foreshadow Ron’s sacrifice in the Final Book?
  • Forget Harry – will Ron sacrifice himself for Hermione?
  • K’lyssa asks, “What would Amortentia smell like to you?”
  • Dueling Club: Trelawney vs. Luna and Ron vs. Seamus
  • Spy on Bon Jovi
  • Andrew’s Listener Challenge – Design A MuggleCast Segment Contest
  • Next week: Peter Pettigrew

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Episode 24

On our January 23rd, 2006 edition of MuggleCast…

Boarhounds. Acromantulas. Hippogriffs. Dragons. Hellhounds. Is Hagrid’s understanding of magical creatures a reflection of how others misunderstand him? While his lack of magical training could be an issue, could his knowledge of Tom Riddle prove useful in the Final Book? And just why has Jo kept him around for so long? All those close to Harry throughout the series have met an untimely demise.

  • Ciaran guest hosts
  • Andrew occasionally sounds like a robot because of a glitch with his mic
  • We got the scoop on John Noe’s first days in his college dorm
  • Main Topic: Rubeus Hagrid
  • Why does he have a love for magical and usually dangerous creatures?
  • We discuss his training as a wizard
  • What happened with Hagrid the night of Voldemort’s demise?
  • Where’s the motorcycle?
  • How much does Hagrid know about Tom Riddle?
  • We explore his parentage and his relationship with Grawp
  • Why has JKR kept him alive and what role will he play in Book 7?
  • Will he survive Book 7?
  • Where did he go after his expulsion from school?
  • How much does Hagrid know about the grounds at Hogwarts?
  • Has Robbie Coltrane done a good job portraying everyone’s favorite half-giant?
  • What does being the Keeper of the Keys actually mean?
  • Can Hagrid become Headmaster or is it more likely he’ll end up Head of Gryffindor?
  • Is Ginny a Horcrux?
  • Did fake Moody’s foe glass show us something important?
  • Did Snape use Occlumency on the Astronomy Tower?
  • Dueling Club: Arthur vs. Lucius and Hermione vs. Ginny
  • Interview with Luna Lovegood hopeful who made it to the second round
  • Ciaran’s Irish Joke of the Day
  • Next week’s discussion: Ron Weasley

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Episode 23

On our January 09th, 2006 edition of MuggleCast…

Is Dumbledore dead, or is he alive? That is the question. Could his association with the phoenix explain why he has so many middle names? Was Fawkes taking a nap the night of Dumbledore’s death? And just what did happen to his wand? Plus, was the Headmaster’s greatest mistake offering Tom Riddle enrollment at Hogwarts?

All that and more ahead with Andrew, Emily, Kevin, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

  • Emily, our site editor, makes a guest appearance
  • Brief mention of our new MuggleCast site
  • Character Discussion: Albus Dumbledore
  • Is he dead?
  • Andrew and Micah say, “No!”
  • While Emily, Kevin, and Laura think they’re crazy
  • Why is he so closely tied to the phoenix?
  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore – Why so many names?
  • Why didn’t Fawkes come to his aid?
  • Why was a certain part of HBP left out of the UK edition?
  • We discuss all the mysteries surrounding his death…
  • And continuously plug Dumbledoreisnotdead.com
  • What happened to Dumbledore’s wand?
  • What would have happened if Dumbledore never approached Tom Riddle?
  • Did Harry learn all he needed to from Dumbledore?
  • Will Draco die in Book 7? If so, who will kill him?
  • Why didn’t the Ministry just check people’s left arms to see if they were Death Eaters?
  • Could Voldemort suffer a Dementor’s kiss?
  • Dueling Club: 16-yr-old Harry vs 16-yr-old Snape
  • Spy on Spartz and Andrew’s Listener Challenge return
  • Advice with MuggleCast
  • Next week’s topic: Rubeus Hagrid

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Episode 22

On our January 01st, 2006 edition of MuggleCast…

Note: If interested in being one of the first to be a part of “Advice from MuggleCast,” call us (1-218-20-MAGIC) on Monday, January 2nd anytime between 1-3 PM EST with your HP dilemma!

While the crew debates whether Harry can finish the job in the final book, just what were James and Lily’s occupations? How is it that Harry can fight the Imperius Curse so easily – does it depend on the power of the wizard? And look out! We got a real cat fight on our hands as McGonagall takes on Umbridge, and a battle of Ministers as Fudge battles Scrimgeour in the Dueling Club. Plus, are the Marauders dying in reverse order? Advice is even offered for those in need.

From a look back on the year that was to New Year’s resolutions and anticipation of things to come…all that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast. Happy New Year!

  • The Boss was gracious enough to open and close our show this week
  • We reminisce about 2005 and revisit all of the year’s top stories
  • New Year’s resolutions: 100,000 listeners, a clean Transcript Dungeon, and a desire to take over the world
  • The crew looks ahead and offers what they expect to see in 2006
  • Andrew welcomes all the new iPod listeners
  • Snape’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions
  • Will Harry be able to finish off the enemies that stand in his way of Voldemort?
  • Is there a pattern to the Marauders’ deaths?
  • Harry and Mad-Eye: why is one able to fight off the Imperius Curse more easily?
  • Just what did James and Lily do for a living?
  • What ‘ships did we support earlier in the series?
  • Our new segment – Advice from MuggleCast: where we answer your HP problems
  • How to get a friend into reading Harry Potter
  • How to get our show to play on your MP3 player
  • Dueling Club: McGonagall vs. Umbridge and Fudge vs. Scrimgeour
  • Goblet of Fire Soundtrack Winners
  • Andrew and Ben do their own rendition of U2’s “City of Blinding Lights”
  • Next week’s topic: Albus Dumbledore
  • Listener Comments and Bloopers
  • Happy New Year!

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LeakyMug #6

On our December 31st, 2005 edition of The Leaky Mug…

  • Sue joins the crew
  • Ben chickens out, while Melissa swears revenge
  • Jamie’s 90% official for Vegas
  • MuggleCast fan chat converted; they even send Melissa a Happy Birthday message
  • A look back at the last four months of joint podcasts
  • Kevin loves being stalked
  • The boys try to start rumors about Jo! (Sue immediately quashes them.)
  • PotterCast makes a big announcement: an interview with Arthur Levine, editor of the U.S. editions of Potter
  • We read our favorite hate mail on the show
  • The Andrew “yeahs” start the most annoying trend since the macarena
  • The LeakyMug Tour, coming to a city near you
  • Our memories of July 16, 2005
  • Papa Spartz says “lose the tone”
  • John calls Emerson, who insists an appearance was not in his contract (but will give us all free iPods, so it’s Okay)
  • Emerson’s going to propose to Melissa in Vegas; Melissa outlaws leprechauns at the wedding
  • Sue outsings Emerson with the Ohio State fight song
  • The MuggleBoys are soon to be on PotterCast
  • John pays someone to write his jokes!
  • John’s family hijacks the show from the background
  • The Vegas hotel room – whose name should it be under?
  • Our resolutions!
  • Kevin and Melissa go to the backwards compatible room
  • The Jo Rowling podcast?
  • No more waiting for Emerson to talk Edinburgh. No more!

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Episode 21

On our December 25th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

If there is so much to talk about concerning Christmas in the Harry Potter series, just why do we know so little about Professor Sinistra and her Astronomy class? Are a person’s Patronus and Animagus form the same? Is Tom Felton too different from Draco’s character to be a success in later films? And while the crew debates the disappearance of Harry’s scar upon the fall of the Dark Lord, will the veil and Sirius’ mirror reappear in the Final Book? Plus, who initiated contact first: Wormtail or Voldemort?

From MuggleCast Christmas stories to song parodies…all that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Jamie, and Laura on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

  • Our biggest group ever with six co-hosts
  • GOF Soundtrack winners to be announced next week
  • 10 Things NOT to get Harry for Christmas
  • Does Christmas matter in the Harry Potter series?
  • We hit the voicemail box and go in-depth
  • Why did the Dursleys get Harry glasses?
  • What role will Neville play in the series?
  • What’s up with Sinistra?
  • Who initiated contact first, Voldemort or Wormtail?
  • Is Draco’s portrayal in the movies adequate enough for the future of the series?
  • Did JKR exclude the veil and Sirius’s mirror purposely? Will we hear of them again?
  • Are a person’s Animagus form and Patronus the same?
  • How binding is the contract made by the Triwizard cup?
  • Will Harry’s scar disappear upon Voldemort’s demise?
  • Jamie tells his Christmas-themed British Joke of the Day
  • We recite “The Night Before MuggleCast,” courtesy of Kelly Egan
  • Listen to the singing/writing talent of your fellow fans through Song Parodies.

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Episode 20

On our December 18th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

The Brit is back! And he weighs in on everything from Miss Granger to Las Vegas. While Hermione’s role in the final book remains undecided, just how has Emma’s role in the movies skewed people’s perception of the character? And how much of a coincidence is it that Hermione’s Patronus has a connection to Ron’s family? Plus, the return of Jamie’s British Joke of the Day.

From Gringotts to Slughorn… All that and more ahead with Andrew, Ben, Jamie, Laura, and Micah on this week’s edition of MuggleCast.

  • Jamie returns (with two British Jokes of the Day)
  • Goblet of Fire Soundtrack Contest is now closed, winners to be announced next week
  • You can now call us at 1-218-20-MAGIC
  • …and now send us your fan-mail:MuggleCast
    PO Box 223
    Moundridge, Kansas (“Central Location!” cries Andrew)
  • Character Discussion: Hermione Granger
  • What’s her role going to be in Book 7 – Powerful witch or Horcrux hunter?
  • Can she perform under pressure?
  • What is her Patronus’ significance, if any?
  • Micah becomes our resident zoologist and comes up with an excellent theory
  • Why does Draco seem so jealous of her?
  • Let the battle begin: Emma vs. Hermione
  • Dueling Club: Lupin vs. Greyback and Snape vs. Moody
  • Jamie discusses the importance of Gringotts
  • Will McGonagall make a good Headmistress?
  • Can Slughorn finally unite the houses having become the Head of Slytherin?
  • Andrew’s Listener Challenge and Ben’s Weekly Top 10 go on hiatus, Bemma cancelled
  • The usuals: Spy on Spartz and The Las Vegas Minute (with Jamie making an announcement)

Send song parodies to ben@staff.mugglenet.com

Send voicemail questions and comments to voice@staff.mugglenet.com, OR call us with your question: 1-218-20-MAGIC (standard calling rates apply)

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Episode 19

On our December 11th, 2005 edition of MuggleCast…

Snape: good or evil, bat or spider? Is JKR pulling a fast one on the fans by leaving clues INSIDE clues, or are we reading too much into it? The cast goes around the table with their opinions on Snape’s loyalty (or lack thereof) to both sides of the war. Kevin, Laura, and Eric look at His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass to premiere the book review segment, and we debate over which characters would win in a duel.

All that and more with Andrew, Ben, Eric, Kevin, and Laura on this week’s exciting, nineteenth episode of MuggleCast!

  • Ben’s Top 10 List
  • Send us your MuggleCast Christmas Carols in order to win a copy of the GOF Soundtrack!
  • We are not responsible for any injuries that may result in our singing them.
  • Andrew is NOT humble.
  • This week’s character: Severus Snape
  • Possible foreshadowing in the Triwizard Tournament?
  • Andrew thinks Snape has an evil twin.
  • Snape’s Patronus: bat or spider?
  • Is he good, evil, or working for himself?
  • Why didn’t Harry use Avada Kedavra?
  • Is Snape a vampire?
  • Spy on Spartz
  • Las Vegas Minute
  • New segment: The Dueling Club!
  • Harry vs. Draco?
  • Hermione vs. Draco?
  • Next week’s character: Hermione Granger

Send GOF soundtrack contest entries to mcsongs@staff.mugglenet.com

Send song parodies to ben@staff.mugglenet.com

Send voicemail questions and comments to voice@staff.mugglenet.com

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