Episode 68: A Dream, A Hope, A Wish

  • The one and only Dylan Spartz (now 100% legal) joins the show.
  • We listen and comment on a Fox 5 report concerning Laura Mallory and her appeal to have the Potter books banned from Gwinnett County schools.
  • Andrew gives us an update on his wizard rock band.
  • We delve into the world of the Hogwarts founders.
  • Did all turmoil in the wizarding world arise from poking a sleeping dragon?
  • Why would Gryffindor be friends with Slytherin?
  • What happened between them?
  • Does Hogwarts have a mind of its own?
  • How was Slytherin able to create the Chamber of Secrets without the other founders knowing?
  • Just how closely related are pureblooded wizarding families?
  • “Favorites” makes a comeback, during which Laura provides insight on her secret fondness for violence.
  • Dylan gives an inspirational quote. (Or does he…?)

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Episode 67: Responsibility

  • Happy Birthday, Jamie! (You’re OLD!)
  • Use extreme caution when playing in bouncy castles.
  • We put faith in our listeners, meaning we don’t double-check their facts.
  • Dementors breeding? Ewwwwww.
  • How much of Draco will we see in OOTP?
  • Jamie chokes, Andrew crashes, and we can’t think of an adequate tale for Ben.
  • A discussion on traitors and innocent characters leads us into some other areas of interest:
  • Is McGonagall a spy?
  • Will Ginny be used as a traitor in book 7?
  • What happens when a Horcrux is destroyed, but a fraction of it resides inside of a host?
  • Could Draco build up enough hatred to AK anyone?
  • Will Micah survive the terrible accident Kevin predicts will befall him?
  • Bill Clinton plays the saxophone?
  • We announce the winner of Andrew’s listener challenge for the month of November!
  • Bloopers.

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Episode 66: Not A Man, Not A Woman

  • We’re angry!
  • Rawr!
  • WB uses a clip from Goblet of Fire in the OOTP teaser trailer.
  • Our conclusion: WB is cheap!
  • Could Ginny have seen Myrtle die through Riddle’s diary?
  • Was the stone basin Dumbledore drank out of a Pensieve?
  • When will we hear from Viktor Krum again?
  • Is the goblin tiara the Horcrux from Ravenclaw?
  • What are Dementors classified as?
  • Were Luna’s parents in the Order?
  • Will Harry change his Patronus?
  • How could a werewolf be killed? Would AK not work? Where would a wizard find a silver bullet?
  • How long will Harry spend at the Dursleys in Book Seven?
  • Is Luna a seer?
  • How stable is Vernon and Petunia’s relationship?
  • Dudley’s greatest fear: Petunia in an Unbreakable Vow?
  • An update on Robin’s Challenge.
  • Crackpot Theory of the Week.

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Episode 65: Snape’s Boggart is Shampoo

  • Andrew makes a big career-changing announcement.
  • We talk about the latest OOTP developments.
  • Eric and Micah give their thoughts on the trailer.
  • Why was Dobby left out?
  • An explanation for why they changed the writing on Harry’s hand.
  • Azkaban prison’s location: good or bad?
  • HBO: First glimpses of Bellatrix and Evanna Lynch in action.
  • Andrew and Kevin interview two creators of the OOTP video game.
  • Rebuttals concerning Voldemort being evil.
  • Did Snape not want to reveal his own boggart in the staffroom?
  • Why did Dumbledore have different people deliver notes to Harry in Half-Blood Prince?
  • Older listeners: reveal yourselves!
  • Dumbledore/Norris Facts.
  • Two British Jokes.
  • An update on the McDonald’s challenge.

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Episode 64: The Good Side of Voldemort

  • The co-hosts express their dismay at this very slow news week.
  • Actually, it was just MuggleNet being broken for two days.
  • Everyone discusses the trailer highlights.
  • Dumbledore being cool.
  • Snape + Harry = some awesome Occlumency scenes.
  • …Or very bad Occlumency scenes, says Kevin.
  • Harry and Cho kiss! Teehee giggle giggle!
  • The OOTP promotional poster.
  • Main Discussion: Evil and how it relates to Voldemort in HP.
  • Do we think Voldemort is evil only because we sympathize with Harry?
  • He was born evil, so did he really have a choice to be good?
  • The hosts present real-life scenarios of bad choices people make.
  • British Joke.
  • Ben gives us a small P.O. Box Update.
  • Next week: Your OOTP game questions answered!
  • Coming soon: the return of voicemails!

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Episode 63: Ketchup Only

  • Jo ranks #5 in top UK fan bases.
  • We don’t endorse the leaking of the trailer online…
  • But feel free to purchase tickets to another movie and sit on the “Happy Feet” previews!
  • Main Discussion: The Forbidden Forest.
  • Is Hagrid the only one who goes in there?
  • Why is it “forbidden”?
  • Did it become this way because of Aragog?
  • Could Voldemort be hiding a Horcrux there?
  • Is Sirius’s bike keeping the Ford Anglia company?
  • What are Aragog’s kids up to?
  • The Dueling Club makes a comeback with Snape vs. Hermione!
  • First Podcast Alley, now… national elections?
  • Listener Challenge: MuggleCast-ify your local McDonald’s.

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Episode 62: Allegedly Loony

  • The crew discusses the latest update to Jo’s site.
  • A third title?! What could this mean?
  • Apology for the Gilmore Girls comment.
  • We figure out a new way to stay safe against criticism.
  • Listener rebuttals on Peeves.
  • Main Discussion: Luna Lovegood.
  • Is she related to Ollivander? Lupin?
  • Is she as “Loony” as everyone makes her out to be?
  • Her relationship with Harry and the comfort she provides him.
  • Considering that she does not seem to fear death, will Luna be a pivotal character in Book 7?
  • Why is she such a social outcast?
  • Is the Veil a Lethifold?
  • The Missing Day…explained?
  • Is Jo telling us something with the birthday announcements on her site?
  • Voicemails return.

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Episode 61: Royal Tannenbaum

  • This week we welcome you to the show with our sweet new intro.
  • Why is WB so adamant about keeping the movies 2 1/2 hours long?
  • Check out MuggleNet’s new book, MuggleNet.com’s What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7.
  • Probably Prophecy! (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)
  • Jamie’s lack of Halloween enjoyment as a child explains his bitter disposition as an adult.
  • Main Discussion: Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Ghouls, oh my!
  • How should we take Nearly Headless Nick’s advice to Harry at the end of OOTP?
  • What’s with the Bloody Baron, and why is he so… bloody?
  • Was the Grey Lady inspired by the ghost of Lady Jane Grey, who haunts the Tower of London?
  • Could Dumbledore get rid of Peeves?
  • Does Professor Binns know anything crucial about Voldemort?
  • Debate: Halloween is a morally vapid holiday, which encourages delinquency.
  • Andrew and Jamie vs. Micah and Laura.
  • Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul.
  • Laura Mallory update.
  • British/Halloween joke.

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Episode 60: Where Is The Love?

  • Eric enlightens us as to how Dumbledore could be a hairless Demiguise.
  • Sadly, we will not be getting blimps from the Australia Nick Kids’ Choice Awards.
  • Jamie knows his French better than he was given credit for last week.
  • Listener Rebuttals twist our brains with more time talk.
  • Main Discussion: Department of Mysteries finale discussion.
  • Why was the Ministry so easy to infiltrate?
  • Did Ron suffer any long-lasting damage from the attack by the brain?
  • Eric’s brain isn’t worthy to float in the “think tank”.
  • We’re heating it up in the “love room”.
  • Seven doors…?
  • Andrew can’t count.
  • MuggleCast dating service a success! Er… sort of.
  • Laura gives some friendly advice…
  • …while Ben says “dump him.”
  • Debate: Should the ban on underage wizardry be lifted? Andrew & Laura vs. Eric.
  • Attention Jamie fangirls: Blame the Easy Button for the lack of Brit.

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Episode 59: Time to Talk Time

  • Purchase yer MuggleCast t-shirts!
  • Transcripts are up to date.
  • Episode 57 is finally released.
  • This week’s main discussion: Time.
  • What kind of control does the Ministry have over it?
  • Can anyone with the right tools change time?
  • Is the Time-turner the only device that can affect time?
  • Will time play a role in Book 7?
  • Why is it so important that you are not seen when traveling back in time?
  • A second attempt to call Laura Mallory: Andrew pushes for an interview.
  • Blooper: This Week in Steck.
  • We’ll have more of our regular HP-related segments back next week.
  • Information on MySpace hosting concerts for Darfur aid

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