Episode 40: Hatin’ on Dumbledore

  • MuggleNet staffer Jess joins in the discussion!
  • Pokeflutes wake Snorlax up; they don’t put them to sleep. DUH, Andrew.
  • Laura provides a real-life example of the way people look at Lucius
  • More parallels are drawn between real-world and wizarding-world governments
  • Why is Lucius so hard on Draco?
  • How much political influence does he have?
  • Was Lucius in on a plot to abduct Professor Trelawney?
  • We learn Ben tried to mingle with Jason Isaacs but was robbed of the opportunity by Leaky’s Sue and John
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 14 of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Hagrid can read?
  • Why does Draco keep quiet about Norbert?
  • Jess hates Dumbledore!
  • This week’s Spy on Spartz completes Ben’s life
  • Is it possible Dumbledore left a message for Harry via Hagrid? Kevin presents the evidence.
  • Ben sounds off over the ongoing debate of Christianity in HP
  • Favorites: Umbridge’s Educational Decrees

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Episode 39: Fluffy and The Pokeflute

  • We discuss Jo’s upcoming trip to the USA
  • Our new monthly Book 7 discussions commences
  • Will Harry return to Godric’s Hollow?
  • We wrap up our long-running discussion about Hogwarts’ staying open the seventh year.
  • Ben uses a clever analogy to illustrate how the government’s reactions to the September 11th attacks are similar to Hogwarts’ reaction to the Death Eaters’ infiltrating Hogwarts.
  • Will we be seeing Aberforth?
  • Who’s Harry going to rely on when finding Horcruxes?
  • Spy on Spartz returns with a new rule that’s sure to get the fangirls excited
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapter 13 of SS: Nicolas Flamel
  • We discuss the effect Harry’s dreams have on him
  • Less focus on the fluff, more focus on the bad guy stuff
  • The history of the REAL Nicolas Flamel
  • Ben premieres a new segment: Give Me a Butterbeer
  • Do Lily and James know about the prophecy?
  • Was it the PokeFlute that put Fluffy to sleep?

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Episode 38: A Very Moody Podcast

  • Andrew works with Congress and President Bush to bring you our next contest
  • Character discussions are back! This week: Mad-Eye Moody
  • What does the name Alastor mean?
  • Where did Moody get his magical eye from?
  • Why did imposter Moody suggest that Harry become an Auror?
  • More Horcrux talk
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 12, “The Mirror of Erised”
  • Does Filch know Snape is onto Quirrell?
  • Will Harry run across the mirror once again?
  • Invisibility discussion
  • Dueling club: Hippogriff vs Thestral
  • What is Dumbledore’s Boggart?
  • What would Hermione see in the Mirror of Erised?
  • We discuss our Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers

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Episode 37: Eric Relieves Headaches

  • Chapter 11 of Sorcerer’s Stone: “Quidditch”
  • Further proof of our house point discussion
  • Do Filch’s actions in this chapter suggest he’s on the bad side?
  • Keep Jordan under control
  • Why did Quirrell use dark magic during the match?
  • What other enchantments are on broomsticks?
  • Hermione is ALWAYS right – except when she’s emotional
  • Would Hermione be able to keep her cool in a situation like the veil?
  • Countercurses
  • Why do Hagrid and Dumbledore trust Snape?
  • DADA: Why did Dumbledore give Snape the position?
  • Why didn’t Legilimency appear in the first four books?
  • Why was McGonagall unsurprised by Dumbledore’s death?
  • Kevin plays Favorites
  • What if…Harry hadn’t been raised by the Dursleys?
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

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Episode 36: Gonna Die Anyways

  • Snape…good or evil?
  • Could Snape be just working for himself?
  • The debate over Malfoy knowing of Filch’s presence is finished
  • Discussion on the delivery of the Nimbus 2000
  • Why doesn’t Oliver know what basketball is?
  • What will Harry do after Hogwarts?
  • We already know that Jo doesn’t enjoy writing about Quidditch, and now we find the proof in the books
  • Please Jo: Make Harry a hot dog vendor!
  • What are the requirements for nonverbal spells?
  • Laura proves the crazy I-Hate-Harry-Potter-Georgian-Lady wrong.
  • The house points system
  • Why did the editors want to cut the troll scene?
  • Is your first wand the best wand?
  • Veritaserum: is THE truth told?
  • DaVinci Code discussion
  • Is the boggart seen in its original form when Mad-Eye spots it?
  • Collectormania podcast update

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Episode 35: Born With A Skill

  • The answer to converting Muggle money to Wizarding money
  • The answer to why Quirrell had Voldemort on the back of his head
  • Astronomy tower discussion
  • More debate over the HP7 release date
  • Chapter-by-Chapter discussion: Chapter 9 of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Ben looks like a swan?
  • Harry the natural flyer
  • What’s the deal with the school brooms?
  • Trophy room protection
  • Why are students forbidden from walking around at night?
  • Why does the Bloody Baron patrol the halls?
  • Did Peeves’ voice put Fluffy to sleep?
  • New segment: FAVORITES
  • PO Box update
  • Jamie’s British Joke of the Day
  • A big Collectormania podcast announcement

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Episode 34: The WOMBATs Attack

  • Katie Couric leaves NBC and Micah Tannenbaum stands in
  • Micah gets upset over his score on the WOMBATs
  • WOMBAT discussion
  • OOTP release date is official…what does this mean for HP 7?
  • Listener Rebuttals
  • Our thoughts on Jim Dale versus Stephen Fry
  • Grindelwald’s relation to Hitler and World War II
  • Chapter 8 of Sorcerer’s Stone discussion
  • Meanings behind the flashes of light
  • Potions with Voldemort and Horcruxes
  • The opal necklace revisited
  • Jamie’s British Joke of the Day

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Episode 33: We Soothe Babies

  • The real MuggleNet Greg guest-hosts
  • Listener Rebuttals
  • Chapters 6 and 7 are discussed
  • Why is the Killing Curse green?
  • Why does Dumbledore want to be on the Chocolate Frogs?
  • Is Grindelwald gone? And why doesn’t anyone talk about him?
  • Scabbers wasn’t a real rat
  • What if Harry had shaken Malfoy’s hand?
  • Why did Hermione want to be in Gryffindor?
  • Voicemails
  • British joke of the day
  • Soothin’ babies

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Episode 32: His Mother’s Ankles

  • A full cast of MuggleCasters…or is it?
  • Our first batch of Listener Rebuttals
  • “Right, Andrew?!” cries Ben
  • Won’t/Shan’t revisited
  • So who IS the milkman?
  • Discussion on Chapters 4 and 5 from Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Is it All a dream?
  • Harry’s father’s mother’s daughter-in-law’s eyes
  • Darth Potters – Lily and James on the Dark Side?
  • Fudge and the Muggles
  • Is Slytherin the only house for bad guys?
  • Secret Magic within Ollivander’s?
  • And that’s where…whaaa?
  • Next week: the normal segments and normal co-hosts return

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Episode 31: Since Before ‘Nam

  • Andrew explains the Listener Rebuttal
  • Book Discussion: Sorcerer’s Stone Chapters 1-3
  • The first sentence examined (in-depth)
  • Introduction to the Dursleys
  • Odd occurrences observed – is the wizarding world being careless?
  • We meet Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, and see first mention of Sirius Black
  • Tabby cats don’t like brick walls (ask Andrew)
  • How strong is Dumbledore and McGonagall’s relationship at this point?
  • Harry arrives on Privet Drive
  • We discuss the Dursleys’ treatment of Harry
  • Mrs. Figg and Aunt Marge get their first mentions
  • Let’s go to the zoo – The Vanishing Glass and Parseltongue
  • The Dursleys begin to get nervous
  • We discuss the whole letter fiasco
  • Harry turns 11 and there’s a knock at the door
  • Create Your Own MuggleCast Segment Third Place Winner announced
  • How did Sirius and Voldemort get their wands back?
  • Do you think Time Turners will play a role in Book 7?
  • When you send a Howler, do you record or write it?
  • What if…Slughorn had given the Potions Book to Ron instead of Harry in Half-Blood Prince?
  • Editorial Segment: Micah and Laura talk with Brandon Ford of The Underground Lake

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